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06/06/2022 03:21 PM 

Current mood:  morose

testing testing...


06/05/2022 10:01 PM 

Current mood:  cheerful

here ill just put my fave song of the weekFriday I'm In Love - The CureBye have a nice day :D


06/05/2022 06:55 PM 


Might start posting some of the photos i take 

i don't know

06/05/2022 04:46 PM 

Be warned! It's vent!
Current mood:  apathetic

I am afraid of future. I want to run away so badly and it is kind of selfish 'cause my mother is anything but bad. I want to build my own home. yeah, a lot of stories teach us that home is where people you love are or somewhere where you are, but for me it is not all the way true. i want to make it a material place, a haven for my friends, a bed for my lovers, a safe place full of calmness of a wild, a place to return to after trevels, after work, after night out, after sun demise, after everything. so, if you see a little (or not so little) cabin (or house) in the woods with garden that is slightly disheveled, twisted and thorny, with three chikens walking around, know that it can be me. knock at the door.


06/04/2022 12:17 PM 

baby's first blog
Current mood:  blah

I want to listen to aic and cry and I'm going to do that now 


06/04/2022 12:17 PM 

baby's first blog
Current mood:  blah

I want to listen to aic and cry and I'm going to do that now 


06/03/2022 11:01 PM 

Dumb and cheesy
Current mood:  peaceful

Today was such a good day AAAAAA. We has our band banquet today, which is basically our school band giving a huge goodbye to the seniors and announcing all the new leaders. It's all so bittersweet. A lot of these people m never gonna see again. But at the same time: 2022 so far has sucked MAJORLY, and the 2021-2022 school year as a whole. Like it's just objective fact that this was a terrible year, but I made it through it. There were so many points in time where I had reached the end, that there was nothing left for me. But despite that, m still here. And I've made it through with amazing memories and friends I expected to lose forever, but didn't. While I might not see a lot of my senior friends again, I still have the memories I made with em--memories that were like, the only light for me in one of the darkest times in a while. So like I said, bittersweet like nobody's business, and it's really hittin me hard

band, ranting, rant,


06/03/2022 09:24 PM 

Current mood:  angsty

Note to self,     I miss you terribly


06/02/2022 05:28 PM 


i has to do summer school though cus i totally failed the online yr xDDD 


06/01/2022 09:15 PM 


Recently i bought a new laptop and a drawing pad. now I can start digital art. I'll post my progress on here whenever can. 


05/31/2022 08:55 PM 

Struggling with weight (TW: ED)
Current mood:  contemplative

I'd like to start off by saying I've struggled with my weight for 4 years now. I used to be bulimic, especially in my last year of middle school. At one point it got so bad that my doctor. who'd been encouraging me to lose weight since I was in third grade, told me I needed to gain weight. I weighed 106 pounds and could barely manage to keep my food down any time I ate. Even now I have issues similar to acid reflux, where every time I eat, my food comes back up my esophagus. Recently, I've been gaining more weight than I'm comfortable with, but I look better now than I did when I was losing. So I'm not sure how to feel. On one hand, I want to lose weight, but not an unhealthy amount. On the other hand, I know if I get back into losing weight it's going to become an obsession again, and I might go back to the old method. I want to know if any of you have any ideas or tactics that I can try to lose weight in a healthy way.  Thanks ♥  


05/31/2022 08:43 PM 

Im Back lol
Current mood:  blah

I'm back lol and I've been gone forever, haven't I? 



05/31/2022 07:01 PM 


I started watching Orange is the new black. With my mom right now and it's hilarious to see her face while watching.


05/31/2022 05:44 PM 

back on friendproject and why spacehey sux balls
Current mood:  blessed

im back here after realzing that spacehey is a crappy freaking website that is just a modernzied version of myspace.  now u may be thinkin to urself... hmmm a modern verison of myspace sounds pretty good right? WRONG! first off alot of the layouts try to moderninze the myspace look and it looks f*ckin awful! look at those edges BLEGH!!!!! this one is the worst affender looks like a goddamn tumbler page. spacehey also just blanty rips off myspace and doesnt try to be its own thing like friendproject and does not have the coding that myspace had despite copying its layout makes no damn sense . and that brings me 2 the second point. most of its userbase is tumblerites. ive saw post saying that they were weirded out from using friendproject saying that the christian owners of friend project were shoving there beliefs down peoples throats and because of a link saying connect with god, now how f***ed up and brainwashed by media do u have to be to be scared of link that says connecting with god and another point people are bringing up the friendproject owners are  there is nothing wrong with that nor is it shoving it down peoples throats. If this website was ultra christian all the emo poser fags who say they are they/them (possed by homosexual demons) would be smited from this website and would be even better but unforanuntely dey are not.... and this is my last and final point about spacehey being awful which also applies to many differnt sites the phone posters.... Phone posters are ruining the damn internet, now having a moblie device like a boost mobile chrip phone to download free games or ringtones or whatever from the internet is fine but u must be f***in crazy if the only way u browse the entire world wide web is from a small ass smart phone display. A smart phone hinders u from creating content 2 how are u gonna edit ur html or make videos, music, f*** SMART PHONES! anyways thats pretty much all gotta say holla at me!

rant,spacehey,myspace clone,


05/29/2022 10:54 PM 

fettuccine alfredo with shrimps
Current mood:  selective

I went out with my friend and her family, friends. I even went to the wrong to the restaurent! bruhh i wanted to be there early, we had a dinner together, i laughed a lot...i think i smiled a lot that day.although the food was so bland, i had to pour lots of black pepper and salt especially parmesan cheese.I even had my photos taken... i looked cute af. Can't wait to go out this summer!  

food, dinner, hangout

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