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11/15/2023 10:53 PM 

finally locked in
Current mood:  loved

I've been talking to this boy, Bryan for what will be 3 months tomorrow. And hes finally my boyfriend!!! im so happy and this time he's a walking green flag and actually shows me that he loves me, where as the guys i used to talk to they all treated me like sh!t. I actually love him so much and im so grateful for him. Im so proud of him and everything he's been going through. He's my favorite person in the whole world and i cant wait for all the fun and cute memories we'll make with eachother. 



11/14/2023 08:51 PM 

creaming all over ur mom
Current mood:  crazy

im gonna project my sticky sweet cream all over everything and there's nothing u can do to stop me. 



11/14/2023 06:47 PM 

Loving Her, Heart's Tapestry

     In the quiet spaces of my heart, there exists a profound affection for her that transcends the ordinary. Her presence is a melody that plays in the background of my thoughts, and her laughter is the sweetest tune I long to hear. In the kaleidoscope of emotions, love paints the canvas of my soul with vibrant hues whenever she graces my world. It's not just the way her eyes sparkle like constellations or the gentle cadence of her voice; it's the way her essence intertwines with mine, creating a tapestry of emotions that only deepens with each passing moment. Loving her is like discovering a hidden garden where every bloom tells a story, and every whisper of the wind carries the secrets of our shared moments. In the quiet simplicity of these feelings, I find a profound joy that makes every day brighter, and every challenge surmountable because, in the end, love for her is the anchor that grounds my wandering heart.-katt


11/14/2023 02:01 PM 

buzz buzz

     Struggling with copeous thoughts, I dream of dancing insects and overgrown vegetation taking over my brain as I sit and rot. Buzzing lights can surely drive those to deranged thinking bringing me no joy and ultimate fatigue.-katt

tweetie bird

11/13/2023 10:51 PM 

elliott smith
Current mood:  headphones

between the bars and clementine are such pretty songs you guys should listen to them

tweetie bird

11/13/2023 10:45 PM 

chicago activities
Current mood:  breezy

i need to skip class and go to navy pier at some point this month...and get really really high

tweetie bird

11/13/2023 10:33 PM 

i hate this class
Current mood:  amused

we have a really obnoxious sub and my friend keeps staring at me from across the class because he ate an entire weed brownie bc he was hungry in the morning. im trying so hard not to laugh rn

tweetie bird

11/13/2023 10:27 PM 

feeling a bit silly
Current mood:  mischievous

currently watching skins uk instead of paying attention to this ap gov lecture 


11/12/2023 08:43 PM 

I yearn for death

     I grapple with the weight of sadness. It reflects in my eyes and in my heart. The reasons for my melancholy may be as varied as the colors of the sky, hidden in the recesses of my thoughts. Perhaps it's the echoes of unspoken struggles or the poignant dance with unmet expectations. Regardless, my sadness paints a delicate portrait of vulnerability, a reminder that behind the kind smiles often lies a spectrum of emotions. In this subdued state, I navigate the ebb and flow of emotions, seeking solace in the hope that understanding and support will bring warmth to the shadows that cloud my heart and my head with the horrid hope of death.- katt


11/11/2004 08:48 PM 

Current mood:  calm

Hi there! It's been a while (Again) I'm doing good and decided to come back in here to say hi.. I know not many people use this site anymore (or maybe they do, I don't think it's as popular now as it used to be though) but I still like it a lot and was definitely more active earlier this year. Things have looked up since then! And I'm doing much better mentally. I think I just needed a break from it all and I hope life has treated you all as nicely as it has me. I probably won't log on as frequently but I will try. Have a good day!


11/11/2023 05:43 PM 

rant abt my ex sooo dont read if u dont wanna know im ranting about this whole situation
Current mood:  irate

everytime i see him at school i wanna blow my brains out against a wall and hear my skull shatter because he gives me such augina every time i glance at him. Thing is I still have a form of love for him which just beats me up even more. I'm just second place to him though. When he asked me out it was just because he liked another girl that rejected him and my BEST FRIEND at the time. Plus, the girl that rejected him is a f***ing haggard slut. Shes one of my friends and whenever one of her friends gets dumped she isnt upset, its just another guy she can take to the single person bathroom. And my best friend always pissed me off. But ever since me and him got into a big argument and my best friend stabbed me in the front and made up nontrue accusations of me I don't care. He's never defended me for the worst 6 months of my entire f***ing life. I was treated like a abused dog the whole entire time and my bestfriend new of his actions and they still pulled that sh*t AND went behind my back to sh*t talk about me. The reason is so stupid. I said I didn't care what religon somebody was and I just personally wasnt a fan of it. He got all butt hurt and made it into a whole thing and the day later he broke up with me because of it. That wasn't the reason he broke up with me though. No it was because for those past 2 months I didn't wanna do any sexual. All he did to me was walk all over me, dehumanize me and when he was horny thats when he would be interested in talking to too mentally exauhsted to write anymore.


11/11/2023 03:55 PM 

my room
Current mood:  lazy

i decided i wanna deep clean my room but thats not working out too well :p i started but now everything is just a mess :c so im kinda stuck sitting in mt bed debating if i wanna clean or notttttttt

unmotivated, bored, cleaning

Vomit Boy

11/11/2023 01:36 PM 

sleeping with the window open.

when i lived in san francisco, i slept with the window open.salt water fog crept in through my window. the rain would sneak in -the window opened on my side of the room -and the rain would kiss me awake,san francisco's the closest i'll ever get to winter. the rain would kiss me awake,and i'd wake to a city of lights like christmas,cars at 3am on highways like veins.this city was so aliveand so full of hopefor me. my roommate sleeps across the room. I'm in a house full of love -or close enough.everything's quiet, and still, and calm,except for distant hornsand drunk chatter. Like Heaven. I'm back home now, in sacramento.I keep my window closed when I's either too hot or too cold.too quiet or too loud.and the window doesn't open on my side of the room.the rain doesn't kiss, it demands you awake. everything demands you in sacramento. it demanded me to leave, now demands me to stay. cities and states and countries away...I'm falling in love with my hometown like a marriage arrangedfor convience. For family, for money. For no other choice. But I am falling in love with my hometown. I am falling in love again. I am falling in demands me to love. and i'm beginning to think maybe san francisco rain wasn't just san francisco's at all.  


11/11/2023 11:37 PM 

What is this
Current mood:  cold

My entire face feels like it is going to peel off any second! This weather is a good feel temperature, but my GOD does my nose, skin and sinusess hate me right now. It is so uncomfortable its not even funny anymore. Like lets just torture humans with fing around with their breathing....SEND HELP



11/11/2023 01:07 PM 

Sleepy time thoughts
Current mood:  awake

what was the best dream you ever had?

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