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01/19/2024 03:50 PM 


I remembered I had this account abandoned hahaha lol

✟ st. abby ✟

01/18/2024 08:20 PM 

"side effects of yaz may include depression"

things were a lot simpler when i was younger and content to stew in my yearningbut all of this seems too much now.too theatrical, too pretentiouswho are you to write these words?to be lovelorn was easy without the faces of clocks burning holes into the back of my neckeach tickticktickticktick echoing in my ears, counting down to what i keep trying to forgeteverything was a poem, a novel, a letter a fantasy to spin inside my headbut when does it become tragic rather than charming,the type of hero i was meant to be.what is wrong with me, with these handsand how they cannot manage to get a grip on anything tangible only grasping at silhouettes that i wanted to see in the smokefor the first time in a long time, i'm thinking that something is just not meant for mei dont get to have these things that the other people dono, i dont know what its like to be you, with your countless lovers and perpetually warm bed and guiltfreenostringsattachedwithbenefits and ability to just do whatever(whoever) you want without shame lingering in the corners of your head.i string bows and shoot down birds that suspiciously look like girls, and if you ask me for a kiss i'd give you a thimble.i don't know how to get what i want.if it exists, if i'm allowed to have it.all of this to say i keep missing milestones and i'm scared to die in sixty years at the age of twenty-three.but otherwise, i'm doing alright.abby 


01/18/2024 08:04 PM 


hey :) just tryna see if this works.. if anyone sees this HOW ARE YOU?? :3


01/18/2024 02:42 PM 

dat jgrxxn
Current mood:  aggravated


sova (。•́︿•̀。)

01/17/2024 02:33 PM 

bits more about me (─ ‿ ─)

HELLO i still dont know how these work but i am very happy to be here ( ‘• ω • `) im gonna . explain thingies abt me BEFORE YOU CONTINUE!!!! My english is not the best so there may be a lot of mistakes (ó﹏ò。)To start with My name is Sova, but i use ton of names (⊙ _ ⊙ ) my favorites are nikki, maki, and romeo!! im a 17 lesbian and i use he him & ve vir pronouns ヾ( ˃ᴗ˂ )◞  im autistic and i have another mental illnesses that i wont be sharing here but sometimes i do mention them (๑•́ -•̀) im currently studying flute (2yrs) and piano (9/10 yrs) ! i am a himejoshi / himejin (˵ •̀ ᴗ - ˵ ) my specials interests are rhythm games, psycology, zelda saga, and romanticism!! but my hyperfixations rightnow are enstars*, engirls, yuri, and chopin ໒( ˵ •̀ □ •́ ˵ ) i also have other interests like jujutsu kaisen, vocaloid, old internet, otaku / weeb core, and more!!* = i only talk about yuzuru & ibara (as a ship) they have been my biggest hyperfix for 2 yrs (ᴗ_ ᴗ。)i listen to every genre EEEEEEEver!! but i have a soft spot for gothrock, shibuya kei, rock latino, and classical ofc!!! the artists that i love the most however are. lotsies!!! but top1 goes to the cure, 2 to los bunkers, and 3 to chopin ٩( ╹▿╹ )۶i add all kind of people really (unless they make me feel uncomfortable) ≖ᴗ≖ and i think thats all yay!


01/17/2024 11:24 PM 

1.17.24: whateva
Current mood:  productive

istg, i be logging onto friendproject adding people, messaging, etc like its my f***ing job! LIKE I BE UPDATING MY PROFILE ALL THE TIME, IMING PPL, FRIENDING PPL, CUZ ITS SO FUN plus i just found out how to adjust my top 8  anyways, im kinda hungry but i dont wanna go to the lunch room to get food cuz all of the wird homophobic mean and weird ppl be there. like i literally have a stalker and its so scary.... also did any of you guys have a wubble bubble ball from like 2013? and if so, hwo long did it take until it popped? LMAOAOA

zeke, blog, blogger, girlblogger, girlblogging, y2k, myspace, friendproject, wubble bubble ball


01/17/2024 09:30 PM 

1.17.24 (MORNING POST)
Current mood:  crappy

okay so this morning i had to scrap of a bunch of f***ing ice off of my car.. my hands were hurting, literally stinging from the cold, and i was so tired and groggy. but i barely made it to school on time and i literally sat down in the class before it even started and just dillydallyed before the rest of the class came. we finished up our reshoot film assignment and i literally like fell asleep right after so now i am here, sitting in one of the backrooms of the class with a coffee in my hand that my teacher gave to me, i'll update yall later on how my day went.

zeke, blog, blogger, girlblogger, girlblogging, y2k, myspace


01/17/2024 02:01 AM 

skull bc....... yes
Current mood:  happy


hi, bruh, blog, bleh, f4t3,


01/16/2024 07:40 PM 

Just some info (about the person behind the Mask)
Current mood:  contemplative

First off I Roleplay my character/s as cannon for the most part though there are a few things that are not cannon for my character/s like I play all my character/s as demisexual and I am kind of a world builder, both those things together means it takes time for me to build up to the romance and once it's there I kind of can't turn it off. Now that doesn't mean I am all about Meaningless sex. I am a more detail-oriented person like "Sam looked at Dean with pensive puppy dog eyes the kind where his forehead forms that tall u it always does when he is concerned about his brother." If I say that you are the only person, I am Roleplaying with I mean it. Now on to my rules for the people I Roleplay with. Just Patience, Understanding, and respect that's it. If anyone should have questions about anything I have said here or have any other questions don't hesitate to ask whether it's on my blog here or in questions.


01/17/2024 01:19 AM 


Hello, i really dont have any idea of eaht to post here 

hi, bruh, blog, bleh, f4t3,


01/16/2024 08:59 PM 

Current mood:  crunk

yall today is a SNOW DAYYYY!! ALL OF THE SCHOOLS IN NYC HAVE CLOSED INCLUDING OURS SO NOW I GET TO CHILL ALL DAAAAYAYYAAYAY! i just made some hot cocoa and i know its gonna be so f***ing good, im honestly just living my best life. all of the negativity out the window, im acing my classes, all of my projects are done and out the way, IM SO HAPPY!!!!!!

zeke, planetzeke, blog, girlblogging, writing, myspace


01/15/2024 08:58 PM 

personality tests for whenever i do them

 so i decided i was in the mood for personality quizzes lol. ill put them here with links


01/15/2024 05:12 AM 

Chainsmokers ft. Halsey

so baby pull me closer in the back seat of your rover and I know you can afford by the tattoo on your shoulder


01/13/2003 08:38 PM 

new year new account
Current mood:  nostalgic

found new friend website!!! XD exciteddd


01/13/2003 08:38 PM 

new year new account
Current mood:  nostalgic

found new friend website!!! XD exciteddd

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