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10/19/2020 08:47 PM 


hai myspace!!! hru'll today? hope ur doin sparkletastic X3!!! if ur not doin so good, message me on insta @theogaltgirl, and remember that ily and in the words of gee way, "carry on"!! its gonna get better!!!!

inspo, be happy, positive


10/19/2020 10:38 AM 

Help x_x
Current mood:  bored

I have no idea how this website works :P


10/18/2020 10:13 PM 

Social mediaz

I realized that I never pomoted my own social mediaz on here.I know that you're probably not intrested but plz, aknowledge my existance ;_;Instagram(main): 2:***._your_aesthetic/Deviantart(who the hell still usez deviantart): u c k hahaha I said f*** 


10/18/2020 10:41 PM 

An old 2000s webcomic


10/18/2020 09:34 PM 

Current mood:  tired



10/18/2020 06:44 PM 

My first blog post
Current mood:  good



10/18/2020 06:32 PM 


!!!!!!!!!! MENTIONS OF SUICIDE AND SELF INJURY!!!!!!!!!   If there was one thing that I could do right now is cut myself, deep. I haven't done it as much due to being busy with school a lot of the time therefore, my tolorance to pain withering away, for some reason when I cut, it either hurts or it doesn't provide me the high I want. The more I cut, the higher my pain tolorance becomes and the more I do it. I enjoy cutting myself but, for whatever reason, I'm too f***ing sad to even lift a finger. I want all this sh*t to go away, I want to end it all but, that would cause my family pain, greif and possibly guilt. Another thing that is somewhat related to this, I need sharper blades, the ones I use are dull, it's nearly inpossible for me to find anything else. I can't just walk to f***ing Walmart and get what I need, am I just going to have to steal sh*t? Probably.


10/18/2020 04:56 PM 

31 days of horror: day 7

day 7: re-animatordir. stuart gordon 8/10what if frankenstien was gay and also had slutty, slutty glasses? (and yeah ik its based off of an hp lovecraft story but he based it off of mary shellys story so uh. sux 2 him he could never get d*cked down on his moms grave)


10/18/2020 04:49 PM 

31 days of horror: day 6

day 6: hello mary lou prom night 2dir. bruce pittman8.5/10best movie!! mary lou #1 horror slut ily babe


10/18/2020 04:39 PM 

31 days of horror: day 5

day 5: scannersdir. david cronenberg6/10available free on  amazing imagery and some of the best gore i’ve ever seen. the storys kinda half baked, the characters are somewhat bland and baseless and the music is near godawful, but besides that it’s an all around good flick. good film if you’re really into semi trashy 80s horror and sci fi. 


10/18/2020 04:32 PM 

31 days of horror: day 4

day 4: chopping malldir. jim wynorski7/10available free here robots in a mall? an abandoned mall you say? yeah you vapourwave freaks would like this one. 


10/18/2020 04:25 PM 

31 days of horror: day 3

day 3: jeepers creepersdir. not important. not important who directed this movie9/10available free on seriesonline.ioi f***ing love this movie we got homo eroticism, sexy creeper, the old lady from good luck charlie, ass, dead body, rusty creepermobile, and no eyes! the gore is delicious, the actors r amazing and the creeper? hilar. love this film the only reason im taking one off is bc the director is a p3d0 ://


10/18/2020 03:53 PM 

31 days of horror: day 2

day 2: cirque du freak: the vampires assistantdir. paul weitz8/10 (changed my f***ing life)available on netflix and free on i know this isnt technically a horror movie but. f*** you its halloween)this movie has everything- spider theivery, john c reiley vampire, teacher murder, homo erotic elements, wolf people, sexy milfs, gothic indie soundtrack, vampire cults, baller transitions, the baby from eraser head, half-vampire x monkey-girl romance, dilfy willam dafoe in lipstick and iconic lines such as “dude, he totally just scratched his balls.” and “you’re soft. you’re a soft little boy”this movie is so much f***ing fun, like it’s not trying to be f***ing prestige sh*t and its not kid sh*t. it has fun! it allows itself to play with familiar beats and elements, and it allows itself to get weird and disturbing. it’s lynch meets burton meets like halloweentown or some sh*t.ok, so here’s the thing- i f***ing love wacky cast of character with their own special talent thing. like i love it. and this movie does it well- it’s unique, it’s not a fat guy and conjoined twins- it’s a snake boy (that yumyum from almost famous) and man without a f***ing torso. insane! in f***ing sane. like it has been almost 10 years since i saw this film and i still remeber the ribs guy and the arm trick. we are introduced to a wolf boy (not a hairy guy!! a f***ing hybrid wolf man) a woman who can regrow limbs (also with the coolest limb regrowing effect i’ve ever seen? like better than it) big tooth woman (mabel from gravity falls) a man with a 3 foot forehead, a two stomached man who barfs up a bicycle that he rides away on, and a f***ing snake boy who plays electric guitar.  lthat’s not to mention the giant man and salma heyek who grows a beard in front of our eyes (and is also psychic)and john c reiley????  f***ing hilar. his first lines sound like something from Peep show or a surprisingly good SNL sketch. and the bit where darren is saying goodbye to his parents seriosuly made me tear up. its just really sweet to see a 17 year old crawl into his parents bed and tell them they’re doing a good job okay!!!! and then john c relief gently pushes him off a roof. have to say though the weirdest part of this is steve chewing gum at his wake. like gum ?? during the viewing of your best friends body?? like i get it’s significant for other reasons but. gum?? but then he delivers a heartbreaking speech about how he hates darren for leaving him. and then he gives his corpse his blackberry calls him an asswipe bc he is a vampire. this f***ing movie.did i mention the dumpster baby song? masterful. or the part where darren calls steve just to hear his voice? the end fight? the girls monkey tail when they kiss? him being a f***ing circus freak? i f***ing love this movie. f*** anyone who hates cirque du freak all my homies love cirque du freak. also like i never read the books (apologies) but f*** u that movie shaped the person i am 2 day before that movie i was a scared lil bitch who cried at the sight of blood and now? pimp as f*** freak just found out that the actor for the main character is a pro lifer. pain. all i f***ing know is pain. still 8/10


10/18/2020 03:34 PM 

31 days of horror: day 1

alright so maybe im 17 days late but time is bullsh*t im doing 18 reviews in one day. im gonna try to do less known ones incase anyones looking 4 a new flick (excluding this one we just watched it in film class) day 1: silence of the lambsdir. johnathan demme 10/10available free at seriesonline.ionot much to say abt this that hasnt already been said!! clarice is the only f***ing cop ill ever like, hannibal is a big d*ck cannibal f***, and buffalo bill is one of the best murderers on screen. masterfully done, super tense, and insanely well written! 

♱ 𝖍𝖊𝖆𝖙𝖍 ♱

10/18/2020 03:39 PM 


i don't know what to sayi did it again todaysix times a week every week until i diei try to remember the days when i still felt alivei'm a junkie

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