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ꜱ.ᴊ. :b

06/01/2021 08:35 PM 

i hope i have a good summer this year :/

im exited for the summer but im also feel weird about it                                       idk (・へ・)


06/01/2021 02:38 PM 

Current mood:  exhausted

aaaaaaaaaaa, i need calm


06/01/2021 10:58 PM 

a new day
Current mood:  thankful

It's a new dayyyy!          just counting down the days till graduation....june 4th i'm WAITING :3                           i'll finally be in college and be FREE 


06/01/2021 09:52 PM 

bo burnham
Current mood:  amused

second time watching the new special. definitely one of my favorites. i just love how random it gets sometimes while also being depressive and funny. definitly recommend if you haven't seen already


06/01/2021 12:36 PM 

Current mood:  lonely

hello world! it's me shy! :-)it's my first time using this page!! so i'm sorry if my blog looks like kinda messy i'll make my own layout, it's 1:40 am right now... and i am feeling *bored* and *lonely*.that's it. this post was for testing only.〜 因幡 ☆


05/31/2021 11:14 PM 

MMM hello :3
Current mood:  aroused


imnew, pleaseloveme


05/31/2021 09:36 PM 


tehe i just changed my profile picture 


05/31/2021 09:09 PM 

Current mood:  blah

idk how i feel or what to say, i am very dissapointed in myself. thats all i know 


05/31/2021 12:55 PM 

Current mood:  anxious



05/30/2021 10:11 PM 

Current mood:  accomplished

Today was a good day! Me and my boyfriend went antique shopping and we both found some really cool stuff. I'll post pics of everything later when I figure out how to ad pics to blog posts but idk how how to do that yet i also decorated my flip phone which was nerve-wracking but im glad I did it because it looks so cute now! Im not completely done with it but this is all I could manage to do today. 


05/30/2021 09:15 PM 


I've been driving more recently ~It's nowhere near as bad as I thought it'd be. Yeah, I'm 21 and just learning to drive, but I never had anyone to teach me when I was a teen. Sh*t happens. A couple people have let me drive their cars though and I'm slowly getting the hang of it. My manager let me drive myself home and I only made her nervous once, lmao. It's pretty fun.My s/o was supposed to get me after work tonight but instead is gonna get me in the morning, which isn't bad but I don't wanna wake up at 8am. I mean, I do because I like being awake, but lately I've been staying up until around 2 bc I just don't like sleeping. It's weird and hard to explain. I love being asleep once I'm sleeping, but before I get to that point I want to avoid it at all costs because I feel like I'm wasting time out of my day. My days already go by so fast. Last thing I remember I was 14 now I'm 21. Sux, but I'm not gonna get sad tonight. Gonna listen to the Magnus Archives and grind on bdo :3I got some small vials the other day at work I'm gonna fill one with my blood and send it along with an empty one to bun so I can get theirs in return. I've been looking into how to prevent blood from coangulating, seems difficult but I'm gonna give it a shot. I'm also sending my tooth I got pulled recently bc they wanna do a friendship spell with it. Put my tooth in a little thing with some of their own blood. I wouldn't do this if I didn't trust them, and they said the same for me. I know you think about it often but I don't know what would cause us to have a fall out? I mean, we live on opposite sides of the world. I'm sure we'll be fine and even if we did have a disagreement, neither of us care for drama as we've watched each other go through it so it wouldn't be a big deal. We're adults after all, lmao.Anyways, my cats back on my desk and I'll feel too bad if I chuck her off again so I'm gonna end this now and pet her ig.


05/30/2021 06:03 PM 

Update on the pantss
Current mood:  tired

Hi thereee, A lot has happened today and I'm reeall sleepy and also just unproductive. This morning (or you could say afternoon since i woke up at 2pm) I immediately went to Netflix and watched Bo Burnhams new special and boy oh boy I was TOUCHED. Honestly it was a ride but a good type of ride. It's like a look into his life which was interesting. Two days ago I decided to buy those pants i saw online and im suppperr excited 4 them to arrive!! They seemed rlly cute and I got em in a medium (if its too big then Ill just wear a belt lmfao problem solved). They give me tiny messages and updates whenever it ships and is close which is rlly cool!! Omg i just remembered that last night at 4:30AM i was laughing my ass off roleplay THE CROODS. and my mom texted me telling me to go to bed i felt so badd...Anyways I got two things of bleach and black hair dye so i just have to find some NEON GREEN dye and then ill get ready to do my hairr!! :p this morning i actually noticed how much my hair has grown in the front and i have to cut it but i rlly dont wannaaa.. ugh im basically procrastinating everything rn even things i want to do!! anyways im super hungry so im gonna end this blog here.Song of the day: Analog 2 by Odd Future

hair dying, clothes, netflix, life


05/30/2021 03:32 PM 

>__< !!!
Current mood:  blah

hello kittyyy ♥

hello kitty, cute, kawaii, cafe, >__<


05/30/2021 01:52 AM 

this guy :/
Current mood:  confused

hi friends !! this blog is mainly to get things off my chest and ask for advice since i cant talk about this to any of my irls cause theyre all friends, but that doesnt matter.ive been having a weid situation with this guy on one of my friend groups and i dont know how to feel, it all started one day when we were talking and things began to get a little flirty, then it stayed the same the following week. but like a while later he told me he liked me and i was like gasp !! and obvi said i liked him too, we wanted to try a relationship but we decided not to do anything since it would be long distance and he didnt want that, which i understood and said it was this is where things take a turn, cause i found out he actually dated one of my best friends, and on top of that he started talking to me in a flirty manner when they were still dating, then he told me he liked me right after they broke up. it was kinda devastatind ngl, but i asked him about it and he said they dated and stuff, then he said he tried the long distance cause he really liked her and wanted to give their relationship a try, and things just got worse after i asked him if she still liked her cause he said yes.after this i stoped talking to him for a while cause i was really hurt, but it was only for like a week, then we kept talking but it was different, he kept asking me for nudes and stuff and i just sent him some cause i really liked him and wanted to do what he asked, he was really dry and distant tho, so i was kinda desperate to keep his attention. he would often brag about how he had me wrapped around his finger and how he could do whatever he wanted with me, i just thought it was funny so i laughed it off, but it was starting to hurt me. then he suddenly disappeared, i didnt know what was happening and i didnt like to text him a lot cause it would annoy him, so i just stayed silent, but one day i was talking with a friend and he joined the call, we started talking normally but then we were playing something and my friend asked him if he would date me, and this time he said no, the reason being "he doesnt like easy girls, and im too easy". this destroyed me cause i was just doing what he asked me cause i really liked him, i left the call almost inmediatly and ignored him after that, but i found out about even more stuff. turns out one of my friends found out i was talking to him like that (while i didnt know he had dated my other friend) and she started saying i was a home wrecker and i was like bruh ?? she didnt even tell me (because she thought i would judge her relationship for being long distance). the weird part is that everyone knew i liked him and that he liked to play with me, but no one said anything.this is a quick summary of 5 months worth of stuff so it may be confusing, but the thing is that now hes talking to me again and i dont know what to do, any advice?


05/29/2021 11:17 PM 



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