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08/04/2020 12:01 AM 

Northern Downpour
Current mood:  sad

 Northern Downpour sends it's love           Hey moon don't you go down                      

Panic At The Disco

bath5alt (granny, swag god)

08/04/2020 11:21 PM 


Decided to do post with all the personality theories!! Actually was really passionate about MBTI for a few years, so dedicated I tried to make a lil book mbti: ENFP (was INFP for 3-4 yrs)enneagram: 9w8astro -sun: sagittarius moon: sagittarius rising: sagittariushogwarts house (yes): Ravenclawthought there'd be more sh*t so thats why I decided to make a blog post While I'm writing;

bath5alt (granny, swag god)

08/04/2020 11:16 PM 

yuh yuh remote learning
Current mood:  annoyed

Back to remote learning lmaoactually making a somewhat serious blog post??? genuinely just not having it, feeling disconnected and goin through that reckless spiral smh Gonna dye my hair so I'm at least comfortable with my appearance, thats. dramatic but yuh ♥glitter-graphics.comwant this somewhereI dont even know what to add in this, didn't think this far ahead?? maybe ill add my english hw... :( its deep yknow wow really lackin some flavour today


08/05/2020 11:50 PM 

beautiful boy
Current mood:  apathetic

well i accidentally merged all the layers b4 i was happy with this and now i dont care abt it anymore HERE HE IS:im gonna start another one now bc zombies r really fun to draw :) thanks for reading


08/04/2020 09:10 PM 

Love is confusing
Current mood:  crushed

omg, you won't believe what happened !!! So there is this guy I HAD feelings for, I told him and we just remained friends, actually best friends lmao. Anyways,I put a post on my Snapchat about saying how do people say I love you to people without laughing, AND HE REPLIED!! BRO I SCREAMED!!!!!!111!!! AND was talking and he was be all sentimental and like saying i love you comes with like a passion, and being all flirty and sh*t, IM SO CONFUSED!! DOES HE LIKE ME NOW WTF! like he said that we were friends and that he doesn't know about his feelings, wait, HE DOESNT KNOW! SH*T!! GUYS HOW DO I NOT HAVE FEELINGS FOR SOMEONE AGAIN I DONT WANT IT!!! 0////0 helppp


08/04/2020 06:36 PM 

Current mood:  bummed

i miss him :(


08/04/2020 06:36 PM 

Current mood:  bummed

i miss him :(


08/04/2020 06:40 PM 

im cool
Current mood:  adventurous

i hav a nu layout, plez go look


08/04/2020 05:56 PM 

Current mood:  awake

cbt is a form of self-expression imo 


08/04/2020 05:43 PM 

social anxiety
Current mood:  nervous

do you ever see someone's page and you're like "they seem like a fantastic person, but i have no reason to talk to them. they probably won't talk to's just gonna be a dry conversation etc etc"im kinda like that rn 

people, sacred, anxiety, social anxiety, anti social


08/04/2020 04:01 PM 

suicide club ✰✰✰✰✰✰✰✰✰

suicide club: reality through exaggeration where to watch for free (w subtitles): full movie youtube eng subtitles9/10!!gore tw!!review-ok so. this movie is good. like actually really f***ing good. like holy-sh*t-what-the-f***-im-going-to-be-thinking-about-this-for-weeks f***ing good. maybe some of it will fade into the back of my mind as time passes, but for me at least, some parts of this movie are going to stick with me forever. at times its remeniscent of velvet goldmine or an araki film, so if you like that youre probably gonna like this. it's shot beautifully, its green tinge and sharply compiled shots are reminiscent of techno teen indie films of the 90s/00s, the costumes are slick and stylish, and the gore is nothing below beautiful. every shot of blood or guts or brains has this enchanting glimmer to it, it feels like it should be in an art museum. the score was ok, it did its job. the soundtrack was earwormy, all the songs are so cute and poppy, like it should be played by a 12 year old applying glitter lipgloss in her mirror instead of an edgy gorror. the song by genesis (character, not the 80s art rock band) is especially enticing, just this glam rock low growl as horrors played out on screen. the story was beautiful as well- in the first half, the film eases you with over the top dialogue and a vaguely intriguing mystey, using its satirical front well. but the further these characters, and you, by proxy, delve down the rabbit hole, the more it all starts to connect. not just in a contained way- this movie doesnt just solve its own mysteries, it poses theories for our world as well. analysis (spoilers below!! also im gonna be talking about a lot of sh*t out of context so if u aint seen the flick idk. look up the wikipedia page) the three main themes in this film are teenagers, connection and suicide. these thems are all so tightly woven together, its almost difficult speak about them seperatly. some people complain about how suicide club is essentially one movie composed of three genres; gritty detective film, bloody horror, and survival movie, but i would argue that each of these genres showcase the groups' perspective and their end goal. the cops see the suicide club as just another case to solve, the teens see it as a firsthand gorefest, and the civillians are just trying to get through it alive. one: teenagersthe first scene we see shows groups of girls  at the train station, giggling and chatting, waiting at the edge. their apperence and mannerisms are familiar- they could be classmates, the could be friends, you might even see yourself in them, the relief of leaving school still fresh on your faces, ties loosened and math classes already forgotten. then as the train whistle grows louder and louder, they all line up, join hands, swing their arms, smiling ear to ear. "one, two, three", and theyre gone. sort of. we see their bodies get crushed under the wheels of the train, brains and blood and guts slick the tracks, coating everything in this wet orange-red. opening scene (gore warning obvs) this wouldnt be interesting if it werent for the glee, the ease at which it occured. we see this again later, at the highschool.students hang out on the roof, talking and eating lunch, full of life and content. they go from condemming ppl who kill themselves, to joking about doing it, to egging each other on, to commited, one two three dead on the ground. and it only took one kid to start it all. the way they talk about the act is eerie- like asking a girl out, or going to an x rated movie, or having your first drink. 'im gonna do it', 'ill do it if you will', 'are we actually doing this', done.even this has truth in it. ive done so much sh*t just cause other people were. and they werent necessarily bad- tabboo, maybe. theres that fear that tugs on you. what if youre the last one standing? when you say 'are we actually doing this', what you mean is 'am i gonna get left behind?'. and they do.the three who werent 'actually doing this' stand at the edge of the roof staring at the bodies of their classmates. these are the first who commited to the act, the ones claiming they were brave, who werent chickensh*t, who were 'actually going to do this'. no one was supposed to die, it was all fun, it was all fake, until it wasnt. until they died and you didnt. if you ever had someone die, being the one who didnt really really sucks, and not just cause they died and you have to live in the aftermath, its because you still have the audacity to be alive after. we see this a little bit after, and ill touch on it more in 'connection', but a man throws himself off of and lands on his girlfriend. hes mortally wounded, and they both know hes going to die. 'youre gonna die, masa? yeah. i guess you are. i have to keep living' she says. she's past her teenage years, past her impulsivity.back to the rooftop.  one of the students drags the other off the edge saying 'we gotta do it.' the last one just stands there. waiting. that is until other students and faculty members run up to her, telling her to get down. then she says 'suicide club. and we are its charter members' and she jumps. and obviously this an an exaggeration. im not saying that teens kill themselves due to an extreeme case of fomo, im just saying, if all your friends and classmates were stadning on a bridge about to jump, what would you do? take out the suicide. replace it with sex. replace it with drugs. replace it with drinking. these arent seen as bad by the teens (including me), but the adults see it as wrong. the teens see suicide as something else entirely- not an end, but a new beginning. transformation. rebirth. ascension.a club, where you can become brave, cool, a god. anything youve ever wanted to be. you are the master of your universe, you are the captain of your soul. in a world where teens want complete freedom, but are given limited agency, suicide is the ultimate forbidden trick. while mudanity plagues the adults, the teens are haunted by their limitations, only wanting to squeeze every experience out of life. and once youve done that, theres nothing left but the big sleep. the final adventure that is death. two: connection "are you connected to yourself? are you sought by yourself? when the rain dries, clouds form. when clouds moisten, rain forms." that line is repeated alot throughout the movie. 'what is your connection to yourself?'. the characters, like most people, brush this question off for a majority of the film. wouldnt you? i would. i didnt even know what that f***ing meant. i still kind of dont. i think thats how the director wanted it. something that has a million levels to explore. the children are the fourth and final perspective from the film. they are open to all the possibilities of life, and have not yet been tainted by societal expectaion. they are truly free, and yet totally contained. they are the group who introduce the theme of connection. but we see it before. we see it when the first group of girls caused ripples of suicides all across the countrywe see it when masa jumps off a building, falling on no one other than his own girlfriend, changing the course of her life, and therefore, the rest of the filmwe see it in the chain of skin from those who commited suicidethe glam serial killer quoting the teen pop band, both direct influences on the lives of japanese adolescents the teen pop band, secretly displaying messages of both life and death. even the end song performed by the band, carries dual messaging. upfront, their last performance tells fans to keep living, ‘light themselves with life’. in the next breath they sing “do you really want to say goodbye and leave me high and dry” which could either mean wishing someone was still alive, or wishing to join them in death. “As we go, we’ll forget the pain, we’ll find life again.”everyone everywhere is connected to everything. its true, but we don’t know it, and we certainly don’t think it. we do things and they effect people and its physical and its real, but how to we effect us?? How are we connected?? What in the mirror paints your face as ‘you’? What in your hobbies, your school work, make up 'you'? who are ‘you’ outside of the phsyical? some of the characters truly are connected to themselves. these are the ones who live. maybe thats what the director was trying to say. we should live to be connected to ourselves, not the other way. three: suicide i talked about this a bit before, but suicide is seen in three forms by three groups. the teens see it as rebirththe policemen see it as murderand the children see it severing the connection to yourselfand the adults? some are bound to life, no matter its follies and mudanity. the others take the only escape they can is through these four perspectives of suicide as a means of death that the film presents a further concept of the meaning of life. if life is just the connections you make, is it worth living if the connections will remain after death, if dying is a way to reconcile, or even sever, your tenoius connection to yourself? is life base instinct, the emotions you feel, the will to go on? what if you feel nothing? what if you dont want to go on?  if life is is just a collection of experiences, isnt death the most valued of them all, something to be seen as precious and exciting? or is death violence? is it hurt? is it the pain we leave behind? maybe the answer changes. maybe asking is pointless. but if we dont ask, if we dont find meaning in the evil and the disgusting and the dead, then everything becomes pointless. then were all just living lost. i think thats all somo wants us to do; ask 

suicideroom , review


08/04/2020 04:39 PM 

my blog
Current mood:  accomplished

finally figured how to make my profile look semi decent :)


08/04/2020 04:27 PM 


lolz do people actually talk on here or,,, somebody tallk to me!! ♥


08/04/2020 03:10 PM 

bored bby
Current mood:  bored

i'm boreddd


08/04/2020 12:32 PM 

Current mood:  amused

Currently watching John Mulaney's Kid Gorgeous for the 100th time. 

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