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06/19/2022 06:49 PM 

returning q&a
Current mood:  enthralled

  Sorry for my hiatus guys! That last post took a lot out of me, and it had been a while since I had to remember it, but thank you all so much for your comments and concerns! A lot of you were left with a lot of questions and comments so I thought I could answer and respond to some that were left in that previous post! - NERV   Anon asks - what happened to the girl? Did you ever see her again? No, I haven’t seen her since the incident nor have I talked to her. But, I do still miss her and wish she had never done that. I won’t give out any names, because you bunch are batsh*t insane and will witch hunt her! I don’t need another scandal coming out about it!! >:)   FangFanatic asks - THIS IS WHERE DA SCARS ARE FROM!? YES! All is finally revealed! So many of you have fiended over where those came from ( a couple of you being a little TOO interested!) But yeah, I got some knife slashes to the stomach and face.   NERVfanpage - OMG YOUR BIRTHDAY!  Mhm mhm, when it comes back, make sure you all celebrate it with me? ♥   Anon asks - HOW! THE! HELL! DID! YOU! SURVIVE! hmm…. I don't know! Maybe it was adrenaline or something! Or maybe the pain in my neck was the cause, someone could have maybe put some crazy health drug in me…or something else?  


06/19/2022 06:27 PM 

🦋☆*: .。. ♡ .。.:*☆🦋

i want to spend nights online and days doing work or fun. i have my schedule all janked up. 


06/19/2022 02:01 AM 

[insert cool post title here lol]
Current mood:  productive

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06/18/2022 10:08 PM 

went to da mall... ^_^

herez me at the mall ^____^!!!!!!!!  and therez another pic of me .... i got a gir shirt, happy bunny earrings, gir headband, a TONNNN of pink bras and underwear xD and when i gots to the thrift i got an aqua teen hunger force dvd, a devo cd and a pink tank top O.o


06/18/2022 08:55 PM 

Song of the week :)
Current mood:  headphones

Broken record - scarling.


06/17/2022 07:33 PM 


34 35 36 37 38 39 72 73 74 75 76 77 all mutal everytime almost start of 6 years all the time everytime mutal.The Rise of the Vegans I didn't double post END THE MEAT ECONOMY STAND UP FOR VEGETARIANS USA GOV US GOV UNITED STATES GOVHubert Antonio DomveenickEND MEAT CULTURE SAVE THE COWS SAVE THE BULLS animals NBA 6XCHAMPS SAVE CHICKENS SAVE ROOSTERS SAVE PIGS SAVE BOARSEND MEAT CULTURE SAVE THE COWS SAVE THE BULLS animals NBA 6XCHAMPS SAVE CHICKENS SAVE ROOSTERS SAVE PIGS SAVE BOARSMy neck is bothering me for no reason CANCEL CULTURE CARNIVORISM!!!!!!!!!!!! DONT KILL SLAY THE FARM CAFO ANIMALS LET THEM LIVE OUTSIDE AND SOMETIMES IN THE SHADE GET RID OF THE CAFOS that look like jails farm animals don't belong in prison save the FISH! Japanese slaughter precious Fish and they used to whale COVID stopped them.


06/17/2022 05:27 PM 

I hate my life
Current mood:  depressed

I hate my life whats the point of it allI'm so tired of fightingI feel like giving upMaybe I deserve thisI probably do.I can't live like this anymore.I thought my life was worth livingI'm a bad personEven she saw it Apart of me wants to live.But I know...To truly liveyou must suffer.Is that even worth living...


06/17/2022 01:37 PM 

Music tiem blep2

I can't figure out how to get audio embed into my blog posts. gr.But basically, I know I said I make crunkcore but it's not all I make. So this thing is cool! Listen to it. Please. My funky lil song



06/17/2022 01:07 PM 

it's finally summer!!

       Friday, June 17, 2022 - slad bloggg hey hi hello evrybodyyyy!!! so it's official: i graduatedd!! this might be a long entry bc a lott of stuff has happened in my life since my last post. so, like i said, i graduated! but also, prom happened. and it was a lot of fun!! i'm rly proud of myself for planning a lot of it. also , my dress was rly pretty, and having miguel there (ma bf) was really awesome since he lives so far . he and i got to be together for a whole week ! and we did so much and had soo much fun. he went back home a few days ago and i rly miss him but i am v v glad we got to be together.a few days after prom i graduated, and i went to a bunch of different grad parties. at one of them i got RLYY crossed , and when i got home it was SO obvious to my parents.  after miguel left to go to his airbnb, i ended up throwing up a LOTTT. my parents were cool abt it tho , and my dad helped me clean up + got me water nd stuff. the next day , miguel and i went to the local amusement park , canobie lake park! even tho we weren't there for a super long time , we had soo much fun! i definitely won't forget our time together there :3although stuff was rly fun for this past week , there were def a lot of problems too. my best friend throughout all of high school started acting rly weird and lowkey mean to me toward the end of the yr.  she excluded me from group activities with friends and kinda stopped treating me like a friend, cutting me off and stuff like that. the thing is, IDEK WHAT I DID WRONG!! I WISH SHE WOULD J TALK 2 ME ABT IT bc i rly miss when we were good friends like we used to be she's going off to be a camp counselor tho if she hasnt already, so tbh its rly unlikely i'll ever see her again. regardless, i'm kinda glad abt that bc it means i dont have to deal w her being mean/passive-aggressive towards me anymore. but i wish her all the best and also wish we hadnt ended on such a sour note on the bright side of things, i'm actually rly looking forward to college!!!  i'm about 2 months away from move-in , and i've met someone going to the same school as me that i rly get along with! they also play video games and like similar anime as me , and overall they seem super nice!  i'm glad to know i have someone in the future i know i'll get along with since miguel left , i've been spending alot of time reading and drawing . i've actually felt rly creatively stimulated if thats the right phrase to use , lol i've been playing piano a lot too , and i'm about halfway done with one of the books i'm reading (last evenings on earth by roberto bolaño) and i'm rly enjoying it a lot. i've also been playing games ofc , but mostly rhythm games (like project diva mega mix+ nd muse dash ) and animal crossing , so more relaxing stuff that keeps me in a better mood another super fun thing i'm looking forward to is next month i'm going on vacation with miguel to the cayman islands for a few days!!!! i'm kinda counting the days already lol , i'm so so excited. i hope to update this blog with more good news soon!! thanks for reading if u got this far, + have a great rest of ur day !! if ur readin this ily :3 byee! [~aaa the summer..]


06/16/2022 09:17 PM 

Current mood:  crying

sometimes i wish i never met him.


06/16/2022 07:30 PM 

Current mood:  betrayed

  Fading memories, a lost childhood.  Do I even remember what kind of kid I was anymore? My birthday was one day after valentines, I could have gotten a cute date to celebrate but I never even got that. All I remember from that time is muddy images and faces, the only clear one being my brother and his comforting wiles. At least they helped me in the moment, even if it taught me to believe in falsehoods.  They helped me so much that I do not even remember what he was lying to me about. In those times, when I didn’t have skillfully weaved words to infect my ears, I would run to the streets. Their disgusting and grotesque smells would help block out the harsh world that I was living in, and those bright neon lights would blind me to reality. Unfortunately, the one event I wish to forget never left my mind. It replayed in my mind, day after day, wondering how I could have prevented it. I didn’t even know the person I was fighting for, I think I was high off of something and felt invincible. I don’t do drugs anymore, one person can only handle so much mind numbing. I couldn’t leave her, she was so small that one punch from the attackers would take her out, a glittering gem that would shatter at the smallest tap. Feeling like some sort of superhero I ran in, maybe I could be someone else for a change.   I got beaten up like no other.    They had weapons, I only had my untrained fists. Thrashed and slashed, it’s a surprise I didn’t die that night. The rats of the alleyways that I had made friends with came to my aid, and the girl I had thought I saved ran, she didn’t even help me. Then I realized who she was. She was my closest friend. At least, I thought she was my friend. I risked it all for her sake, there was so much blood that came from my stomach that it could fill a pool. But she left me. NERV


06/16/2022 03:13 PM 

so uh plan??
Current mood:  groggy

since im going 2 school in the fall in austin I had the plan to take the metro bus/rapid, right? bc apartments are wayyy too expensive in the citythe "plan" or just idea I had was to move to an apartment near where the first bus/rapid is so I dont have to get driven to the stop every day and I could just walk or sk8I also guess I'll finally need a laptop bc I dont wanna move my entire computer into this temporary place tbh I feel kinda lazy ab all this but I gotta be somewhat positive like hey at least I'm "moving" out of this awful house and I get to go to this cool school.... I suppose We'll see .-.


Sarah Belmont

06/16/2022 10:37 PM 

humanRaCcoOn Electronic Webzine Issue #9
Current mood:  high

You can visit the official directory of articles for this issue here. 05/27/2022 Britney Spears: Taste The Victory CD-ROM 05/19/2022 WWE Memories: Vince McMahon Limo Explosion 05/19/2022 VHS Review: Girlfriend From Hell 05/19/2022 Miley Cyrus: Can't Be Tamed 05/18/2022 Digimon: The Adventure Begins 05/17/2022 N64 Review: Super Smash Bros. 05/17/2022 VHS Review: Wishmaster 05/17/2022 VHS Review: The Terminator 05/15/2022 VHS Review: Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles 05/09/2022 WCW Home Video: Nitro Girls Swimsuit Calendar Special 05/06/2022 Atari 2600 Review: Custer's Revenge

𝐥𝐨𝐮𝐢𝐬. ♥︎

06/16/2022 07:09 PM 

june playlist.
Current mood:  breezy

______ it's gonna kill me - filter.  redefine pure faith - black tape for a blue girl.  fang - chelsea wolfe.  she is the dark - my dying bride.  a poem - la dispute.  slut - velvet acid christ.  breath control - recoil.  they'll clap when you're gone - chelsea wolfe.  fallow - grouper.  elegant sleeping - christian death.  ______



06/15/2022 05:45 PM 

hi i make crunkcore ;u;
Current mood:  headphones

A sh*tty crunkcore song I made :)I utterly hate some of the vocals on it right now but I will redo them!! ...eventually.I have 3 other songs in progress, I wanted to make it like, a lil Scene Kid Summer EP. But I'm so lazy and it's probably not gonna be finished anytime soon. But I might post the other three later lol

music, crunkcore

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