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10/22/2020 10:39 PM 

🦇👿Diet 2020

  Certificate: Test results   Which Diet Will Actually Work For Me?   For 33% you are: So what kind of diet will work for you? Volumetrics is the way to go for you. Basically, you eat a lot of low-calorie but filling foods like fruits, veggies, and broth-based soups, so you can snack all day! Good luck! I hope you lose all the weight you want/need to!16% of 112418 quiz participants had this profile! Profile AYou could also get this result:For 25% you are: So what kind of diet will work for you? You should try E-Diets! They'll prepare a meal plan for your weight-loss goals, and even include your favorite fast-food places. No counting required! Good luck! I hope you lose all the weight you want/need to!  Profile BOr even this one:For 25% you are: So what kind of diet will work for you? You should go low-carb! After all, what other diet will let you have filet mignon and lobster dipped in butter whenever you want? Good luck! I hope you lose all the weight you want/need to!  Profile COr even this one:For 17% you are: So what kind of diet will work for you? Diet, shmiet. Let's face it...either you can't control your eating - or you can, but it doesn't work. Try exercising regularly to help keep calorie counts under control. Cardio will burn some quick calories, but strength-training will supercharge your metabolism - so be sure to include both in regular workouts. Good luck! I hope you lose all the weight you want/need to!  Profile DOr even this one:For 0% you are: So what kind of diet will work for you? You should lay off the processed crap and stick to a diet of whole foods. Basically, if you couldn't have eaten it a thousand years ago, you shouldn't be eating it now. Good luck! I hope you lose all the weight you want/need to!  Profile E Take this quiz: Which Diet Will Actually Work For Me?

volumetrics, diet


10/22/2020 07:45 PM 

Fishy boi
Current mood:  amused

BUNNYHERO_PET_START adopt your own virtual pet! BUNNYHERO_PET_END


10/22/2020 07:42 PM 

Emo boy
Current mood:  chill

dani <3

10/22/2020 06:51 PM 

welcome to my blog :3
Current mood:  moody

i wanna listen to slowdive in the cemetery :,(


10/22/2020 03:02 PM 

Current mood:  nervous

Hi I'm rosegirl1316 and i'm new here so message me if you like and i'll be posting about every week about stuffA little about me firstI'm a dancer and i was a gymnast  and my fav style of dance is tapI love animemy best friends are my dance friend See u soon

# new here


10/22/2020 10:17 AM 

Current mood:  bored

i've been "listening" to my psych professor since 9:30 AM and i've still got half an hour to go...i'm paying through the nose for this?? in the words of one john mulaney, "what is college?...STOP GOING, till we figure it out!"

✯Lola Jonnie✯

10/22/2020 12:19 PM 


read my last blog post for sum conTExt!!OKAY SOa bit of insight to mai personal liFe but 030I'm in a LDR!!! I've been using LOA to see him by a certain deadline andusually I've been seeing small signz like simple angel numberz, people talking about it, absence of manifestation (either universe testing or preparing,) & seeing old picturezand this deadline is deathly closeBUt this was really @.@@@ AHHH IDKKKK don't remember some partz so I'll try my hardest for yall to be able to follow along!!so!! i was at home obviouslyand my bf came over!! we hung out for a little bit in my room and when we went to go get something outside, my parents stopped us and I wasobviously f***ing scared sh*tless buTthey were completely fine with him. there were a lotta weird detailz that stuck, like how his voice was higher than normall,, and how he was wearing a red shirt. he alwayz wearz red shirtz in my dreamzmy parentz eventually offered to take him back to his hotel so he could get his backpackafter they left, i just ran to my f***ing room and started repeating thank yuu universe in my heADsee this is what confused me when i woke upit felt so REALit wasnt weirdly inconsistent except for the first part whichi didnt really remember much to begin with soO XDbut yeah!!! thatz my LOA story!!! I haveso many more if you wanna hear em!!i have subliminal storiez too!! but letz save those for later ;3FANGZ FOR READING!!!!! 

LOA, angel numbers, law of attraction, neville goddard, manifest, manifesting, manifestation,

Vomit Boy

10/22/2020 12:35 PM 

Current mood:  froggy

no one blogs here anymore ;-; i wanna read what yall are up to! well, i guess there isn't much going on...what have i been up to... i'm sending out halloween letters and packages to friends and family this week, it's a lot of work. i think next year i'll stick with already made cards since i cut all my own this year and it took a lot longer than i thought it would! i got a little too excited and carried away with my ideas. i think they turned out really good though. i'll post some pictures here of them since i dont have any irls on fp (to my knowledge):i had made a super cool haunted house one and a witch one too and i scanned them in but i guess my scanner fuked up or something because they're not in my computer anymore :(( i knew i shouldve taken actual phone pictures of them but i didn't, im a dummy >: oh well, i was planning on making more of those ones anyways....other things other things... i have a sims family that's rich AF so im trying to build the biggest, most expensive mansion ever and so far it's turning out pretty cool, maybe i'll do a whole blog post about my sims family and their new house if anyone is interested, lol! they're a multigeneration family so i can do the whole family tree and stuff. oh and as if my CD collection wasn't big enough: the Ameoba Records in Berkeley finally opened back up, and its right across the street from my brother's dorm, so this last weekend when i went to visit i dragged him with me to the record store. I've been craving going to the record store for sooo longgg, especially going up to one in the bay area because the ones down here in sac fuking suck ass (if ur in sac and know of a good record store that was like Dimple where they had not only vinyls but also cds and tapes and posters and all that good stuff, let me know, because so far ive only been able to find hole-in-the-wall hipster vinyl stores that sell their sh*t for 3x the price it's worth and it's ONLY records xp ). There's something very calming about a record store for me. Something nostalgic and comforting and accepting... and maybe deep down i hope that if i hang around in them enough i'll end up in a fall out boy situation where i hear some people talking about a band i like and then i jut in and school them about said band and then they're like hey wtf, wanna join our band? and then we start an emo band and everythings awesome.okay well, i think that's enough for today. thank you for reading my rambles :p


10/22/2020 09:27 AM 

Current mood:  blank

maggies started sneezing a ton whenever shes home. must be something there...she thinks it might be cus of all the seasoning shes been using lately. we talked while she drove around and ran errands, which was fun as always. we talked more about a delirium makeup she wants to do. its gonna look really awesome. she found out her brothers on tinder lol. we watched part of coraline again. then we talked until her family got home:)

✯Lola Jonnie✯

10/22/2020 11:34 PM 

Current mood:  awake


Loa, law of attraction, manifest, manifestation, dream, dreams,


10/22/2020 06:16 PM 

Brian Wong

Brian Wong - Brian Wong is the 28-year-old co-founder and CEO of Kiip. Kiip was acquired in 2019. Kiip (pronounced “keep”) was a mobile consumer engagement platform that advertises in “moments” in 10,000 apps.


10/22/2020 05:23 PM 

Current mood:  nostalgic

since this online learning has started again, i really miss my classmates and friends and some teachersi cant believe im saying it but i want to go back to school, im pretty sentimental if it comes to any memory that pops up in my head about real school 


10/22/2020 03:15 PM 

school can kiss ma a$$

schools rlly hard rn n my brain jus go whrrrrr r and i cant f***ig think smh,, im v behind on work n sh*t nd on top o dat my wifi is so bad my classes keep disconnecting so i dont rlly know how to do my work lel ;; i should rlly sleep or sumn but eh its whatever ig


10/22/2020 02:46 PM 

Long-distance relationships

What are your thoughts on long distance relationships? I personally think that depends if the couple really want to make it work out. I'm in one 5 months ago, I'm from Argentina and my boy is from California, we are going to meet when airports allow us to. Such a sh*tty thing to fall in love in the middle of a pandemic! Airports are taking their time and I totally understand. People safety comes first.We are positive and after he comes down here and viceversa we'll move together. If everything wents right. We videocall and stuff.I think globalization makes it easier for long distance relationships and its easier to mantain one.


10/22/2020 12:43 PM 

Just word vomit
Current mood:  drained

Revisiting old joys for a sense of serotonin T-T I'm trying so hard to keep it together rn its actually insane 

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