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♥Jessie♥ [06.04.13♥]

08/28/2016 06:32 PM 

Current mood:  anxious

One Night A Man Had A DreamHe Dreamed He Was WalkingAlong The Beasch With The Lord.Across The Sky Flashed ScenesFrom His Life. For Each Scene, HeNoticed Two Sets Of Footprints InThe Sand; One Belonging To Him,&nd The Other To The Lord.When The Last Scene Of His LifeFlashed Before Him He LookedBack At The Footprints In TheSand. He Noticed That ManyTimes Along The Path Of His LifeThere Was Only One Set OfFootprints. He Also Noticed ThatIt Happened At The Very Lowest&nd Saddest Times Of His Life.This Really Bothered Him &nd HeQuestioned The Lord About It."Lord, Yuu Said That Once IDecided To Follow Yuu, Yuu'dWalk With Me All The Way. ButI Have Noticed That During TheMost Troublesome Times In MyLife, There Is Only One Set OfFootprints. I Don't UnderstandWhy When I Needed Yuu The MostYuu Would Leave Me." The LordReplied, "My Precious, PreciousChild, I Love Yuu &nd I WouldNever Leave Yuu. During YuurTimes Of trial &nd Suffering,When Yuu See Only One Set OfFootprints, It Was Then That ICarried Yuu."

♥Jessie♥ [06.04.13♥]

08/28/2016 06:31 PM 

Rest In Peace
Current mood:  sad

Charles Edward David Jr [10;25;48-9;3;68]Charles Edward David Sr. [3;4;17-2;28;89]Brittany Lease [2;3;94-11;26;01]Thomas Alan Hildebrand [8;6;56-2;17;05]Thomas "Bub" Joy [1;1;62-7;21;06]Lena .M. Gibson [7;20;35-9;11;07]GeAnnie Jene ""Jaye" Wright [3;15;80-5;27;08]Zachery William Wright [8;1;01-5;27;08]Joshua Allan Meyers [9;29;89-6;1;08]Darnell La'Mont English [9;25;89-4;5;09]James "Ozzie" Osborne Sr. [9;14;38-4;29;09]Alicia Ann Hall [8;12;79-5;13;09]Tina Marie Veglia [8;26;65-9;24;09]Thomas .J. Lewis [2;20;53-10;13;09]Helen "Sue" Farnsworth [4;19;41-10;20;09]Wayne Straight [6;24;60-12;11;09]Lester .G. "Peanuts" Chapman [11;13;46-6;6;10]Aiden .T. Miller [3;15;10-8;25;10]Paula Sue Bailey Faulkner [7;25;67-2;5;11]Roger Dale Heath Sr. [9;5;51-2;10;11]Kirstien Ciera Huff [2;1;93-5;12;11]Diane (Wilk) Fultz [9;2;43-7;24;11]Holly Jewell Conrad [9;21;88-8;12;11]Mark .V. DeSarro [11;26;58-2;25;12]Wayne Seevers Jr [00;00;00-2;28;12]Gone But Not Forgotten!

♥Jessie♥ [06.04.13♥]

08/28/2016 06:29 PM 

We Can't Believe Yuu're Gone!
Current mood:  sad

Kirstien, Our Sadness Knows No End;We Can't Believe You're Gone;We're Grieving For You Everyday;It's Hard To Carry On.You Was Always There To Support & CareWhen We Needed A True Friend,How We'll Ever Do Without Our FriendWe Cannot ComprehendYou We're Our Teacher, Our Guide,Our Friend, So Good & Strong,Your Example Will Sustain Us How,& Lost Our Whole Lives Long.We're Trying To Communicate;We Hope That You Can Hear;Expressing What We Feel For You,Help Us Feel You Near.Our Memories Of The Times We HadHelp The Pain To Go AwayBut Kirstien, Our Lives Won't Be The Same;We'll Miss You Everyday.A Part Of Us Went With You;You Left A Gap To Big To Fill;You're Our Friend & Our Hero;We Love You & We Always Will!

♥Jessie♥ [06.04.13♥]

08/28/2016 06:27 PM 

R.I.P Kirstien Ciera Huff [2/1/93-5/12/11
Current mood:  sad

.....**`**. ☆ .**`**. ♥ .**`**. ☆ .**`**...... ....●♥ Ƹ̵̡Ӝ̵̨̄Ʒ In Memory of Kirstien Ciera Ƹ̵̡Ӝ̵̨̄Ʒ ♥●.... ........✿**`**. (`v) (`v) .**`**✿............ ........ . . ✿**`**.(`v).**`**✿ . . ........... ..........♥♥.**. ☆ .**``*..*`**. ☆ .**.♥♥............. Rest Easyy Kirstien Ciera Huff ♥Wow.. I can't believe it.. I never thought this would happen.. I can't stopp thinkin about it :( i don't want this to be real.. Yuu was my best friend/sister.. We got really close over the year :( we hadd nothin but good times kayy.. I love yuu &nd miss yuu sooo much..  It doesn't feel real.. But i am gladd that yuur no longer suffering.. Yuur still here with us.. Kaden-scott will know all about yuu! Ily sis.. rest easyy! Gpne but never forgotton. its  so hard to believe that yuur really gone. i ca't accept it. nor will i evr accept it. yuu was my best friend/ sister.. yuur kaden's aunt kay.. i promise he'll know all about yuu.. i hurt everyday now.. noone will ever replace yuu hn.. NOONE!!!!!! this is all so hard to deal with. i love yuu kayy!!


08/20/2016 11:24 PM 

I order made Tactical Core Tshirts

I came up with T shirt design so i did with myself and order made it online..


08/10/2016 05:09 PM 



07/24/2016 07:55 PM 

Ode to old MySpace lol
Current mood:  jedi

Its all coming back to me. How amazing was MySpace back in the day I wish I could go back, oh the nostalgia. Well its gone and all we are left with is dull boring social media where you don't even have the freedom to put music on our profiles or even customize it till it's just right. Oh well R.I.P old MySpace your in our memories now.


07/21/2016 02:13 PM 

It's a trap! Addressing Addiction

There are many of you out there that are suffering from this whether it being substance addiction or even lust etc. Before you continue reading; If this doesn't affect you or you just don't care, then this isn't for you either, move along. There is freedom from this kind of life style, addiction isn't a remedy, it's a trap. Some of you may be in your early stages of this and some of you have been in this same trap for years. If you don't think things can change, then just stay put and watch how quickly life goes by. I have struggled with this myself, so I am telling you this right now. It's no surprise that the majority of this website is struggling from this. You need to be open about this, addiction isn't something you should just be ashamed of. If you would like to be free from a life of addiction, then I would encourage you to get in the word (There you will learn the character of God) and find a bible believing church. Most churches have prayer teams that can pray for you. Satan would like you to believe that you're to far gone, that you can overcome this without reaching out for help and I'm pleading with you that this is not possible! Addiction is the biggest tool Satan uses to distract us and if he can keep us where we are then nothing will ever change. Ever wonder why we're so comfortable with it? Then you get the point. 5 of the biggest things addiction destroys and Satan hates: You, Friendships, Marriage/Relationships and Family unity. Some how this verse in James 1:13-18 came to mind. "13 When tempted, no one should say, "God is tempting me." For God cannot be tempted by evil, nor does He tempt anyone. 14 But each one is tempted when by his own evil desires he is lured away and enticed. 15 Then after desire has conceived, it gives birth to sin; and when sin is fully grown, it gives birth to death. 16 Do not be deceived, my beloved brothers. 17 Every good and perfect gift is from above, coming down from the Father of the heavenly lights, with whom there is no change or shifting shadow. 18 He chose to give us birth through the word of truth, that we would be a kind of first fruits of His creation."Key points- Addiction is a trap, not a remedy, but there's a way out- You need to be open with people- Addiction isn't something to be ashamed of- Ask for deliverance- Addiction is destructive- Satan hates you, but God is for you


07/02/2016 10:22 PM 

Best Movies - Test Blog

TITLE     DIRECTOR     YEAR1. (Tie) THE LORD OF THE RINGS: THE RETURN OF THE KING     Peter Jackson     2003     THE PASSION OF THE CHRIST     Mel Gibson     20042. JESUS OF NAZARETH     FRANCO ZEFFIRELLI     19773. BEN-HUR: A TALE OF THE CHRIST     William Wyler     19594. BRAVEHEART     Mel Gibson    19955. KING KONG     Peter Jackson     20056. THE LORD OF THE RINGS: THE TWO TOWERS     Peter Jackson     20027. THE LORD OF THE RINGS: THE FELLOWSHIP OF THE RING     Peter Jackson     20018. APOCALYPTO     Mel Gibson     20069. THE DESCENT     Neill Marshall     200510. THE HOBBIT: AN UNEXPECTED JOURNEY     Peter Jackson     201211. ROCKY     John G. Avildsen     197612. ROCKY II     Sylvester Stallone     197913. ROCKY BALBOA     Sylvester Stallone     200614. JOHN RAMBO     Sylvester Stallone     200815. HANNIBAL     Ridley Scott     200116. THE SILENCE OF THE LAMBS     Jonathan Demme     199117. THE BOOK OF ELI     Albert and Allen Hughes     201018. FRAILTY     Bill Paxton     200219. SIGNS     M. Night Shyamalan     200220. PAN'S LABYRINTH     Guillermo Del Toro     200621. GLADIATOR     Ridley Scott     200022. MALENA     Giuseppe Tornatore     200023. THE BABADOOK     Jennifer Kent     201424. THE ISLAND OF DR. MOREAU     John Frankenheimer     199625. DISTRICT 9     Neill Blomkamp     200926. TEENAGE MUTANT NINJA TURTLES     Steve Barron     199027. THE CROW     Alex Proyas     199428. SLEEPY HOLLOW     Tim Burton     199929. SWEENEY TODD: THE DEMON BARBER OF FLEET STREET     Tim Burton     200730. THE HILLS HAVE EYES     Alexandre Aja     200631. THE DEVIL'S REJECTS     Rob Zombie     200532. THE PATRIOT     Roland Emmerich     200033. WE WERE SOLDIERS     Randall Wallace     200234. CAPTAIN AMERICA: CIVIL WAR     Anthony and Joe Russo     201633. CANDYMAN     Bernard Rose     199233. SAW III     Darren Lynn Bousman     200634. SAW VI     Kevin Greutert     200936. LET THE RIGHT ONE IN     Tomas Alfredson     200837. LET ME IN     Matt Reeves     201038. JEEPERS CREEPERS     Victor Salva     200138. THE TEXAS CHAINSAW MASSACRE     Tobe Hooper     197439. HALLOWEEN     John Carpenter     197840. THE THING     John Carpenter     198241. STARRY EYES     Kevin Kolsch and Dennis Widmyer     201442. THE NEON DEMON     Nicolas Winding Refn     201643. IT FOLLOWS     David Robert Mitchell     201444. THE RING     Gore Verbinski     200245. THE VVITCH     Robert Eggers     201548. AVENGERS: AGE OF ULTRON     Joss Whedon     201549. BEN-HUR: A TALE OF THE CHRIST     Fred Niblo     192550. THE GIRL WITH THE DRAGON TATTOO     Niels Arden Oplev     200951. THE GIRL WITH THE DRAGON TATTOO     David Fincher     201152. AMERICAN SNIPER     Clint Eastwood     201453. FIRST BLOOD     Ted Kotcheff     198254. RAMBO: FIRST BLOOD PART II     George P.  Cosmatos     198555. TROY     Wolfgang Peterson     200456. SOUTHPAW     Antoine Fuqua     201557. CREED     Ryan Coogler     201558. SLUMDOG MILLIONAIRE     Danny Boyle     200859. ORCA     Michael Anderson     197760. JAWS     Steven Spielberg     197561. ROBOCOP     Paul Verhoeven     198762. PREDATOR     John McTiernan     198763. THE TERMINATOR     James Cameron     198464. TERMINATOR 2: JUDGMENT DAY     James Cameron     199165. THE DARK KNIGHT     Christopher Nolan     200866. THE AVENGERS     Joss Whedon     201267. KICK-ASS     Matthew Vaughn     201068. THE BEAVER     Jodie Foster     201170. SCREAM     Wes Craven     199671. SCREAM 2     Wes Craven     199772. THE CRAFT     Andrew Fleming     199673. A NIGHTMARE ON ELM STREET     Wes Craven     198474. A NIGHTMARE ON ELM STREET 3: Dream Warriors     Chuck Russell     198775. WES CRAVEN'S NEW NIGHTMARE     Wes Craven     199476. FRIGHT NIGHT     Tom Holland     1985


07/01/2016 03:50 PM 

Most Attractive Celebrities - Test Blog

1. SARAH ANTHONY     Birthdate: 2/26/19822. LACEY STURM     Birthdate: 9/4/19813. JEN LEDGER     Birthdate: 12/8/19894. ELIZABETH OLSEN     Birthdate: 2/6/19895. ASHLEY GREENE     Birthdate: 2/21/19876. MARIA BRINK     Birthdate: 12/17/19777. NAOMI WATTS     Birthdate: 9/28/19688. MONICA BELLUCCI     Birthdate: 9/30/19649. ABBEY LEE KERSHAW     Birthdate: 6/12/198710. TERESA PALMER     Birthdate: 2/26/1986 11. JENNIFER CONNELLY     Birthdate: 12/12/197012. EVA GREEN     Birthdate: 7/5/1980 13. NOOMI RAPACE    Birthdate: 12/28/197914. ROONEY MARA     Birthdate: 4/17/198515. GAIL KIM     Birthdate: 2/20/197616. MIZUHO LIN17. LZZY HALE     Birthdate: 10/10/198418. ROSE BYRNE     Birthdate: 7/24/197919. NICOLE KIDMAN     Birthdate: 6/20/196720. SOPHIE MARCEAU     Birthdate: 11/17/196621. MARGOT ROBBIE     Birthdate: 7/2/199022. SASHA BANKS     Birthdate: 1/26/199223. PAIGE     Birthdate: 8/17/199224. ELODIE YUNG     Birthdate: 2/22/198125. HUDSON LEICK     Birthdate: 5/9/196926. MELINDA CLARKE     Birthdate: 4/24/196927. ALEXA BLISS     Birthdate: 8/9/199128. BECKY LYNCH     Birthdate: 1/30/198729. KATE BECKINSALE     Birthdate: 7/26/197330. SIMONE SIMONS     Birthdate: 1/17/198531. LORENZA IZZO     Birthdate: 9/26/198932. EIZA GONZALEZ     Birthdate: 1/30/199033. KO SHIBASAKI     Birthdate: 8/5/198134. BINGBING FAN     Birthdate: 9/16/198135. BINGBING LI     Birthdate: 2/27/197336. FAIRUZA BALK     Birthdate: 5/21/196437. LACEY CHABERT     Birthdate: 9/30/198238. ANYA TAYLOR-JOY     Birthdate: 4/16/199639. MYANNA BURING     Birthdate: 9/22/197940. KATIE CASSIDY     Birthdate: 11/25/198641. WILLA HOLLAND     Birthdate: 6/18/199142. RILEY VOELKEL     Birthdate: 4/26/199043. VANESSA HUDGENS     Birthdate: 12/14/198844. RACHEL HENDRIX     Birthdate: 9/1245. CAROLINA BANG     Birthdate: 9/21/198546. EMMA ANZAI     Birthdate: 4/30/198247. ORIANTHI PANAGARIS     Birthdate: 1/22/198548. MELINA PEREZ     Birthdate: 3/9/197949. MADISON RAYNE     Birthdate: 2/5/198650. VELVET SKY     Birthdate: 6/2/198151. ANGELINA LOVE     Birthdate: 9/13/198152. MICKIE JAMES     Birthdate: 8/31/197953. ASUKA     Birthdate: 9/26/198154. A.J. LEE     Birthdate: 3/19/198755. ALEXANDRA DADDARIO     Birthdate: 3/16/198656. ROSE MCIVER      Birthdate: 10/20/198857. LARA JEAN CHOROSTECKI     Birthdate: 10/24/198458. GRACE PHIPPS     Birthdate: 5/4/199259. SHAWNEE SMITH     Birthdate: 7/3/197060. SARAH BUTLER     Birthdate: 2/11/198561. JEMMA DALLENDER62. JOSEPHINE DE LA BAUME     Birthdate: 198463. NICKI LYNN AYCOX     Birthdate: 5/26/197564. JANET MONTGOMERY     Birthdate: 10/29/198565. OLIVIA TAYLOR DUDLEY     Birthdate: 11/4/198566. NADIA HILKER     Birthdate: 12/1/198867. BIANCA BRADEY68. SUMMER GLAU     Birthdate: 7/24/198169. KELLY BROOK     Birthdate: 11/23/197970. CANDICE DE VISSER     Birthdate: 11/20/198871. HEATHER SOSSAMAN     Birthdate: 4/21/198772. SHELLEY HENNIG    Birthdate: 1/2/198773. MEGHAN ORY     Birthdate: 8/20/198274. JENNIFER LOVE HEWITT     Birthdate: 2/21/197975. CHRISTINA RICCI     Birthdate: 2/12/198076. KELLY HU     Birthdate: 2/13/196877. ZHANG ZIYI     Birthdate: 2/9/197978. NATASSIA MALTHE     Birthdate: 1/19/197479. MAGGIE Q     Birthdate: 5/22/197980. KIRSTIE MALDONADO     Birthdate: 5/16/199281. CLAUDIA KIM     Birthdate: 1/25/198582. MICHELLE BRANCH     Birthdate: 7/2/198383. LEA SEYDOUX     Birthdate: 7/1/198584. CARLSON YOUNG     Birthdate: Birthdate: 10/29/199085. HALEY BENNETT     Birthdate: 1/7/198886. MAKENZIE VEGA     Birthdate: 2/10/199487. SOPHIE TURNER     Birthdate: 2/21/199688. JESSICA CHASTAIN     Birthdate: 3/24/197789. DEBORAH ANN WOLL     Birthdate: 2/7/198590. NAJARRA TOWNSEND     Birthdate: 12/5/198991. KSENIA SOLO     Birthdate: 10/8/198792. KATIE MCGRATH     Birthdate: 10/24/198393. EMMA ROBERTS     Birthdate: 2/10/199194. VICTORIA JUSTICE     Birthdate: 2/19/199395. AMBER HEARD     Birthdate: 4/22/198696. RACHEL NICHOLS     Birthdate: 1/8/198097. FREIDA PINTO     Birthdate: 10/18/198498. EMILIE DE RAVIN     Birthdate: 12/27/198199.  CASSIDY GIFFORD     Birthdate: 8/2/1993100. JANE LEVY     Birthdate: 12/29/1989101. GINA PHILIPS     Birthdate: 5/10/1970102. ASHLEY C. WILLIAMS     Birthdate: 1/24/1984103. ASHLYNN YENNIE     Birthdate: 5/5/1985104. ANTJE TRAUE     Birthdate: 1/18/1981105. STEPHANIE SZOSTAK     Birthdate: 6/12/1975106. AMANDA CREW     Birthdate: 6/5/1986107. JACQUELINE MACINNES-WOOD     Birthdate: 4/17/1987108. MEAGHAN RATH     Birthdate: 6/18/1986109. GONG LI     Birthdate: 12/31/1965110. KEIRA KNIGHTLEY     Birthdate: 3/26/1985111. TRISH STRATUS     Birthdate: 12/18/1975112. CANDICE MICHELLE     Birthdate: 9/30/1978113. TAYA VALKYRIE     Birthdate: 10/22/1986114. C.J. PERRY     Birthdate: 3/24/1985115. TARYN TERRELL     Birthdate: 12/28/1985116. CARMELLA     Birthdate: 10/23/1987117. BRIE BELLA     Birthdate: 11/21/1983118. NIKKI BELLA     Birthdate: 11/21/1983119. LACEY VON ERICH     Birthdate: 7/17/1986120. ULIANA PREOTU     Birthdate: 5/18121. KELLY MONACO    Birthdate: 5/23/1976122. ASHLEY BENSON      Birthdate: 12/18/1989123. LEXA DOIG     Birthdate: 6/18/1973124. AMERICA OLIVO     Birthdate: 1/5/1978125. JAIMIE ALEXANDER     Birthdate: 3/12/1984126. MYLENE JAMPANOI     Birthdate: 7/12/1980127. LAURA DONNELLY     Birthdate: 1982


06/05/2016 07:02 PM 

i'm ready
Current mood:  high

he makes me feel so special and i want to be around him alwaysdo you ever get that feeling?you start with intrigue and then get to know him and then everything seems to fall into place. .  .

Donna DUrbano

06/03/2016 08:23 PM 

Current mood:  artistic



04/21/2016 05:53 PM 

TIP: Posting YouTube videos in Comments, Bulletins or Blog posts

Use this code example when you want to post a YouTube videoReplace the video ID (20za3gy37zw) with your YouTube video ID,, in BOTH locations below.-----------<object width="560" height="315"><param name="movie" value=""><param name="wmode" value="transparent"><embed src="" type="application/x-shockwave-flash" wmode="transparent" width="560" height="315"></object>


04/04/2016 04:52 PM 

Medicine Crow

FILE - In this Aug. 27, 2008 file photo, Native American Crow historian Joe Medicine Crow tells then-presidential-candidate Barack Obama to "take veterans to the top when you move into the White House," during a visit to Billings, Mont. Medicine Crow, the last surviving war chief for Montana's Crow Tribe, died Sunday, April 3, 2016 in a Billings hospice at age 102. Medicine Crow earned the title of war chief and a Bronze Star after stealing enemy horses and other exploits as a U.S. soldier in World War II. Obama awarded him the Presidential Medal of Freedom in 2009.(James Woodcock/Billings Gazette via AP, File)Crow war chief who walked 'in 2 worlds' dies at 102The Associated Press - By By MATTHEW BROWN - Associated PressBILLINGS, Mont. (AP) - Joseph Medicine Crow walked in "two worlds" - white and Native American - and made his mark on each. Medicine Crow, who died Sunday in a Billings hospice at the age of 102, grew up in a log home on Montana's Crow Indian Reservation, hearing stories during his childhood from direct participants in the Battle of the Little Bighorn. Decades later, he returned from World War II a hero in his own right for performing a series of daring deeds that made him his tribe's last surviving war chief. Medicine Crow went on to become a Native American historian who gained recognition in scholarly circles, even as he sought to live according to Crow tradition. "I always told people, when you meet Joe Medicine Crow, you're shaking hands with the 19th Century," said Herman Viola, curator emeritus at the Smithsonian Institution's National Museum of American Indians. "He really wanted to walk in both worlds, the white world and the Indian world, and he knew education was a key to success." Services are planned for Wednesday in Crow Agency, a town on the Crow Reservation. Medicine Crow will be buried at the Apsaalooke Veterans Cemetery, according to Bullis Mortuary funeral home. A member of the Crow Tribe's Whistling Water clan, Medicine Crow was raised by his grandparents near Lodge Grass, Montana, where Medicine Crow continued to live in the years leading to his death. His Crow name was "High Bird." He recalled listening as a child to stories about the Battle of the Little Bighorn from those who were there, including his grandmother's brother, White Man Runs Him, a scout for Lt. Col. George Armstrong Custer. His grandfather, Yellowtail, raised Medicine Crow to be a warrior. The training began when Medicine Crow was just 6 or 7, with a grueling physical regimen that included running barefoot in the snow to toughen the boy's feet and spirit. "Warfare was our highest art, but Plains Indian warfare was not about killing. It was about intelligence, leadership, and honor," Medicine Crow wrote in his 2006 book "Counting Coup." During World War II, Medicine Crow completed the deeds necessary to earn the title of war chief, including stealing horses from an enemy encampment and engaging in hand-to-hand combat with a German soldier whose life Medicine Crow ultimately spared. Prior to leaving for the European front, Medicine Crow in 1939 became the first of his tribe to receive a master's degree, in anthropology. Upon his return from the war, Medicine Crow was designated tribal historian by the Crow Tribal Council, a position he filled for decades - all the while cataloging his people's nomadic history by collecting firsthand accounts of pre-reservation life from fellow tribal members. With his prodigious memory, Medicine Crow could accurately recall decades later the names, dates and exploits from the oral history he was exposed to as a child, Viola said. Those included tales told by four of the six Crow scouts who were at Custer's side at Little Bighorn and who Medicine Crow knew personally. Yet Medicine Crow also embraced the changes that came with the settling of the West, and he worked to bridge his people's cultural traditions with the opportunities of modern society, said Viola, who first met Medicine Crow in 1972 and collaborated with him on several books. Even after his hearing and eyesight faded, Medicine Crow continued to lecture into his 90s on the Battle of Little Bighorn and other major events in Crow history. His voice became familiar to many outside the region as the narrator for American Indian exhibits in major museums across the country. President Barack Obama awarded Medicine Crow the Presidential Medal of Freedom in 2009. During the White House ceremony, Obama referred to Medicine Crow as "a good man, a 'bacheitche' in Crow." "(His) life reflects not only the warrior spirit of the Crow people, but America's highest ideals," Obama said. He was nominated for the Congressional Gold Medal and was awarded honorary doctoral degrees from the University of Southern California and Montana's Rocky Mountain College. ___ Associated Press writer Steven K. Paulson contributed to this report.FILE - In this Aug. 12, 2009 file photo, President Barack Obama leans away to avoid the headdress as he presents the 2009 Presidential Medal of Freedom to Joseph Medicine Crow during ceremonies at the White House in Washington.


03/03/2016 10:46 PM 


what's up come talk to me

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