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07/17/2022 05:01 PM 

Relist Northern Rockies Wolves Under Endangered Species Act

To stop the slaughter of wolves in Montana, Idaho, and Wyoming, Northern Rockies wolves must be relisted under the Endangered Species Act. Relisting would protect wolves from hunting, trapping, and baiting, which this past year led to the deaths of hundreds of wolves in the region. In May, we organized more than 300 people to call Secretary Haaland in a single day, asking her to support relisting wolves. Next Friday, July 21st, we’re going to do the same thing – this time to President Biden. We’re going to call the White House every five minutes urging him to stand up for what’s right, listen to the American public, and call on the U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service to relist Northern Rockies wolves.


07/17/2022 12:55 PM 

Current mood:  bored

I wanna do something today, but there isnt actually anything to do 


07/16/2022 08:44 PM 

Current mood:  nauseated

this headache is killing me 

ri's thoughts, ugh


07/16/2022 05:38 PM 

Current mood:  annoyed

My juicy purse was supposed to be here today but the package got delayed. How rude, but anywaysssss... Living the dream with my new flip phone lolz


07/16/2022 12:31 PM 

Dominic A Homan of Colorado wikipedia

Wikipedia of Dominic Homan of Colorado Dominic F Homan is a doctor in Alabama.Dominic A Homan created characters personas for DCComics WBD Warnrbros discoveryDog Woman Glinda Grooma with a mumchuck DOgman Grant GrittGReen Grasshopper Keith Kraw Fuchsia Fly Mrs Flagg Alphaman Blark Trent.He did paints acrylic in 2007 paint oils 2021.Music care 2 band members he feels its like band pratice or jam sessions.He did Equine therapy and massages help he has had two brain injurs one to the front of the headand brain damage in Feburary 2022 front left of his brain he belives 5 to 6 covid variantswill close down churches starting 2022 omicron subvariant.He likes church on youtube and on TV Ewtnchannel.He likes movies, WWE,AEW on TV and he has all his relationships love times mutal.


07/16/2022 12:07 PM 

Current mood:  annoyed

My room is literally a mess but I dont feel like cleaning. S.O.S


07/15/2022 01:15 PM 

fin creepypasta
Current mood:  scared

once upon a time there was ths emo teenager named Sam Hoffman who grew up in a very religious famlee who did not accept them!!! ther entire life they were bulled to helpk and backk! it oly got worse when they started heighschool until one day the poluar girls cam e up to sam and invited hrm to a party1!!! sma wuz so excited amd got all dressed up thinking they owuld have frends. so they go to the meet up spot and instead they were hit in the head with a shovel only to die!!! last words they heard was "freakazoid!!!!" the next day everyone who was involved got THIS photo in their email inbox and it was sams new favebook profpic. if you see this you need to share to 13 friends!!!!!!!!!!!1 if you dont sam will get youif you hear "freakazoid" at 3 am just know it is too latz


07/14/2027 06:09 PM 

Vegan veggies


07/14/2022 06:08 PM 


Song of the week :D : The Art of Pretension by Scarling. 


07/14/2022 03:36 AM 


heavy hangovers hit my head like an axe that blows my brains out... i miss you!!! i miss you so badly. my heart aches for the warmth that surrounds it when you're near me. i miss lazy afternoons and slow, chaste kisses. i miss running my hands through your hair and having you rest your head on my shouder. i miss the comfort in knowing there is a deeper meaning behind the time we spend together. we are at war with the rest of the world and every few weeks we rest underground, beneath the soil, entertaining a secret only few know. keep this pride between hushed lips or we risk bleeding alive.i'm tired of always going six feet under just to love you. i hate to see men wield their guns and profess their admiration for you in front of the whole world while i rest in the bunker waiting for you to keep our little secret alive. i hate to see the world be so against us, weapons of mass destruction in front of our throats ready to shove forward at any second. i hate to see others have heterosexual wishes for our tomorrows when we plan a future of our own behind their backs. i hate it all. i hate having to be each other's skeleton in the closet hiding under tongues, threatening to slip between index fingers and gritted teeth. sometimes i wish we were like everyone else. and it's not like any of it is our fault because it's not and it never will be. the world around us is liable, unfortunately colonized and still soaking up the same stupid catholic beliefs from centuries ago. we're sinners, the dirtiest possible human beings to ever exist on this planet. at least to them. but i like to talk to god and he thinks im perfectly fine. maybe? i think like a little boy about to burst... please get that eyesore of an action figure on the highest shelf between my stubby baby hands. i'll let the cold plastic warm between my hands while my imagination and the chipped paint job bring it to life. i'll make up a story so lifelike it's unreal. it'll be such a scene. we're in love and out and open and away from the day. i always tell you. i can only wait. and fight for it in the tiniest ways possible. and eventually i won't have to wish to be somebody else just to show the world that i love day...........


07/12/2010 12:54 PM 


this was not posted in 2010 :D

date and time


07/13/2022 12:16 PM 

Been awhile ((: (heavy topic today TW)
Current mood:  restless

Hi guys! It's been a while hasn't it? Guess I'll have to fill you in. A bit of a heavy topic today, but I'll try not to beat around the bush. TRIGGER WARNING please don't continue if you are easily triggered.      There was a $h00t1ng really close to where I live at a parade on the fourth. Six (middle aged-elderly) people are "gone," including the parents of a two year old boy. Some of my friends were there. Nobody that I know was 1njur3d or anything, but, sadly, I did know the @[email protected] He went to my church. Even worse, the fourth was a Monday, which means that I saw him the day before it happened. It's really sad because he was trying to get better. He was doing well too, until c0v1d hit. I just feel really bad for him and his family; and also the families who l0$t people. It must be really hard. I wish I could've done something. I've been on my phone alot trying to avoid things lately. Maybe I'll start working out again. I wish I could look delacate and be strong at the same time. Anyway, I hope you guys had a great 4th of July! Goodnight.-Megan :33

sad, 4th of July, blog, my life

꒰ა Reagan ໒꒱

07/12/2022 10:37 PM 

Pokemon transfer?

So like 2 days ago I found out that you could transfer pokemon to black from hgss and dpp, I used it to transfer a few of my mons from ss (eeveelutions, pseudolegendaries, etc.)I guess I just never knew about it until a few days ago?? I've had the game completed for a few weeks but the route the transfer building is on is my least favorite so I've just never gone there. I wonder what I would've done if I had found this out back when I first played black when I was 7 hahahahAnyways, I now have an Aggron, Tyranitar, and Salamence to go along with my Gliscor, Swoobat, and Mienshao! Very happy with this team, I think they're slowly adding themselves onto my already huge fave pokemon list ;^_^


07/11/2022 10:35 AM 


.auto-style1 { text-align: center; } .auto-style2 { background-image: url(''); width: 744px; height: 31px; font-family: "S2G らぶ"; font-size: 16px; color: #FFAECA; text-align: right; font-weight: bold; }   I FINALLY FIXED THIS LAYOUT OMG July 11th, 2022 @ 10:35AM     Mood: Accomplished  Listening To: I Don't Love You - My Chemical Romance Watching: yt vids igPlaying: Sanrio Hello Sweet DaysReading: this post im writin xDEating: trix lol Hey hey!! This is the blog post layout on my Neocities and I finally got it working here!! I wanted to use it on the last post I made here but FP is annoying and ofc I couldn't just copy/paste what I had directly from my site... So with some troubleshooting I finally got it to look correct and omg I love it sm more than my old one! ^o^ My comp/browser can be dumb sometimes so I hope it looks okay on everyone else's screens (pls lmk if it displays weird Dx). I also wanted to get this fixed bc I rly miss the status box you could have on old DeviantART journal entires. They got rid of it on dA (oof Dx) and you can't rly do it natively on FP so you know I had to intervene xD It's an important element to any blog xDig I should have some kind of actual post... I watched Umbrella Academy, it was rly good! ^^ my boi Luther is finally getting the respect he deserves and Allison is trash as she should be xDD I have no idea how they're gonna do season 4... like wtf is even happening at this point @[email protected] Poor Five tho lol, he rly spent like 50yrs in an apocalyptic wasteland just to get back and stop like 3 more apocalypses from happening... dude needs a break and I hope he gets one DXGeneral life stuff tho, still just kinda... existing ig? My mystery health problem is still a thing, which has been v hard and disheartening tbh... But I've been trying to keep up with my interests to stay motivated. I've been able to keep drawing and working on my Neocities, which has been good! I actually finally finished this drawing that's been a wip since November >o< I've also been working on getting an mlp collection page for my site, i'm not thrilled abt how many pics I'll have to take Dx Sometimes I get like... self conscious abt what I put up there but... The web is yours lol like the whole point is to post whatever u want. I think that's just a lingering feeling from normie social media sites tho. Like you can technically post anything u want there but like... idk even I feel that weird background pressure to only post good content™, yknow?Thx for reading :P This was rly just to use the layout but I'll prob have another real blog post in August :P  


07/11/2022 02:34 PM 

Current mood:  cheerful


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