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10/29/2020 12:11 PM 

Current mood:  cookywacky

just watched unfriended , totally good ! not that scary but being on this app srsly minda creeps me out after watching it :( no lie . 


10/29/2020 12:11 PM 

Current mood:  cookywacky

just watched unfriended , totally good ! not that scary but being on this app srsly minda creeps me out after watching it :( no lie . 


10/28/2020 11:20 PM 

Current mood:  nerdy

Anyone ever feel like there's just so many books out there and no time to read them all?I read rather voraciously, and I always have. I feel like I haven't made a dent in all that's how there to be read, though. I've been trying to cover a lot of what one would consider to be literary classics, but even within that category, there's just so many books!I mostly get new material from Thrift Books, thrift stores, flea markets, as gifts, or from school often for free. I don't visit the library often simply because I'm always getting my own copies of things. I'm currently trying to chew through a huge box of classics my boyfriend's dad found someone in their town trying to throw out. It's nice to have so many new books, but it'll take me some time to get through it all.


10/28/2020 10:02 PM 

Current mood:  animated

the only time i feel happy is when im drinking energy drinks and listening to The Garden. 


10/28/2020 08:29 PM 

Horror manga

Magical Girl ApocalypseGod's left hand Devil's right handThe Kurosagi Corpse Delivery ServiceManholePet shop of HorrorsDomu: A child's dreamAjinHideoutHeadsI Am A HeroZashiki OnnaIbitsuShiga HimeThe Laughing VampireMr Arashi's amazing freak showLychee Light ClubFranken FranMieruko-ChanThe Shadow Out Of TimeIchi the killerFuan No TaneKouishou RajioHomunculusKamisama no Iutoori and Kamisama no Iutoori NiGantzUzumakiBlame!Helter Skelter: Fashion unfriendlyThe Drifting ClassroomHappinessTomieGyoRabbit doubtFreak islandPanorama of HellDragon headOffal IslandWonderlandThe Horror Mansion


10/28/2020 06:33 PM 

An idea i had

this hurricane passing through makes me think about an idea i had about a year ago when a tropical storm passed through, cant remember which one.i wanna make a movie that features a bunch of different hurricanes (katrina, sandy, isaac, etc.) but they're all personified as like supervillains battling for the spot as the most powerful hurricane. as they get more powerful, they rise up in categories (1, 2, 3, 4, and 5)i think that'd be cool

hurricane, weather, movie, creativity


10/28/2020 06:30 PM 

Hurricane Zeta

hurricane zeta's passing through louisiana. i think we're in the eye of the storm right now. everythings dead silent and still. i think it's a category 2 or 3. it's been going on since about 12pm. luckily we have a generator so the power won't go out

hurricane, weather, zeta


10/28/2020 06:26 PM 

first post uwu
Current mood:  bored

heyyy whats up its adriana the sc3n3 Qu33n aka rawr_its_adriana here whats up i hope i can meet new friends and have fun on here

#scene #emo #scenequeen #emogirl #rawring20s #scenecore


10/28/2020 05:32 PM 

FriendProject dont go away

FriendProject dont go away there is no father below in an underworld no unholy trinity that would condemn anyone or a Trinity that preaches or condones all died.FP dont go away I seen the holy family of legend of worship on a brick wall at church. 

༺ miki 2༻

10/28/2020 12:44 PM 

Current mood:  blissful

check out my soundcloud shameless promo yes


༺ miki 2༻

10/28/2020 12:40 PM 

Current mood:  blissful

yo check out my channel



10/28/2020 02:42 PM 

diary entry 1

i think it might be nice to chronicle my daily life somewhat. is it silly to do publicly? yeah, probably. but like i mentioned yesterday, i feel like i can't say anything on web 2.0. i say something personal on twitter, tumblr, etc, and it gets immediately commodified, boiled down to funny #Relatable #RT soundbites that are entirely divorced from the context of me, my life, my feelings. i've started to hate being a consumable entity for an audience.maybe this can be a safe place, you know?anyway, i have a few Disorders(tm), and one of them involves chronic insomnia. last night i went to bed at 3:30 AM-ish, which is better than the previous night's 5 AM, but still not great. i was hoping to wake up earlier than yesterday, but unfortunately, my girlfriend left their phone in my room last night, their alarm went off this morning, and it woke me up after about 6 hours of sleep. it took me another hour to get back to sleep and i ended up getting out of bed at 1:30 PM.such is the life of a chronically ill person, i guess. it doesn't matter too much; COVID-19 has made it so that i no longer have any responsibilities beyond household chores. it still makes me feel like sh*t, though.i'm gonna try to work on gathering photos for my albums today, i think. i want to post my cat on here; he's my son and i adore him.i'm gonna smoke tonight so hopefully i can reset my sleep schedule with that.that's about it. maybe keeping a daily diary entry here will give me more purpose in life...


10/28/2020 02:46 PM 

doo doo?
Current mood:  thirsty

felt cute, might doo doo myself later

ashily's kalutt

10/28/2020 01:48 PM 

daily blog :)
Current mood:  bored

sitting here on my conputer on zoom in my art class i finished my work so im bored 


10/28/2020 12:59 PM 

Current mood:  amorous


scenecore, fangirl, mcr, emocore, scemo, emo, scene, Gerard Way, gerard way, hawthorne heights


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