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04/24/2023 03:19 PM 

The Common Services Any Professional Roof Repairing Company Gives

Introduction: The hiring of any professional roof repair and installation company serves with work on both commercial and residential properties. They are even skilled in serving clients with multiple services associated with roofing projects. If you are searching for expert Roof Repair in Cedar Rapids, the content is meant for you. The Common Services Any Professional Roof Repair Contractor Or Company Offers: 1. Emergency Roof Repair Services: Any expert company will provide 24/7 emergency roof repair and maintenance services. It will give immediate help to tackle the problem quickly and work efficiently. They ensure instant fixes, long-term maintenance and preventive solutions to keep the roofs damage-free. 2. Minor Roof Repairs: Calling a roof repair company would be great if your roof needs little repair work. It will be done to keep the property, people and belongings safe and protected. They will provide roof repair assistance on damaged covers like cracks caused by extreme climatic conditions and wear & tear. 3. Roof Replacement Solution: Replacing old roof tiles and materials with new ones is also the expertise of roof repair contractors. Well, constructed roofs also need proper care and maintenance; if not done, replacement is the end solution offered. To make it leak-proof and damage-free, call for professional roof repair services. Replacement of worn-out materials, sealing etc., to block water, wind and debris entering the home is important. The Bottom Line: Don’t decide that quickly while hiring for Roof Repair in Cedar Rapids. Ensure the shortlisted roof repair and replacement companies or contractors are experienced, professional and licensed. Ask for their free quotes and roof examination to know the condition and work needed. Allow yourself to have peace of mind by hiring a professional roofing company. They will better tell you what your roof needs, a repair, maintenance or replacement.

Roof Repair Cedar Rapids


04/24/2023 02:50 PM 

Roles And Responsibilities Of Custom Home Builder
Current mood:  accomplished

Custom home builders have a variety of roles and responsibilities throughout the home-building process. Some of their key duties have been given below. Meeting with clients: Custom house builders iowa city typically meets with clients to discuss their needs and preferences, and to help them develop a design and floor plan for their home. Obtaining permits: Custom home builder is responsible for obtaining all necessary permits and approvals from local government agencies, such as building permits and zoning approvals. Hiring subcontractors: Custom home builders typically hire and manage a team of subcontractors, such as electricians, plumbers, and carpenters, to complete various aspects of the construction process. Overseeing construction: Custom home builders are responsible for overseeing the construction of the home from start to finish, ensuring that the work is completed on time and on budget. Managing budgets: Custom home builders are responsible for managing the overall budget for the project, and for ensuring that the costs stay within the agreed-upon budget. Communicating with clients: Custom home builders must keep clients informed about the progress of the project, and be available to answer questions and address concerns. Compliance with building codes: Custom home builders must ensure that the homes they build comply with all local building codes and regulations. Providing warranty: Custom home builders typically provide a warranty on their work and the materials used, to ensure that the client is protected in case of any issues with the home. Coordinating with other professionals: Custom home builders may work closely with other professionals such as architects, engineers, and interior designers to ensure the project runs smoothly.

custom home builders iowa city


04/24/2023 01:52 PM 

Is Your Flush Not Working Properly?
Current mood:  calm

What happens when your toilet stops working? One thing that you are sure of is that something's wrong. But whether to consult for local professional plumbing services cedar rapids is up to you. Here are the signs when it becomes vital to hire a plumbing professional at the soonest. Dive into the post to learn further. 1 Not Enough Water When you have no water, it means the tank in the toilet doesn't have water. But what if the tank doesn't have water? That means the water is not flushing. 2 Something is not working with the Lift Chain or Flapper You will find a rubber cup-like structure at the toilet tank's bottom. That's the flapper, which covers the tank drain to the bowl. What the lift chain does is attach on top of the flapper and a metal arm at both ends. When flushing, it will allow the tank's water to enter the bowl. On the flip, the chain holds that flapper. So, what happens when the flapper becomes loose or damaged? A lot of water enters the bowl, and it creates a weak flush. 3 Partial Clogs The understandable reason is something common. You may find debris forming clogs in the pipe. They might not stop water from flowing. And it might be another reason why the flush gets weaker slower. Note that partial clogs hinder flushing. And at times, it contributes to incomplete flush. In a few cases, it may worsen when you see water returning through those drains. That's where you need local professional plumbing services cedar rapids. 

professional plumbing services cedar rapids


04/24/2023 12:57 PM 

How Is Geothermal Energy Generated?
Current mood:  confident

Geothermal electricity production involves the use of steam to produce electricity. This steam is obtained from the reservoirs of hot water which are found a few miles or more below the Earth's surface. The electricity is produced by rotating the turbine which is rotated by the steam that activates a generator. With the assistance of experts offering local geothermal services waterloo or nearby, the electricity production involving the geothermal power plant can be done in three steps ●The dry steam power plants draw from the underground resources of the steam which is piped directly from underground to the power plant that is directed into a turbine or a generator unit. ●The flash steam power plants are the most commonly used as geothermal reservoirs of water with temperatures that are greater than 360 degrees Fahrenheit or 182 degrees Celsius. This hot water flows through wells into the ground under its pressure and there is an upward movement when the pressure decreases since some of the hot water boils into the steam. The steam gets separated from the water and the leftover water and condensed steam are injected back into the reservoir to make it a sustainable resource. ●The binary cycle power plants operate on the water at lower temperatures of about 225-360 degrees Fahrenheit or 107-182 degrees Celsius. They use the heat from the hot water to boil a working fluid and the working fluid is vaporised in a heat exchanger to turn a turbine. The working fluid and water are kept separated during the whole process so that there are no air emissions.

geothermal services waterloo


04/24/2023 02:08 AM 

NY - FR - HI ++ can? can
Current mood:  awake

so the last time i blogged was in november i think? i talked about barbarian which was a movie i only watched bc my boyfriend (now ex) at the time put it on for me. never heard of it before. but since that day i have done a lot. went to New Jersey for thanksgiving at my friend Tiffany's place, went to NYC twice for <24h each (staying at ex's place), went home to Hawai'i where same ex had visited me for a week, and am now studying abroad in Paris. It has been such an experience being abroad. The first month was hard because January felt like forever and the weather was so gloomy. Doing a long distance relationship was hard but I was way more secure and happy in this one than my first so i didn't fret too much. He came to visit the week of Valentine's and we went to Italy for an overnight trip. It was fun with some downs as well. I think I could feel him pulling away already but it more on myself being an anxious/depressed person so I beat myself up over it more. Well the month following, he distanced himself bit by bit and upon the second time I pointed this out ( tho i was never mad bc again, i was secure w mysefl just anxious if something was wrong with him, if anything happened) he explained he couldn't do distance, coudln't find the energy to talk to me, etc that he felt like a d*ck. It was a d*ck move and I hated it lol so he broke up w me. Hurt a lot but still I rise!!! It's been a month since then & I made friend's (little April fling for fun) with a Spaniard 'G.' G introduced me to his Spanish friends and his other friends from his former workplace (Mickey Land ), girly 'P' from London being his bestie and meeting others from Ireland, Miami, & France herself. I've been in Paris for 4 months now and I know it like the back of my hand. I was able to navigate it pretty well since my French is ~okay (can read p much everything but i suck at speaking beyond a elementary level tbh & i can comprehend well when they speak slowly). It's been hellish in the way that I have to share a room with beds 1 ft apart. a kitchen so small u can burn one elbow and get the other wet at once while accidentally opening the fridge and dishwasher with your toes. I live behind 2 train stations so it's nice to hear them go by and draw me to sleep. It's been sad bc I only ever made 1 sort-of friend in my program but we only spoke because of class or walking home, never really hanging out or going on trips together. YEah i could've traveled alone but it was a bit expensive and I am not comfortable with that. I want to be with people that want to be with me, but I guess that's not possible now. G leaves tomorrow and then I have 10 days til i go back to New York to arrange my things at university (storage for summer & summer concert haha) then back home for the summer! It's been sad. My pills for anxiety/insomnia, i began taking them every other day to test their long term effects (i had only been using them as needed) and I thought it was going really well because I only felt general anxiety but otherwise super good about myself. But then as time went by, I no longer felt this way. Not anxious, bc the pill helped with that, but I was suddenly feeling a lot more existential, sad, and slow. I had went to the eiffel tower one sunrise and walked along La Seine to make myself feel better ot at least be outside and all I could think about was crying. I didn't. I came home and started bawling, but over what? I was not even sad about anything but just wanted to d*e and lie there and it was just too much. I googled out of curiosity the effects of my meds and saw that if u have depression it makes it worse, In a way, with my anxiety subsisded, depression was able to take front and center finally. I stopped taking those pills immediately, but will maybe take them again only as needed. It was fun. I explored pretty much every nook and cranny of this city, alone obviously. The canal, monuments, museums, parks, metros, towns, etc. When my friends came to visit we went to the river parks, the fun fair, Disneyland, etc. (for free #ThankYOU'P'). I should be asleep now because i have an assignment due tmrw at midnight and class at 4:30 with a presenattion that I did do the slides but not much on practicing what i'll say. I need to buy gifts for family still when i return home. I want to try be active on here a lot more often, it is just hard bc when i log out and close the tab, i forget it exists again for months. I hope whoever reads this enjoys what I have put down & you're having a good day. I want you to let me know what is the worst show youve recently watched and why? Mine would be my attempt at the Disney Series Bunk'd (but the new seasons w o the jessie cast) because it felt so,,bad. lol idk it's so late for me can't think too much. good night & talk soon? mahalo & aloha 

#paris #life #anxiety #yeah

Angiii ^^

04/23/2023 04:45 PM 


EL MUNDO, MI MUNDO Hola, no sé cómo iniciar este blog, este post... esto? askjbd, ayer y hoy me estaba viendo la peli esa de "Yo adolescente", me la recomendó Noah hace tiempo, de hecho, ya me la había visto, pero, volví a verla porque ando confundida, y pasándola un poco mal, ciertamente, pero, no nos adelantemos, la peli y el blog de Zabo me inspiraron a esto, me gustaría que cuando muera, quede algo como recuerdo de que existí, o la gente que me quería pudiera conocerme mejor, a veces parece que no importa, o me dan el avión, hay detalles pequeños que me gustaría que la gente conociera de mí, y, dado que últimamente tengo la sensación de que voy a terminar como Zabo, se me hace buena idea escribir esto para varias opciones, o crezco para ver cómo era a los 15, como cápsula de tiempo, o al morir, todos verán el cerebro, mente y pensamientos de una chica común en la adolescencia, creo que si muero, tal vez me gustaría que más gente conociera mi historia, bah, no lo sé, tal vez ni pegue, tal vez ni importe, dejemos de hablar por qué hice este blog, la pregunta del "¿por qué?" es de mis peores enemigas, entre otras cosas.Me llamo Angélica, Angélica Paola Olmos Meza, hablaré cómo si esté hablando con una persona imaginaria, las personas imaginarias son confiables, no pueden hablar si no existen,no pueden burlarse ni minimizar, confío en tí, tú eres mi persona imaginaria, así que, te diré que puedes llamarme "Angii", mi nombre, no se escribe así, y lo sé, es con e, pero, me gusta que las personas en las que confío, o que quiero, que de alguna forma me importan, pero tipo, MUCHOMUCHO, me agreguen "i´s" en el nombre, o al menos, quiten la e, sonará raro y tal vez un poco tonto, pero, creo que puedo medir el nivel de confianza que tengo en alguien, con las "i" que puede poner en mi nombre, no me gusta mi segundo nombre, no me llames por Paola, así me llamaban en la secundaria, no me gusta mucho pensar como la pasé ahí, o quién fui como Paola.Bueno, soy mexicana, chilanga, de la capital, de un municipio llamado Iztacalco, un lugar muy raro si me preguntas, mi mamá y mi abuelita me contaban historias de cómo era este lugar antes, todos se conocían entre todos, no era peligroso, había confianza, si bien no eran los grandes amigos, se conocían y se topaban, aplica el "antes, todo esto era campo" pues, lo era SAKND,me describían un lugar iniciando, pero con gente bondadosa y amable, ¿Crees que las épocas, o los años, cambie la calidad de gente? Suena extraña esa expresión, no me siento más, pero me refiero a "calidad" como en que antes, no había tanta hipocresía, mentiras, conveniencia, y actualmente, la hay, ¿o será que siempre fue así, y recién se están mostrando como eran? ¿el tiempo les sacó el lado malo? ¿fueron villanos creados?.Bueno, estudio en el CCH Oriente, pertenece a la UNAM, la "Máxima casa de estudios", pero, concuerdo con mi amigo Gabriel al llamarla "Máxima casa de estúpidos", perteneciendo a la escuela más grande e importante de México y los profes cancelan clases porque les sale de la cola, cuentan sus vidas, y llegan 1 hora tarde, excelente escuela eh.Tengo una hermana, se llama Valeria, tiene 9, es menor que yo, intento llevarme bien con ella, es un poco pesada, pero, la quiero, y me gustaría que creciera para ser una gran personaTengo amigos, reales, unos pocos, mi mejor amiga se llama Daniela, es más que mi amiga, es... daría mi vida por ella, es ESA persona, es la calma después de la tormenta, es el ansiolítico, es quien estuvo cuando nadie másTengo novio, es mi primer novio


04/23/2023 04:10 PM 

first post>.<
Current mood:  cold



04/23/2023 03:07 PM 

Pediatrician Nutrition

Common Goals of Pediatrician Nutrition Support   The goals of pediatrician nutrition support are to ensure that infants, children, and adolescents receive adequate nutrition to support their growth, development, and overall health. This may involve identifying and addressing nutritional deficiencies or imbalances, providing appropriate guidance on feeding and dietary habits, and addressing any underlying medical conditions that may impact a child's nutritional needs.   Some specific goals of pediatrician nutrition support may include:   Ensuring Proper Growth And Development: Infants, children, and adolescents have unique nutritional needs based on their age, weight, and height. Pediatricians aim to ensure that children receive adequate nutrients to support their growth and development.   Preventing And Treating Malnutrition: Malnutrition can have serious consequences for a child's health and development. Pediatricians work to identify and address nutritional deficiencies to prevent malnutrition and improve overall health.   Addressing Underlying Medical Conditions: Certain medical conditions, such as allergies, gastrointestinal disorders, or metabolic disorders, may impact a child's nutritional needs. Pediatricians aim to address these conditions and provide appropriate nutrition support to promote optimal health.   Promoting Healthy Eating Habits: Pediatricians may provide guidance on healthy eating habits, such as encouraging a balanced diet with a variety of nutrient-dense foods, limiting the intake of processed and sugary foods, and promoting healthy snacking habits.   Managing Feeding Difficulties: Some children may have difficulty with feeding or may require specialized feeding methods due to medical conditions. Pediatricians may work with families to develop individualized feeding plans and provide support for feeding difficulties.   Overall, the goals of pediatrician nutrition support are to promote optimal health and well-being for infants, children, and adolescents through appropriate nutrition support and guidance.


04/23/2023 02:55 PM 

Current mood:  anxious

no puedo dormir 


04/23/2023 02:55 PM 

todo anda mal
Current mood:  anxious

hola a todos y todas este es mi blog, me causa risa la idea de un blog porque es totalmente diferente a lo q estoy acostumbra a usar, tambien es mas lindo que usar twitter y literalmente nadie me va a leer aca lkasdlkajsd


04/23/2023 02:55 PM 

todo anda mal
Current mood:  anxious

ya no encuentro donde mas escribir lo que siento. este sentimiento me supera, lo patetica que soy me esta consumiendo te amo y ya esta que puedo hacer contra eso¿


04/22/2023 04:04 PM 

Me not on web daily but I share;
Current mood:  working

I'm seemingly however seeing, B-ing an old tired frail man, limited, got no army despite 2 date's so called MORE OF us capable adult USA-global majority 8 billion plus humanity & there's too much opposition, I'm not online daily much anymore ie: old classy song, "I don't get out much anymore", I try & find productive, misc thing's to do daily along with just physical resting but known all too well is worse is Coming like past history & I guess God, NOT being a maid-janitor is gonna have to reap HIS Holy retributionary wrath upon us all for being a FAILED idea while devil sits laughing it up that humanity is doing it's job for it & it (Devil) spites God of such - us being a FAILED idea. NOTHING has been God's responsibility, it's always been ours - given to us by & from God & it's NON voluntary - NON optionally like the steadfast stance of Heaven's Warrior angels. My web-social profiles: instagram DOT com/lone_corpse_123 , gab DOT com/lone_corpse_123 , gettr DOT com/user/lonehuman123 , mewe DOT com/i/self_denied_holy_warrior_for_jesus , mumblit DOT com/lone_corpse_123 , minds DOT com/lone_corpse_123 , mastodon DOT social/@lone_corpse_123 , friendproject dot net - lone_human_123, coldcast DOT org/lone_corpse_123 , pocketnet DOT app/lonehuman123 , solikick DOT com/-lonehuman , friendser DOT com/profile-6969 , silority DOT com/profile-13624 , sovren DOT media/u/lonehuman , palscity DOT com/lonehuman , buzzbii DOT com/lonehuman , usa DOT life/lonehuman , orbys DOT net/lonehuman , plurk DOT com/lonehuman , talksos DOT com/lonehuman , saviorconnect DOT com/profile-9859 , codias DOT com/@ZW5jcnlwdF8tXzM5MjM4 , slug DOT com/member/lonehuman , inlinx DOT com/about/862600594_0 , afrikan DOT space/lonehuman , twellit DOT com/lonehuman   

Jericho ♤

04/21/2023 05:19 PM 

My Personal Goth Playlist
Current mood:  evil

I started this playlist maybe 2 years ago or so when I started getting into goth music, so there's a handful of tunes toward the top of the playlist that aren't technically goth, but they're tracks I still felt like sorta suited the vibe.There's a whole 40 artists in the playlist (and growing),but here's the top 5 artists you'll see in the playlist based on saturation: Bauhaus - 31 Tracks The Cure - 28 Tracks Christian Death - 24 Tracks Siouxsie and the Banshees - 18 Tracks Sisters of Mercy/Aurat - 14 Tracks Each Obviously this is subject to change, but I still think it's neat to keep track of things like that lolbut in total there's currently 292 tracks and its a whopping 22 hours longAnyway, no more pretext, here's the playlist PL-012 | Perigótica

goth, music, playlist


04/21/2023 10:16 PM 

holy sh*t
Current mood:  blank

my very first post.. whaat the hell....


04/21/2023 02:23 PM 

Remodeling contractors in Coralville A guide
Current mood:  blissful

Remodeling is quite a challenging task that can change the structure, layout, and style of one’s home. With an expert contractor, an individual can sit back, relax, and watch his dream bathroom comes to life. Remodeling contractors Coralville provide superior service from the initial estimate through the final installation and beyond. What are the steps to choosing a perfect remodeling contractor?Perfect remodelers always try to offer top-rated products, quality craftsmanship, professional design, as well as fair prices. Below are some steps while choosing a remodeling contractor: Get recommendationsThe first step to finding the right remodeling contractor is to create a list of a few local contractors who have the right expertise. There are several ways a person can compile his starter list:1.Ask someone who has recently had renovations.2.Search online for the type of service that is needed.3.To check out client reviews. Compare each contractor’s portfolioSelect a contractor who is specialized in remodeling. Ensuring the homeowner’s style is being incorporated appropriately into his contractor’s work. Asking for licensing and certificationThe easy way to narrow one’s list down further is to ask for each contractor’s licensing and certification. The specific licenses or certifications a home improvement contractor should carry will depend on the project and where one lives. Review an example of a finished projectOne should review contractors finished projects before choosing the right one. The qualities of a perfect remodeling contractorHere are some of the points that make remodeling contractors Coralville perfect in their work: 1.Fast, affordable service.2.High-performance ratings.3.Quality product.4.Affordable price. ConclusionUndoubtedly, a homeowner should do basic homework to find a skilled and ethical contractor for his home improvement project. One should research each contractor thoroughly to make the best decision for his home.

Remodeling contractors

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