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12/02/2020 10:37 PM 

What are 5 signs that the person you recently met is NOT a Narcissist?

  1.Admit their mistakes They are willing to acknowledge that they are wrong and know that they are not always right.The latter will NEVER say sorry or that they are wrong; their God complex makes them think that they are right 24/7 and you cannot tell them sh*t 2.They do not manipulate or guilt trip you A lot of narcissist people tend to say things to get their way or make themselves seem bigger and better infront of other people, even if it is in the expense of someone else's reputation.They tend to lie a lot and make it seem like every thing is your fault,whether it be mood swings/outbusts or certain events/circumstances out of your control.Good and sane people do not do such things. 3.Are empathetic Narcissistic people do NOT have empathy.They do ofcourse want sympathy from others but mind you, they never reciprocate; they are not the best people to turn to when you are hurt and going through a hard time.They are the type of people to bring up their own problems and how worse they feel than you do when you rant about your own issues,as if it was a competition of who is having the hardest time.Sometimes they can ignore you or tell you to “toughen up” or “suck it up”.Good people are empathetic, kind and understanding towards you and your problems.You can turn to them in hard times and are great friends in time of need. 4.Treat people equally with respect Narcissistic individuals are so hang up on status ,they tend to create a hierachy that they use to classify people :they treat the people they deem “worthy” nicely and sh*t on others whom they feel are below them.Good people treat everyone with respect regardless or Skin color, job or status. 5.They are genuine This is important. Narcissists tend to be two face,and like I said before,lie alot on top of that.These are people who switch in you and give conditional love and partial good treatment only when they get what they want.They tend to use people,and know how horrible they are and this is why they need to put on a face.They play this part so well,they could get an oscar for it ,but behind the scenes,the few people they are close to know their true personality.Genuine people DO NOT lie,are not fake and do not pretend to be what they are not.

#people #psychology #help #toxic


12/02/2020 10:32 PM 

Why do people feel pleasure in getting people mad?

Well ,there is 3 possible answers 1>They have been hurt before Some people have been severly hurt before and unfortunetly, never dealt with those issues.Now they carry bad vibes everywhere they go, and do things that make other people angry. Funny thing is,some of them do not know that what they are doing is irritating to other people 2 >probably a narcissistic person They feed on power, whether good or bad.When they anger you, its an ego trip for them ; they pat themselves on their back for “asserting power” onto other people they do not like or find intimidating. 3 >Insecure people Highly insecure people feel better making people angry with their words and actions.Take a look at internet trolls,they intentionally say stupid sh*t that irks you; mind you they do it on purpose to start a war online.Truth is majority of them would never say the same thing in real life,and feel a boost of esteem degrading others.

#people #psychology


12/02/2020 10:24 PM 

What are some characteristics of toxic people?
Current mood:  argumentative

They cheat ,lie and manipulate you and it will take time for you to realise because they do this so well. Will make it seem like something bad  that has nothing to do with you or situations out of your control look like it was your fault. Unapologetic after doing something wrong,but expect you to be the apologetic one when you wrong them Lack empathy towards you and your problems,as well as other people. Only want to hang with you when they have personal issues or need a hang on but dump you when they find someone better or enter a relationship.Mind you,they will run back to you when their life goes back to sh*t or when loneliness strikes them. Fairly rude and justify that using (horoscope,race ,past hurts, culture etc),like NO JESSICA,ITS NOT A SCORPIO THING,AND NO ITS NOT BECAUSE YOU ARE LATINA YOU ARE JUST A RUDE PERSON PLEASE. Gossiper; If he/she/they come to talking too much (sh*t) about other people’s life,just know they have the capability of trash talking you when things get sour in your friendship or when you are not around, so watch out. Giving conditional love and respect when they get what they want or have their way. Constant jealousy over minor things ;sometimes they will not tell you but if you are vigilant enough ,you can scan someone’s behaviour and tell they clearly have insecurity issues. Hella prideful.Being confident is okay but when they ego crosses the sky and goes beyond space and time, they need some humbling or you need new friends. Disrespectful towards their siblings and parents,thats a red flag and you deadass know that if they cannot do that,they surely won’t respect you.

#toxicpeople #psychology #help


12/02/2020 10:23 PM 

scemo outfits!!
Current mood:  anxious

should I dress more scemo?? I really want to ^^ but have been worried I will get laughed at :<<

scemo, emo, scenekid,


12/02/2020 10:17 PM 


I crave attention.


12/02/2020 08:04 PM 

Current mood:  angsty

no matter how hard i scrub my skin the hands still stay holding my insecurities like a wanna-be defective bomb begging to be set off by something as small as a broken glass. begging to face defeat with a shattered spine and broken ribs and smile taking in the fact that it didnt stay long enough to see the grass grow greener and the clouds shift from blue to pink and fade away into tiny lights screaming the reasons it should have held on.xoxo♥

#poetry #poem #edgy


12/02/2020 07:57 PM 

Current mood:  angsty

hold my hand in yours without a knife to my back and tell me you love me, an impossible eternity of lies without an ending to it all. xoxo♥


12/02/2020 07:37 PM 

Current mood:  blah


12/02/2020 07:31 PM 

cle teacher didnt return my work grrgrgrgr
Current mood:  anxious

#aesthetic #egirl #imvu


12/02/2020 07:01 PM 

gross school
Current mood:  lazy

im feeling very unmotivated, and dont want to do any of my schol work. i feel like i never wanted to cry more!!!! blah 


12/02/2020 06:50 PM 

Current mood:  confused

Soooooo I've been trying 2 add music to mai account for liek H O U R S  and itz not working :( can someone help me? 


12/02/2020 06:25 PM 

Current mood:  angsty

jeez!! this school makes me wanna x_x ugh!! ):<< im sooo tired of it already atleast i hav energy drinkz to keep me up hehe^-^ xoxo♥


12/02/2020 06:09 PM 

Current mood:  anxious

hehe i made dis acc on my school laptop xD kinda nervouse ahh!! xoxo♥


12/02/2020 05:21 PM 

Current mood:  animated

uh hey be my friend cause y not 


12/02/2020 04:54 PM 

“G U N D H A M T A N A K A”
Current mood:  stoked

I'm at your baby mommas crub, throwing M&Ms at her kids head at full speed

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