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11/13/2022 08:09 PM 

am i a true mcr fan

Certificate: Test results Are you a true My Chemical Romance Fan? WOW! You obviously know a lot about My Chemical Romance and for that I like you. We would get along great! Even they (My Chemical Romance) look happy about that you know that much about them! You have correctly answered 12 of 15 questions.On average, 6228 of users who took the quiz gave 8.32 right answers.   Take this quiz: Are you a true My Chemical Romance Fan?


11/13/2022 07:39 PM 

what the

how tf do I use this sh*t bruh



11/13/2022 06:11 PM 

Google Stop Surpressing Censoring Dominic Homan 2006 Deal

Dominic Homan comics google Ms GreenVines, Autumn Woman, Winterfall a woman Summers end a womman Summer Sizz a womanSpring Lady Luck, Duckface Reepeer, Volcano face BEarman Woman Bear Sandra, Jundy Zombie fan of solomon grundy....relaxing friday evening... saturday sunday,,,


11/13/2022 04:05 PM 

christmassss graphiczzzzz
Current mood:  nostalgic

Christmas graphics bcz im exited Current mood: excited pretty picures


11/13/2022 03:09 PM 

Current mood:  accomplished

<img src="" width="110" height="70"/><img src="" width="110" height="70"/><img src="; width="110" height="70"/><img src="; width="110" height="70"/><img src="; width="110" height="70"/><img src="; width="110" height="70"/> 


11/13/2022 01:23 PM 

adventures in dog world (plus a snail update)

i learned a rly great method so im finally teaching my 7 yr old dog to come when called. hes...decent at it so far. id say hes at about a 70% success rate in just one session. i taught him the concept inside (basically i point at the floor in front of me, say "ollie come", and when he comes i grab his collar, praise & treat him, then let go and let him go back to his business) and then i took him to the backyard for the Real test. also ik, ive had this dog for 7 yrs and its p late for him to learn this extremely basic command. but i hav honestly had it with his signature Heeler Sass(tm) and ik hes a smart boy. theres a lot more distracting things outside, and he doesnt wear his collar often unless we're going out so that excited him too. the times where he failed to come when called, i walked over to him & grabbed his collar and (gently, but firmly!) guided him to the spot where i called him from. he got a bit cranky when i corrected him like this (there was some snarls and mouthiness, but he didnt bite. i still scolded him for tht) but after i was stern with him i treated him and let him go. i waited a bit and then called him again and he came straight to me so i gave him two treats, lots of pets and a smooch.we're takin a break now but i hope to work some more in a couple hours. and now 2 the Second part of the blog: snails!so i first got my snails...nearly 2 years ago. which is an average lifespan for milk snails. they were adults when i caught them and i have had more added to the gang, but a majority of them have sadly passed away. i think jethro is the only one still alive from the original crew. i caught 2 more milk snails yesterday and ive decided to name them hank & dean. theres a lot of weeds in the yard bc we havent mowed in a while, which is gr8 bc dandelion leaves & the other weird leafy plants that grow are some of my snails' favorite foods. which makes sense bc thats the stuff they eat in the wild. and ofc, cuttlebone for their shells. i bought some new ones (one for my bird, one for snails) so we're set for a while. anyway thts it for me and my pet adventures!! ill post an update on ollie once its been a while.


11/13/2022 12:50 PM 

being exhausted
Current mood:  exhausted

hello ppl,and here i am, once again exhausted asfffff. lately i must say a lot of things go the right way for me. i got the job i wanted, it looks like i can do the diploma i want, rn i live in a flat with the perfect location in the city and all that. but at the same time i be saaad, shawty. jkjk had to be said tho. but fr tho, my mind keeps f***ing me up over and over for no reason. i always keep getting into situations where i feel like i talk too much and after i jus wanna dissapear. like why cant i jus stfu. whats so hard abt that. also i feel a lot of sadness. i start getting overwhelmed a lot and i feel like im distancing myself from a lot- almost everyone. i want to text and talk back but i just cant. i dont have the nergy. i dont have the social battery. and it makes me so sad. i dont want other people to think i dont like them or sum. but also i cant tell them how i feel. and mainly i just dont understand why i feel like it. every mf thing is going my way, so why tf does my mind keep pulling me this is just a whole complain. im srry for that, but it needed to be written down. im better now anf if your reading this,this is your sign to start writing sh*t down to feel better! ok shawtys, see u next time

exhausted, gta


11/13/2022 11:35 PM 

More gay rambling
Current mood:  romantic

I've given up I don't think I like the Courier New font anymore. It's had a good run. Times New Roman is my friend now.Still yearning over him. Still PINING over him. I can't shut up about him and it's super embarrassing. Lately something happened not directly INVOLVING him but it was ABOUT him. And for a bit I was kind of nervous thinking about/around him, but for the most part I think m just gonna ignore it. For now, at least. I am way too in over my head and I'd rather just come here and innocently rant about and pine after him to my heart's content, yknow. Romanticize it, channel my inner Ancient Roman poet and lament lovingly about my feelings for him to the voidI wish he'd text me more. But I get it, it's a Saturday night. Hes either asleep or out doing stuff. And I get I don't really talk about much other than Latin, D&D, JJBA, and silly animals, so I understand it can get a little boring talking to me. Wish I could be more interesting for him.I digress. I just got back from my sister's wedding and I need to wash my face, maybe take a shower so I can use that acne wash... goodnight :)

SexyDexy !!

11/10/2022 10:56 PM 

how did u find out abt fp ??

hi !! how did u find out about FP ?? one of my friends told me on everskies but it was also mentioned a lot on slink and spacehey lolz

ella misery ✯

11/10/2022 10:34 PM 

my playlist!

here's my spotify playlist


11/09/2022 10:43 PM 

New Unique Horror Movie Discovered!

As an avid movie watcher I'd like to share cinematography I think somebody could enjoy my recent discovery was The People Under The Stairs, Wes Craven horror movie from the 90's, with Wendy Robie from Twin Peaks (a show I have to admit I never watched, but am planning to). Thought it was rather exciting and I wanted to know how things turned out  

horror movie


11/09/2022 04:34 PM 


Had no school yesterday because they were holding elections at my school. (Greg Abbott won again im f***ing pissed)So I hung out with my friends. here's my lewk from yesterday ehhe

friends, fashion


11/09/2022 12:31 AM 

Current mood:  frustrated

i hav no clue how ths website works yet......... i wnt new friends T____T


11/08/2022 02:13 PM 

Current mood:  discontent

Oh, how it all happened so quickly.  I knew I would make a promise that I could not keep. Your irresistible poison still stains my lips and makes my insides burn. Slowly the chemicals are eating me out from the inside, all I can do is wait until it nips at my heart and stops the flow of blood to all the places where your loving touch still lingers.


11/07/2022 02:18 PM 



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