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02/06/2023 06:58 PM 

YOU GUYS, I'm literally crazy (old news)
Current mood:  chipper

I just spent more than a few minutes staring at a man's active status on instagram and thinking about how he's "totally thinking about me and obsessing over my profile right now." Narssasistic? Yes. Normal? I hope so??? Anyways, girlblogging is my thing now. Deal with it. ((: Also, I'm really hot. Feel free to let me know (;


♱ ˚₊ ‧ 。𝔯𝔢𝔦 。‧₊˚♱

02/06/2023 05:10 PM 

rant bc im hangry
Current mood:  aggravated

guys what the helllllll is with dads?? this dude barged in my room while i was just barely awake (quite clearly) and started asking me questions and when i said i dont know to one of them he kept repeating the same question. anyway, i wake up and i go to make myself food because my dad and brother ate without me. as im looking to see what there is to eat i went to grab some kraft dinner and my dad tells me not to make anything prepackaged, keep in mind its been like 2 weeks since my mom went to the grocery store. he started getting mad at me saying he could have made me something but i didnt answer him (i was asleep) and when i was awake he only offerred one thing which he knows i dont like. so now im in my room hungry because my dad is choosing to die on this hill for whatever reason when he literally made it for him and my brother 😭girl i am not having it rn. i know it seems stupid but im sleep deprived, hungry and im on my period and overall have just had enough of my dad trying to control the most random aspects of my life. 

friends, alternative, canada, numetal, emo, bored, goth, e, blog, y2k, death note, hangry,


02/06/2023 04:20 PM 

Normie times
Current mood:  chill

.auto-style1 { text-align: center; } .auto-style2 { background-image: url(''); width: 744px; height: 31px; font-family: "S2G らぶ"; font-size: 16px; color: #FFAECA; text-align: right; font-weight: bold; }   Normie times February 6th, 2023 @ 4:20PM     Mood: ChillListening To: yt skate vidsReading: this post XDWatching: yt vidsEating: nuggiez :P Hey hey :P Not even gonna bother with the new years thing, it's Feburary XD I said on stream a while ago that I wanted to write a blog post but I just got rly stuck? I feel like I still get caught up in like, everything needing "substance"... But that's rly not the case lol esp out here :P So this one is me appreciating literally nothing going on ^^ bc it's good to do that sometimes.Today has been a cozy chill day so far: made my bed, put on an outfit I like, did dishes, ate nuggies and watching skate vids :P vicariously living through George Poulos' content bc it's too cold to skate DX feelsbadmanI got to thinking about how even tho this is the calmest time of my life in a long while, I still get so caught up in wanting to achieve my goals that I can't look around and appreciate where I currently am. I've gotta remember that I'll get to where I wanna be eventually, but for now it's okay to relax and take in what I have. You don't wanna look back and realize you had something good and took it for granted, yknow? Even right now I can look back on times that seemed super mundane, but there's something special in all of them that I can appreciate.But yeah, that's p much it :P thx for reading this super short post~  


02/06/2023 03:41 PM 

today stinks!
Current mood:  annoyed

had an essay exam today and could not reach the word count bcos its super hard for me to articulate my thoughts in 55 minutes!!i am not built for college anymorzzzz lol 


02/06/2023 01:43 PM 

Welcome 2 my blog! ^u^
Current mood:  awake

Hi guyzz!! This iz my first blog post!! Im not really sure what to say exceptto check out my profile!! Im hoping to post craft and fursuit wips on myblog per week if possible :3c alrighty bye!!!

welcome, first blog post

♱ ˚₊ ‧ 。𝔯𝔢𝔦 。‧₊˚♱

02/06/2023 09:37 AM 

02/06/23 no school!
Current mood:  happy

guys, my classes got cancelled because its been in the -40's c and my school is old. i think maybe a pipe may have frozen and burst or something. this morning i woke up and was REALLY  hungry for whatever reason, yesterday i made french toast but that takes a lil bit to make and i was ravenous so waiting that long was not an option. i went to make a meal replacement drink and my cotton-headed ninnymuffin brother drank all the almond milk and he knows im lactose intolerant >:(  then when i got mad at him saying he could have had the other milk he goes, "who? who asked.", i hate middle school boys, some days i wanna drop kick my brother out of a third storey window. my parents are at work and my brothers at school so im thinking about doing some karaoke because thats what i normally do when im home alone. im also thinking about cooking something for lunch just because i can.i want a cig but its very cold out and i could literally get frost bite in the amount of time it would take for me to finish a cig. im just thankful im not addicted and going through withdrawl (":anyway, thats all for now, ill probably update this at the end of the day and tell you guys how the rest of my day went. 

friends, alternative, canada, numetal, emo, bored, goth, e, blog, y2k, death note,

♱ ˚₊ ‧ 。𝔯𝔢𝔦 。‧₊˚♱

02/06/2023 02:38 PM 

Current mood:  sleepy

friends, alternative, canada, numetal, emo, bored, goth, e


02/05/2023 10:48 PM 

Punish him. He harmed children.
Current mood:  aggravated

☆ UniCosmicCometCorn ☆

02/05/2023 09:45 PM 

Current mood:  depressed

MEH HAIR CAME! :DSo, y'know how I had 2 switch out my weave? My new weave hair came in 2day! :D It surprisingly looks good! :3 It's Pikachu colors, yellow and black, pika pika! >:3Uhhh- Ya that's it that's the blog- XDIdk this just felt blog worthy but nothing much happened 2day XD (M' sad again .-.)


02/05/2023 08:42 PM 

February 5th 2023

Apologies for not writing but these past few days have been hectic. On the second I debated putting in my one-week notice. On the third I cancelled all of my interviews and decided to stay where I was. On the third my lover was in an accident. On the fourth my mother needed help moving everything around in the house. Today I became very sick. I knew I was sick since the second.  I could feel the sniffles and the sore throat, but I didn't really do anything about it; I just pushed my way through the workday.  Yesterday was the first day it hit.  It wasn't much more than a stuffy nose and dry throat, since I had to sleep with my mouth open to breathe.  Today was when it took a turn for the worse. Not only is it a stuffy nose and dry throat, but it's also clogged sinuses to the point of my ears popping, not wanting to sleep but my eyes being too heavy, green mucus everywhere, and coughing like never before. I took three covid test within the last week and they all came back negative but, at this point, I wish it was covid as even that didn't feel this bad. I don't think it's the flu as I've had my flu shot and I don't feel like I'm running a fever.  We don't have a thermostat, so my father put his hand against my head and said I'm fine.  I just hope it's not the RSV that's been going around. Other than the sickness, I've been rearranging my room this past weekend.  I took out my dresser and replaced it with a shorter one.  I bought some plastic storage bins and put them in my closet.  My new vanity just came in today which means I have to empty out my current one, and I'm getting my mother's old nightstand.  I haven't ordered a new bookcase yet as the ones I'm looking at are a bit on the higher end and I want to wait until my next paycheck to order one.   The work was mostly done yesterday since today I slept a lot.  I have half of the day off tomorrow since I had an interview, but I might call in tomorrow and call out for the whole day, depends on how I'm feeling when I wake up.  I'm going to try to make an appointment with my doctor tomorrow so that I can be given more than Dayquil to make me feel better quicker, plus I'll have a sick note for work. Since my vanity came in earlier than expected, I'm hoping that the guitar I ordered does too.  I tried playing guitar in the past but switched to the ukulele after seeing the differences between the "C" chords.  I want to try out guitar again as there are only so many notes that can make a song sound sad on the ukulele and I primarily make sad songs.   I hope one day I can write more upbeat songs but for the moment I'm comfortable with writing about my trauma and darker feelings.

diary, journal, life updates


02/01/2023 08:10 PM 

February 1st 2023

Yesterday and today were pretty slow. Yesterday at work, me and my coworker (Andrew) had to replace an entire rooms worth of fiberglass ceiling tiles.  I think anyone who has dealt with fiberglass before can tell you this but, I. Hate. Fiberglass. It's itchy, it gets stuck to everything, it burns, it's flaky, and for some reason it will be the strongest thing when you don't want it to be and yet the weakest thing when you want it to be strong.   After replacing all the ceiling tiles, we split up as we were sent on small trivial tasks. Once I clocked out I headed straight to Walmart.  My mother is planning on re-decorating the entire house and I took the oppurtuntiy to change up my room as well.  One of the things I'm changing is getting rid of my bulky dresser and instead putting small plastic ones in my closet.  I bought two plastic dressers at Walmart and then made my way home. Once I was home, I immediately took a shower and changed my clothes to get rid of the fiberglass.  Thankfully it worked and I was able to go to dinner comfortably. For dinner I took me and my lover to Red Lobster since during my last paycheck I was extrememly tight on cash and my lover ended up paying for when we ate out.  All in all it was a delicious meal.  The only thing I would change would maybe be the waitress we had. I don't want to sound like a Karen, but she was pretty rude.  I ordered a pretty big meal so when asked what two sides I wanted I just asked for two orders of fries.  My lover ordered no fries for his sides. When the waitress delivered our food I had one order of fries on my plate and another plate with fries on it.  She put the other plate by my lover.  No big deal, it was a lot of food so I reached over for them and she told me as if I was a child, "YOUR fries are on YOUR plate." That pissed me off to the point of debating whether or not to purge on her shoes right in front of her.  Obviously I didn't but the thought was most certainly there. By the time we both got home we were ready to pass out into a food coma, in other words, I slept amazingly. Today at work we didn't do much, in fact, we did even less than yesterday.   The day started off with having to replace a drain in a hallway.  After a bit of fussing with the screws we were finally able to secure the drain plate.  Afterwards we had to redo one of the ceiling tiles in the conference room we replaced yesterday.  They didn't like how the emergency sprinkler head showed through the tile so we had to fix it. After that we didn't really do anything besides replace a phone. During my last entry I mentioned my father giving me unsolicited advice about work and saying that I was going to take it.  Well, I changed my mind.  I just don't feel like having a job that makes me think, "what if I just killed myself right here right now" constantly is healthy.  I've been applying to more places. I thought I had some luck when I was mesaged on my phone for an interview with an insurance firm through Zoom.  I gave the number the email to my Zoom account and was immediately asked if I was ready.   This interview was supposed to be a messaging interview, not a video call.  I told them the hours of my lunch break and an hour after I got off from work were the best times for me.  Well, they completely ignored what I said and asked almost every ten minutes if I was ready for an interview.  Eventually I caved in as, the work day was slow.  They asked if I've ever worked remotely and I said, "No." Apparantly, answering with a simple yes or no to a simple yes or no question wasn't the correct answer and in response, the interviewer decided to explain how an interview works to me.  I told them that I understand and half an hour later is when we finally start the interview back up.   At one point they asked to see my driver's license along with a selfie of me for verification.  Keep in mind that I already told them I am at work, they know I can't go get my license.  I told them again the hours I was available and why.  They didn't respond. Since I didn't receive a reply, I asked why they needed my license in the first place since this was just an interview.  All the responded with was that they needed it for a background check and that I needed to send a photo. The part that really messed me up was how they decided to end the response, "Understand?" It pissed me off that this recruiter was this f***ed up.  I told them,  "No, I do not understand why you are talking to me like I'm a child.  I wish to withdrawal my application if this is the way you speak to your employees or coworkers.  Thank you and have a nice day. Once I got home, I changed and immediately called my lover.  I decided to go to his house and we enjoyed the other's company.

diary, journal, life updates

♱ ˚₊ ‧ 。𝔯𝔢𝔦 。‧₊˚♱

02/04/2023 04:22 PM 

Current mood:  blah

hi everyone! if youre seeing this you should comment or friend me B) im pretty bored right now tbh and my brother has his friend over so i cant leave my room (its not that i cant i just choose not to) i already finished all my chem work and i have some geo planitere work but my brain hurts and i cant read from the textbook well and i cant find it online. currently my cat is at the end of my bed like AGRESSIVELY licking herself, bros kind of vein lol. thats okay because i love her so much and shes my baybee even though shes 56 in human years. shes holding her own paw down so she can clean it better and its honestly pretty funny. its been really cold here where i live, -40 degrees c  so many people are running out of oil to heat their homes because nobody was prepared for this. the weather is very bipolar where i live and so far its been a mild winter. thats pretty coocoobananas. we're ordering pizza for suppper tonight and the place we were going to get it from is closing because theyre running low on oil someone should message me because im so bored and its too cold for me to go out 

friends, alternative, canada, numetal, emo, bored,


02/04/2023 03:50 PM 

This is interesting.


02/04/2023 01:56 PM 

hi guuyyyyyzzzz

im bacc after 4ever :// sooooo yeah I logged into say hi ^_^

☆ UniCosmicCometCorn ☆

02/04/2023 12:21 PM 

Current mood:  blah

Sitting here with assloads of relaxer in my hair XDI've been sitting here a while longer than I usually do, cuz, I ALWAYS f*** up the relaxer and I am NOT taking chances! XDD Whenever I do it I always like- Miss a spot that didnt' process so I'm just gonna SIT HERE! XD... Ok, maaaaaaaybe now I'll wash it out >.> It's getting annoying XDBlegh =_=I'm not 100% sure why but I've been xtra depressi spaghetti recently... Like, xtra .-. Idk why, I mean I'm constantly anxious but I've never been anxious over insignificant things, and it's been DAYS and I've been feeling like this, I'm not sure why :T It rlly sucks though, cuz, my creative juices r DED so I haven't been able 2 think of actual- Creativity stuff? XD Idk, everyday just dosen't feel real- XDI wanna go 2 shleeep :PI'm tired XD

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