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09/26/2020 01:03 AM 

Silly Thoughts
Current mood:  loved

I recently went and got some photos done of my boyfriend and I as an exhcange for assisting a family friend with a film school assignment and a personal project of hers. I got all the photos back today and I was just thinking about how I've never really had anything like this before.I've never been in a long-term, serious relationship with anyone in real life. I've had little online affairs that piddled out before we could ever meet in person, but I feel like it all pales in comparison to what I have now. I think I've really lucked out. I've gotten myself into an incredibly healthy, serious relationship for my first proper relationship and it's so nice. I don't know what I'll really do if this ends. I think the bar has been raised too high. The people I see around me, hear about, etc. just don't hold a candle to my boyfriend. He's only a man, but he's a fine specimen of one. He's everything I could've asked for and more. Sorry about the weird romantic outpouring, but I just felt like I needed to put it somewhere.


09/26/2020 12:43 PM 

Ugh boys 🙄
Current mood:  aggravated

I honestly think that boys really do not understand the concept of actually showing up for things... Please tell me why I wanted to hang out with this one guy but EVERY TIME I try to make plans with him he cancels. At this point I'm just thinking that they just don't wanna hang. But they continually message me when they are feeling lonely or are needing comfort. Like bitch I can't even come to you with my problems how TF you finna come to me for yours. Anyways chile I'm thinking that I might block himxoxo~ Mykah

Boys, ditched, drama, boy problems


09/26/2020 12:46 PM 

hello pt. 2
Current mood:  crazy

also this site seems dead asfso if you're out there, please say hi lol

Professional Idiot

09/26/2020 04:26 PM 

Scene/emo asks

1. Are you more Scene or Emo? emo, of course 2. Were you ever into Never Shout Never? nope 3. Fringes or Coontails? fringes 4. Bright and colourful hair, or dark black hair? black 5. Gloomy bear or Hello Kitty? neither 6. How often do you shop at a HotTopic? it's not in my country :/ 7. How many band posters do you have up? none (yet) 8. Have you watched Invader Zim? If so, who’s your favourite character? haven't watched it 9. Opinion on Gerard Way? love him, smol bean 10. Waffles or Tacos? tacos 11. Have you played Gaia? no 12. Dear Maria or Check Yes Juliet? how on earth can i choose? 13. Do you drink Monster? no 14. Have you had a scene phase before? no  15. Do you make Kandi? nope 16. Do you wear a lot of Kandi? nope 17. Do you have a Blingee account? And/or make Blingees? also no. 18. Are you a furry? If so, what’s your fursona like? yes, he's a green cat 19. Do you listen to BVB, AA, or BMTH? bvb  20. Do you have Funko Pops? no 21. Do you watch Anime? i want to get into it 22. Do you play Animal Jam? used to. 23. Are you okay? well if you wanted honesty, that's all you had to say 24. Are you Lol Xd Randum?? ew no 25. Opinion on Nyan Cat? they're alright 26. Big hair or big accessories? accessories  27. Did you ever have a MySpace? Do you still? no 28. Want any emo/scene tattoos? yep, i want one that says "thank you for the venom" 29. Have any emo/scene tattoos? i'm too young 30. Do you like Furbies? creepy... cannot be trusted 31. xD, Xd or XD? XD 32. Do you like Care Bears? never have 33. Is Avril Lavigne a clone? f*** if i know lol 34. Do you want fangs? who doesn't? 35. Does emo/scenecore make you happy? of course 36. Have you dyed your hair? If so, what colours and how long ago? dyed my hair purple in quarantine. 37. Do you want/have any piercings? i have my ears pierced but i deeply regret it :/ 38. Do you wish you were in a band? YES 39. What Warrior Cats clan are you in? windclan 40. Is Gir annoying? no 41. Have you ever played Imvu? no 42. Are you a Killjoy or a Youngblood? killjoy! 43. Do you have any emo/scene friends irl? no :( 44. Who’s your favourite scene/emo blog? mine 45. Do you wear Converse? i wish 46. Does “Rawr” mean “I love you” in Dinosaur? of course 47. Favourite Pokemon? torchick 48. Do you like Decora fashion? no 49. Do you like Sparkle Dogs? they're pretty cool 50. Show us the most emo/scene picture of you! my profile pic

emo, questions

Professional Idiot

09/26/2020 04:30 PM 

Current mood:  amused

some corgis were barking at me while i mowed the lawn, it was so weird 



09/26/2020 12:13 PM 

Current mood:  bored

are you ever given the chance to scream into the void againbut now you are met with embarrassment at the thought of talking about thoughtson the interneti remember when blog and forum posts were the only outlets that were availablesince then the internet has become simultaneously a hostile placeor so i thinksometimes i wonder if it's just me that closed offremembering a time when i was 14 and posting all of my feelings on the internetor talking about them to anyone who would listen seems faraway and juvenileand now i see people being that candid and open with so much more supporti wonder if i too can relearn to be that candid because the world is different now 

thoughts, stream of consciousness, journal,


09/25/2020 11:50 PM 

The no more simp project

Get every simp and make them dig holes untell they are no longer simps.then blast the e-girls with napalm



09/25/2020 08:55 PM 

100 nosey questions survey
Current mood:  annoyed

***100 Nosey Questions*** by longtallsally28 The Basics Name: Jozie Age: 34 Month of birth: June Any Siblings?: 3 Parents still married?: Nope Occupation: Armed Guard Do you like your job?: Now, I love it! Any pets?: 4 Hair color: Red Eye color: Brown Shoe size: 7.5 Any Tattoos?: 2 Any Piercings?: 10 Current mood: Annoyed Current wardobe choice: Sweatshirt and comfy pants What are you listening to?: Degrassi Who did you last speak with on the phone?: My orthodontist office What do you currently smell like?: hatred Last.... Movie you watched: Hocus Pocus Magazine you looked at: --- Thing you ate: Salad Book you read: The Truth Beneath the Lies T.v. show you watched: Degrassi Time you cried: Today Took a shower: Today Got a real letter (a.k.a Snail Mail): Every day! Ate at a restaurant (not fast food): Supposed to be today CD you bought: The Pretty Reckless What is/was.... The best thing to happen to you today?: Kisses from my husband Your most prized possession: Baby Yoda Your first vehicle: Dodge Avenger Your current vehicle: Toyota Camry Your favorite quote: Mothers, lock up your sons! You bedtime (on average): 10pm Your best trait/characteristic: My smile Your worst trait/characteristic: Depression Do You.... Store things under your bed: My work shoes Daydream: All the time! Have a computer at home: Yes, I am currently on it! Live in the city, suburbs or country: City Live in a home, apartment, duples or mobile home: Apartment Own a cell phone: Yup! Pay my own bill too Have a good luck charm: Nope! Collect anything: Baby Yoda stuff and books Attend high school or college: Graduated from both, going back for Chemistry Make good grades: 3.6/4.0 for my two majors Have You Ever.... Had a surgery?: 4 Had teeth pulled?: My wisdom teeth Broke the law intentionally: All the time! (lead foot) Ran away from home?: Nope. Broke a bone?: Fractured my ankle Cheated on a test/exam: Haha yeah! Had a friend pass away: Not that I know of! Been issued a citation/traffic ticket: 2 Been in an auto accident: Never as the driver Lied to someone: All the time! People can't handle the truth Been lied to: Duh! Who hasn't!? Your Favorite.... Place to be: Roller Coasters Place to visit: Cedar Point Place to chill: My bed Non-Alcoholic drink: Hot Chocolate Alcoholic drink: Jaegur bombs Type of food: Mexican Meal/Food dish: Jambalaya Dessert: fudge brownies Shampoo & Conditioner: I dunno, whatever is cheapest Toothpaste: Crest 3D White Salad dressing: Italian Ice cream: Ben & Jerry's Americone Dream Fast food establishment: McDonalds Color: Pink Season: Autumn Holiday: Halloween Perfume/Cologne: Juicy Couture Video Game: Plague T.V. show: Survivor Smells: Blownout match Article of clothing: Comfy pants Book: Lovers and players Children's Book: The Rainbow fish/ Chika Chika Boom Boom Candy: Carmello Car: Audi Do You Believe.... In Karma: Yes In God: Not the Christian version In Heaven & Hell: No That aliens exist (extraterrestrial variety, not illegal aliens): Yes That ghosts exist: Yes In horoscopes: Yes In others you know (family, friends, co-workers etc): sure In yourself: Yes Your Opinion.... On the death penalty: Keep it! On reciting the Pledge of Allegiance in schools: Needs to be recited daily On homosexuals in the military: In formation, you can't tell who is gay/les etc! The war in the Middle East: ... Schwarzeneggar...Governor or Terminator: Governor! He was awesome Current gas/fuel prices: Not bad compared to Bush era! Take this survey | Find surveysPimp My Profile


09/25/2020 07:17 PM 

maybe im dumb
Current mood:  ashamed

haha this is a struggle


09/25/2020 06:12 PM 

Current mood:  blah

When you're too lazy to set up your profile 


09/25/2020 05:34 PM 

Current mood:  drained

First Post: Blog Time i.e. if you know me, no you don'tI like this, it reminds me of something... Myarea? Jk. Anyways, watch me struggle to underdstand how this works. I'm exhausted, barely got any sleep last night and I'm behind on my midterm assignment for my first year seminar. Getting wasted tonight might help though, not with getting it done but it will make me stress less lmao. What do you talk about on a blog? I'm rory, I like the color yellow, my favorite food is food and my taste in music sucks. I'm not funny but i'll laugh at my own jokes so you don't have to. I need caffiene, why am I here? Send me a message if you have any music recs.

first post, new here, music

Depresso Espresso

09/25/2020 01:46 PM 


my blog is just kind of a place for me to vent now bc nobody rly looks at it and i can type more here than on stream.  i might not post here a whole lot bc my mental health is sorta getting better bc i haven't really cried a whole lot recently.  there was a point in time where i'd cry like twice a day which was just ugh like my eyes were dead by the end of that.


09/25/2020 06:48 PM 

Current mood:  disgusted

Rant lol!!TW mentions of food and restriction!!!!Our whole lives revolve around consumerism. From birth we are exposed to billions of advertisments. They are everywhere, art, our clothes, music videos, lyrics. There is literally no way to escape. We go to school so that we can learn useless sh*t that stresses us out to the point where we question whether it's even worth it to stay alive. All of this so we can get a job to earn money, because we are taught that money= happiness since we are nothing but consumers. Ads influence everything we do. They feed into setting norms for society like gender roles and 'traditional family values'. I turn on my tv and its full of cishet white girls promoting diet culture. Cosumerism creates our insecurities then it feeds off of them. Hating parts of yourself is so normalised to the point that we HAVE TO REMIND OURSELVES that we are not a waste of space and that 'every body is a beautiful body'  it makes ME SICK!!!!! Having to remind yourself that you are worthy of love and food is not normal. We are born to work, make money to buy products, feel insecure, work more and then die. Our morals and life choices are based on how much money we can make. It's how we have adapted in order to survive. Everything has been capitalized, even food is now seen as a product instead of a necessity, feeding ourselves is no longer a priority, people will restrict themselves in order to fit a mold that capitalism has deemed desirable. Our lives literally revolve around money. Schools, malls, pubs etc. were opened in order for the economy to continue thriving, at the same time that covid was taking lives. They don't care about us. They have enough to solve the problems that they created. We are controlled with peices of paper like donkeys are with a carrot on a stick. It literally keeps me up at night. Why do we go to school if we learn things we don't want to? They teach us to submit then we work till we die. The rich get richer while the rest of us suffer. Bruh I want Jeff Bezos for dinner.  

amanda, punk, satan, 1312, acab, capitalism, rant, vent


09/25/2020 11:14 AM 

Oh no....
Current mood:  worried

I think I like some of 100 gecs'z songz.. unironically. Help...


09/25/2020 10:21 PM 

what is this
Current mood:  good

Yes I used one of my own song titles to start off this blog. Cross-promotion works!Life is definitely strange, beautiful, weird, messed up, you name it. Life is also very good at throwing curve balls, as long as you have your mitt ready. That happened to me recently. I reached out to a bass player a few weeks ago, just asked him point-blank, "Feel like playing bass on my new album?" And he replied with a very enthusiastic YES! Soon after, he said he knew a drummer that could cut the mustard. And then soon after, one of my friends who is a producer called and asked "You know (this bass player)?! We grew up together! I want to produce your new album." Just like that, I went from nothing to having a new line-up for the album and a producer. I had my mitt, bat, and cup that day.I am not revealing any song titles, nor the names of the musicians and producer right away. In the past, I would be excited and want to share the glee. But things can backfire, and I look like I had mud in my eye. Not anymore. Learning the art of admirable restraint (as per Bill Bruford) and it seems to be working. The less said, the better. And the less said, the more people will show genuine interest. I think I like that.Hoping to start work on the recording early 2021, now that NAMM is cancelled (a first!!) The money I had saved up for that trip to California will now go towards studio time and pressing cds. My goal of having this album out in 2020 obviously isn't happening but at least we're STARTING to work on it, via rehearsing. Time to clear the cobwebs off my gear...


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