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09/05/2022 07:21 PM 

My Music

I wanted to share some of my music here.  I am in no way a professional but I like to think of myself as a hobbyist with making music. The three links below are of my current three songs on soundcloud.FliesCurdled Milk VeinsPorcelain

songs, music, songwriter, singer, soundclous


09/05/2022 08:11 PM 

rave g1rl
Current mood:  annoyed

2 all the ppl goin raves jus to take pics n assault ppl kindly remove urself from my general vicinity becuz i will go feral

P͜͡o͜͡o͜͡h͜͡ ☻︎

09/05/2022 02:13 AM 

life sucks
Current mood:  numb

i still dont inderstnd why did i have to be done wrong and used.  and  he is mad at me and for wht?  IT JUST DOESNT MAKE ANY SENSE.  why do people treat some people like f***in trash. its not coo its not ok 


09/05/2022 01:59 PM 

Current mood:  animated



09/05/2022 12:30 PM 

Current mood:  awake

i live my days in time when i leave this world ill live in time n energy


09/05/2022 12:15 PM 

Current mood:  blank

idk i live my life by the days idk what will happen nor do i care im j waiting for my depart.


09/04/2007 06:19 PM 

Current mood:  confident

Ahh september, i really love this month (with october of course)  Many things always happen this month for me, very exiting!. My best friend birthday.. ah i really apreciate and love her so much  so proud of her.2- I've been complainig with my art style, like damn! i wish i could draw men more better and  Hotter! but silly mood donest help  



09/04/2022 04:57 PM 

Current mood:  flirty

"tall boyswith a cute laughdeep voicesand messy hair"THAT ALL THAT I NEED TO BE SATISFIED...


P͜͡o͜͡o͜͡h͜͡ ☻︎

09/04/2022 02:13 AM 

i dont know anymore

I just really feel like sh*t i done some really dumd sh*t and wish i nver did. I wonder why people get attached to people  like why ? I JUST DONT UNDERSTAND WHY. I HATE IT SO MUCH. i wanna feel free from it i wanna feel happy i dont wanna look back it's so hard. i just dont understand how can a person do hat to someone just not care about there feelin an all that  why do all that with someone just not to talk to them and tell them to get over it it made me feel like sh*t i hate feelin his way and i understand how it feels to get yo heart broken it is the wrost feelin ever i did some things i wish i never did with him but it is what it is ]. it all said an done i just wish me and him could've been coo yo but hee wanted to be  a BITCH 


09/04/2022 02:25 PM 


Ethan Kath is literally such a terrible personBesides everything he has done to his multiple victims, Knights & Knife Fight have a sample of a girl crying when she found out she had HIV. f***ing insane. thats something so vulnerable. this guy is absolutely terrible and as much as i like him as a producer, everything else, i just want to f***ing $%^ hiM AGGGGHHHHalso the artist that made the black eyed madonna art? Pedo. actual pedo.


09/03/2022 12:25 PM 

Current mood:  blah

Do you ever wonder what pure happiness feels like... I know I do.. I wonder if I will ever feel that. Im not saying im not happy or anything but lately only certain things make me feel... I guess you could say happy even though there is still a burning sensation where my suppose to be heart is. ANYWAYS im bored and hungry so BYEEEEEEEEEEEE

#firstblog #happiness #hehehehe


09/03/2022 12:32 PM 

old old future me letter

from october 6th 2020 to myself on december 6th 2020Dear FutureMe, is corona over?-almostdo u still like albert?-nodo u know how to edit good?- i did and didnt edit for a while and my editings worse nowwhat do u look like?-i got bangs and im hotter than u where fuglyr u in in person school?-yes...middle school -sigh-


09/03/2022 12:28 PM 

old future me letter from 1/9/21

it was sent on my birthday (04/11/21)  Dear FutureMe, Hey zoe i have questions for u :D . in in person school? -yes. is covid over? -no almost tho!. Happy birthday btw :D . what did u get? -last year i and a hanako cosplay. 10 years of aliveness? :0-11 now shocking right?. u still watch anime?-sometimes. hows ur fanpage going?-oh honey its long gone. still watch albert?-no. hows ur friends?-raquel,marlo,kaya and klenam? klenams fine raquel and marlo are bitches and kaya is okay. anyway happy birthday :D -Zoe from the past    


09/02/2022 04:14 PM 

happy fall!
Current mood:  calm

wake me up when september ends


09/02/2022 04:22 PM 

[poem] Squeaky Clean

I like the water pressure high,Mercilessly pounding against my back,Marking my skin with loving lacerations.Soon enough, it'll rip me open,Exposing my vital organs for all to see.Tear. Me. Apart.Let the scalding water invade meAnd drip down my ribcage.Let my guts spill outAnd make their way down the drain,Good riddance.Wash away the blood and the pain,The aches and the brains.Let the stains from the fluidWash away in the rain.Clean me off.Remove flesh from feeling,Seperate body and soul.Let me be free.Rid me of what made me,"Me".

shower, gore, body image

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