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06/04/2021 10:50 PM 

Current mood:  stalked

Henlo friendz ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥


06/04/2021 10:49 PM 

Current mood:  cookywacky

uHMMMM, i do not know how to use website ._. but!!! i like it 



06/04/2021 10:39 PM 

Current mood:  anxious

As I've posted about I pierced both of my eyebrows! I like them a lot even though I don't think they're even at all. It isn't noticeable apparently though so that's fine. As long as they aren't super obvious. I'm also anxious about them though, I know I should've used a longer bar than the ones I did to compensate for the swelling. I hope they'll be fine bc of that. I'm sure they will. They're a little sore but of couse that's because I just shoved a needle through my skin. I'm just typing all of this out because if I didn't I'd just sit and be anxious about it. This isn't going to help completely but it'll get the thoughts out of my head. They'll be fine, I shouldn't worry. It's just new piercing anxiety I get with literally every single one.Other than piercings, I drove on the highway for the first time today. It wasn't bad at all. I didn't go that far and it wasn't busy, so it wasn't bad. I drove around my friend bc she's normally the one driving me around lol. She seemed to like not having to do the work. I wanted to hang out with her some more but she was going to play dnd. I'm lowkey sad I don't get invited to anything. Ever, really. Maybe it's because I always say no or dodge it, but idk. I don't do it depending on what it is or who it is.Anyways, I dunno what I wanna do. I want to play something maybe but I've gotta get up early so I don't want to be up too late. But I don't want to sleep either. My brain is weird.


06/04/2021 10:36 PM 

ipod came defected
Current mood:  irritated

my hot pink ipod came in the mail not too long ago and it didnt work!!!!!!!!!!1111!!! they did refund me but im still pissed.! i want my IPOD >>>:(((((((


06/04/2021 10:16 PM 


im sorree but i HAV to rave about this pic again.... ^___^ HEZ SOOOO CUTE.. i wanna give him so manny kisses. just wanted to show my luv for him . teh cicierega O_o


06/04/2021 07:08 PM 

Trump wanted to end payroll annual tax Democracy Enemy

  trump wanted to cancel the payroll tax which funds social security for retirement and social security disability been on 12 years trump is Democracy's Enemy Number 1


06/04/2021 06:45 AM 

world war dave
Current mood:  annoyed

let me tell you about the time dave cullen looked up my ig accounts BY HAND and proceeded to block all of them because i'm just too funny and cool and EPIC. i used to run a glorious, godlike true crime meme page on instagram called kleboldlingus, and another one before that called adamlanzasfatballs, but we don't talk about day, i posted something about how dave cullen's columbine book was trash and should be burned. it wasn't anything too over-the-top, just a passing thought as one posts. WELL. let it be known that this account was PRIVATE and you couldn't see what i posted unless you actually followed me. dave cullen obviously didn't follow me, but i tried to look him up to tag him as a joke in another post of mine, and his account was just... gone. at first i thought he deactivated or deleted his instagram, which gawdd wouldn't that just be the greatest day? but then one of my mutuals (who i asked about it) was like "huh? no his account is alive and well," and sent me a screenshot AND LO AND BEHOLD: there was dave cullen, indeed alive and well.THATS WHEN IT HIT ME. he blocked good ol' kleboldlingus. this was my greatest accomplishment ever at the time. the one question was: how the f*** did this man find my account if its private? my theory is that he actively searches out columbiners online and blocks them all. imaging having all that time on your hands and caring that much.... or someone f***ing snitched. GASP what if there was a rat amongst the kleboldlingus regime who sent him my post???but anyways - i had a few other accounts that weren't tc related at all, so i wanted to scope out the scene a bit with mister cullen, but whaddaya f***in know - i couldn't find him on those accounts either!!! i don't even know what the moral or point of this random ass story was supposed to be, its so stupid, but i just find it so weeeeird that this 60 year old man is so obsessed with the tcc. like, its YOUR fault that your book is trash, cringe, inaccurate, bad, distasteful, false information, and every other negative conotation under the sun. if you just wrote a better columbine book, then we wouldn't make fun of yo ass all the goddamn time! man, i could make a 2-hour long video talking about the inaccuracies of his book and just ripping it to shreds. i'm not gonna, because i'm lazy and can't be bothered to do so, but i could. the f*** was i gonna say... i don't know. i had something else to say, but i don't remember. GOODBYE!

dave cullen, columbine, lolzerz, epic, blocked, story, storytime


06/04/2021 04:10 PM 

Current mood:  chill

Guess whos repeating a school year


06/04/2021 12:02 PM 

top 3 songs from my top 5 albums

"an awesome wave"- alt-j                                                                              *.+*. bloodflood *.+*. *.+*. fitzpleasure *.+*.                                                    *.+*. something good *.+*."kid A" - radiohead  *.+*. idioteque *.+*.                                                                                               *.+*. everything in its right place *.+*.                                                                *.+*. morning bell *.+*.  "the bends" - radiohead                                         *.+*. the bends *.+*.  *.+*.  my iron lung *.+*.                                                   *.+*.  street spirit (fade out) *.+*.   "death conciousness" - have a nice life *.+*. bloodhail *.+*.                                            *.+*.  telephony *.+*.                                                                         *.+*. earthmover *.+*. "xx" - the xx *.+*. intro *.+*.                                 *.+*.  infinity *.+*.                                                                  *.+*.  crystalised *.+*. 

#alt-j #radiohead #haveanicelife #thexx #bands #music #albums


06/04/2021 10:35 PM 

Current mood:  blah

its all fun and games till you watch funky town gore 


06/04/2021 12:25 PM 


honestly i made this to make friends but like I don't think I will


06/03/2021 10:53 PM 

Current mood:  gloomy

i don't know what the f*** this is but apparently ur able to make blog posts on here??? gawddd okay i guess i'll start doing that.. maybe... dunno lolz. but here have THIS for now 

gg allin, first post, vat zi fukk man


06/03/2021 10:26 PM 

<3 hi
Current mood:  bored

havent been on in so long i miss this, but its not popular anymore :(  hope everyone is amazing! new IG is indiekidcolten

indie, alt, tiktok, indieblog, blogger. new to blogging


06/03/2021 09:14 PM 


today i woke up at 1 pm and there was like a entire swat team in front of my house, i got spooked. today  was a stressful day. but the swat team was only using my house as cover because they were trying to arrest the neighbours but they already had left. oh it was really scary too, they had like big guns and no one even told us until one of us looked outside our house. and then my family decided to leave because we don't want to see the possible violence and i was like scared and when we tried to go out into our garage i opened the garage door and there were dogs like omg. anyway we went a drove to another family members house and had to wait like 6-7 hours for them to finally break down the door and leave, we watched most of the entire thing from the doorbell camera and it was also on the news for my city too. they also left all their water bottle garbage and broke my gate too and only apologised like shut up.but im home now and im really stressed out and anxious and just needed to vent or complain abt what happened, idk what to do rn..


06/03/2021 08:05 PM 

DK Jr. arcade review

Donkey Kong Junior is the best game ever, a perfect 10/10 gameit has graphics, audio, controls, gameplay, everything you want in a game and more is in DK Jr. and that more comes in the form of 2 apes a captured Donkey Kong and a playable miracle ape called Donkey Kong Junior. our hero DK Jr. has to save his dad from the clutches of evil absolutely despicable guy named Mario.if you haven't played DK Jr. you might as well say that you havent even lived yet.

game, review, donkey kong jr, donkey kong

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