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11/18/2023 09:55 PM 

insanejournal code

hey this is for anyone reading this i got a registration code for insanejournal, it's a clone of the old livejournal, and i mean ooold, so ya if anyone is interested in it comment here or send me a message idk 



11/18/2023 03:29 PM 

I stood alone on the rooftop.

I stood alone on the rooftop, the cool night air biting at the edges of my black trench coat. The city sprawled out beneath me, a digital wilderness of code and illusion. The Matrix, a vast labyrinth that held humanity captive, was both my battleground and my prison.I couldn't help but reflect on the journey that led me here. The life of Thomas Anderson, a mere programmer lost in the monotony of a simulated reality, felt like a distant memory. Morpheus had shattered that illusion, revealing a truth that sent shockwaves through the core of my existence."I am Neo," I whispered to myself, a mantra to anchor my identity in a sea of uncertainty. The Oracle's words echoed in my mind, cryptic prophecies that hinted at a destiny I was still struggling to comprehend.Trinity, her presence beside me, was a constant reminder that I wasn't alone in this surreal odyssey. Her unwavering belief in me fueled my determination. I remembered the first time she looked into my eyes and said, "The Oracle told me that I would fall in love with The One. I guess she meant you." Love in the midst of a digital war – a concept I never thought possible.The war against the machines was relentless, and I found myself at the forefront of the resistance. The Nebuchadnezzar, our hovercraft, became a vessel navigating the currents of a digital sea. The crew, once strangers, were now comrades bound by a shared purpose – to free humanity from the clutches of the matrix.Agent Smith, the rogue program, haunted my thoughts. He had become a virus, infecting the very fabric of the matrix. Our clashes were battles of binary forces, a struggle between order and chaos in the vast expanse of the digital realm.As I prepared for the final confrontation, doubt crept into my mind. Was I truly the One, or just a pawn in a cosmic game? The Oracle's enigmatic guidance offered little solace. But Morpheus' words rang in my ears: "The Matrix cannot tell you who you are." It was a truth I clung to, a reminder that my humanity transcended the lines of code that bound us.With each step, I could feel the weight of destiny on my shoulders. The city below seemed to pulse with anticipation, as if aware of the impending clash between man and machine. I took a deep breath, the digital wind rustling through my coat, and leaped into the abyss."I am Neo," I declared to the void. The matrix responded, its binary code bending to my will. In that moment, I realized that my journey was not just about defeating the machines; it was about embracing the power within, rewriting the code of reality itself. The rooftop vanished beneath me, and I descended into the heart of the matrix, ready to confront my fate head-on.

neo, matrix, agent smith


11/17/2023 02:02 PM 

Current mood:  confused

GUYS!!! i have a blinkie in the "about me" box that says "coffee addict", or at least SHOULD SAY "coffee addict" cause it's constantly changing by itself to some random blinkies that I DIDN'T put there. for example last time it changed to the one that says "autism" and i didnt put it there as im not even autistic. and today it changed to the one that says "i cant hear you over me kissing a 50 year old man". wtf???? thats disgusting. im letting you know that the only blinkies i got on my profile are "coffee addict" and "this user loves fall". if you see ANYTHING ELSE, its a bug and its not mine.

blinkie, blinkies, bug, lag


11/16/2023 06:29 PM 

im alive
Current mood:  sleepy

omg sorry its been forever i forgot this existed and stopped using my pc but hiiiii blog i hope u all are well happy holidays mwah ill maybe be a lil more active


11/15/2023 05:15 PM 

The big ass bulge in my pants
Current mood:  angsty

Today, somebody at school noticed the big ass bulge in my sweatpants, so they asked, "What is that?" I then proceeded to pull out said bulge, which turned out to be a 9-millimeter pistol, and shoot him in the face. The teachers approached me and asked, "What is wrong with you? Why on earth would you do that?" So I responded by putting the 9-millimeter pistol back into my pants, and I walked away. I ate a turkey sandwich for lunch with cheetos and a caprisun. I talked to my friends and then went back to class. 


11/15/2023 10:53 PM 

finally locked in
Current mood:  loved

I've been talking to this boy, Bryan for what will be 3 months tomorrow. And hes finally my boyfriend!!! im so happy and this time he's a walking green flag and actually shows me that he loves me, where as the guys i used to talk to they all treated me like sh!t. I actually love him so much and im so grateful for him. Im so proud of him and everything he's been going through. He's my favorite person in the whole world and i cant wait for all the fun and cute memories we'll make with eachother. 



11/14/2023 08:51 PM 

creaming all over ur mom
Current mood:  crazy

im gonna project my sticky sweet cream all over everything and there's nothing u can do to stop me. 



11/14/2023 06:47 PM 

Loving Her, Heart's Tapestry

     In the quiet spaces of my heart, there exists a profound affection for her that transcends the ordinary. Her presence is a melody that plays in the background of my thoughts, and her laughter is the sweetest tune I long to hear. In the kaleidoscope of emotions, love paints the canvas of my soul with vibrant hues whenever she graces my world. It's not just the way her eyes sparkle like constellations or the gentle cadence of her voice; it's the way her essence intertwines with mine, creating a tapestry of emotions that only deepens with each passing moment. Loving her is like discovering a hidden garden where every bloom tells a story, and every whisper of the wind carries the secrets of our shared moments. In the quiet simplicity of these feelings, I find a profound joy that makes every day brighter, and every challenge surmountable because, in the end, love for her is the anchor that grounds my wandering heart.-katt


11/14/2023 02:01 PM 

buzz buzz

     Struggling with copeous thoughts, I dream of dancing insects and overgrown vegetation taking over my brain as I sit and rot. Buzzing lights can surely drive those to deranged thinking bringing me no joy and ultimate fatigue.-katt

tweetie bird

11/13/2023 10:51 PM 

elliott smith
Current mood:  headphones

between the bars and clementine are such pretty songs you guys should listen to them

tweetie bird

11/13/2023 10:45 PM 

chicago activities
Current mood:  breezy

i need to skip class and go to navy pier at some point this month...and get really really high

tweetie bird

11/13/2023 10:33 PM 

i hate this class
Current mood:  amused

we have a really obnoxious sub and my friend keeps staring at me from across the class because he ate an entire weed brownie bc he was hungry in the morning. im trying so hard not to laugh rn

tweetie bird

11/13/2023 10:27 PM 

feeling a bit silly
Current mood:  mischievous

currently watching skins uk instead of paying attention to this ap gov lecture 


11/12/2023 08:43 PM 

I yearn for death

     I grapple with the weight of sadness. It reflects in my eyes and in my heart. The reasons for my melancholy may be as varied as the colors of the sky, hidden in the recesses of my thoughts. Perhaps it's the echoes of unspoken struggles or the poignant dance with unmet expectations. Regardless, my sadness paints a delicate portrait of vulnerability, a reminder that behind the kind smiles often lies a spectrum of emotions. In this subdued state, I navigate the ebb and flow of emotions, seeking solace in the hope that understanding and support will bring warmth to the shadows that cloud my heart and my head with the horrid hope of death.- katt


11/11/2004 08:48 PM 

Current mood:  calm

Hi there! It's been a while (Again) I'm doing good and decided to come back in here to say hi.. I know not many people use this site anymore (or maybe they do, I don't think it's as popular now as it used to be though) but I still like it a lot and was definitely more active earlier this year. Things have looked up since then! And I'm doing much better mentally. I think I just needed a break from it all and I hope life has treated you all as nicely as it has me. I probably won't log on as frequently but I will try. Have a good day!

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