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10/19/2020 06:43 PM 

Current mood:  ecstatic

SO I JUST GOT ACRYLIC NAILS AND BRO I LOVE THEM!!!!!It's a bit hard to type and pick up my phone but I STILL LOVE THEM.I know nobody asked but they're all black except my ring finger. That's pastel pink. Plus, they're not super long like I thought they would be. I just really love them and they go so well with my Kuromi fit. I've never really had nails before (cause I always bite them off) so this was a big thing for me.Did I mention how much I love these damn nails?


10/19/2020 05:25 PM 

More emo stuff


10/19/2020 05:21 PM 

Monster Energy
Current mood:  thirsty


10/19/2020 04:47 PM 

Why do GUYS EXIST !!
Current mood:  angsty

I'm like totally angry 


10/19/2020 04:38 PM 

31 days of horror: day 8

day 8: trick 'r treatdir. micheal dougherty9.5/10  it’s all the classic horror tales with a new, trashy 00s sheen. it’s the best f***ing movie. if you like the good old american combo of sex drugs and senseless violence, this is the flick for you. i must say, this was my easiest watch- at no point did i feel the need to go for a piss or scroll through insta or check my f***mate messages- this movie totally captivated me without me even realizing it. 


10/19/2020 04:29 PM 

Emo love


10/19/2020 04:21 PM 

Free Tarot and Oracle readings
Current mood:  energetic

I have quite a bit of time in my hands and sometimes I like to use it practicing tarot/oracle. I'm giving a few free readings today if anyone's interested. Comment and I'll message you. (:- I do not do readings on health, disease, divorce, dangerous situations, soulmates, twin flames, court cases, and/or identifying entities.- I am comfortable with general readings on your life, spiritual path, and love life, specific questions, as well as messages your deities may have for you. You may also ask about other people's feelings, but I am very selective about what I am comfortable with when it comes to questions like those (their initial or nickname is fine for the reading).I have the right to refuse service to anyone and stop the reading if I deem it necessary. Thank you for reading ♥


10/19/2020 04:01 PM 

any other BFDI/II fans here?

I have a group for BFDI/II fans here if anyone wants to join

bfdi, ii, inanimate insanity, battle for dream island, group


10/19/2020 08:56 PM 

i hope this is not a cult
Current mood:  anxious

Why is there something for 'Knowing God'? Is this is covert christian thing? 


10/19/2020 03:22 PM 


how do you make your profiles so cool 


10/19/2020 03:10 PM 

new friends :)
Current mood:  cookywacky

Someone message me on here,im a gen Z who wishes they lived in the 2000s hence the btec my space account



10/19/2020 01:10 PM 

My Halloween Costume!!!
Current mood:  excited

Yay! I've been trying to come up with a Halloween costume since august haha. Ok so I wanted to be Kathrine Plumber from Newsies then I'm like "Nah" but now I'm going to be her again haha. Newsies is great and shes a great character so im sooper excited! Im going to the thrift store on Thursday to get all the parts! (Long maroon skirt, striped button-down shirt, maroon vest, blue tie) And im going to buy a wig off of Amazon or something sooo... yeah! I'm really excited!!!!


10/19/2020 11:02 PM 

My Bloody Valentine
Current mood:  headphones

 Oh, my lovePlease don't cryI'll wash my bloody hands andWe'll start a new lifeI don't know much at allI don't know wrong from rightAll I know is that I love you tonight ♥

scenecore, fangirl, mcr, emocore, scemo, emo, scene, Gerard Way, gerard way, good charlotte


10/19/2020 10:58 PM 

The White Stripes
Current mood:  headphones

 Fell in love with a girlFell in love once and almost completelyShe's in love with the world,But sometimes these feelings can be so misleadingShe turns and says, "Are you alright?"I said I must be fine 'cause my hearts still beatingCome and kiss me by the riversideYeah Bobby said its fine, he don't consider it cheating now  ♥

scenecore, fangirl, mcr, emocore, scemo, emo, scene, Gerard Way, gerard way, the white stripes


10/19/2020 07:52 AM 

Current mood:  calm

today was nice. maggie ate everything she had to, im so proud of her! she did it woohoo!! maggie commented at her meeting and it sounded really good:) i really like hearing her talk(her spanish is really nice) we talked about fairies and elves! i knew what kinda elf she was, but idk shes like a fairy sometimes...either way shes really cute. im a hobbit:) we watched a few episodes of southpark too, and i always really enjoy that. maggies the prettiest girl in the world:))

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