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01/06/2007 09:11 PM 

Current mood:  crying

bad depressed crying pain lonely


01/06/2007 03:05 PM 


    |\    /|     | ヽー-く |   |      |   |  O  O|. ~~   ヽ_"  r ノ   /    i ヽ (\| i  |_ノ `\ヽ_ノ  |   `ー/  / |   |  l  |   ヽ_人_ノ  


01/07/2004 09:03 PM 




08/18/2011 12:16 PM 

Current mood:  warm

 my heart belongs to cats 

cats love


10/11/2021 08:57 PM 

Current mood:  sick

keychain cat kawaii


05/05/2021 08:06 PM 

Current mood:  sick

   。゚゚・。・゚゚,  ゚・。・゚ pain


06/22/2022 03:01 PM 

Games im looking forward to

FIRST BLOG! WISH ME LUCKMY LIST of games im looking forward to, i mean these are only SOME because i am sooo tired i need to go zzzz soon i just wanted to use te blog feature tbh. There's plenty more awesome games that i want to come out as soon as positive but these are the ones that intetest me the most1.......GOD OF WAR RAGNARÖK!First of all, this game looks amazing, it's supposed to come out on november 2022, although a delay might be possible but if it does come out in November i hope it comes on my birthday. Which is on 27th november by the way. Heard its for ps4 and 5, might actually try it myself instead of just watch gameplay on youtube!2. StarfieldI think this ones coming out in november 2022 im not sure...anyway from what ive seen from the trailer it looks like a gorgeous game god it looks so beautiful hehe got me wiggling my feet and all that. Action roleplaying game in outer space AUUHHHHHH IT SOUNDS SO GOOD its for xbox and pc but i dont think ill EVER get my hamds on it...well see everythings possible3. RESIDENT EVIL 4 REMAAAAKEEE march 24 next year i think?  This is gonna be crazy such a crazy game i hope they get what made re4 so special really really hope its good but whatever if its a resident evil game ill eat it up anyway4...Project Mguy getting mad that his wife dies or whatever...Dont know much about this one nor do i have a lot to show because im not really familiar with ncsoft, the corporation whos game this is BUT from what ive seen from the trailer its an awesome game from the unreal engine 5 and it looks interesting cant wait.....HERES THE TRAILER you should watch it 5. Wolverine this is the only good image i could find ^EOLVERINE BY INSOMNIAC IM SOOOO SOOOO EXCITED THEY DID SUCH A GOOD JOB WITH SPIDERMAN I CANT WAIT HEJEHHHUUUHHHHHHHH next year though i think..? Also ps5 exclusive GOD DAMMIT!!!! Forking stupid short teaser trailer he has a hat on anyway. Btw i will HATE this game if he doesnt have the silly cat looking hair  THE ART IS SO BEAUTIFUL ahhh such a gross looking game, no dialogue, you have to figure out everything that's happening and i cant even explain how disgusting it looks ill have to put a link of the trailer here because it is MINDBLOWING SSKTJL (suicidesquad kill the justice league)  ive been waiting for this one! For too long but im pretty sure its coming out this year so i have nothing to worry about YAYAYharley is so pretty in the game by the way... of course she isHope you like my list YAAAAYY  


06/22/2022 07:04 PM 

Current mood:  bouncy

hey sexiesi hope you're all doing okay here's today's song recommendation!city song - coatie pop (it's a song that is made for the people that just wanna feel like a sexy ass bitch)


06/22/2022 07:01 PM 

Current mood:  chill

i just finished the third season of the umbrella academy! it was so good :>you should totally give the show a watch(if you haven't already)


06/22/2022 04:38 PM 

i was a teenage prisoner.

as a child i was basically held prisoner. i wasn't allowed online. i wasn't allowed to see my friends. kids at school thought i hated them because they'd invite me over and i always had to tell them my mom said no. i was great at school and great at band. i went to state in academics and on the flute - not because i was particularly bright or talented, but because those things were my only ticket out of the house. and eventually those things propelled me to college where i was finally relatively free.but i've lived with the scars forever. i never feel worthy of spending time with other people. i always feel invited out of pity. i never feel like i'm allowed to pursue new hobbies because hobbies, and socializing, are for other people. not for me. it's burned in my brain. i wish i could just reset my whole brain and start over and allow myself a golden retriever mentality when it comes to interactions with other people.and the craziest part is i feel like i made it all up. if i brought it up to my mom, she'd tell me i did. she was the one who forced this reclusive lifestyle on me. she's beloved by her former students, so no one would ever believe that i was made to live like this. it's thousands of students' word against mine. but they never lived with her. they'll never know the's taken me years to get up the courage to draw comics about my life. to draw people. to tell my stories. right now i'm making comics about my everyday adventures. buying concert tickets, zoom chatting with friends, traveling. but i'm just getting warmed up. as could be expected with the way i grew up, i've always wanted to die. but i will not end my life. i can't. not yet. i can't die until my story is told. and now that i've started telling it, it's like i'm on autopilot toward the sweet release i've so desperately wanted for over half of my life.


06/21/2022 02:16 AM 

Current mood:  happy

hey sexiesi wanna do this thing where i do daily song recommendations!today's song choice is:ocean - cold 


06/20/2022 03:25 AM 

Current mood:  loved

i have the best boyfriend ever!he makes me so happy ;Di've never felt so loved and cared for untili met him(thanks for being mine - i love you)


06/20/2022 02:46 AM 

Current mood:  calm

hey!i'm back on friendproject.feel free to send me a message 


06/19/2022 06:54 PM 

back up and running
Current mood:  blissful

did yall miss me?three days away from you all feels like too long!I am alive, care to tell me all about your theories and speculations of all the events unfolding over the past few days? ♥


06/19/2022 06:50 PM 

Current mood:  scared

    I think I died?! What happened??? I’m so confused right now. I feel different. I don’t think I should tell anyone, this is a little too weird. I feel more powerful too, and an insatiable hunger.  Any advice? :0 - NERV Also check out my new ig post!   ChetterChes - What kind of bullsh*t is this? People these days  NERVousbreakdown - I used to think this too, but just wait till you get more in the iceberg!   DxFneverdie - Don't go sparkling in the sun now! If you do tho, send pics ♥ NERVfanpage - use those strong powers to destory me plz plz plz plz NERVfanpage - *destroy DrDoomwcat - yasss me too vampire queen ♥ ♥ ♥

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