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09/28/2020 09:10 PM 

in love...
Current mood:  warm

               I love him. I keep asking myself what is so enchanting about this boy, he is simply a highschool pothead, that i've been casted under his spell for two years. I think i have finally found my certain answer. I want to care for him, show him that not everyone in this world would hurt him, show him love that his parents never showed him. He's never had a proper female figure in his life to show him uncondition love. His mother is an alcholic, his last girlfriend is a mulipitive controlling bitch, and hes so fragile and broken. I want to give him the world. He deserves so much better than those females in his life. Nothing would hurt me more than him rejecting me. I pray and pray that he never leaves me but if he did it would be my fault. Im not clean but Im trying. Im trying my hardest to be an angel i swear. I dont think it will ever escape me, I want him to run away while he can.  

ethereal, elf, love, shitpost


09/28/2020 08:03 PM 

slc punk ✰✰✰✰✰✰✰✰

slc punk8/10dir James Merendinoavailable free here, so this ones kinda totally f***ing biased. but whatever, they all are. its a f***ing blog, not the new york times. for one, im a punk, and for another, i am totally f***dog in love with matthew lillard. it cant be helped. looking at it from an artistic perspective though, its really pretty good. it does a good job of depicting the fluity of youth (even though all the main characters are in their 20s). philosphy, sexuality, aspirations, hair colour. these can all be changed, and are always changing all the time. any cheerleader is only one acid trip away from becoming a full on goth, and ever goth is one big revelation away from becoming a harvard graduate.i liked almost all parts of the film. the style was beautiful, the sets made you feel totally at home and like you were at the coolest trap house youve never been to. you fall in love with the characters without even knowing it. that one scene with bob broke my heart in two, mostly due to lillards acting, but also just cause you know its true. a lot of f***ing people die like that. not just from drugs, found the next morning in someones living room. they just die suddenly. and it feels like you were supposed to have so much longer with them, you could practically see the next 20 years of your lives, even the drifting away stuff. but then theyre just ripped out of your arms.i didnt like the ending though, even though i know that thats also real, and thats how most punks left the scene. it still felt dissapointing to see someone resign themselves to doing what everyone says to do, and presenting that as the only ending for people like that. maybe it wasjust the right ending for stevo. he was a poser pretty much the whole time (i mean he is a little rich boy. besides, no one who isnt a poser is that obsessed with posers). anyway, if youre into or looking to get into the punk scene, i think this is a great movie to start out with. 

slcpunk , review


09/28/2020 06:38 PM 

Random XD

Went into Ronnie Radke's chat again. He was talking about gays or something. I said "Ronnie turned me gay" and the comment got deleted by a mod. He told them to stop deleting the comments and he didn't mind it. Got more people to spam "Ronnie turned me gay." Feels good man.

#Ronnieradke, #Random


09/28/2020 06:20 PM 

no subject, just blegh
Current mood:  nauseated

haha, college can suck it. my midterm papers are due tomorrow and i have 200 of 3,000 words done. also my head hurts. this has been a service announcement..


09/28/2020 04:55 PM 

Kin List uwu
Current mood:  hyper

I don't really know what to blog about so I decided I should start with a kin/comfort character list!Some of these might make more sence then others, just bear with me here. -Alex Fierro-Rainbow Dash-Dave Strider-Will Solace-Karkat-Nico Di Angelo -Hello Kitty-Terezislkdfj I've seen people with so many more then this so honestly- Thanks for giving me your time of day, I'm adgusting to the new platform uwu

kin, hyperfixation, special interest, homestuck, rick riordan, sanrio, mlp


09/28/2020 04:28 PM 

Current mood:  annoyed

currently *trying* to study :/ drop ur playlist :3


09/28/2020 04:11 PM 


yeeyee, i'm mads bored and i need more fwens


09/28/2020 04:03 PM 

Current mood:  bouncy

hi guyz im prob gonna use my blog for rants & updates n stuff mwah luv u xoxo


09/28/2020 03:29 PM 

Current mood:  crunk



09/28/2020 01:58 PM 

Old stuff
Current mood:  nostalgic

INNER FEAR (39759)



09/28/2020 01:37 PM 

First Post In Like Forever

September 28, 2020  It has been a long time since I've posted on here. In that time so much has happened I don't even think I should bother saying it. I'm in a pretty...bad place. Much more than usual. I don't know. But I'm trying to fix it the best I can, because I wanna take back control over my life.


09/28/2020 08:38 PM 

Current mood:  excited

just bought a really sick fob tshirt hell yeah XD apparently its rare so im v glad i got it and i cant wait for it to arrive!!

fall out boy


09/28/2020 07:08 AM 

The Lady Is Not For Burning Discography found!!
Current mood:  accomplished

Yep! I've been looking for more info on this band for a while and still have yet to find success. I was able to grab their discography from soulseek and upload it to yt! You can find it here. I've also posted a skramz mixtape if you'd like to listen! 

Skramz, screamo, emo, music, discography, theladyisnotforburning

✧・゚: *✧・゚:* KennyG555   *:・゚

09/28/2020 11:36 PM 

Current mood:  sleepy

I kinda...forgot about my account? Lol 


09/28/2020 01:35 PM 

The Slap
Current mood:  peeved


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