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Janice Frisch

01/30/2013 01:09 PM 

new video On The Hustle Remix number 8 on the Canadian music charts
Current mood:  artistic

hi everyone... hope you enjoy my new video for On The Hustle Remix (Original) and load up any of my songs for you to enjoy. also I'm now number 8 all across canada music charts on reverbnation where almost 3 million musicians and industry professionals meet. check it out :)      


01/14/2013 04:23 PM 

Want a photo edit? Request one here!

Want your photo edited? Email your photo to: [email protected], with a fansign*new*(See below on why I now require a fansign), your name and telling me how you like your photo to be edited! If it's a preppy sign request, include what you want said as your text in the email! And it will be posted in my album "Edited photos" within soon and I will also notify you when i've posted it! :) P.S Unless if it's your own photo, PLEASE DON'T STEAL THE PHOTOS FROM THE ALBUM!!! NO FAKES!!!! FAQ:1. (Q)Do you accept cellphone pics? (A)Yes! I do! 2. (Q)Why do I have to submit a fansign? (A)Because to prevent fakes! 3. (Q)Why you don't edit pics for fakes? (A)Because I don't wanna get the blame for stealing anyone's pics! 4. (Q)What type of edits do you do? (A)All kinds! Preppy art, purikura, surrealism,face-in, etc. (See my album "Edited photos" for samples of what I do) 5. (Q)What type of software do you use? (A)Photoshop and Gimp! (Q).Do you also take layout requests? (A)Sorry! I do not know how to make layouts, only edit pictures! However, there are some others on this site that does take layout requests! Try contacting them! =)Question not answered here? Contact me! NOTE: Fansign can be written on skin OR paper. I'll accept either one! Fansign must say "Chanelly664","Chanel Harris" or "Chanel Harris photo editing". NO PHOTOSHOPPED SIGNS!!! If I see that your sign is photoshopped or edited in ANY kind of way, you will NOT get your edit! Sorry! Feel free to also LIKE my facebook page for updates! =) Those of you who FAIL to submit a fansign will also NOT get their edit! No offense, but sorry, that's my rule!! I hope you understand!

Janice Frisch

01/10/2013 04:22 PM 

my music is #24 on the Canadian music charts!

wow! Thanks to you all I'm very honoured to be number 24 on the ReverbNation Alternative charts for all of CANADA. keep on dancing bb's ! ~ Janice xxoo


07/12/2012 11:01 PM 

what's up people
Current mood:  loved

View all COPPERMINE tour dates

Janice Frisch

06/20/2012 05:23 PM 

new songs!!!
Current mood:  creative

writing and recording new songs... very excited to put them up here! STAY TUNED or go to for more! Have a super gr8 day all ~ janice xo

Bj Lynn;

05/16/2012 08:24 PM 


Layout Request:What font(s) you want.What colour(s) you want.What background/images you want. What you want it to say.Are you straight or gay?I guess you could call me Pansexual (someone who is attracted to other people regardless of their gender)Can we text/sext/skype/IM?I don't give out my number, I don't 'sext' anyone I'm not seriously dating, I don't use skype, and if you want to IM let me know if you have aim/msn/yahoo/etc; and I'll give you the correct username.Send me noodz/Can I send you noodz?No, and no.I'll add to this later.

Mostafa Majd's ✔Verified AccountŠ

03/22/2012 11:48 PM 

Why birds sings?


03/11/2012 08:31 PM 

Top Friends .

Add them now, they are all really sweet! Kati, Annu, Kittie, Veselina

it's jazz.

02/11/2012 02:01 PM 

About Me
Current mood:  adored

Removed; Old shit, ya digg? Something coming soon.


02/03/2012 03:29 PM 

Introducing the New FP Stream
Current mood:  adored

First and foremost, If you do NOT like the new stream you have the option to switch back to the older version. You can do that by clicking here. Just uncheck "Use the new Stream".New Stream Features: - The ability to comment someones update.- The ability to share photos (which is stored in your "Stream photos" album.)- The ability to show videos.New Stream Options:- You can hide a range of updates from specific friends.- You can unhide hidden friends under "Stream Settings".- You can allow/disallow your friends to comment your updates.I know some of you have suggested similar features. We may consider updating this more in the future. 

new, friendproject, status, stream

Stephanie Thornton

01/24/2012 07: PM 


personal photos herephotos of me heremy photography here

Vampire Heart

01/03/2012 02: AM 

Total Bullshit

I hate how the people around me that claim they know me very well don't even have a clue about me or anything about my life. Why do those people expect me to be their little princess or angel ? Can't they see that I am all grown up ? A lot of things have changed  about me and my life since my childhood. They all just assume that I will go back to being the same girl I once was. Well they are wrong !!! I know that I'm a beautiful and smart girl. So I'm just going to keep on living my life how I want to live it. No longer will I put up with how others expect me to be because that is in fact TOTAL BULLSHIT !!!!! I love my life just the way it is and wouldn't change anything about it for anything in the world !!!


04/20/2013 02:54 PM 

Frequently Asked Questions
Current mood:  pessimistic

Frequently  Asked  QuestionsWhat is your name?I have an eternal hatred for my given name and have never gne by it. My brother called me "Tay" when I was a baby because he couldn't say my whole name, so that is what everyone called me. However, I do not like it at all. So, please, call me Adaleigh. How old are you? My age is irrelevant, don't bother asking.What is your gender?I am female. What is your sexual orientation?I am human.What is your relationship status?I am single but in love. What is your religion?I am Wiccan. Where are you from? Australia.Compliments.Thank you, it means a lot, honestly.Insults.Grow up.-Will you promote me?Sure, as long as you promote me, unless I do so as a favor to you.Do you do PC4PC?Yes I do, just ask.What is the song on your page?River Flows In You by Yiruma. Where can I download it?Here. What is your theme/layout? Custom made by me. ---------------------------NOTE: If you ask me anything that is already answered in my FAQ I will either be rude embarrass you.


Vampire Heart

11/26/2011 03: PM 

Life Without You

My life without you is incomplete. Ever since you have left me, I have been very depressed. Why have you been taken away from me? I miss you so much mom~mom. I love you ! My life without you is pointless. You are the first and the last person I think about everyday. You were my best friend in the world and it really hurts me that you're gone. You are the one person that meant everything in the world to me and now you're gone ! My life without you makes no sense. When you left me so suddenly, a big piece of my heart went with you. That hole in my heart is there for life and nobody will ever be able to fill it. I feel completely lost without you. My life without you is depressing. I can't stop thinking about that day when my mom told me what had happened to you. It brings tears to my eyes. I miss you so much ! My life without you is a mess. Loosing you was and still is the worst thing that ever happened to me. This is something that has scared me for life! I would give anything to have you back by my side again. My life without you is boring.I miss all of the time that we have spent together. How could this have happened to me? You were everything in this world to me ! My life without you means nothing to me. I've lost all hope and belief when you left me all those years ago. You are my heart and I miss you so much! Without you in my life, nothing makes any sense to me anymore.     _____________________________________________________________                        In Loving Memory                               Of                       Mom~Mom     November 2, 1944 - January 31 , 1996 ______________________________________________________________                          Forever in my heart !!!

Vampire Heart

11/26/2011 03: PM 

" Loneliness "

Tears of sorrow and depression run down my face. The pain that I feel when I think about loosing you makes my heart ache. My love for you is endless !   The loneliness I'm going through is of extreme pain . I can't think of anything more worse than the day when you've left me . I have been very lonely and nothing will ever make this pain go away.   For my one true best friend in this world. Those memories that I have of you is what keeps you alive in my heart. I will cherish those memories forever.   Oh the loneliness is too much for me to deal with . My dear sweet grand mother every time I shed a tear, I think about you. It's so unfair how you have been taken away from me.   As each day goes by, I miss you more and more.You were somebody I could always count on and trust . If I could have just one wish, I would wish to have you back by my side again.   All of this loneliness is breaking my heart and destroying my soul. i am not the same girl that I use to be . When you were alive , I was so happy and full of energy.   Now that you've been taken away from me, I'm not as happy as I was before. I have less energy now too. I would give anything to be happy again for your sake.   There is too much loneliness here. I just can't stand to feel like this all of the time. But, I just can't help myself. i miss you so much. You are the first and the last person I think about every day.   Will this loneliness ever go away ? Only time will tell. Thankyou for always being there for me. I look forward to seeing you again someday.

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