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06/26/2022 12:52 PM 

roblox art

these r some things i drew for a roblox avatar heheno idea if theres even anything like the outfits i drew on roblox but thats ok oh btw i forgot to draw it but the far right dress is supposed to be plaid hehehe

roblox,art,roblox avatar, roblox art,


06/26/2022 12:54 PM 

Current mood:  angsty

My PFP is near best onecompared to sonic, Shakespeare doesn't comparesmhi will gladly argue

Shakespeare <3


06/26/2022 12:45 PM 

hashtag girlboss

i have to pee really bad but im too busy figuring out how to use this site


viyana !

06/24/2022 11:30 PM 

Current mood:  awake

HIII havent been on here for sooo long i wanna start using it alottt this summer is so boring omg. if anyone likes car seat headrest i actually meet the members and got a picture w will & got to see MORTIS LIVE i holyyyy f***kkk 


06/24/2022 06:37 PM 

first post
Current mood:  blah

hey slays this is astervoids first post on fp very exciting iksooooo. what am i supposed 2 talk abt.


06/24/2022 01:33 AM 

Current mood:  pretty

hi sexies ;)i'm so sorry for missing yesterday's song recommendationi was super busy and couldn't post ;((to make up for it i'm recommending two songs!decks dark - radioheadfemme fatale - the velvet underground


06/24/2022 03:27 PM 

Being Emo
Current mood:  aggravated

Being emo in today's world is so exhausting, I get barked at, yelled at, harrassed in public. I love being who I am, I just wish I could be myself and not worry about being photographed about it in public. I get grown ass adults who yell slurs at me in public from inside their cars. If someone wants to say something to me maybe they should say it in front of me without being inside their protective bubbles. Maybe they should say it as an individual and not when they're with their "buddies". People today love saying things over the internet instead of face to face. I call that being a huge p**sy. I can't take it seriously if it's over message. I've been threatened to have people pull up to my house and beat me, even k word me. But I can't take it seriously if it's some 15 year old hiding in their bedroom or playing video games on their discounted amazon chairs. They're bluffers, not mature. It's aggravating.


06/24/2022 03:22 PM 

Anxiety Mornings
Current mood:  crappy

Having to wake up with so much anxiety actually sucks. I wake p with a start almost every morning, my heart is racing and I'm all shaky. I can't even remember what I dreamt about, nothing bad even has to happen, it just does it. My medicene barely works and I can't start on high dosages without feeling like I'm meeting death itself. It's so tiring. 


06/23/2008 06:01 PM 

random words in the preview box
Current mood:  confused

I clicked on the option to put an image in my blog, and in the preview example section it had this: "Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetuer adipiscing elit. Maecenas feugiat consequat diam. Maecenas metus. Vivamus diam purus, cursus a, commodo non, facilisis vitae, nulla. Aenean dictum lacinia tortor. Nunc iaculis, nibh non iaculis aliquam, orci felis euismod neque, sed ornare massa mauris sed velit. Nulla pretium mi et risus. Fusce mi pede, tempor id, cursus ac, ullamcorper nec, enim. Sed tortor. Curabitur molestie. Duis velit augue, condimentum at, ultrices a, luctus ut, orci. Donec pellentesque egestas eros. Integer cursus, augue in cursus faucibus, eros pede bibendum sem, in tempus tellus justo quis ligula. Etiam eget tortor. Vestibulum rutrum, est ut placerat elementum, lectus nisl aliquam velit, tempor aliquam eros nunc nonummy metus. In eros metus, gravida a, gravida sed, lobortis id, turpis. Ut ultrices, ipsum at venenatis fringilla, sem nulla lacinia tellus, eget aliquet turpis mauris non enim. Nam turpis. Suspendisse lacinia. Curabitur ac tortor ut ipsum egestas elementum. Nunc imperdiet gravida mauris."which roughly translates to a bunch of random words strung together in latin. Is it emo poetry, are the people who made it just being cryptic, or am i just not getting the joke? On the other hand i LOVE these emojis ^.^ 



06/23/2022 11:44 PM 

sunday morning
Current mood:  sleepy

Sunday morning brings the dawn inIt's just a restless feeling by my sideEarly dawning, Sunday morningIt's just the wasted years so close behindWatch out, the world's behind youThere's always someone around you who will callIt's nothing at allSunday morning and I'm fallingI've got a feeling I don't want to knowEarly dawning, Sunday morningIt's all the streets you crossed not so long agoWatch out, the world's behind youThere's always someone around you who will callIt's nothing at allWatch out, the world's behind youThere's always someone around you who will callIt's nothing at all Lou Reed once stated that “Sunday Morning” was suggested by infamous New York artist Andy Warhol: “Andy said, ‘Why don’t you just make it a song about paranoia?’ I thought that was great so I came up with ‘Watch out, the world’s behind you, there’s always someone watching you,’ which I feel is the ultimate paranoid statement in that the world cares enough to watch you.” 

the velvet underground , music , andy warhol , nico


06/23/2022 03:59 PM 

Current mood:  lonely

i feel bad 。゚(゚´ω`゚)゚。


06/23/2022 11:39 AM 

Nostalgia Galore!
Current mood:  happy

Oh, Mylanta! I'm so glad I re-discovered this site! I don't know about the rest of you, but I feel like Facebook has become more like "FacistBook". I recently talked to a friend (who is a neighbor I have on Snapchat) and she had her account blocked by Facebook for NO REASON. She's been blocked for 30 whole days, over nothing. She didn't receive any warning, nothing. One of my cousins has been banned quite often on Facebook and mostly because she's been flagged for "bullying" because she's calling out pedophiles.Not to mention, that it seems that Zuckerburg's algorithm is to blame for a lot of people leaving the platform. You can't joke about anything anymore, it seems. People have become so sensitive to a lot of things, as well. I know, we as all human beings still need to be kind to one another. But, if you can't take a joke and are offended by something, that is your own problem. I usually try to be considerate of other people and their thoughts and feelings, but I'm not going to criticize a comedien/nne over how they should tell a joke. If I don't like something, I'll just unfollow or whatever. I used to be the type to report people for this and that. But, a lot of the time, it either goes unnoticed or they just get floodded with so many requests that it takes a long period of time for any action to be taken.This site may be "antiquated" since it's browser-based, but I do like the fact I can configure my profile to however I like! Just like in the good old days! It's not in this white and navy format or in a "dark mode" on my phone. The whole "no nudity" thing doesn't bother me on this site, either. There's other platforms that exist for that, so no skin off my nose.Anywho, if you'll excuse me, I'm going to try to remember how to input MP3s on my profile page 


06/23/2022 11:13 PM 

Current mood:  excited

hiiiiiiii my mom set me up with a hairdresser and now i have like, 90s emo and fever era ryan ross type hair :D i love it so much but also i need to buy some pomade or something i borrowed my dads this morning and i hate how smells it makes my head hurt. ill probably drag my mom to target or walk down the road to the walgreens :3


10/23/2007 09:16 PM 



06/23/2022 09:14 PM 


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