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01/06/2023 03:12 PM 

Current mood:  inspired

When I woke up today I thought about how words are kind of like symbols – like representative of ideas that differ from person to person. Semantically, words can mean a lot of things. You can say "angry" or "sad", but due to people's skewed perceptions of what those words mean, you never really get a genuine sense of what another person feels. Like your conception of a word may be slightly different from someone else's – and there's kind of like an intrinsic barrier between you and that person. I hope that by being in a relationship, I can possibly escape that limitation and really find an intimate and unadulterated mutual understanding with someone else. IMO, the worst part about the process of getting to know someone is small talk.. Like yuck you really wanna talk about the weather? LOLSometimes I wish I could get straight to deeper topics, but sadly that's not how communication works, in most circumstances at least.


01/06/2023 10:56 PM 

Clinical II
Current mood:  rebellious it is...the dreaded Spring semester It's hard to believe I am graduating so soon. It's also hard to believe that I have to be at BHS every f***ing day. I literally cannot even afford the alcohol it takes me to get through this sh*t.Speaking of alcohol, I am putting on some much f***ing weight from this sh*t. I want to try and just not really eat—at least to save some calories. I would also maybe switch to hard liquor, but I just can't. It's too hard to regulate how much I am drinking and I feel like I could drink a fifth in one day very easily. I'm not sure if that's better or worse than the beer. Something has to change though because I spend so much cash on alcohol. I need to lose weight, and I'm just f***ing unhappy. I am able to enjoy things quite easily, but every day I have this huge argument with myself. I have been thinking of...k wording myself too often now. I feel like I could just park somewhere, drink like crazy and take some type of pill. I think about the aftermath, though, and that helps me get the thoughts out of my head. It's just hard to recognize that I won't be here to see the aftermath. In my mind, because I know my sister would probably copycat me, it feels like I would be able to see that happen. If that make sense? No, probably not. I'm not gonna be teaching for another week or so. I really don't want to. This sh*t is so awful I could cry just thinking about it.In any case, my nails are very cute. I haven't had a cute set I did myself in a while. Well, one that I am very excited to show off at least. I didn't know they had nail decals on Shein...or well, I kinda knew bc my friend got me some for Christmas. But still! I am so excited about what I can do! And for so MUCH cheaper than CandyStone. I have a sailor moon set in mind and a NANA set. I am so excited about both! I'm gonna wait till my refund comes from school to buy the stuff so that prob won't be until February or something. I am going to write something erotic to make myself go crazy. 


01/05/2023 07:08 PM 

Current mood:  distressed

going to school 🙄


01/04/2023 08:35 PM 

summertime sadness
Current mood:  depressed

ninguem fala comigonem ela fala cmgate elw fala as vezesela n liga pr mim?pq q ela n fala comigo??????????eu me sinto tao sozinhan faco nada o dia todoenquanto todos estao aproveitandojuro que nao aguento maisvai toma no cu todo mundo


01/04/2023 07:47 PM 

Current mood:  amused


Dominic Anthony

01/04/2023 11:43 PM 

A few twitter posts January 4th 2022 to Amy dumas and Trish Stratus

To amydumasMy Sis married in on October 2017 and got divorced 2021 august 1st?? but she kept her last name Homan thatHinkguy she was going to back out of marrying or joining in a partnershipmarriage went to the wedding, reception we went home...afterwards they divorced in 2021 ·To amydumasmy 2006 wish lita amy dumas or trish stratus can be subsituted for mercedes varnado or anybody except ronda or shaynabecause I dont know if polaristriorpolarbiiiipolar....i'm uni polar....if charlotte flair married andrade she didnt take his last name shes famous too ·To trishstratuscomI deserve to be happy so do you....either me with my 2006 wish or someone from facebook/or/facebookdating put most recent photo I'd want so i like your photos can we meet yes can you come over because you like me and thats how and she'd visit or want to livew/me


01/04/2023 11:29 PM 

Multi-tasking stress
Current mood:  complacent

SO I kinda have a lot of stuff I wanna do, thus being gaming. I need to finish both the fortnite and splatoon 3 battlepasses, but I also wanna do stuff on the side like create a roblox game, draw, play msm, and more. I also just got a new xbox game, High on Life. I think i need to prioritize fortnite a bit since I paid money for the battlepass, Im already level 30 so it shouldn t be too hard from here-on-out. Splatoon would come second, this weekend i ll be able to grind it extra though because It s splatfest. I think I can finish High on Life in chunks between my activities. The game only keeps me entertained for 1-2 hours or so.


01/03/2023 11:59 PM 


my birthday is in 13 days!!! yaya! :D


01/03/2023 05:32 PM 

Current mood:  miserable

this bra is literally so tight, i think im dying 3:< i have to wear this for over 12 hrs, kms 


01/02/2023 06:09 PM 

January 2nd, 2023 and still
Current mood:  gloomy

.......sighthere is no savingthe year has changed and im leftbehind is here stuck.I'm Liguid Smooth, Mitski, I'm Not At My Highest Peak and yet I manage to fall 


01/02/2023 04:52 PM 

school (ew)
Current mood:  annoyed

ugh, i so dont wanna go back to school tmrw >:( i wish break lasted forev </3


01/02/2023 05:36 PM 

It's 2023

I had two options for new years eve, the event I wanted to go and the event my friend wnated to go to. Against my better judgement I went with my friend. It wasn't terrible, but I still kind of wished I went to the other event. Piling into the city just to watch a few minutes of fireworks amongst a huge crowd is really overrated. I don't know what this yeat will be like but I am hoping 2023 will be better than the last couple of years. Let's achieve something positive this year.

Zoe Revenge

01/01/2023 06:09 PM 


im not living anymorei dont know how to

Zoe Revenge

01/01/2023 06:05 PM 

hes waiting
Current mood:  awake

im all alone in my bedroomwith just the city sounds and the cold winter breeze on my skinthe moons shiningand he's out there somewherewaiting for me

Zoe Revenge

01/01/2023 06:02 PM 

my true love, the moon
Current mood:  awake

The moonChemicalHe4rtz"why dont you watch the sunrise" you say?because the sunrise is the start of the daythe sun can see your facebut only the moon can see your soulthe way it shines in his eyesmy true love, the moon is where i hide. 

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