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07/16/2020 09:02 PM 



βŠ±β”€β”€π’₯𝒢𝓃𝓃𝒢𝒽 β”€β”€βŠ°

07/16/2020 08:41 PM 




07/16/2020 12:37 AM 

Current mood:  blank

i deadass will make an acc, not interact with anyone or do anything and then wonder why no bitches are in my dms- time to sh*t post into the void



07/16/2020 07:01 PM 

Current mood:  angry

ughhhhhh im so annoyed my mum wont let me get mindcraft on my laptop coz i wld 'break the keyboard' that is absoulte bull, how wld i break the keyboard by playing mindcraft?????? and its the holidays so i thought she wld let me then take it off for school. also she let my brother have all kinds of games on his laptop when he was 13. he was so ruff w his laptop and wld bash it when he died in his games. he played cod, not mindcraft, all i wld do is make houses and stuff, and ik how fragile laptops can be so i wldnt hit it. i dont think she understands that you dont have to hit the keys rlly hard when playing games. ughh i rlly want it and i was going to pay for it with my birthday money. i might have to ask again in a few monthes when she knows that i can take care of my laptop properly. k bye ♥


07/16/2020 06:56 PM 

exciting things
Current mood:  excited

I have a lot of fun days coming up. mine and my husbands birthdays, and our anniversary!  Ugh, we're planning on  traveling to another country, we just have to see about the safety requirements first. :) I'm so excited and looking forward to the fun and taking lots of pictures


07/16/2020 04:45 PM 

Current mood:  blissful

hi i just woke up :))) i love this website sm. i feel like im in a 2000's movie everytime i come on here. like lizzie mcguire or hannah montana. its rkky cool but i dont rlly know how to use it properly yet. i dont know how to upload photos from my laptop, how to read messages fully, how to post photos and probably a bunch of other stuff lmao. rn im listening to dear evan handson and it is so sad but rlly gud. i rlly want to see it in the theater after quarentine. last night i watched its kinda a funny story. its such a cute film and i luv bobby, hes so adorable. i just realised that ive never blogged before, it always seemed like an old fashioned for some reason but i kinda like it, even thought i know no one is going to see it. i think thats what i like most abt it. ive watched the hamilton movie 3 times now and everytime it gets better. im even wearing a hamilton jumper rn. its my sisters but shes away in amsterdam for 2 weeks. ive already tried on half of her wardrobe. anyway can someone check in on brittany spears and moop. i hope there ok. k bye xx

.‒♫‒♬‒ kira ‒♬‒♫‒.

07/16/2020 03:54 PM 

Current mood:  annoyed

i hav a headache 



07/16/2020 03:18 PM 

Teen reads

pumpkin heads by Faith Erin Hicks:this graphic novel is about 2 bffs. all throughout highschool, every autumn they've worked together at the best pumpkin patch their town has to offer. Reuinitng every 1st of September. However, this halloween will be different. both of these bffs are fianlly seniors and it will be their last season at the pumpkin patch and working together. this novel starts off with them both trying to make the best of their last time together at the pumpkin patch. Josiah, has a lil crush and Deja wants to help him find her and get him to talk to her before they all part ways. it takes an eventful turn and twist but the end is really full of suprises!


07/16/2020 12:08 AM 


Day 5: Also uneventful. Ooh! I went to the chiropractor and got my back did and also my legs were out of line w each other so they fixed that. I also got Starbucks so I was happy about that haha. I forgot to post and then remembered but then I didn't want to so I forgot again and now it's the next day technically but who cares. I'm feeling ugly and unmotivated  but too bad. Goodnight

Alex the Simp (they/them)

07/16/2020 03:01 AM 

My FP Youtube Videos

I'm going to be putting all my youtube videos here since the bulletins get deleted :) MY INTRO VIDEO: video:


07/16/2020 02:03 PM 

Profile picture

Ok so I'm dumb-- How do I change my profile icon? lmao


Micah Christina

07/16/2020 12:51 AM 

First post
Current mood:  confused

hey everyone. this is my first post on friend project and I love it here. i think I'm going to move my Tumblr blog here. but I'm not sure yet. my life is strange. is it narcissistic to think my life would make a great movie? because i think it really would. the love triangles, the drama, the spontaneous things that my friends and i do? it genuinely feels like I'm living in a coming of age movie and it's so surreal. that's all I have for now because it's kinda late at night and I have to work tomorrow. au revior

dailyblog, daily, newpost, teenager, teenangst,


07/16/2020 01:54 PM 

Current mood:  blank

I get vibes with this


07/16/2020 01:42 PM 

Current mood:  depressed

Martha what are you doing tonight?It's so cold outsideThe world is so dark and greyWill you be ok?Let's go to sleepLet's go to sleepThe nightmares I face are better than being awakeEvery day is a struggle but your cuddles make it okayTomorrow is a brand new dayThe air is so fresh and crispIs it worth the risk?Just to feel the air on my skinThe world is endingI'll never comprehendHow people are so selfishThat they can't see thisBeing the disaster that kills us all


07/16/2020 12:06 AM 

I am currently zooted
Current mood:  devious

Today I drove in the rain for the first time with my girls, R, and Z. I didn't want to drive bc I wanted to be high, but R wanted to get high as well, so we had to rock paper scissors it. And I lost but its cool. We went to target as well, and I eventually bought an Arizona cocktail, goldfish, and a Lana Del Rey Vinyl. 

Blog, High, Friends, Target


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