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06/06/2021 11:48 PM 

Current mood:  amused

Just bullied a kid for not listeing to ayesha erotica OOP



06/06/2021 08:50 PM 

servey lol
Current mood:  cookywacky

1. Do you have a dream job, if so, what would it be?: i kinda don't know... i'd want to produce movies and things2. Describe yourself in 3 words: swag, probablyannoying, overlynice(definetly 3 words)3. What's your zodiac sign?: Are you into horoscopes? virgo sun ; moon & rising gemini and i loveee horoscopes and astrology as a whole.4. Favourite genre of music?: it's technically indie pop but that sounds annoying5. Do your believe in past lives and/or an afterlife?: kinda? reincarnation sounds about right but idk6. Do your drink/smoke?: im 1117. How would you spend one million pounds/dollars?: literally just clothes. so much clothes.8. What's your spirit animal?: i never thought into it?9. Iphone or Android?: i have a iphone but android has better battery life 10. Early bird or night owl?: both?11. Have you ever dyed your hair?: only a peekaboo dye and i hate it. so kinda12. Do you get involved in politics?: all the time 13. Do you belong to a certain scene or subculture? no14. Do you like/have a tiktok?: yes i have one ; @saikismilfgf15. Sweet or savoury food?: sweet16. Are you more introverted or extroverted?: ambivert 17. Ever been in love?: absolutely not18. Maths or english?: english19. Are you left handed or right handed?: right


06/06/2021 08:38 PM 

swaggy survey
Current mood:  ninja

1. Do you have a dream job, if so, what would it be?: a librarian 2. Describe yourself in 3 words: swag boller tired3. What's your zodiac sign?: Are you into horoscopes? virgo sun cancer moon aquarius rising 4. Favourite genre of music?: swaggy music5. Do your believe in past lives and/or an afterlife?: uuuhhh6. Do your drink/smoke?: no lol7. How would you spend one million pounds/dollars?: books8. What's your spirit animal?: not native american ^^9. Iphone or Android?: idk bestie10. Early bird or night owl?: me like night11. Have you ever dyed your hair?: yup its blue rn12. Do you get involved in politics?: yup13. Do you belong to a certain scene or subculture?: no 14. Do you like/have a tiktok?: yup 15. Sweet or savoury food?: yes mines hairyflowerz16. Are you more introverted or extroverted?: introverted17. Ever been in love?: no lol18. Maths or english?: english19. Are you left handed or right handed?: right


06/06/2021 05:52 PM 

I Pledge Allegiance to What I Hold Dear

I Pledge Allegiance to What I Hold Dear to what I believe in.THE DOG, ANKH Warrior, FOX on drums, Fig The Pig on drums great drummer,bacon uncooked at wenys really bad at burger king totally uncooked on timecan we save the Pigs around the world. CatmanCriss, SpaceAce OblivionABYSS Thayer?Mark Saint John what is St John KISS your Face. MY LOVED ONES.paul and gene you are out of my Kiss.


06/06/2021 02:59 PM 

Current mood:  amused

OK so... i feel kind of scared to post this.. or to really use this website... but why not? honestly, ive already seen tons of people who are cool on here! i just dont know any edique or whatever... if there even is such a thing? anyways, today has been quite boring...  nothing new has happened. last night i played roblox with two of my friends. some sort of warrior cats roleplaying thing?  it was pretty good, id say. also some drama happened with two of my other friends... well not really. one of them got mad at my other friend for asking about another friend.. confusing i know. but, im not trying to leak names or anything. i did cry about it/srs


06/06/2021 07:05 AM 

Current mood:  handsome

           GOODDMORRNINGG!! Actually not for me, I havent gone to bed yet but its 7 so i guess i could just say goodmorning! Soo much arrived last night which makes me happy and sad (I'll explain later). First my arctic fox green dye arrived! It was literally so small though, I went to show my mom and she thought it was small too. I was still happy that i could work with smthing. I ALSO got my pants!! Buttt, they are smaller than i like :// They were a medium but in japanese sizing, I also have really long legs so my mom is gonna get me a XL and i dont have to pay :))! OK soo about the hair dying thing wasnt tooo hard?? it was kinda a weird texture and i wish i brushed myahir b4 i did it but its too late... ALSO does anyone else have to like finger the bottle REALLY deeply?? I always have to do that and it feels like im.. sinning... BUT MY HAIR TURNED OUT SO F***IN CUTE AND I ADDED BLACK TO THE SIDES!!!   Anyways the reason Im sad is because i have nothing to really look forward to?? like the reason i order stuff and save up for stuff is just to look forward to it, because if im not looking forward to something then whats the point really? but thats ok because i have so much to look forward to!! :) like making kandi, skating with friends, geting all dressed upp.. i think thats fun stuff lol. Song for today: Riot Anthem by LADY BABY



06/06/2021 04:33 AM 

geeawd + luv + ramblez
Current mood:  ninja

i go back to good ol' university in august, so there's still time, but GEEAWWD i hope i get to have a singular dorm. i don't wanna live with some rando that i've never even met before, and having people listen to my phone calls and general business just doesn't sit right with me. these singular dorms are very limited, but if you think for a SECOND that i'm gonna resort to living with a stranger, you thought wrong! deadass though, i think that if i don't end up getting a singular dorm, i'm gonna try and opt for a remote semester like last time. its just easier and my house is so much better than the dorms anyways. still though, it would be quite nice to be away from my hometown. i hate this place more than life itself. its boring, filled with degenerate cunts and just overall not my thing whatsoever. plus, i know too many people. bleh. they all suck. in other news, my one year anniversary with my boy is coming up soon! let me f***ing tell you, LDR's can work if you aren't f***ing lame. it makes me so mad when people - and lets be honest, mostly boomers and certified dumbasses - are like "long distances don't work!!!! you'll break up in a few months!!!! its not real love!!!" sheeeUUT UP!!! i guarantee these fux have never actually experienced real love. they're either 50 years old and live with their wife/husband who they mutually despise, or are 14 year olds who don't know sh*t. our love is something else. its beyond this world, and i say that wholeheartedly especially as someone who doesn't experience these types of emotions almost at all. i can't believe i found him. i could go on and on about him, but this post would be way lengthy, and its 4am and i don't feel like staring at the screen forever. what else hm... OH. i found another one of those uber pseudo-melancholic people on neocities! i followed them first because i thought their site looked sick, but then i read some of their sh*t and i just.. GAAH these people need to be sniped away from neocities. its sort of like sol PISS copycats, but a bit less infuriating. STILL - they are quite dumb. they just make it seem like their tumblr-esque sadness is something that should be adored by everyone, you know what i mean? probably not. i suck fAT BALLZ at explaining. just think sol piss with extra steps, ha!holy sh*t!!! right as i finished up that paragraph, i saw my clock: 4:44. if you don't know, sol piss claimed that to be her "angel number" or whatever. i swear she's reading this. hi sol piss. your copycats are just as annoying as you. anyways. that's all i have to say, i think. i like this blog so far! think i'm gonna make this just a place where i talk about the dumbest sh*t ever and just whatever i want. also thank you to all the cool ass mothaf***az on fp that recently added me and/or messaged me! you guys rock!!!! :-DDD

rants, love, blog, school, life


06/05/2021 12:01 AM 

Current mood:  drained

OK so... first time doing something like this... ill try to get a hang of it. uh so, i guess ill treat this as a online diary thing? idk.. jus a bit confused.i still need to put a pfp LOL 


06/05/2021 09:19 PM 

Lets bankrupt Zucc
Current mood:  evil

Lets get this website huge by making all of our friends join, get them off Facebook and take away Zuccs power.It's what he deserves.


06/05/2021 02:58 PM 

Current mood:  scared

eerie, field, creepy, empty


06/05/2021 02:13 PM 

new mask, what u think?
Current mood:  sad

gas mask, darkness


06/05/2021 02:09 PM 

Current mood:  blank

tree, photography, nature, alt, sepia


06/05/2021 06:31 AM 

This website is fun
Current mood:  amused

I love this website its very fun  



06/05/2021 01:54 AM 

Current mood:  calm

serveyyy ♥3 also hi!!1) How old do you look?14-16?2) Where do you live?emoville3) Are you waiting for something?no?4) What's one pet peeve of yours that is not common?i don't even know where to begin with this question5) Last [friendproject] message you received, what'd it say?someone asking about me6) Can you handle the truth?i say i prefer it but i'd kinda rather be lied to7) Did you cry today?no weirdly8) Do you hate the last person you had a conversation with?absolutely not ♥9) Do you have kids?no...no10) Have you ever thought about converting your religion?religion isn't really something im comfortable with11) Last shocking news you heard?that this existed i was so excited!!12) What was the last thing you drank?water? i think13) Last person you hugged?bestie ♥14) Who do you most look like in your family?i actualy don't know it's almost like completely a mix15) Did you dream last night?nope16) How many piercings do you have?217) If you could have something right now, anything, what would it be?money???????18) Does anyone call you babe?milfs19) Where does most of your family live?chicago i think?20) Where did you grow up?florida- hate it here21) Where do you want to go on vacation?nc... lol22) Have you broken a bone?no23) What did you receive for Valentine's Day?crystal necklace!!24) Have you ever had a panic attack?yea it was the best moment ive ever had in my life /j25) Can you sleep in jeans?that sounds uncomfortable26) What can't you wait for?more money27) When's the last time you told someone you loved them and meant it?less than 10 minutes ago28) Have your parents ever smoked pot?a lot of it actually29) Want someone back in your life?no!!30) Do you live near your most recent ex?she moved thank god31) Are you good at giving directions?no not at all32) What do you order at the bar? i'm a 14 year old incel33) When was the last time you cried really, really hard?december34) Who was your last text from?sara ♥35) Ever licked someone's cheek?TECHNICALLY YES? i hate that36) what is your favorite thing to eat with peanut butter?i hate peanut butter37) Where were you on July 4th, 2007?i was 10 months old how tf would i know38) What body part(s) do you wash first in the shower?hair?39) Have you ever kissed anyone who's name started with a D?specific but yeah my 5th grade gf40) Do you prefer warm or cold weather?neither, simply light rain... so cold?41) What do you currently hear right now? feel good inc... i love gorillaz42) Does someone like you right now?yes actually- not doing anything about it though43) Could you go out in public looking like you do now?i mean i could but i would44) What are your nicknames?make them for me?? idk call me mommy or sum45) On the opposite sex where do you like them to have piercings?why would i care me dont like men46) If you could go any place in the world right now where would you go?nc or ny tbh lol47) Have you ever made someone so mad that they broke something?probably48) Have you ever kissed someone and hated it?yes.49) What is your favorite color?pink or green50) If you could go back in time, how far back would you go?late 2000s probably



06/05/2021 12:10 PM 

survey i stole huhuhuhuh
Current mood:  bouncy

1. What’s your sexual orientation? Bisexual 2. What are you obsessed with right now? Spooky stuff and emo/scene stuff, like always 3. Ever done any drugs? yesh o___o 4. What piercings do you want? A nose ring and snakebites! 5. How many people have you kissed? only one! i dont like kissing people that much, unless i really like them or something 6. Describe your dream home. Maybe in the countryside, a medium size house with lots of nature and space around it for pets and stuff :D 7. Who are you jealous of? People who had good/regular childhoods or family life, people with money, people who can talk to anyone easily. 8. What’s your favorite show to binge? I can't focus on shows and I'm not able to binge watch stuff (short attention-span and ADHD :/) 9. Do you watch porn? sometimes 10. Do you have a secret sideblog? nopeeeeee 11. If you could teleport anywhere in the world right now, where would you go? Maybe Bahamas to hang out with my friendo! :) 12. What’s one of your fantasies? To be a famous rock singer or be good friends with Gerard Way 13. Do you have/would you get your nipples pierced? Probably not 14. How would you spend a million dollars? Give most of it to my parents and use the rest to get nice electronics or something 15. Are you in a relationship? nopeee 16. Do you follow porn blogs? nope 17. Are you angry with anyone right now? nope 18. What tattoos do you want? I'm not sure if I want a tattoo bc I'm really indecisive 19. If you could change your name, would you? What would you change it to? I wouldn't change my name 20. What is something you’re obsessed with? Referred to the same question above :P 21. Describe your best friend. I don't have a best friend, but a few close friends 22. Tag someone you think is hot. xxlovemorexx huhuhuhu 23. Who are five of your favorite bands/musical artists? MCR, pierce the veil, Marilyn Manson, Nick Cave, acid black cherry 24. What are three places you want to travel? I wanna travel all over the world 25. Describe your perfect Friday night. if im alone: takeout chinese food, a good horror gameplay series, some iced coffee, a good blanket, and rain pouring outside. With someone: walking outside in the rain and talking about shtuff and getting candy/drinks to bring home 26. What’s your favorite season? fall/winter 27. What’s your pet peeve? Rude people, racists/bigots/hateful people, making loud noises when eating, people that intentionally leave others out of their plans for no reason 28. Who is the funniest person you know? my friend :) 29. What’s the most overrated movie? Blair witch project 30. Tag someone you want to talk to but have been too shy to message. Gerard Way haha 31. Do you like paper books or ebooks better? Paper books for sure! I can't read ebooks well, its just too hard to focus on 32. If you could live in a fictional world, what world would you pick? Twilight world or Harry Potter universe 33. If money was no object, what would your wardrobe be like? Gothic, visual kei, feminine pieces, lots of stuff tbh!!! 34. What’s your coffee order? matcha latte or iced coffee 35. Do you have a crush on anyone? maybe idk 36. Do you still have feelings for any of your exes? f*** no they all suck ass 37. Have any tattoos? nope 38. Do you drink? nope 39. Are you a virgin? nope 40. Do you have a crush on any of your mutuals? nah 41. How many followers do you have? idk 42. Describe the hottest person you know. black hair, funny, cute, great personality, cute smile 43. What’s your guilty pleasure? listening to old one direction stuff and reading creepypasta fanfics lol 44. Do you read erotica? nope 45. What’s the worst date you’ve ever been on? date at my ex's apartment, but the campus police came in during the date and he nearly pissed himself and then he kicked me out of the apartment bc he was so scared of the campus police and ate all the food I bought for us 46. How many people do you follow?um idk wtf 47. If you could marry any celebrity, who would you pick? Gerard Way i guess lol 48. Describe your ideal partner. kind, understanding, not controlling, funny but serious when they need to be, loving, and passionate about their hobbies or career :) 49. Who do you text the most?  my friends 50. What’s your favorite kind of weather? really heavy rain, thunder and lightning is a great bonus :) 

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