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11/30/2020 09:12 PM 

Cleon: Make Athens Great Again!

Reading further into Warning by Miles Taylor, a great comparison came up for the current admin as it makes it's exit. Hopefully into oblivion, but never know for sure. Cleon came back only to do more damage to the Athens people, and ultimately pitting it's people against one another among other neighboring societies that disagreed with them. Cleon was just like what is happening now, and the comparison is uncanny. Although, we have the power to dictate what is next to come..."From David Clifton of the Harvard Crimson, link below... Make Athens Great Again! By David F. CliftonMarch 1, 2017 Donald Trump is nothing new. His ilk have been around since the inception of democracy, and since then they have wrought havoc on democratic societies. Our ancient forebears have warned us about them in no uncertain terms. When the demagogue Cleon rose to power in Athens, the cradle of Western democracy, the ancient sources were explicit about the danger he posed, testifying to future generations of the necessity of opposing such figures. And yet, Cleon rises again and again to terrorize democratic societies. Now, he occupies the Oval Office. After the death of the visionary leader Pericles, Cleon achieved political supremacy through the textbook tactics of demagoguery, flattering the people and promising them small benefits as distractions from the corruption of his regime and the calamity of his policies. “I can fool the [Demos, the people,] any way I please,” says the character of Cleon in Aristophanes’s play “The Knights”. “I know what food he is accustomed to.” In return for the scraps and empty promises they received, the people followed Cleon blindly. Now Donald Trump offers worthless promises about a border wall, a ban on Muslims, or making America win so much we’ll get tired of winning. In the process, he insults whole nations, ethnicities, and religions; tramples on the civil and human rights of immigrants and refugees; and does nothing to address the real problems facing the country. Yet his promises won him the presidency and still receive support from millions of Americans. Cleon also used the Peloponnesian War (Athens’s great war with Sparta) to shore up popular support. By riling up the Athenians against an enemy, he could unite them behind himself. Now Trump uses apocalyptic and deeply misleading rhetoric about crime, immigrants, Muslims, and the economy to create a climate of existential fear in which he positions himself as the sole source of salvation. Why did Cleon want power? For power’s sake, no doubt, but also to enrich himself. The comedies of Aristophanes are replete with accusations that Cleon embezzled money from the state coffers and perpetuated the war to extort money from weaker cities. In just his first three weeks in power, Donald Trump has created countless financial conflicts of interest; White House Counselor Kellyanne Conway promoted Ivanka Trump’s product line; Eric Trump cost taxpayers nearly $100,000 on a business trip to Uruguay; Trump’s travel ban notably excluded every Middle Eastern country where the Trump Organization does business; Trump hosted Prime Minister Shinzo Abe of Japan at his resort, giving it free international publicity; and questions fester about the extent of his business ties to Russia. The mixing of public power with the accumulation of private wealth was a hallmark of ancient tyrants and demagogues, and the pattern evidently persists today. Cleon and Trump have also demonstrated the same weakness: a thin-skinned inability to endure ridicule. Aristophanes wrote play after play mercilessly mocking Cleon, driving Cleon into a rage and even prompting him to sue Aristophanes. Trump has shown a furious obsession with Saturday Night Live's portrayal of him and his administration, becoming upset about each new skit. He has also, like Cleon, sued a comedian who mocked him: Bill Maher. Most striking, however, is Cleon and Trump’s shared disregard for the norms which form the bedrock of the democratic process. Plutarch describes Cleon’s worst sin, saying, “Cleon stripped the bema of its decorum, setting the fashion of yelling when he harangued the people ... He thus imbued the managers of the city's policies with that levity and contempt for propriety which soon after confounded the whole state.” Trump’s mockery of a disabled reporter, his condescending midnight tweets, his disparagement of critics and the media, his casual incitements to violence at rallies, his lewd remarks about women, his attacks on federal judges, his unending boasting and unparalleled hyperbole, his pathological mendacity, and even his tendency to speak in rambling or incomplete sentences all subvert the basic standards of civil discourse necessary for the healthy functioning of a democratic society. He has stripped the American bema of its decorum, and the nation risks being confounded. The uncanny resemblance between Cleon and Trump is a shrieking alarm bell. Cleon’s reign was disastrous for Athens. His “Athens First” policies anticipated Trump’s “America First” platform: He prolonged the Peloponnesian War in the hopes of Athenian domination and harshly treated subject cities in Athens’s empire, leading to Athenian defeat. He also replaced bluster with wisdom in the deliberations of the Assembly, enabling additional power-hungry demagogues to rise to prominence and sustain Athens’s decline after his death. ADVERTISEMENT Athens never regained the power it once held. It was surpassed first by Sparta, then Thebes. Athenian democracy returned, but the damage to Athenian power had already been done. Like the rest of the city-states, weakened by almost constant warring, Athens finally lost the independence it had enjoyed since its foundation to the conquering armies of Macedon. Will the United States go the way of Athens, unable or unwilling to stop a demagogue from undermining its democracy and ruining its international power? Will liberal democracies go the way of the independent Greek city-states, crippled by internal chaos and nationalist tensions? These questions are too big to answer by analogy, but analogy demands that they be asked. History sings to us of the triumphs and follies of civilization, bearing the combined wisdom of millennia of human experience. At this moment, it screams at us to heed its warnings. Yet there are none so deaf as those who will not hear.


11/30/2020 05:31 PM 

religion class hdhwdfkkfhfhkjwf

no words can describe how much I hate religion class hhhhhit's such a pain, i stg, and for what? the teacher is definitelu out to get me or sumthin, no joke. she's constantly belittling me it feels like, and then just says i'm confused???!! like no, you literally are failing the whole class, i don't think it's a ME problem. 


11/30/2020 03:53 PM 

Current mood:  curious

Does someone know if I can traffic tortillas to Korea, without that I'm gonna die 

Vomit Boy

11/30/2020 11:09 AM 

white flags in the middle of a Target frozen food section. 

it was nice to see you last night.i know it was just a dream, but i think theres a part of you that comes to visit me,wants to visit me. i'm not mad at youanymore. i used to be, but i want to believe it's not your fault you left this way. i'll blame it on your mom and on the world and on your sh*tty boyfriend.anyone but you. no, im not mad at you. i can only remember every good time we had; to me it's all we had. our final moments just a blur of confusion, a bad dream that i could never comprehend. maybe one day i'll run into youin the isles of a department store.twenty years from now,you've moved out of your mother's house,and maybe if i wave at you, you'll wave back.genuine. white flags in the middle of a Target frozen food section. then maybe both of our ghosts could rest. 



11/30/2020 11:22 AM 

blue eyed blondie ~<3
Current mood:  weird

u make my tummy flutter with excitementur msgs make me so happywhen i go 2 bed,, i dream of ui will always txt u, even when im sleepyure my blue eyed blondie no one knows existseven tho u live so far awayu feel so close in my mindi wish i could smell ur freshly brewed coffee in the morningit hurts to think that we will never be togetherbut in my dreams we will always stay togetherpls stay pls stay pls stayidk what i will do without ui love you, blue eyed blondie 


11/30/2020 09:33 PM 

Current mood:  distressed

I hate school I hate school I hate school I hate school I hate school I hate school I hate school I hate school I hate school I hate school


11/30/2020 05:20 PM 

what is this
Current mood:  awake

what is this, why am i doing this, im sitting in school rn, being a part of this corrupt system. i know the truth but yet, im not doing anything.. what am i supposed to do, im trying to wake everyone up, but they just want to stay asleep, im being called crazy and insane while im just telling the truth. why dont you wanna wake up? dont you wanna see what all this is really about? how am i supposed to do this, i cant do this alone, i want someone to understand me, think like me. but how am i supposed to escape from this system, from this ''reality''. i want to escape but then what? what am i supposed to do, i'll be alone with no one who understands what im going through, being awake really isnt easy, but it is helpful in seeing the truth in people, and the truth in life. i want to find out whats behind this world, whats really going on, im tired of all this fake love, popularity, money, fame. give me something real.

awake, spirituality, school

jace x face x luxe

11/30/2020 04:10 PM 

life update / thought stream

just wanted to touch base with myself, and share a little with you all.basically i'm just thinking out loud can get really difficult, can't it? i've definitely been struggling lately. things here in the US with the pandemic are in total disarray, and it's been a lot to take in. it's been scary. it's been exhausting. but i just try to hope that on the other side of this, we grow as a people. i'm not sure how, and maybe that's too optimistic, but i'm trying to hold onto that ♥christmas is right around the corner, which is always kinda bittersweet. i always feel a little lonely at this time. this year it looks like traveling back to my hometown is out of the question, which is definitely going to add a new layer of loneliness. i always look forward to seeing my family, even if we drive each other crazy sometimes. i'll really miss seeing my friends for our annual christmas party, and seeing my friends' families too. it's a major drag. maybe i can start some new traditions or something. idk. it could be liberating.i know everyone says this, but wow i can't wait to go to concerts again!! D: live music is going to be so much sweeter after this. i don't think i'll take it for granted ever again, even those small local bar shows. especially the local bar shows! how exciting that day will be.anyway, sending everyone love during these tough times, and thanks for reading ♥xxjace  


11/29/2020 03:13 AM 


maggie was suuuper busy today. we got to talk at about 7, and i showed maggie my drawings:) and i spelled their name out in cookies:) weplayed some cod too it was really fun! then they took an eating break and we played more and listened to music. it was really nice, and it was fun to get to hang out with them for a little bit. i feel bad that maggies had such a stressful time lately. 

Rata punk

11/30/2020 12:41 PM 

ts4 is an absolute hellhole
Current mood:  distressed

every five minutes someone starts a fire for no reason at all, and i'm starting to think my game is cursed 


11/30/2020 12:37 PM 


today was weird because my friend lu has been acting weird towards me. but i met a few people and now me n lu r otp theyre asleep but its cute so i wont wake them. i miss talking to them and sleeping w them so im happy. im listening to music. lately ive been wanting 2 hard a lot more and its tuff not 2 but im working on et ^__^ kk thats all for now


11/29/2020 10:48 PM 

shifting issuez
Current mood:  weird

i want to shift already X( im sooo impatient-ik it takes people months though, and it'll happen. :')  then i get to just chill n b a scene kid all day with all the money and food and time i want!!! and cool friends i get to see irl!!!!

scene, shifting, reality shifting, scene boy, emo boy, scemo


11/29/2020 09:37 PM 

Current mood:  bored

sup whores ;)


11/29/2006 08:49 PM 

40 questions
Current mood:  bored

1. Do you put ketchup on hotdogs? Sometimes2. Choice of pop? Dr Pepper3. Do you put salt on watermelon? No4. Can you swim? Yes5. How do you eat your steak? Medium 6. Favorite type of food? Japanese 7. Do you believe in ghosts? Yes8. What do you drink in the morning? Coffee 9. Can you do 100 push ups? 3 max lmao but working on doing better10. Summer, Winter, Spring, or Fall? Fall11. Your favorite animal? Axolotl12. Tattoos? 2 so far13. Do you wear glasses? Yes somewhat regularly 14. Do you have a fear? Car accidents 15. Do you have a nickname? Scar18. Rain or Snow? Snow 19. Can you change a tire? Prob20. Favorite flower? Daisys21. Can you drive a stick? Somewhat22. Ever gotten arrested? No23. Kids? 124. Favorite color? Light purple/gray26. Can you whistle? Ye27. Where were you born? Nashville  28. Surgeries? Teeth/Wisdom teeth, Edoscopy (yea gross whatever)30. Shower or Bath? Bath31. Last song you heard? Savage Daughter 32. Broken bones? Teeth 33. How many TV’s in your home? 234. Worst pain? Migraines 35. Do you like to sing? Sometimes 36. Are your parents still alive? Yes 37. Do you like to go camping? Sometimes38. What do you binge watch? Any new show I start.  39. Pumpkin or pecan? Pumpkin 40. A photo of yourself...... I have no idea how to upload a photo on this platform yet so I'll get back to you on that 😂 does tiny pic still exist? LMAO


11/29/2020 08:24 PM 

o hai
Current mood:  blah

just... ugh. can't today

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