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Venus Bunnii

12/01/2020 09:12 PM 

Current mood:  anxious

I hate being ignored and ugly and broke LOLOLOLOL omg new social outlet to sh*tpost? Facebook sh*tpost to insta sh*tpost to FRIENDPROJECT SH*TPOST?????????/????d/fD?fD?S?D?G? 

#shitpost #lol #facebook

(◕‿◕) 𝕿𝖎𝖋𝖋𝖊𝖓𝖞

12/01/2020 06:19 PM 

uni & such
Current mood:  worried

So i've been working on getting my bachelors of science in digital cinematography and its going really well, but i have this aching feeling that i dont have much to bring the table (so-to-speak) for the film community/industry and this new insecurity i feel will ruin my chances at making something im proud of,,,,,, idk,,,,, welcome to my word vomit of the day haha ♥ take care :///

RayRay Riot

12/01/2020 02:41 PM 

Hair stuff again
Current mood:  cheerful

I keep talking about my hair but it's just so important to me lol. I've come a long way with it so I'm proud of it and myself which makes me wanna talk about it even more :P I think my parents are tired of me mentioning hair extensions all the time but oh well x) I'll probs make another blog sometime comparing my first "scene" hair to the hairstyle I've got now bc it's funny asf to me. You guys know how I used to do my hair?? I'd take a sh*t ton of hair from the back of my head and make extremely sh*tty bangs with it, and then I'd hairspray that sh*t to hell bc it wouldn't lay the way I wanted it to. The way my hairdresser cut my original bangs didn't help lmfao, I'd always have one spot where there'd be no hair. I think I wanna cut my hair myself from now on bc ever since I started doing it myself it got better. Cutting my sh*t with a shaving razor for the win lmfaooooSo my plan is to get my hair platinum blonde. I've been on the fence about which color blonde I've wanted since I don't want it to look ugly with my skin tone lol. I think yellower blondes would make me look red so I'm gonna avoid them for now until I get the confidence to try them. I have extensions I wanna buy so I can cut them before I get my hair lightened but I don't have the money yet Dx They're $21.99 and I've only got like $14 :( Guess I'll just have to ask my parents for some cash or somethingI've also been thinking of dying my hair, not now of course though, my school won't allow it lol. I'd love to do hot pink or possibly even rainbow, but I'll have to see if my extensions can be dyed first. They're synthetic since my ass can't afford the fancy human hair ones xD I've read some reviews that state you can dye them and some that say you can't, so hoping for the former lmfao. 


12/01/2020 02:24 PM 

Tarot Tues.
Current mood:  optimistic

Today's card is the judgement card.It seems pretty bang on for the times lately.JUDGEMENT...Let's get this straight unless you can HELP someone else with their situation you should keep your comments to yourself.The only persons actions and words you should judge are your own.Take these crazy times to use the pressure to become a precious jewel not just buried by the dirt.As cliche as it sounds we all need the sh*t times to appreciate the great ones.

real life, self growth, positivity, my life, single mom

Venus Bunnii

12/01/2020 01:44 PM 

Current mood:  bored

I keep forgetting about this site LOLZ 

#bored, #friends, #dumb


12/01/2020 12:20 PM 

For my love ❤️🔮
Current mood:  artistic

She was born a wild child Some would even compare her to the dancing flame of your favorite candle She was always off from one adventure to the next  She was a drifter Slowly floating on the empty seas we call pain and heartache Her heart was cold for she had seen first hand just how much damage to ones soul heartache can do  Little did she know  That one day She would meet another  Floating  He was much like her His heart bruised and torn But piece by piece they picked each other up And they both learned how to love again And soon the lonely sea they drifted in turned from a sea of heartache into an ocean of unexplored opportunities New beginnings

Love, poems,


12/01/2020 11:11 PM 

basically any thoughts
Current mood:  blah

am i the only one who feels almost no empathy? i feel bad for animals that get hurt and sometimes rll specific stuff, but i find it so hard to feel bad for people, everything is just so blah for me. i can't comfort them, i can't help them and i don't really care, i usually just say that i'll hear them out about their troubles with no promises to help. i guess i just really lost interest in other peoples feelings after they lost interest in mine, i mean i don't remember the last time one of my friends asked how i was feeling or how things are going for me, they just assume i'm fine and go complain about their life. y'know?

vent, thoughts, friends, empathy


12/01/2020 05:19 PM 

December's here
Current mood:  cynical

Greetings all,So, I cut half of my hair off and started writing terrible poetry again. My mind is a wreck at the moment, but that's fine by me...we all need a bit of something to whine about, huh. My girlfriends trying to work on herself, but she's not doing the best at the minute - life never treats her well, and it's an uphill battle trying to heal yourself- I know that. I'll support her until the day she gives up on me, but I gave up on recovering years ago.Anyways, I'm currently working on trying to fade into the background again like when I was homeschooled. I feel too exposed right now and it makes me want to rip myself open. Living with the anxiety of knowing I exist in the eyes of people who I don't want to know me is a scary thought, and I know how much better life is when you say f*** it and just remain unseen. College is coming up next year; which is just f***ing great too.On a more positive note, I'm sixteen soon and I'm hoping to have a laid back birthday. I don't really know anyone nowadays, so I suppose I'll just spend it with my mother and girlfriend. I never really knew why people celebrated their sixteenth more than any other year. There's not that much more you can do to be fair - besides being allowed on a few bingo sites and the whole being able to consent to sex thing, not that teenagers listen to age limits anyways lmao. I wonder if the moment you turn sixteen everything gets magically fixed...maybe that's what all the hype around the age is about?Sorry for the downer today - I'm not in the best of places right now. I'm gonna leave it there for now.Signing off,E.E x


11/30/2020 11:03 PM 


i went to my first assembly today. it was really fun:) and some of the talks were quite insightful. maggies mom was being mean to them :/ it makes me feel bad that maggie has to go through that. i never want her to feel anything but happy when theyre with me, and ill always do my best to make them as happy and comfy as possible. maggie was sewing today. they fixed a sweater that aliexpress sent the wrong item. i think its awesome how good they are at all the different creative things. its amazing. maggie says my facial expressions are like a puppet:) i like being their little puppet. we played cod today which is always suuuper fun:) they showed me how to change the button layout and it actually really helps me play better. they laughed when i showed them how bad the game looks on my phone though lol. maggie showed me pictures of what they want to look like as a man/after they get top surgery. i spun around a lot for them lol i got so dizzy:) i made them laugh so i had a lot of fun. we listened to music together and maggie showed me some clown pictures of them:) they were so f***in cute:)) especially they makeup around the eyes WOW. theyre so good at doing makeup i love seeing pictures of them its amazing. a little while after that we said goodnight to eachother and we went to bed. i really like going to bed with them and saying goodnight. it makes me sleep well. i cant wait to share a bed with them.


12/01/2020 01:51 AM 

Current mood:  happy

maggie went for a run this morning in their new shoes. they really liked them! they said they were super cushiony and they made them like an inch taller. that sounds really fun. maggie took a picture of the sky this morning and it was so pretty:) after maggie was done with some of their monday stuff we got to talk for like an hour:) (until 12:30) it was really fun! maggie showed me this video about pozole to watch, and it was super interesting. i learned stuff like there is a big japanese influence on food in some parts of northern mexico. i decided to start exercising and i did like 30 mins of stuff this morning and they said i was bsing lol. i got on video and was doing pushups and jumping jacks for them. it made them laugh really hard lol. maggie had a hamburger for dinner and carrot fries. it sounds really yummy:) while they ate i went into a csgo lobby and maggie told me funny stories to tell the people. the players got so confused lol. it was really fun but i think i couldve executed it a lot better. i wish i had more charisma sometimes. after that we chatted about a bunch of stuff. maggie told me stories about highschool which are always really funny. they laughed at a narcoleptic girl when she fell down the stairs lmao(not that i blame her id laugh my ass off too lol) and their friend daisys lame sense of humor. maggie has a great sense of humor. they always make me laugh. we talked about me a little and how lame i was lol. they say i sound really depressing sometimes lol. theyre not wrong.  we watched some funny dave chappelle videos! the clayton bigsby one is hilarious. maggies brother did impressions of dave and it was really funny lol. maggie let me hear them talking for a bit and i couldnt stop laughing. oh and he got them a really cute umbreon pin:) then after a little while, we played some call of duty and listened to ac/dc. it was really fun, and rn were listening to the chameleons and maggie is sleeping and im gonna go to bed as soon as im done writing this post. today was so nice:)


11/30/2020 10:48 PM 


it just sucks man. I heard her voice after so long and I just burst into tears so quickly. I honestly hate this breakup so much I'm just so pissed at myself because I know she's probably already moving on and I'm stuck here still sad about it. i just honestly need to move on its for the better but those 9 months meant everything to me. I shouldnt rely on it, I think i deserve better and im just gonna work on bettering myself for now.

RayRay Riot

11/30/2020 09:04 PM 


Break is over which sucks lol, I've only got 3 days left of the week though since my school does Fridays at home. I just want it to be Saturday so I can see my boyfriend again, I love him a lot :(I'm also pretty dissapointed bc I was supposed to dogsit and get paid last weekend but they ended up changing their mind last minute lmfao, I managed to get some money selling an oc of mine (I used to be heavily into sparkledogs lol) so at least I have that going for me. Might have to get back into designing those bc I rlly need cash ugghI'm hoping the sh*t I ordered a few weeks ago on Aliexpress gets here soon, I love shopping on there but hate that the shipping takes so long (I understand why it does though) x_x It's mainly hair stuff, I got some tiaras and hair extensions on the way. Bought some fake labret rings too :) My parents won't let me get piercings anywhere on my face (especially snakebites lmfao) so this was my only option. I'm still surprised they're letting me get a navel piercing for Christmas like omgOn the topic of piercings and sh*t, my current goal is to get snakebites, a monroe, a bridge, and possibly a nostril and septum ^_^ I've been interested in stretching my ears too but I'm not sure about it at the moment lol. I also 100% want to get tattoos, my dream tat is currently this chest piece I came up withIt's a little bit sh*tty bc it's just a sketch but idc bc I love it :PI have so many plans for myself and the future. When I get my hair plat blonde and I start getting different clothes and stuff so I can express myself better I'm gonna be so much more confident!!

*•.¸♡ alex ♡¸.•*

11/30/2020 10:18 PM 


hi i forgot i had an acc here lmfao

i am awesome


11/30/2020 09:35 PM 


kiss kiss i want a kiss kiss mwah mwah mwah sum1 pls come 2 me and gib me a big kiss kiss


11/30/2020 09:12 PM 

Cleon: Make Athens Great Again!

Reading further into Warning by Miles Taylor, a great comparison came up for the current admin as it makes it's exit. Hopefully into oblivion, but never know for sure. Cleon came back only to do more damage to the Athens people, and ultimately pitting it's people against one another among other neighboring societies that disagreed with them. Cleon was just like what is happening now, and the comparison is uncanny. Although, we have the power to dictate what is next to come..."From David Clifton of the Harvard Crimson, link below... Make Athens Great Again! By David F. CliftonMarch 1, 2017 Donald Trump is nothing new. His ilk have been around since the inception of democracy, and since then they have wrought havoc on democratic societies. Our ancient forebears have warned us about them in no uncertain terms. When the demagogue Cleon rose to power in Athens, the cradle of Western democracy, the ancient sources were explicit about the danger he posed, testifying to future generations of the necessity of opposing such figures. And yet, Cleon rises again and again to terrorize democratic societies. Now, he occupies the Oval Office. After the death of the visionary leader Pericles, Cleon achieved political supremacy through the textbook tactics of demagoguery, flattering the people and promising them small benefits as distractions from the corruption of his regime and the calamity of his policies. “I can fool the [Demos, the people,] any way I please,” says the character of Cleon in Aristophanes’s play “The Knights”. “I know what food he is accustomed to.” In return for the scraps and empty promises they received, the people followed Cleon blindly. Now Donald Trump offers worthless promises about a border wall, a ban on Muslims, or making America win so much we’ll get tired of winning. In the process, he insults whole nations, ethnicities, and religions; tramples on the civil and human rights of immigrants and refugees; and does nothing to address the real problems facing the country. Yet his promises won him the presidency and still receive support from millions of Americans. Cleon also used the Peloponnesian War (Athens’s great war with Sparta) to shore up popular support. By riling up the Athenians against an enemy, he could unite them behind himself. Now Trump uses apocalyptic and deeply misleading rhetoric about crime, immigrants, Muslims, and the economy to create a climate of existential fear in which he positions himself as the sole source of salvation. Why did Cleon want power? For power’s sake, no doubt, but also to enrich himself. The comedies of Aristophanes are replete with accusations that Cleon embezzled money from the state coffers and perpetuated the war to extort money from weaker cities. In just his first three weeks in power, Donald Trump has created countless financial conflicts of interest; White House Counselor Kellyanne Conway promoted Ivanka Trump’s product line; Eric Trump cost taxpayers nearly $100,000 on a business trip to Uruguay; Trump’s travel ban notably excluded every Middle Eastern country where the Trump Organization does business; Trump hosted Prime Minister Shinzo Abe of Japan at his resort, giving it free international publicity; and questions fester about the extent of his business ties to Russia. The mixing of public power with the accumulation of private wealth was a hallmark of ancient tyrants and demagogues, and the pattern evidently persists today. Cleon and Trump have also demonstrated the same weakness: a thin-skinned inability to endure ridicule. Aristophanes wrote play after play mercilessly mocking Cleon, driving Cleon into a rage and even prompting him to sue Aristophanes. Trump has shown a furious obsession with Saturday Night Live's portrayal of him and his administration, becoming upset about each new skit. He has also, like Cleon, sued a comedian who mocked him: Bill Maher. Most striking, however, is Cleon and Trump’s shared disregard for the norms which form the bedrock of the democratic process. Plutarch describes Cleon’s worst sin, saying, “Cleon stripped the bema of its decorum, setting the fashion of yelling when he harangued the people ... He thus imbued the managers of the city's policies with that levity and contempt for propriety which soon after confounded the whole state.” Trump’s mockery of a disabled reporter, his condescending midnight tweets, his disparagement of critics and the media, his casual incitements to violence at rallies, his lewd remarks about women, his attacks on federal judges, his unending boasting and unparalleled hyperbole, his pathological mendacity, and even his tendency to speak in rambling or incomplete sentences all subvert the basic standards of civil discourse necessary for the healthy functioning of a democratic society. He has stripped the American bema of its decorum, and the nation risks being confounded. The uncanny resemblance between Cleon and Trump is a shrieking alarm bell. Cleon’s reign was disastrous for Athens. His “Athens First” policies anticipated Trump’s “America First” platform: He prolonged the Peloponnesian War in the hopes of Athenian domination and harshly treated subject cities in Athens’s empire, leading to Athenian defeat. He also replaced bluster with wisdom in the deliberations of the Assembly, enabling additional power-hungry demagogues to rise to prominence and sustain Athens’s decline after his death. ADVERTISEMENT Athens never regained the power it once held. It was surpassed first by Sparta, then Thebes. Athenian democracy returned, but the damage to Athenian power had already been done. Like the rest of the city-states, weakened by almost constant warring, Athens finally lost the independence it had enjoyed since its foundation to the conquering armies of Macedon. Will the United States go the way of Athens, unable or unwilling to stop a demagogue from undermining its democracy and ruining its international power? Will liberal democracies go the way of the independent Greek city-states, crippled by internal chaos and nationalist tensions? These questions are too big to answer by analogy, but analogy demands that they be asked. History sings to us of the triumphs and follies of civilization, bearing the combined wisdom of millennia of human experience. At this moment, it screams at us to heed its warnings. Yet there are none so deaf as those who will not hear.

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