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07/09/2020 07:15 PM 

Current mood:  curious

How much would you charge to babysit one child? 


07/09/2020 07:02 PM 

Just blabbing
Current mood:  impatient

Rn i kinfd of feel sad but i miss the feeling of not being sober. I want to chill and smoke some mary jane but aint got some and im just missing this one guy but im a baddie i aint doing nun of that its stupid im not gon be sad over a guy who does not want me. anyways im new to this website my friend told me be careful because soemtimes its not safe and i will be careful i just want to be loved i want to feel loved again and to be in love so yeah hmu :) i love you whoever finds this and reads this be safe bb love youuu..♥

#lgbt #bored #singlee


07/09/2020 03:01 AM 

Current mood:  bummed

i wanna feel pretty 


07/09/2020 09:47 AM 

journal #3
Current mood:  sleepy

it's been raining here the past couple of days and i'm lovin it 

Rodolfo Flores Jr.

07/09/2020 03:09 PM 

Fire dancers
Current mood:  groggy

     I've been a professional fire performer for about 8 years now and I'm looking to see if there are any fellow flow artists or fire dancers in this platform to befriend. If you're just into spinning glowsticks, that's fine too lol     Just a bit about myself. I am 26 years old and from San Antonio, Texas. I play with poi, staff, double staff, sword, and buugeng. I am a member of a fire dancing group in San Antonio named, The Brothers of the Flame, whom have been entertaining the people of the San Antonio area for almost 20 years.    

fire dancing, poi, flow artist


07/09/2020 03:16 PM 

out of town
Current mood:  sleepy

this font is fancy but i'm at a cabin right now and the thunderstorms sound so pretty right now i already know that this sleep is gonna hit 


07/09/2020 02:20 PM 

drew myself as a firebender
Current mood:  content


07/09/2020 12:25 PM 

get 2 know me :>

i saw sum1 do this eee heres sum questions no1 asked 4 ♥TELL US ABOUT YOURSELFname:: rachel :< (i dont liek my name i go by ray)nickname:: ^how old are you:: 16zodiac sign:: virgo current location:: new jersey :,(eye color:: bluhair color:: naturally light brown but rn its faded black i need2 dye again hair type:: curlyhieght:: 5 ft gryour heritage:: cuban and italian eewhat's your middle name:: helenashoe's you wore today:: jack skeleton sox ♥your weakness:: your fear:: bugs and vomit!!! :<have you ever ridden a mechanical bull:: i would fly offdo you want to:: they scare me nogoal you would like to achieve this year:: lose weight first thought when you wake up:: not again</3best physical feature:: my eyes igwho is your bestest freind:: MALEN!!!when is your bedtime:: whenever i get sleepyyour most cherished memory:: i hav bad memorypepsi or coke:: monstermc dondalds or burgerking:: mc d's bruhsingel or group dates:: group is less awk sometimes but single is cool 2what is the last song you sang:: this is who we are :> does playing the guitar make a girl/guy more attractive:: play ur electric guitar outside ny window ♥what is your biggest pet peeve:: MEAN PEOPLEE, ignorance, loud chewers, squeaky noises EW, people who r mean 2 animals 4 jokes and purposely kill bugs. do you drink:: rarely f*** alcever been drunk:: yesdo you smoke:: thats more like it♥do you "SMOKE":: wait whatdo you sing:: no and yeswhat color underwear do you have on:: black aado you want to go to college:: possibly i dont want 2 b in debt forever thohave you ever been in love:: yesdo you wnat to get married:: when de time comesdo you believe in yourself:: at timesdo you believe inothers:: YES! ♥do you like thunderstorms:: no:(do you play an instrument:: yes ehewhat do you want to be when you grow up:: ermm i do not knowwhat country would you like to visit:: italyhow many CD's do you own:: 2 manyhow many DVD's do you own:: oh many tattoo's do you have:: 2 & i cherish themhow many piercings do yo have:: 2how many things in the past do you regeret:: a fewshoes:: my converse ♥radio station:: i dnt rlly listen 2 radio but the rock n roll station is gooddrink:: monstuh energy babicar:: small onesplace:: california :(song:: right now probably nothing to you by lil peep or scene girl feet pics by bunny (soundcloud) movie:: the rocky horror picture show!!moment:: any moment wif my friends or my sistercolor:: black or pink meal:: ketamine 



07/09/2020 12:22 PM 

Current mood:  angsty

i found some songs posted 2 an old blog i had as a kid lol, i was a nightmare 2 be aroundblue alice, ayriacassie, flyleafblue, the birthday massacrelove drunk, boys like girlsdeadlines, there for tomorrowlet it burn, redsuck at love, simple plan 


07/09/2020 12:15 PM 

Current mood:  accomplished

First blogpost and and just finished customizing my profile and blog and everything looks perfect!! Anyway visit my profile im sure you'll love it and add me as a friend!!


07/08/2020 10:53 PM 

Current mood:  excited

I FINALLY GOT MUSIC ON MY PAGE!!!!!! there was a bulletin that taught me how to do it :)))


07/08/2020 11:43 PM 

i miss emo kids irl
Current mood:  bummed

cut my wrists and black my eyes so i can fall asleep tonight:(


07/08/2020 08:19 PM 

Current mood:  awake

Sometimes i feel like indica just isnt strong enough, I need to be knocked out. 


07/08/2020 11:02 PM 

After work vibes
Current mood:  groggy

I really spent my whole day sleeping after work and now it's 11pm and i just hopped on the computer, imma be up all night now ad i got work the next morning too 


07/08/2020 10:54 PM 

sorry 4 not existin

totally 4 got 2 exist 4 a good lil while ive beem chilling and overconsuming content as usual 


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