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01/26/2021 02:44 PM 

Bring Voltron Legendary Defender to PeacockTV

Anyone in here is a Fan of Voltron Legendary Defender and want to see more of it please sign my petition to bring Voltron on to PeacockTV For more Seasons More stories to tell because Netflix won't do anything with it! make it happen !Wow So far 39 people have signed my Petition to Bring Voltron Legendary Defender to PeacockTV !  (1/26/2021) What an Incredible response ! If you haven't signed yet now's a great time to get on board! and if you have Please Shared it with your friends

Voltron, PeacockTv, DreamWorks,


01/26/2021 02:10 PM 

Bruh city
Current mood:  accomplished

finally learned how to post!!1!!11!11!11111!1111!!!1!!!!


08/19/2003 01:13 PM 

About Me

Name is Joey Andrilyn, But prefer to go by Blue. 26yo. I've Been single for so long I'd declared myself to being Asexual. I am highly empathic. I am a father to only one child, He's my lil Cryptid Siren Head. Josiah "Baby Blue" Martinez is his name.We are horror fans. I am a recovered heroin  addict, as in no more hard partying for me. YES, I DO DRINK & NO, I DONT SMOKE. I do treat others the way I would like to be treated. I can be very polite, but as the saying goes 'Do Not Take My Kindness For Weakness'. As far as for movies, music, art, etc.. I do enjoy pretty much about anything. I have an open mind, so whatever subject you would like to conversate over, Just go right ahead & put it on the table, I do not judge, so for whatever it may be' I will give you my best & positive thought to it. I will indeed do my best to understand. So for anything else,that I havent mentioned that you would like to know about me, Just click on that 'Message Me' n Ask away. I will write back as soon as I can & If we aren't friends, Well, I would love for us to be friends. I may not have much in reality but I always prefered cyber friends.. In that way my insecurities & my shyness, especially stuttering won't be getting in the way. C: well, I guess this will be it for now. Thank you for visiting.  


01/26/2021 12:12 PM 

hi <3
Current mood:  cheerful

hi !!!!i'm megan & i'm new here and would love to be friends w everyone ♥if you're reading this i hope ur having a great day / evening / night ily k bye


01/25/2021 09:27 PM 

♪ ♬ ヾ(´︶`♡)ノ ♬ ♪

my friend suggeted FIVE songs for me to listen to today.....i disliked them all 

˚✧₊⁎ remi ⁎⁺˳✧༚

01/25/2021 07:29 PM 

Current mood:  amorous

and as i leaned in to kiss her, i smelt the stench of a rotting place. i smelt the stench of who she was and who she will be. my nose saw that the delicate blush on her cheeks was put there like sewn lace, and not born through grace. i mourned our embrace. she was a fraud of goodness and she was a temple of sin. was i craving sin if i craved her? i am on her alter now, must i pray? do i pray with holy palmers kiss or do i prey like a feral animal, a feral cannibal. i hesitated as my breath reached her neck. i was was shown the way, must i be the prey? 

。゚☆: *. ellie .* :☆゚

01/25/2021 02:21 PM 

☆ socials!! ☆

twitter: 37713_ellieinstagram: @jezebel.angeldiscord: ellie ♥#0777

RayRay Riot

01/25/2021 10:50 PM 


I. need. more. high. heels.I need them!! I have a pair I'm gonna buy today but like I want others too :( I have only one pair and they're kinda boring tbh, and I want those high high like stripper heels and the ones I currently have are nowhere near that lol. Maybe when I'm able to drive I can go to Goodwill and look at their pairs, it's so hard to fine a size 7 though :T I wanna go there more actually ughhhhhh, I wanna do what Emmy Bow did years ago and thrift and find cute sh*t and make cute outfits and revamp stuff, she inspires me so much. I hope I can be as pretty as her one day ♥ I think I'm gonna grow my natural hair out like hers too honestly, unless I can find a way to tease my extensions lolAlso I've been working on making a pair of jean shorts low waisted and I think I made them a bit too low waisted xD I'll just need to take one of the button sections and add it I think, it's not too bad lol. They're def gonna look like some frankenstein ass shorts tho lmao. I've also got an idea for my sweatshirt! I'm gonna dye it black with white striped sleeves and stripes on the pocket, and then I'm gonna embroider gloomy bear on said pocket, maybe with some brass knuckles and diamonds or something lol. And I cut some cheap aliexpress shirt into a tank top, I think I might make it more form fitting though becase it's too short to be flowy. And maybe I could make some tube tops?? I'll have to look at my shirts hahah, I have a metallica one my bf gave me that might look cute like that. I'm too scared to cut up the concert shirt I got though lmao

mimi zzz

01/25/2021 10:35 PM 

feelings rollinf eye emoj

i might be in luv w one of my bffs but idrk :<<i've had like little feelings for them but idk if its bigger,, prolly is since im not as talkative unless they're in call w my friends, i also dont care abt things rlly unless they're involved as well T_T

mimi zzz

01/25/2021 10:30 PM 

dumb idv stuffz

uuuuuugh i rlly wanna be a hunter main but my sh*t blinks and poor hunter skillz came in T_Tim nearly unicorn though, i also got a badge for norton :))c badge rn, close to a b badge though!! soon i will have an a badge... soon...


01/25/2021 04:52 PM 

current mood
Current mood:  bored

as always ♥


01/25/2021 04:51 PM 

im backkkk

im kina back????? idk tbh


01/24/2021 03:53 PM 


maggie was mad in the morning cus this girl from their congregation always steals their interests and stuff, and they steal maggies photo editing style, so bc of that maggie wants to get a 35mm lens, which i think is a really good idea. maggie made tortillas. theyre still feeling bad lately, it sucks, and i wish it wouldnt last too long. feeling like youre gonna throw up all the time musut suck. we ate dinner together which was nice we watched freaks and geeks together. and then we watched some dave chappelle stuff, and then after that we ernt to bed and i read fahrenheit 451 to maggie. i read about half of it even though they were asleep lol. its a good book so i wouldnt mind reading it again


01/25/2021 03:51 PM 


maggie isnt feeling well, and is gonna talk a lot less. i hope they get better soon, and ik im gonna miss em. 


01/25/2021 12:55 PM 

late night posts
Current mood:  awake

Hot guy @ target<< milf @ Spencers


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