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10/26/2019 11:24 PM 

Current mood:  accomplished

Hey, I'm here to make friends or just experience the myspace era idk. I'm still learning how to use this website ^_^;


09/27/2020 10:56 PM 

Current mood:  blah

DAWG I WANT A FLIP PHONE SO BAD. Surprisingly, they still exist, in Japan. The onez that look rlly cool are old as sh*t :/ but, there's a few websites that I know of (including ebay) that still carry them. [[If you're looking on any website, please go in the product description to see if it'z up 2 date.]]


09/27/2020 10:15 PM 

Stream Of Consciousness
Current mood:  awake

Did I Just Chug Half A Monster Energy? Yes! Do I Have School Tommorow? Yes. Someone Please Help This Poor Child They Are Super High On Caffine And Need Sleep. 


09/27/2020 04:41 PM 

American Revolution_ The Point of No Return
Current mood:  envious

I hate pretty people


09/27/2020 04:28 PM 

Someone please motivate me
Current mood:  cynical

Lately my works achieve 80% completion, and then plateau. I know more layers will always make them look better, but the layers themselves become too far away from me.I would post progress pics here...but they would be deemed NSFW πŸ™ˆHow do you push past the last hurdle in a painting? How do you know which layers will add value and which would detract value? If you want to see progress pics, send DM me and I'll give you my kik name πŸ˜„


09/27/2020 03:46 PM 

hi lol :D
Current mood:  bored

i'm thinking about changing my layout AGAIN and maybe finding a new cursor  i have so many in my notes just waiting 2 be used but i'm so indecisive it's a pain in the ass </3 also i watched the new jimmy eat world gerard way interview last night and like cried lol XD 


09/27/2020 03:22 PM 


i wish i was skinny



09/27/2020 03:22 PM 


i wish i was skinny



09/27/2020 02:47 PM 

idk im bored
Current mood:  sleepy

hiii! guys idk what or why im posting a random blog rn but yeahhh im prolly gona go to sleep soon:)

Hazel Holloway

09/27/2020 02:44 PM 

Vignettes & Flash Fiction: A Parisian View
Current mood:  blissful

The steady gurgle of percolating coffee called me from the kitchen. It was 8p.m., but Louisa wanted that extra kick to stay up with me. We don’t usually get a whole night with each other –she wanted to make the most of it. Together we sat on the living room rug,  lost in a book that tells of faraway places and adventures we may never have. But I was fine here. The smell of her blonde hair fresh as country fields. She hunched over the book, turned to a page showing a Parisian skyline, the Eiffel towering above all. “I’d love to see it there,” she said. I think I could be fine there too. At the stove, I poured her cup of coffee. The three sugar cubes I plopped in sent dark ripples across the surface. The spoon clinked against the mug as I stirred counterclockwise, ruminating on how Louisa’s mother thinks she’s working late at Andy’s tonight. She’d be gone tomorrow, and Paris didn’t seem like it would be so bad.

fiction, creative writing, vignettes, short stories, writing


09/27/2020 02:47 PM 

idk im bored
Current mood:  sleepy

hiii! guys idk what or why im posting a random blog rn but yeahhh im prolly gona go to sleep soon:)


09/27/2020 02:05 PM 

Mental Message to unsaid person.

Hey, listen to me please, I know we're not friends, but that doesn't mean we're enemies now. I don't want to have to avoid you when you drive by our street to pick up Alice and or Justin. I don't want us to be hating each other. We are both adults. I don't care whose fault it is anymore. It simply means we didn't work out as friends after a while. Sh*t happened and there we are. I don't know where we will be down the road. That's okay. I'm not going to think sorely of you anymore. I just wish you a wonderful life and care for your well-being. I'm sorry we didn't work out as friends.


09/27/2020 12:17 PM 

my new account

hi.this blog is my first and is only for the sole purpose of tesing it out and telling anyone who is reading this and is a minor i they woud like to be mutuals my onlyrequirements are that you suport:blm and lgbtq+ and also likes one of these  things:anime,vocaloid,alternativefahion/music,fandoms and melanie martinez. thanks for reading this and i hope we can be friends!

⋆ Λšο½‘β‹†ΰ­¨ΰ­§Λšrose (feral)Λšΰ­¨ΰ­§β‹†

09/27/2020 11:50 PM 


dont read this, i just need to get it outbut if u do i talk abt not eating n stuff so be wary of thati swear i gotta delete tiktok so many times bc i get so much blatant thinspo on my fyp or girls bragging abt how skinny they are and it makes me feel so humiliated. ive dieted, ive worked out for months and i still see no changes in my weight or physical appearance. the only way i ever lose weight is just not eating. thats why it makes me sick when ppl say all overweight women have to do is watch what they eat and they'll be fine. it takes YEARS to get to the shape of girls who are just naturally skinny. i hate how people tell me im not fat and im really small because it's just not true. i see fat all over my body and it just makes me sick i wish i could just chop it off or something. the media is just one big shtstorm of ppl telling u to hate urself, directly or indirectly. it makes me sick. it makes me so sick and im so tired. im so alone.


09/27/2020 05:24 AM 

The newish myspace. I've missed Friend project!!<3
Current mood:  artistic

Hey guys :] im glad you decided to sit down and read my blog today/afternoon/in the middle of the night.Okay first of all i have been on here since 2011 when this beautiful thing started because i missed myspace so much.ive met so many great friends on here and since i just started using this after not having one forever im slowly finding my old friends back who are all so awesome. im also trying to gain more friends on my friendslist to talk to or just stalk your profile sorry not sorry. not my problem.if you end up not liking me or have some kind of issue and you end up needing a tissue then hit the block button and move on mister and or misses.I'm ALWAYS HERE TO TALK AND GIVE ADVICE AND BE SUPER SUPPORTIVE!!! im a understanding person so if you wanna talk about anything if your sad, having a problem or just wanna say hey go ahead and ill get back to you asap.Also if youre a creeper on here, there or ANYWHERE!!! You will be BLOCKED and probably be reported. trust me ive come across so many weirdos on here and in life in general so yea lets avoid the bullsh*t shall we?So if anyone is wondering why im here and whatever its the same as you. I miss the Myspace aesthetic and i just wanna do html and do some fun stuff on my profile and make friends. The only thing i have a issue with on here is that for the life of me i cannot figure out how to add music or videos on my profile and its been driving me crazy for years.but i love this thing its fun and its like the old myspace :] the besttt!!!!  

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