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12/18/2022 10:38 PM 


its tru. ive been writing in my REAL diary instead of my internets diary. MUAHUAHAUAH how evil. i keep my secreets forever. 

burger boss

12/18/2022 11:15 PM 

blog blog log blog blog

blog blog blog blog blog


12/17/2022 08:57 PM 

The year is nearly over, thank God

I am glad that 2022 is nearly over, it's not been a very good year.There have been some positives, I went to a few events, saw some ggood movies, met some people and made some new friends. But this was all few and far between a lot of aggravation and frustration brought on by long hours at work, a demanding boss, various health problems plus constant grief from obsessively thinking about my dead loved ones and their individual declines leading up to their deaths.What can I say, I am happy to leave 2022 behind. 

Dominic Anthony

12/17/2022 12:35 PM 

Vince Mcmahonshould fold wwe stephane should ask Ecw be removed from peacockstreaming Nbc

Stephmcmahon demand ECW extremely crappy wrestling be removed uploads from NBCpeac0ckstreaming platform. It was terrible. Shanemcmahon demand peac0ckstreaming platform remove uploads of souled out bash at the beach roadwild, only keep super brawl, starracade thunder, nitro.Dominic MUTOS MINE Dominic Darrk MeDominicA4TSvincemcmahon The Peac0ck streaming demand they remove ECW uploads ecw was terrible. Won't watch itDominic MUTOS MINE Dominic Darrk MeDominicA4TSvincemcmahon in your will take wwe with you fold it world wrestling entertainment cant go on forever even with frontiers young few 3 planes we'd have to go to robots auto pilot? just not safe for the air for passangers  robots. Thought crown jewel was deal to 24 not 2028 CancelDominic MUTOS MINE Dominic Darrk MeDominicA4TSvincemcmahon   wwe USA, Fox TV deals for RAW. SmackDown go until 2024. Streaming deal goes 26. peac0ck delete erase ECWsucks badly. crownjewel blah goes-28...jewel was started 2014?? till 24 not 28 wwe should not go on Vince was going to fold the company years agoDominic MUTOS MINE Dominic Darrk MeDominicA4TS·tripleh wwe USA, Fox TV deals for RAW. SmackDown go until 2024. Streaming deal goes 26. peac0ck delete extremely crappy wrestling. crownjewel blah goes-28... tripleh jewel was started 2014?? till 24 not 28 wwe should not go on Vince was going to fold the company years ago


12/16/2022 07:02 PM 

The African Green Energy Agreements and Child Slave Labour

Joe Biden you were under POTUS OBAMA for 8 years how can you accept slavery for African nations for child labour. Though How the green deal energy agreements are operated are by African Nations Themselves are to blame and selling and also killing off their native species God bless more animals Africa belongs to The Animals Wildlife. Owen Hart, Chris BenoIT, The Bret Hart Africa animals were screwed education is corrupt in africa peoples are obssessed with money and the african illuminati. The African Green Energy Agreements and Child Slave Labour in africa. 


12/16/2022 09:04 PM 

new slay school look
Current mood:  chill

bro I tried this look yesterday before today to see if it worked and it looked so much better yesterday ahhh so I'm just kinda chilling pretending it looks good bc I thtink it's fine just not as slay (u_u)

#lgbt #hehim #fashion #slay


12/15/2022 10:32 PM 

Current mood:  crushed

literally just got my SENIOR COMPETITON cast list     i was not on it 



12/15/2022 09:14 AM 

Another Normal Day
Current mood:  calm

blog, blogging, fun


12/15/2022 10:02 PM 

school is >:(
Current mood:  blah

last day of semester 1 in my senior year omg . finals have been kicking my ass but ive passed them all !! 



12/14/2022 10:34 PM 

Homophobe hated my art

So recently, [I posted it here] I did a commission, featuring 2 female octolings simply embracing. You could only see their blush faces, nothing else. I post this to a server full of kids from my school, and this guy asks why its lesbians,and I simply say its because that s what I was asked to do. He continues to say its gross and that he s not being hateful but is simply stating his opinion, and I said if he dont like it he dont gotta look and he told me if I cant take criticism I shouldn t post art. He wasn t even criticizing my art, he was insulting the subject. I then insulted him and he told me I was being childish and using childish insults when he literally makes fun of people on the daily for who they are and what they like. I had my pronouns in my bio [someone asked me] and he made fun of it and mocked it by putting Nor/mal in his bio and making fun of me, he also made fun of a girl for using gacha. Anyways, this kid was being a huge ass simply over some art, I don t know how some people can be so hateful outloud. It made me so angry I was shaking and crying.

vent, rant, homophobic, art

Queen of the Floof

12/14/2022 12:42 PM 

So, Bit of Explaining

So, I compartmentalize my personality into secondary personalities composed entirely of one aspect of myself. It's a coping mechanism, that helps me better manage, understand, and control my emotions. I do not have DID, I'm not trying to seem like I have DID, but given that each secondary personality is composed entirely of one part of who I am, they can seem like separate people on a surface level. They aren't, and I'm not trying to make it seem like they are, they are all just a part of me.   I do, however, treat them like separate people, because that makes it easier for me to control them, for various reasons.   Rem Primis (Floof/Remjem): Me. The source personality, as in the whole person. Fluffy Dulcis: A secondary comprised of all of my positivity, happiness, excitement, energy, joy, and yay-ness. Niela Accidia: The very calm, semi-apathetic/unemotional, logical, reasonable, and such secondary.Lae Delirus: All my spontaneous, random, unstable, crazy, insanity, and weirdness shoved into one "being".Munda Odium: Literally my anger, grumpiness, saltiness, dissatisfaction, and such. Basically the "I don't give a sh*t, I hate it, we're done here" secondary. Furia Odium: As the name implies, pure fury. Unlike Munda there is no bitchiness, it's just rage. Essentially a feral animal. Lilith Cubare: Y'know succubi? Yeah, that's basically what she is. All my hypersexuality combined into one being. (I accept Lilanae but I prefer) Aungi Improbus: An amalgamation of Lae, Lilith, and Munda. Very sexual, blunt, and random. Itrix Domina: An amalgamation of Niela, Lilith, and Munda. Sadistic, calculating, and unemotional. Likes to get inside your head, figure out how you work, and then mess with your mind just because she can (Not in a genuinely harmful way just like, to watch you squirm/to make you uncomfortable, it amuses her. She'll stop if you ask her to.)


12/14/2022 11:13 PM 

Confession ig???

Honestly, I don't know why I'm writing this but I gotta get my feelings out ig :,)Lately just haven't really felt like me yk? I mean I am myself I just don't really have that many emotions now well I do I just don't feel it, IT DOESN'T MAKE SENSE IK. I mean I'm just dealing with a lot like ig being accused of vaping by my parents cause some ex of mine (not calling people out here) just put one in my bag and my dumb ass didn't notice till I got home and I hid it cause idk what to do with that stuff but parents found it and now I'm in some deep sh*t and have to take a nicotine test which idc to cause I know I did do anything. Parents are just mad and don't believe me and it's stupid. Sister is honestly making the situation worse than it already is and I can't handle it.Everything is just a lot. 


12/13/2022 10:38 PM 

The Eye... To The Other Side
Current mood:  curious


12/13/2022 08:50 PM 

My first commission!?

Last night I got meh first commission! :P I had a tiktok up and some1 actually contacted me! It makes me happy cuz even though I didn t have lotz of likez someone trusted me wit they money. 10$ for 2 coloured busts!! :D gonna start it when I get home today, I also haz ideas for an Etsy shop. I have been making a kind of, sculpture for this girls' bday and it s actually coming out preeetty good!!!! Might try to do some more, it could be a profit.Is this where I take off?

art, artist, starving artist, etsy, commission, commissions


12/13/2022 12:57 PM 

Current mood:  sleepy

i literally am so tired but my body will not let me sleep LOL /s


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