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Vampire Heart

11/26/2011 03: PM 

Another Poem I wrote...........tell me what you all think ...........

  "Precious Memories"There is not a day that goes bywhen I don't think about youbecause you are always on my mind.I love you with all my heart andnothing will ever change that ! I'llnever let you go because you mean everything in the world to me.I have so many wonderfulmemories about you and eachone of them is truly precious to me. You're the reason why I have the courage to believe in myself despite of what othersmay say or think. Without you I would feel completely lost andalone.Your warm smile and loving heart iswhat keeps me going each and everyday.Although you're not physically herewith me, I know that your spirit willalways be close by. The love that you have shown me will be close to myheart forever !My memories of us together are very precious. Each one of them is areminder to me about how wonderfulyou were. You're so beautiful ineveryway. All I want is to make you very happy.You are still my best friend in the world. In both good times andbad times, I know that you willalways be by my side no matter what.You're my guardian angel.You are so precious to me and each of the memories that I have aboutyou I will cherish them forever !Everything that I have been able to accomplish is all because ofyou. I would not be who I am right now without your help.When I think about you, I rememberall of the good times that we haveshared together. I'm truly greatfulfor everything that you have donefor me. You are truly the best grandmother that I know !Looking at you I see the mostprecious angel in this world. The memories that I have are deep insidemy heart. Now I feel as though you never left me at all. You're stillalive and well in my heart and memories.There are so many things that I missabout you. Your beautiful smile andhow you would calm me down whenever I got scarred was truly great ! How we acted out my favorite stories wasso much fun !My memories of you are truly preciousto me ! I will keep them close to my heart forever. You have been so great tome in everyway. Thankyou so much foreverything and I promise to continue tomake you very proud !

Vampire Heart

11/26/2011 03: PM 

WWE RAW House Show In Philly On 2-14-2010 (written on Feb 16, 2010 )

Wrestlers and Divas at the show:   1) Triple H   2) Shawn Michaels   3) Cody Rhodes   4) Ted Dibiase Jr.   5) Randy Orton   6) Kofi Kingston   7) Jack Swagger   8) Mark Henry   9) Chavo Guerrero   10) Evan Bourne   11) Carlito   12) MVP   13) The Miz   14) Hornswoggle   15) Chris Masters   16) John Cena   17) Sheamus   18) Kelly Kelly   19) Gail Kim   20) Nikki Bella   21) Brie Bella   22) Alicia Fox   23) Maryse   24) Eve Torres   25) Jillian Hall   26) Yoshi Tatsu   27) William Regal   28) Santino Marella           Matches at the show:   1) Tag team Match: DX ( Triple H, Shawn Michaels ) VS. Legacy ( Cody Rhodes, Ted Dibiase Jr. ) winners: DX, By pinfall   2) Randy Orton VS. Kofi Kingston winner: Randy Orton, by pinfall   3) Jack Swagger VS. Mark Henry winner: Mark Henry, By pinfall   4) Chavo Guerrero VS, Evan Bourne winner: Evan Bourne, by pinfall   5) Carlito VS, Chris Masters winner Chris Masters, with the use of the master lock   6) United States Championship Match: The Miz VS. MVP winner and still champion: The Miz, by pinfall   7) WWE Championship Match: Sheamus VS. John Cena winner: John Cena, by disqualification - Sheamus still WWE Champion   8) William Regal VS. Yoshi Tatsu winner: Yoshi Tatsu, by pinfall   9) 6-Diva Tag team match: Gail Kim, Nikki Bella, Brie Bella  VS. Alicia Fox, Maryse, Jillian Hall winners: Gail Kim, Nikki Bella, Brie Bella - Gail Kim got the pinfall on Jillian Hall.   ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------     What happened and my thoughts on the show:   The Show Started off of course with the National Anthem. The first two people to come out were Triple H and Shawn Michaels (DgenerationX) for their match against Cody Rhodes and Ted Dibiase Jr. (Legacy). Both Triple H and Shawn Michaels threw green glow sticks to the crowd but unfortunately I haven't caught one. Before their match started DX as always did their promo which is better in person! Now comes out Cody Rhodes and Ted Dibiase Jr.The Match starts off with Triple H and Cody Rhodes. This match was good, there was a point during the match where there was a little too much revealed on Cody and Ted which has all of the fans in shock. before the match ended Hornswoggle came out from under the ring and kicked Cody i his knee. The Winners of this match was DX, Triple H got the pinfall on Cody Rhodes. The next match was for the United States Championship, first person to come out was The Miz. Of course he was bragging about himself saying how awesome he is. Then MVP came out. Again anoher great match. The Miz got the pinfall on MVP. Then Kelly Kelly came out to greet the fans with William Regal and Yoshi Tatsu. The first person to come out was William Regal. Of course he was talking about himself and asking the fans if we have anything better to shout at him than USA! Then Yoshi Tatsu came out, This Match was ok...Yoshi Tatsu got the pinfall on William Regal, next match to happen was Chavo Guerrero VS.Evan Bourne. Chavo Guerrero came out first and then Evan Bourne came out. This match was so awesome, Evan won he got the pinfall on Chavo. The Match that came up next was the one with Jack Swagger and Mark Henry. Jack Swagger came out first followed by Mark Henry. This match was alright, Mark Henry got the pinfall over Jack Swagger. After the match the show took a short intermission. so my uncle Steve and I left to get funnel cake and the line was pretty long so we had missed the first minute or so of the next match which was the 6-Diva Tag team match with Gail Kim, Nikki Bella,and Brie Bella against Alicia Fox, Maryse, and Jillian Hall. Santino Marella was the special guest referee for this match.This was also a good match. The winners were Gail Kim, Nikki Bella, and Brie Bella.Gail Kim got the pinfall on Jillian Hall. after the match Kelly Kelly came out again to help the ring announcer throw tshirts and a few other WWE merchendise into the audience once again I didn't catch anything. After Kelly Kelly left, the next match that happened was Carlito VS. Chris Masters. Chris Masters came out first with Eve Torres and then Carlito came out. Another good match ! Chris Masters won with the use of the master lock. The Match that came up next was the one with Randy Orton and Kofi Kingston. Randy Orton was the first one to come out. After a minute Kofi Kingston came out. Another awesome match! Randy Orton hit the RKO on Kofi twice. Randy Orton won, he got the pinfall on Kofi Kingston. The final match for the night was the main event for the WWE Championship. The first person to come out for this match was Sheamus. Of course Sheamus was mouthing off to the fans claiming how he used to be like us, he dissed on us a little bit, After that, John Cena came out, Cena got the most loudest cheers of the night ! Once John got to the ring, he grabbed the microphone and said to Sheamus that he ( John Cena ) was going to be damned if Sheamus was going to come to this city and talk to these people like that with disrespect. Before the match started John threw his shirt into the audience of course I didn't catch it. Now this match was awesome ! during the match Sheamus pushed the referre down after that happened John Cena got Sheamus into the STFU, Sheamus Tapped out. But because Sheamus pushed the referre down, John Cena won by disqualification. After Sheamus kind of gloated, he turned around and this time John Cena connected Sheamus to the FU, Oh and Cena did hit Sheamus with the 5-knuckle shuffle.After the match once again John Cena got a really loud cheer, he stayed for a little bit longer so the fans could get more pics , John Cena really loves and respects his fans 100% ! This was a really awesome show and I can't wait to go to another WWE show and hopefully sometime soon !             NOTE: THIS SHOW WAS ORIGINALLY SUPPOSED TO BE ON 2-5-2010

Vampire Heart

11/26/2011 03: PM 

My First HIM Concert In Philly On 3-26-2010 ( written on Mar 27, 2010 )

  Before HIM came on stage, there were 3 bands that were on before them...Bands that I nevereven heard of before. The only one of those openingacts ( Bands ) that caught my attention was the band Dommin. It was a whole hour and a half before HIM evencame on. When HIM finally came on, I was shouting and cheeringfor joy and when Ville came on stage after Gas, Mige,Linde andBurton did, everyone including me went absolutely crazy! seeing my #1 favorite music group of all time in concert really made meextremely happy! They all looked so good in person, especially Ville...Heis definately a major hottie! I really enjoyed everything about the HIMconcert. It was so much fun! And Ville was so funny! HIM did take a short break.While they were taken thier break everyone again including mewere chanting for them to come back out to sing 1 more song ( lucky us they sang 2 more songs ). But before they came back on after thier breakBam Margera made a small appearance which was a HUGE shock to me ! This Concert was so AWESOME! I am so happy that I went to this concert, HIMtotally rocks and I hope to see them in person again very soon!Songs HIM Played at the Concert__________________________________ 1) St.Valentine 2) Heartkiller 3) Rip Out The Wings Of A Butterfly 4) Your Sweet 666 5) Right Here In My Arms 6) Poison Girl 7) Join Me In Death 8) Wicked Game 9) Scared To Death 10) Kiss Of Dawn11) Disarm Me12) Funeral Of Hearts13) Love The Hardest Way14) When Love And Death Embrace

Vampire Heart

11/26/2011 03: PM 

TNA Wrestling in Philly at the ECW arena on 9-24-2010 ( written on Oct 27, 2010 )

  Last month on the 24th I attended my very first ever TNA event. The show was amazing ! I got to meet Jeff Hardy,Don West, Mick Foley, Tommy Dreamer, RVD, The Pope, Rhino and Tara. I kissed Jeff Hardy, RVD and Tommy Dreamer on thier cheecks. Got my piture taken with Jeff Hardy, Tommy Dreamer and RVD. I got autographs from Jeff Hardy, Tommy Dreamer, Rhino, Mick Foley, Tara, The Pope and Don West. I gave Jeff a fan sign that I made for him. I also congratulated Jeff on him and Beth's baby he smiled at me and said " Thankyou ! ". I told Tommy Dreamer that he looks way more better looking in person than he does on tv he said " Thankyou " . Oh I hugged Tara, Mick Foley, RVD and Tommy Dreamer. I shook Mick Foley's and Tara's hand. All the people I met were extremely nice! I had so much fun at the show and I can't wait until TNA comes back to Philly. This was the 2nd time I been to the ECW arena. The 1st time I was at the ECW arena was on 7-10-2010 for Acid Fest.

Vampire Heart

11/26/2011 03: PM 

A Poem I Wrote For My Grandmother (Mom~Mom) Inspired By My Uncle Rich

" Time To Let Go "I've spent oh so many years in mourning overyour death. Waking up each day in tears wishingto have you back by my side again. Rememberingall of the times that we have spent together is truly heart warming.The time has come to let go. I can't spend therest of my life holding onto something that happened so many years ago. I love you, I will always love you! I just can't keep letting your death weigh me down.True, growing up without you was never easyfor me. However, I always knew that you would be with me in spirit. You have always been there for me and for that I'm truly greatful !The time has come to let go. I have to move onwith my life. Time to stop dwelling in the past. There's no need to hold onto something that's going to continue to hurt me.Tears may still flow down my face but that's only because I miss you so much. When you come tome in my dreams to talk to me, that always puts a smile on my face. You're still one of my best friends in the world.The time has come to let go. I still find it hardto believe that you have been taken away from me all those years ago. I just can't live that dayanymore. I must move on.You are still my heart and soul. I love you morethan life itself. I'm always thinking about you because you truly mean the world to me.The time has come to let go. While it is great toremember all of the great times with you, Ineed to stop thinking about and mourning overyour death...It just weighs me down.Although you may not be here physically, I know in my heart that you're always going to be with me spiritually. That guiding force I have felt and continue to feel to this day has been you all along. You are my lucky angel.The time has come to let go. That day in the past may still haunt me but, I must let go. If I keep mourning over your death, I will never be able to move on with my life.From this moment on when I think about you, it will be with my heart not my mind. As long as you are in my heart your memory will never die. I know now that you will never leave me.The time has come to let go. I know you would want me to move on with my life and not let your death weigh me down. For you I will move on and live my life to the fullest. Thankyou for everything you've done for me. I love you very much !

Stephanie Thornton

10/14/2011 11: PM 

faq -

~ Just the basic stuff, comment for further info. c: ~Q: Name?A: Stephanie MarieQ: How old are you?A: 16Q: Single or Taken? A: TakenQ: Gender?A: FemaleQ: Birthday?A: June 7thQ: Straight, gay, bi?A: straightQ: Favorite band/s?A: Woe, Is Me  and  Of Mice & MenQ: Do you do drugs?A: Nope, drug free ~Q: Are your ears stretched?A: Yessir.

Kerry Hope c:

10/12/2011 11: PM 

W4W code !!!

No limits | No RulesJust ask me in a comment or message !! :)div.html-scroll-box {height:100px;width:300px;font:10pt Verdana;overflow:scroll;}


10/12/2011 02: PM 


The subject should say it all,I have a great friend like Demi.I know not for sure if I'm the one that gives Demi butter flies but I have feelings for her.I'd love to be the guy/ man she returns home to after touring the world.



10/05/2011 06: PM 


These profile's are not mine, nore do they have permission to use my photos. Please help me to get them removed. Thank you ♥ 01. 02. 03. 04. 05. 06. 07. 08. 09. 10. 11. 12. 13. 14. 15. 16. 17. 18. 19. 20. 21. 22.

Janice Frisch

09/22/2011 10: PM 

The Music Crowd is out!
Current mood:  adored

The Music Crowd is out! ▸ Top stories today via @eslenglish @testeq @familyforce5 @janicefrisch @limelighttn

The Music Crowd, Janice Frisch, Lady Gaga, REM

Ranandos VP

09/17/2011 12: PM 


Sail Away ||DOE | In My Coffee | 33 | Aesthetic Innovation | Etiquette33 | EGO | MA | ADVP | SA 


09/13/2011 08: PM 


Make sure you send proof if you want me to whore you back. <center><a href=""><img src=""/></a><BR><center><a href="">Credit</a>


09/13/2011 08: PM 


Q. Do you use photoshop?A. No I don't I use apps and PicnikQ. Is black your real hair color?A. No, its actually dark brown.Q. Where are you from?A. Indianapolis,Indiana.Q. Can you make me a layout?A. Go google html.Q. Are you a model?A. No.Q. I can't find your add button! Can you add me?A. If you can't find it. It means your already my friend.Or just dumbQ. Send me nudes?!A. Uh, no.Q. Can you join my train/group?A. Only if its a good one.Q. Do you go to shows?A. Not really.Q. Can you post my band in a bulletin?A. If you ask nicelyQ. Do you wear extentions?A. Yes.Q. Why are you so pretty?A. Why are you so ugly?Q. Why don't you reply to any of my comments/messages?A. Cause your ether annoying or i don't have time.Q. PC4PC/W4W?A. Ask me personaly or send proof.Q. How do you do your hair?A. Uhm, go find a hair style magazine.Q. Can i Roleplay you with your pictures?A. No.

Ranandos VP

09/13/2011 01: PM 


These will look the absolute best on google chrome!These photoshop animations; or "Banners", have been all created by me. Some are from FriendProject, most are from myspace. If you would like me to make one for your group/train, please don't be afraid to comment and ask. This page will more than likely slow down your computer. If you would like to look at a certain banner, right click on the banner then click "Open in new tab/window". Vertical: Horizontal: Misc:

Ranandos VP

09/10/2011 06: PM 

Train signup shit

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