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10/25/2020 10:57 PM 

Current mood:  blah

Today I woke up with yesterday's makeup guess u can tell how my day started from THAT  so then I went downstairs and made coffe in my pijamas and then went upstairs again and watched "skins" all day , then I cried about ..... well into small words how great f***ing life is  after all of those many things that I did I went and showered with cold as f*** water just to take my mind of things, cause I think to much  and after that I got ready while listening to The best song "lovers rock" by tv gir ( very underrated) and then went and ate an ice cream cone  PRETTY DOPE  ! and went back home and watched moreee "skins" …… ohh and I also watched Tim burton  corpse bride , again that's a really cool movie , soo yehh that was my day pretty interesting …… anyways bye losers imma sleep  GN

m̸A̸g̵g̴ï̸3̵ ̸m̴A̷g̷g̵Ö̸t̶

10/25/2020 05:36 PM 

Current mood:  silly

i want to be more active on here. write a blog everyday. but im kinda boring tbh.jaden writes everyday...everyday. its always about me. he includes other stuff but the main focus is maggie. its cute. it makes me smile.(he's singing to me rn lmao. blood and tears by danzing. hm...i may be wrong but i have a feeling. i feel like he sings it but his purpose is practicing for the next time he has to sing it to me. idk maybe im reaching.)anyway, (i get distracted a lot) i try to keep up w his blog and leave a comment behind (im also dyslexic. illiterate too ig). ik he appreciates my comments. (lmao hes singing mother by danzig now. lmao. hes putting a lot of emotion into it. hes so dorky. its cute)so yeah. i hope he sees my comments. he can be slow sometimes lol. its funny.  ik he'll find my entries. he likes stalking me. he'll be here (hi jaden) i hope he doesnt feel bad if i write something that seems a bit off.i just wanna use this ig to express myself. when i want. bc lets be honest...imma forget about this in like 3 days. so yeah, if i use this to express myself, i wanna be honest you know...ig my problem is not know what to write about. idk....i have to make dinner but im not hungry. maybe i'll  just eat a salad today i dont want to eat meat anymore. thinking about it makes me want to cry. idk why i have to have such a hard time w food. like i have enough already. i always say that...but its true. i dont need an ed. my whole life has been a huge f***ing struggle w food and i hate it. im over it. completely over it...ig me being "over it" doesnt really matter bc its still here. itll always be here. crap, i needed 2 more games! i need coins on cod. ig i'll be back later. imma tell jaden to stop singing now lol we have to get back to gaming.ok bye! 


10/25/2020 04:50 PM 

Dont shut down Friendproject

Friend Project DONT SHUT DOWNDONT discriminate Dont Ive been injured twice my brainwas on stimulants Years! agomy eyes had small tears the tissues luckilu i noticed what the heck i was doing, didntgo any farther. I had Jaundice I had a sickness though it was hard for me to gain weight so thats good. its a sickness. 


10/25/2020 11:54 AM 

Current mood:  calm

today was really fun. she was busy until like 2:30 doing stuff with her family, so i missed her quite a bit. we played so much cod yesterday it was awesome!! shes really really good, so its fun playing with her. i like following her around and watching her, even when we play gun game and i can kill her lol. i dont like killing her. we played ranked a lot and i kinda got destroyed, but it was a lot of fun. this entry was kinda late because i was at my first meeting:)i adore maggie so much, shes perfect and i love her to the moon and back. shes f***ing gorgeous too

Albo Baggins

10/25/2020 02:49 PM 

test post
Current mood:  froggy

hey this is a test post to see how a blog post existing affects the layout!currently struggling with the background. my thought would be to put a solid color underneath the element that has the posts themselves but i dont know twhat the elements called and everytime i look at the source for the page i get brain worms.UPDATE: it has one ! its a nice dusty bluelike this!but the comment has a different stinky color that is nice but doesnt match.

html, css,albie codes,test


10/25/2020 09:28 PM 

Voltron Forever BitChute Channel

Just Added 2 New Video's on the Voltron Forever BitChute Channel . So Check it out .


10/25/2020 08:40 PM 

new here

hi im new around here!  was wanting to make a page for a while now since i never got to experience myspacealso, gonna dye my hair soon! i'm going for blue and purple :]  my fashion style takes inspiration from tradgoth and scene a little bit. but tbh i dunno what to call it except for my own lol 


10/25/2020 06:44 PM 


It's spinning, it's spinning, the world around me's spinningEven if I don't exist anymoreJust smile and pretend that you don't care at allCuz that's the kind of thing life isIf that's the case then let's get togetherRoll around and laugh like we're here


10/24/2020 07:50 PM 

Glasgow Grin

you grin like a Glasgow break my hymen while I have the eyes of a doe bleeding for the love gotten do it girls, never become women I shake, I like pain lets rip the things we want and flush each other down the drain safety found in your hands specially when your fingers squeeze my scrag you beat the sh*t out of your pillow whenever you hear the world gives me sorrow what I shed is gross still you stick to me the most

poems, vent

♱ 𝖍𝖊𝖆𝖙𝖍 ♱

10/24/2020 07:06 PM 


i had a pretty good day today actually. it was record store day, so me, my parents, and one of my dad's friends went to the record store together. i didn't buy anything at the record store but i got a new journal and a graphic novel called gloomcookie at the bookstore nearby. then i went to my friend LS's house and we watched clone high and the owl house together.


10/24/2020 12:14 PM 

𝖊𝖓𝖉 𝖒𝖊
Current mood:  awake

You guys know that feeling when nothing means anything anymore?All i do every day is just sleep, go to school, eat and look at the internet♥𝖒𝖆𝖞𝖇𝖊 𝖉𝖎𝖘𝖆𝖕𝖕𝖊𝖆𝖗𝖎𝖓𝖌 𝖎𝖘 𝖙𝖍𝖊 𝖇𝖊𝖘𝖙 𝖔𝖕𝖙𝖎𝖔𝖓------I'm gonna start streaming on twitch soon so maybe that will give me some real motivationto keep going


10/24/2020 09:01 AM 

Current mood:  loved

today was fun as hell. we talked a lot today:) maggies sneezing a lot:/ she thinks its cus of her brother rn. i bet it has to suck sneezing so much. she told me a hilarious story about an old lady who couldnt figure out how to turn on and log into her computer lol. she has so many funny/interesting stories. i really boring compared to her. we watched coraline today and that was so much fun:) we played lots of call of duty today! i love playing call of duty with her, and shes SO GOOD! shes awesome. we talked about our future more:) maggies idea sounds really nice. going to the beach in the winter with her and just laying on the sand until the sun sets sounds fantastic. and hearing about the process of when we start dating is interesting. i hope covid doesnt last too long though, cus i really wanna see her! and i got to see a picture of her with no makeup on  shes so f***ing pretty. shes the prettiest girl in the world


10/24/2020 06:10 PM 

Current mood:  luminous

wow, really got lazy with this whole website!! There has happened so many things and Halloween is right around the corner!! Girls really bleed for everything. Pain is our comfort, our skin bound to be a wound.



10/24/2020 09:12 PM 

rediscovered this site

so basically i'm really into games that are like, interactive stories? specifically ones that are set in the early to mid 2000s because i have this weird nostalgia for it? i'm a 2000s baby and while i missed out on having a myspace and flip phone and getting to listen to the bands i like as they were just getting big, i wanted to find something that sort of had the same feel to that. so i discovered friendproject, made an account and promptly forgot about it bc the idea of sending friend requests to randos is too scary lol. but i'm back here cause i played this game called 'so obscure' which was set in 2005 and it's like you're actually having a conversation with this guy online and it made me get on a nostalgia kick again. so yeah, guess i'm here to relive the emo glory days i never actually experienced and maybe make some friends lol. who knows? to anyone who's reading this, cheers and feel free to send me a friend request or pm. i'm getting back into talking to others online cause i kind of miss it tbh. bye for now.

blog, music, indie, nostalgia, game, video games


10/23/2020 07:19 PM 


So, I'm going to do a different writing here. I have recently discovered a site called GoodNovel. It pays you for your freelance writing. Now, my creativity flows through different forms of writing. Horror, Mystery, Romance, Drama, even Paranormal. \Keeping up with my current writing work, has been exhausting and thrilling at the same time. I have spent the last 3 nights staying up until 4 in the morning figuring out what I could do for future chapters, works, etc. I have 2 different works going on, both fiction. One is romance, one is more paranormal and witchy, and dark. While the romance novel has been easier to figure out just through daydreaming the reality of it, this other one has been more difficult. I havent even known where to begin with it. Anyways.. If you are ever interested in checking any of it out, feel free to let me know and I will send you a link.


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