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07/04/2020 02:27 PM 


maybe tw idk i think i might be on the verge of a depressive episode and i really f***ing hope not i caant deal with that rn


07/04/2020 02:24 PM 


its only me stop just like u run outside with no fears bare legs just go with a purpose something to reach now what is my purpose... hapiness ? confidence ?having fun.


07/04/2020 02:22 PM 

dating irl

i dont like people knowing who im dating because they will judge me again....


07/04/2020 11:21 PM 

Current mood:  angsty

Idk how to use this site its confusing 


07/04/2020 02:16 PM 


so i just ran im out of breath because i saw a magpie at my window i looked it up and it meant death in the household so i freaked out and went outside to look for another one and then i saw them both the problem is i was in short and tshirt outside so a nice lady i see often now greeted me that was fun and then i passed an old men who was amused also i wasnt wearing shoes and ran to my house and seeing two magpies together means joy in church but i dont identifie yet so in witchcraft it means good luck i hope nothing bad happens to my family no actually nothing will happen to my family i garantie  

˳༚✿˳ izabella ˳✿༚˳

07/04/2020 02:14 PM 

sad hours

my pen died on me AND my airbar is dead so i have nothing to hit smh


07/03/2020 11:13 PM 

Current mood:  annoyed

deadass wtf bruh, kinduh mad bc im dumb n dont know how 2 werk dis 


07/04/2020 01:49 PM 

Current mood:  blah

whats it like being able to express yourself with words? feeling something and having the exact words to describe it. like people in love would describe their lover. whats it like being loved? waking up every morning to know youre someones everything. like a mother feels of their child. whats it like, being lucky enough to experience your once in a life time, in this lifetime?


07/04/2020 01:47 PM 

My Scamming Adventures
Current mood:  blank

So today I have started my " Instagram Shop" aka. bitch im scamming. I have decided i'm bored and have nothing better to do and broke. Judge me judge but i dont know life needed a bit of spice and i feel like the scamming will really kick it off. PEACE OUT

#SCAMMER #scammer #itsarat #notthebestwriter


07/04/2020 01:47 PM 

hidden message
Current mood:  weird

thinking about ******* ****** again, but did i honestly ever stop or just say i wasnt so often i convinced myself i wasnt


07/04/2020 01:41 PM 

way to be confident

so i referred to my role model and i decided to start a instagram where i would post random stuff and be myself and not care like her she got almost no likes so that fear of being judged went away sadly i thought oh she doesnt get likes so it doesnt matter i am very much a follower i cant lead 

Depresso Espresso

07/04/2020 01:39 PM 

I can't sleep ;-;
Current mood:  sleepy

I'm really tired, but I can't sleep ;-;  I recently recovered from a sleeping disorder and I don't know if it's coming back or if it's just because of me.  .-.  I don't know what I'm doing and I feel like trash, but that's fine lol


07/04/2020 01:39 PM 


my parents are actually pretty chill like my dad letme buy stuff online and like my moms nice and my dad said i could go out to parties and yeah its like im happy to know theyre not that stuck up anymore they even said i could borrow money if i asked to go shop and stuff


07/04/2020 01:34 PM 

oof weight

guys i just went downstairs to weight myself im scared...


07/04/2020 01:30 PM 

oof weight

so i gained my weight back hihi i was underweight i didnt meant but yeah my father congratulated me but now i kinda fear losing it again and im also scared a little to become overweight and llike idk what to do i started over eating like mindly because i dont wanna lose weight because it made my father sad....


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