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12/03/2020 11:33 PM 

back again
Current mood:  headphones

im real bored so you already know your boy free taco. jk im real sad for no reason but its no biggie we LIVIN!!!! but ya know i do be cryin tho. ANYWAYS its almost christmas time meaning santa better pack his bags and bring me my presents. PACK IT UP THANKSGIVING ITS TIME FOR PRESENTS. but besides those points i already made, i am suffering from this rare illness called to much swag, and it really is hard being the only one in my family with this much swag. come now my back hurt from holding this family with my good looks and humor. im out ♥


12/03/2020 11:24 PM 

Music stuff
Current mood:  blank

Well like some days ago I uploaded a new album on my bandcamp, I think its neat



12/03/2020 05:06 PM 

Current mood:  froggy

hii!!my names flower and ii go by the pronouns they/them!thiis iis my fiirst tiime on here and ii liike iit so far! ii's very cute! >o<ii hope to make new friiends!  my musiic taste iis all over the place so ii wouldn't miind iif anyone recommended artiist and/or songs to me! thiis websiite is very cool and makes me happy :3ii also love frogs, iincase you wanted to know XD


12/02/2020 11:09 PM 


maggie was in their me mood again today, so we didnt talk a ton. maggie made fat girl jokes more lol. we got to talk for like 20 minutes which was nice:) then their brother came back so they had to go. we didnt talk at all until like 7. i went to the meeting with them and that was nice. after that we listened to music together and played cod. that was a lot of fun:) we had to use lmgs which kinda sucked but thats ok. i showed them a couple little drawings i made and they said they were cute. they went to bed a little after that


12/03/2020 11:01 PM 

Take a Walk with Me

Take a walk through the flowered garden with me, cobbled pathway gently worn and scuffed. The maroon and gold specks carrying off seemingly to the horizon. The warm glow of the sunrise echoing and cascading down the rows of youthful flowers. Take one, smell it, it smells like a bitter aftertaste of a cold tea. Sunlight on fluttering eyelashes, dancing around as you observe the scene. The sound of hollowed clunks as you walk on the path. Soft crunches of leaves against the ground, fall leaves gathered in piles under trees. Sap slowly drips out of the tree, greeting us with a friendly scent. Sit with me under the tree, the new smell of wet dirt as the storm clouds peel back and reveal the sky. 


12/03/2020 08:06 AM 

not sure

maggie called me when they were waiting for their mom to come out of the store. that was nice. it makes me feel special when they do stuff like that. after that we didnt really talk or text much until like 8 and we got to talk for like 20 minutes. after that we talked for like 5 minutes and then maggie fell asleep. theyre gonna be busy for the next few days :/ i hope everything goes well for them


12/03/2020 10:26 PM 

eat ass

merry chrisler


12/03/2020 10:19 PM 

alive but also dead
Current mood:  awake

hey yall im just here to say i aint never seen two pretty best friends. except me and my bestie emily.      ♥


12/03/2020 09:28 PM 

Current mood:  angsty

i literally hate math like if i had to get rid of something off this earth its gonna be math


12/03/2020 09:17 PM 

morning update! <333
Current mood:  grumpy

my tummy hurts >_< i had cereal for breakfast


12/03/2020 09:05 PM 

Current mood:  betrayed

ugh!! i keep crying i thought i was over her but i rlly waznttttt))): she liked someone a little while talking to me then when i was going thru stuff she started to like them more bc they gave her attentionnn)): what am i supposed 2 do!! am i in the wrong? i was going thru stuff and didnt text her much for a few days ): we talked 4 like..? a month? month n a half? xoxo♥


12/03/2020 08:13 PM 


mmmm hey but anayways so im in class and likeeeeeeeeee um what  im lost asf lollll plz god help what do i do im scared shes gonna call me sawggg im gonna cry bye asf lol


12/03/2020 08:10 PM 

good morning!
Current mood:  ditzy

so sleepy in class....


12/03/2020 07:55 PM 


 still dont know how this works



12/03/2020 06:13 PM 

Current mood:  sleepy

lol how does this work also i think i should sleep now, also i go by him/they pronous and im aslo trans  


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