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07/23/2020 10:29 PM 

nothing in the end matters ever year is another year to my impending death and student debt so
Current mood:  confused

hi im turning 15 tmr (july 24, 2020 if anyone gives a f***) anyways im just f***ing over everything bc life is a sh*thole that wont end and my bday want end my impending doom of student debt and also the fact the im basically living a lie to make my parents confrable bc there confriblity > my mental health thank u for coming to my ted talk u idot 


07/19/2020 11:21 PM 

who the hell am i anymore
Current mood:  ashamed

loosing me, loosing that sense of what became of me of all these years slipping away through the poison in my veins becoming someone i never say to be threw black clouds crying in bed over my lovers one day, the next praised for hating everyone expect anyone who doesn't destroy me from the inside out  everything fading into the night where were all dead in the morgue for just one night they said death would never be fun but i find it funner than life at least here at the gates of hell my hate us all for anything we did  slipping away hiding in essence of something you wished you had every thing is rising up and falling away in clear veins of thicker than water  alll the fun of death had passed and i falled into this nothing life has my everthing i never had slipped from me  as i cried myself to in my own pity knowing ill never be have that  with the way i f***ed up i wish i didnt live in newpaper secrets 


07/09/2020 11:02 PM 

Current mood:  distraught

we didn't all grow up in the hills of plastic beaches  living the american dream girl of hollywood hills barbie dolls everyone is fakefakefakefake saying there “real” is as real as the plastic on there face i want to punch a hole in everyone in the fakery we call hollywood  kailiana, its not as easy as going to the f***ing capitalist center of malldom to meet f***ing mileycircusorsomesh*tlikethatidkimstuckinf***ing2007newjerseylisteingtobulletsenlessly everyone is as fake and punch abole as the next with fake activism to seem like some surface level relatability  the only relatable thing about you is the fact that you and everyone on earth shares 25% of there dna with a f***ing banana even thats not original theres someone trying to kill you on a metaphorical level as another day another body in your secret cemetery in f***ing malibu  so come with me to the clown parade in june to burn down the world of plastic people with live projections bcmymiddleagedparaentslikethatbullsh*t  -morgef***er


07/05/2020 10:56 PM 

f*** why is everyone so stupid
Current mood:  discontent

every day i sit and suffer under the noses of these unintelligible people  they never show any type of love in the form of late night conversations about life and things normalities only say on weed but i guess im a f***ing 14 y/o girl and all they expect me to do is play with powderly fakery called makeup and make it my powderly fake personality i guess ill suffer while they dreadful talk about topic under researched topics while trying to tell me that it is the only way to be  pushing this f***tawrdary of reblucian amrica of the free  (fine print must be a straight,cis,neurotypical,able,white, man or else you don't get rights until the progressive update)  i die under the stupidity of the rich and elite of my age  girls goo and gush over lux and meatral things i could throw into a pond and be as worthless as after i add a spec of dirt on their names all following the corporate agenda of hollywood american dreams  diamond earrings are held on petstals by exploited children of the same age   bitching and moaning their starbucks ordering being wrong as if a cave was colaseing around them  all the money loaded in daddys bank account they use to buy their third applef***ingwhatsairxxxxx10withwaterproofair that week  built on the forceful labor of the enslaved f***theamricandreamofthefreeuntilyouwakeuptoyourprivlageandgiverightstoall -morgef***er


07/19/2020 11:17 PM 

f*** my religon
Current mood:  crushed

I live no where but past the canary cottage that I called my younger years Between you and the blood mixed in with grey rose petals I never had innocence from the day I saw the world collapsed the first 10 minutes I was There The day I was blinded by light, I was a cursed with the world f***ed by the people I called authorities Cursed, I was with the gothic Catholicsm Unrealisticalites Iovers behind closed doors in ally ways that were never found, over uncanniness of our shape but judging by looks not reality The people who were suppose to give us our youth Gave us the key to fix it all before we could read You give the key but tell us that we can’t see other lovers besides the ones that can be drapped in white without fakery from everyone you know But they shoot everything they see in the next minute beacuacse they think you belonged in dark allly ways over white fabric But now shes on the floor in red and white still because they couldn’t understand it like the kids given the keys then and there


07/01/2020 01:34 AM 

jersey girls, summer hair, me and your summer days
Current mood:  full

take an oath on my hand in blood where you stand  drop your dager to choke me in the girls locker room my killer sweetheart, there never gonna find out the crimes we commit will be bonnie and clyde, but like bonnie and clairine embracing in motel rooms in the sweet jersey air  running from our crimes we committed to at the alter   killing him, killing the eve,  we all know the crimes he commit to us but not to the doctrine of a dustyairoverlordthingthatisonlyrealbysomedusty2000yearoldbook the crimes he sinned and stitched praised by the doctrine of nothing runways for all the wrong reasons of the stupidity of this pop science church-of-bullsh*t my killer queen lathered and eat their insides for fun  oops i let my lips split on hers in the sticky motel in the wildwood lisp now i were murdered in the churches eye they could never stand a love more than one protected by a shiny metaphorical plastic ring  ill kiss you behind the church that lost us at the alter and finish this mess with a gored spite of a knife -morgef***er


07/01/2020 01:29 AM 

pretty girls are always morge lovers and chapstick

my dirty secret, hidden behind the stones of the pretty girl in the morgue your never find the pretty girl unless you kiss me behind gothic churches theres blood on my hand from all the rocks of those who fear our rejection  im gonna poison you with my lips until the end of time together forever in our own secret right because for gods sake i could not be sleeping with all the wrong people acordingtotheguideoff***erybigd*ck oops i let my lips slip on her now i gotta pay in being a runaway  ihateyouyouhatmeletsallgof***societywithoneshottwoshotnowthernomoregenderroles -morgef***er


07/05/2020 11:13 PM 

Current mood:  distraught

You’ll never see me in heaven i decadence from the flies I stab my heart with heavens gate And watched me murder my branch of the family tree I saw her bleed then Kiss her drenched in bleach Killed the family dream Watch it burn to flames in a melodic string White picket fences are on fire never to see the pew of white wedding draps With the way our hearts beat


07/01/2020 01:13 AM 

Current mood:  apathetic

Friends are lies True friends never die under the test of acid True friends stay green on a metric test Friends stay to taste yellow to you lying in acid to burn asking for help   Without even giving me a hint of you Did you even know you the way i loved you green eyed lovers rather than yellow light Between me and the yellow light I never wanted you to know my dirty little secret I guess acid puts you to shame You never trusted me so you got seeping skin burning in acid Acid never tell, but you did I don’t know where we went You don’t even see me the same as yesterday Yesterday is the life I want but you never understand Your acidic lies told me you do but I guess your choose social gain Over life What did I expect form a circus master  like you my life on a telephone wire for your  social props   One life versus the United States I wonder who will I guess you never see it You never saw it because all you saw was the view Never seeing the lie in the outlook The pain to but the art you see But I saw past rose colored sky’s Into never having rose glass love we’d be stone if we lived in a glass mirror one day with you


07/01/2020 01:10 AM 

Current mood:  cynical

counting rosaries because i cant tell if im a stench or sin who ever this supposed overlord is i want to speech to your manager because according to bumbling idiots from below your the ceo of my love life according to your relionpeoplefrom(ea)rthstupidplanet you know me better than myself if you think you know me see me jesus 6:00 give me a gun of knowledge because apparently if i squeeze my hands together and go on my knees on a carpet strip good things happen maybe this is a contradiction because i don't know any good luck of the irish happening like wheres my pot of gold in any of this if i lost any sight of color its because i realized i a lot of everything is pure bullsh*t -morgef***er


07/01/2020 12:59 AM 

lol were all dead
Current mood:  devious

summer eyes to crying blood in the passing sun cryptid seas make me cry in insanity of your cover story when did my life become a cover up for normalities oh thats right it was always fake ur fake, mylifeisafakefituireofnothing-for-all-i-see-is-the-lies-of-healing they say healing comes in a corporate bottle of oil but ill i see is a think nothing of bullsh*t and lavendersh*tflaver they say peppermint patty can cure my disease thats right (more bullsh*t to add to mylistchildhoodlies) they said my summer eyes were a lie, but never mentioned corporate bottles of lies they sell you a new life with just a bottle of sh*t and piss but all i can see is decaying walls and mind games work hard together, play together, love together (not without fine print), make bullsh*t up together, because together we are better (at brainwashing children from a young age, selling fantasys, and making propaganda posters)


07/01/2020 12:56 AM 

Current mood:  angsty

your words are melodic bullsh*ts glue over tape and acid in my mouth because i have a loud f***ing mouth   a collar full of hate i guess if i let it split likeohimnotstraighthahah if i could there would be at least three guns pointed at me   people are getting gracefully killed murders run our streets alive ready to kill because there's mean while they only care about my fat mouth does anything matter when people care who i f*** vs people dying in the name of human rights -morgef***er A/N if ur wondering why this is the same poem from my arg account basically i wanted to start an arg but originally it was a poem blog



08/05/2020 06:20 PM 

ଘ(੭*ˊᵕˋ)੭* ੈ♡‧₊˚

my friend that was going to pierce me never came over bc her parents started being difficult again anyways, i'm not feeling very well in my living situation, it's kinda garbage rn. i like this one guy but i don't even know how a relationship works anymore lmaooo, maybe it's for the better that i don't and can relearn how a healthy relationship dynamic works. not that there was ever anything healthy about me anyways. he's real nice and sweet and all that, i just wish i could be with him but i wish a lot of things right now. i'm not sure why i'm struggling so bad atm...- love & light, i hope things get better for me soon x 


08/05/2020 08:30 PM 

am i even real?

I do not know if I am real. I am not here, nor there. I am not near, nor far. I feel nothing. I have never felt anything. It is if my life has been slowly sqeezed out from my body. As my life drips away into the stars, I can see it, evaporating, unjulating. It smells of rotten apples, oranges, bannanas, and seminal fluids. Battery acid, feces, syrup that got stuck in your hair, and the feeling when your fingers tingle from too much nicotine. High octane hormones that will flow through your spider like viens. It will destroy you. He'll look at you with his mangled, dirty, brown teeth and smile a smile that only a child molester could smile. And his thick, dank breath with escape through the gaps in his destroyed, abused teeth and dance circles around your nostrils, begging to come in. And when he opens his gates to his bottomless pit of a human body, his lips will move in such a way that only the anciet romans could transcribe. Sloppy wet phrases will come. He will say in his crocodile voice, "This is ******. She is my daughter".


08/05/2020 08:29 PM 

im vibin
Current mood:  rockin

ive been taking art classes over the summer and i feel like ive improved 


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