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07/05/2020 02:27 PM 

Where's the music
Current mood:  blank

Throw in some Slayer 



07/04/2020 03:48 PM 

f*** your 4th of July AND anti 4th parties
Current mood:  disappointed

i will admit that the idea of a anti 4th of july party kinda sounded like a blast originally and if it wasnt for my parents voicing their very justified concerns on me going out during the covid spike i probably would have had a fun drinking day. but looking at all the mixed views on people celebrating today has kinda proved to me that my parents are 100% right and the best thing for anyone to do in my personal opinion is to just not celebrate anything at all and stay home and use this day to educate yourself over just having a 4th of july party with the caption f*** the 4th. this also leads my train of thought to how many people have been PREACHING about wearing masks and being safe and to social distance and who call people out when they arent doing what they are supposed to then proceed to blatantly break their own values and post about it not even trying to hide it and still trying to be a martyr. literally f*** that i have confined myself to a specific small group of friends that i will be moving in with in a little over a month that my parents approve are safe for me to hang with cause i have a parent with an autoimmune disorder making her high risk. i have been wearing a mask in public settings and havent even gone within 6 feet of my extended family and i still feel insanely guilty if i break my own social distancing guidlines that ive laid out for myself regardless of if it ends up on social media or not. and even then i dont post preaching about social distancing and wearing a mask because i dont feel that its fair for me to put people in their place when i myself know that there have been moments that ive broken social distancing. cases are only going up, dont be reckless this is the time to get even more serious about this. please reflect on yourself jeez. 


07/05/2020 01:55 PM 

this website feels like a time machine back into the late 2000s
Current mood:  bouncy

srsly whenever I visit this website I feel like I'm transported right back in the late 2000s/early 2010s, and I love it xD


07/05/2020 01:41 AM 

weenier weenier pumpkin eater
Current mood:  bouncy

my friends dinner just resurfaced in her mouth on call

millies day dream<3

07/05/2020 01:26 PM 

i will pay you to kidnap me

wish my sister would stfu. her rooms right next to mine and I can hear her conversations that she has from 12-3am and its so annoying 

millies day dream<3

07/05/2020 01:22 PM 

sad girl millies back

if someone from my school found my account I would die. I hate living here everyone I've been to school with since 3rd grade knows me. I wanna move to someplace sunny where no one knows me and I can live out my dreams of being a beach girl


07/05/2020 12:20 PM 

I crave
Current mood:  adventurous

i want someone where we get high out of our minds by a body of water while we lay on blankets and talk about life and have crazy adventures at 3am

millies day dream<3

07/05/2020 01:13 PM 

yeah <3

Not that anyone asked but, I've been calling myself bisexual since like 7th grade without really knowing what it meant but now I identify as pansexual


07/05/2020 12:55 PM 

Current mood:  amused

Lmao so I know people always say their mental health is bad and that they're toxic or whatever, "omg I'm so toxic lmao I still am in my emo phase!" Nahh I know I'm f***rd because I was having a "nightmare" or whatever my subconscious was trying to do and in said "nightmare" I saw a girl get paralyzed and gutted by a killer. However later in the dream I see the killers thoughts of killing and right before I woke up I look to myself from my dream as if I was in the office and said "This is why I sought psychiatric help." Lmao I woke up laughing at myself just saying WTF even my subconscious knows how f***ed I am, Wish me luck!... or sweet dreams lmao ~ KA

mental health, subconscious, dreams, funny, weird, rip


07/05/2020 12:03 PM 

Current mood:  anxious

I really hate any holiday where there is a lot of fireworks. I just can't deal with the noise. I'm not scared, I just get overstimulated and there's too much noise. Does anyone else feel that way? I can't even stand to be touched or talked to about anything when I'm like that and I lash out and act really angry when I'm not. It's midnight where I live and they are still popping them off. I hate that they are legal in my state. :/ I'm starting to feel a little better. I definitely miss having a blog to sort my thoughts out in. It really helps. Okie dokie then. Signing off.

anxiety, ADHD


07/05/2020 12:51 PM 

Who wants to be friends???
Current mood:  bored

I definitely need more people to talk to. Let me know if you'd like to make friends! Looking for someone open minded, 18+ and bonus points if you're LGBT. I'm trans, so no phobes allowed, obviously  I hope this post doesn't come off as me being weird 

trans, punk, friends, lonely,


07/05/2020 12:53 PM 

check in<3
Current mood:  evil

hey my beautys


07/05/2020 12:35 PM 

Current mood:  rebellious

has enyone ever just felt the need t sneak out and just skate around the city or is it just me

skater girl


07/05/2020 12:33 PM 


im so random but i just had a panic attack this sh*t cant stop f***in me up im tired i just wanna feel calm for once i cant even feel safe anymore .


07/05/2020 12:27 PM 

Current mood:  bored

so what frank ocean song do you like ?


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