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09/11/2022 07:29 PM 


if someone is curious abt my appearance (idk if its possible to see the img, my cellphone is a brick):


09/11/2022 07:18 PM 

I'll probably delete this later
Current mood:  sad

ugh i really wanted to use this site to make friends. there are so many people who seem to be nice here, but i don't know how to bring it up. I wanted to be a person who easily makes friends on the Internet, but for some f***ing reason I'm not that kind of person 


09/11/2022 05:27 PM 

Current mood:  indescribable

Yesterday, when I went to my grandma's house from the shopping mall, the door was opened and one of the wardrobes had been opened by someone. We called the police, and all the neighbors were there helping us to calm down. The police couldn't find anyone, but I'm sure that now we're safe. The only great thing in everything that happened, was that I saw my grandma's neighbor that was my childhood friend, and we talked abt anime. I was terrified, but now I think there's nothing to worry abt. There might be some other reason for everything that happened.


09/11/2022 11:50 PM 

Current mood:  amorous

bitch im Finna get booted 2day


09/10/2022 09:18 PM 

September 10th 2022
Current mood:  disgusted

Sorry for not writing yesterday; I spent the night at my lover's house as it was his birthday.  Yesterday went really well though!! We went to Red Lobster and then we went to Barnes & Nobles.  Today I went with my brother and his friend to the mall.  I found a cane that was actually a revolver for my dad; he really liked it but sadly he can't take it to work.  I also found a Christmas present for my lover's dad and a family friend! My lover's dad really likes the band Deftones so I bought him a band tee and for the family friend I found an old horror film collection!  Now I'm just tired.  I'm currently on the phone with my lover right now and we are planning to fall asleep together on call.  I can't wait to read my new book, Petals in the Wind, tomorrow during a birthday party.  I just found a beetle in my hair; I had my mom look for more but she didn't find any.  I'm going to go take a shower now.


09/10/2022 02:05 PM 

clarinha answers!
Current mood:  pirate

Clara answers questions abt me o_O cool nicknames for meClara: alliexpress, alliedogui2)Allie: first thoughts Clara: I thought you were an emo (Allie: I'M A SCENE QUEEN, NOT EMO 😑), you had a mutual account in tik tok, and you were viciated in tik tok 3)Allie: Favourite movie?Clara: Lord of the Rings (Allie: True! :P)4)Allie: Do u know my parents name? Clara: Yes, Euvaldo and Marcia 5)Allie: My fav food?Clara: Cucumber (Allie: YES, ITS THE LOVE OF MY LIFE! I LOVE IT) 6)Allie: My favorite drink? Clarinha: Tea and watermelon juice7) Allie: What do I like doing? Clara: Play Genshin and the sims, and calling me all the time 8) Allie: What kind of music do I like listening to?Clara: Anime music, gummy bear, and emo rock (allie: I love emos, but I've already told u that im not emo) 9) Allie: Fav animal? Clara: Cat and dog (Allie: No, it's actually giraffe) 10) Allie: Any message for ppl that are reading this? Clara: Hey, alliexpress blog's readers, you're so f***ing cool! Congrats for wasting your time reading this! Love you ppl that I don't know and are probably 69 years old mans πŸŽ‰πŸŽ‰πŸŽ‰πŸΎπŸΎπŸΎπŸŽˆπŸŽˆπŸ‘―πŸ‘―πŸ‘―πŸ‘―


09/10/2022 02:08 PM 

i should use virtualbox

can i use virtualbox



09/10/2022 01:57 PM 

Current mood:  crying

all i want is a slipknot in my headphones rn



09/10/2022 03:24 PM 


lmaolmao lmao i am currently laughing my asss off



09/09/2022 09:17 PM 

Avril Lavigne Rock in Rio
Current mood:  frustrated

I never wanted to cry so much like i want to cry now. Here in Brazil we're having rock in rio, and I'm watching some shows in the tv, cause I couldn't go to the shows. Today is Avril Lavigne's show, and I was so excited to watch her singing, but I needed to travel to my grandma's house and I needed to watch a you tube stream of the show. It was awesome and etc, but when it started to play sk8er boy (my favorite Avril's song), the internet stopped working. I hate everything. 


09/09/2022 09:02 PM 

new layout
Current mood:  blah

I loved my new layout, but I'm probably photosensitive and the cool lights hurt my eyes 


09/09/2022 07:57 PM 

hiii :33
Current mood:  content

I don't have any idea why I'm am posting this, or why I am using this social media; but hi, I'm Allie! Nice to meet everyone that is reading this. I hope everyone enjoy my profile, and I hope I enjoy posting to, and make lots of friends here!I am a Brazilian 14yo person.I'm still learning English, but my vocabulary is being improved every single day, and I hope some day I can be fluent.I'm trying to start to be a scene queen, even though I wasn't even born in the 2000s, and cringe culture is dead. I think I'll enjoy posting my life's stuff here :].kisses πŸ’‹,Allie Lightening


09/09/2022 05:09 PM 

My uploaded Vm Videos

Go check this out


09/09/2022 04:36 PM 

Current mood:  enraged

woke up feeling like sh*t whats new guys


09/09/2022 11:29 PM 

echolalia of the day/week/eternity
Current mood:  understimulated

I'm working for an hourly wage (ah)Went to high school, didn't do greatStill I gotta make more cashMore education is what I'm looking atWhen I get a degree I will make a bigger salarySo now I've got to seeWhich college is right for meI went on the internetAnd found education conn-ec-tionI did some free testsTo find out my directionI'm taking my classes onlineGettin' my degree on my own timeEducation connection matched me with the right college for freeGet connected for free (free)With education connectionGet connected for free (free)With education connectionGet connected for free (free)With education connection

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