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08/11/2022 11:33 AM 

summer time
Current mood:  energetic

Sorry I havent been blogging like at all ive been kinda unmotivated. Yet here i am making myself post something cause i have a good idea for a blog and i dont want to forget it...Basically me and my friend made a summer to do list of stuff we can do and im gonna show all the things we did and what not. Make s’mores Make fancy pizzas Go to lake Have picnic Go to movies State fair Strawberry picking Go to green lake Beach dAy Art museum Now we didnt do like half of these things but we did do a few and i hope we are going to be able to do a few more before school starts!! So far we have made smores and had a little fire pit in my moms back yard which was super fun!!we also got to go to the lake by my dads house and we almost drowned and almost got stuck in the middle of the lake but it was super nice out and all worth it in the end!! We also went to see the new minions movie which was ok but i was kind of dissapointed cause everyone made it sound reeally good....we also made little hello kitty pizzas which turned out kinda cute and super scrumptious !SOOOO thats all we've done on our list so far which isnt much LOL but next we are going to try and have a picnic probably and go to green lake MAYBEEE I dont really have any cute photos to show but maybe in the future!!i havent really done aything else much besided going down to texas and new orleans to see friends and family. Now im rotting in my room waiting for school to startBYE BYE    


Jed Undead

08/11/2022 01:31 PM 

The prodigal son returns
Current mood:  nostalgic

Yeah lmao it's been about a year since I last used this site, but I've been feeling kinda emo (in a good way) recently and this site has been calling to me. Figuratively and literally, they sent me an email about deleting my account if I didn't log in haha. Man it's been so long I gotta update my interests. A bunch has changed and it's crazy how far I've come from the nervous kid stepping into public school for the first time. I admire his confidence though, I could use a few pointers/reminders from the guy.Well, in any case, i suppose I'll come back here any time I feel the hankering for some good ol' fashioned emo blog posting. My love for that hasn't changed. Talk soon,-Jed


08/10/2022 11:52 PM 

mt. silver
Current mood:  distraught

i'm calling out, do you hear me? growl. roar. it's cold. someone come and save me. 


08/10/2022 11:37 PM 

how does this work?

test, test, can you hear me? try leaving a comment if you can, okay? 


08/10/2022 11:34 PM 

Current mood:  vital

the silver coin smiled. the gold brick giggled. the sword snickered. the knife frowned. beginning


08/10/2022 11:19 PM 

teh pwnz0rz test post!!!
Current mood:  happy

<(0_0<) <(0_0)> (>0_0)> KIRBY DANCE


08/10/2022 05:45 PM 

school XP
Current mood:  anxious

ugh i start a new school on august 31 and i'm sooo nervous because i havent been to a new school since i was like 8 and the worst part is that ive just moved to a new country so i have no idea what its gonna be like. im praying i make a friend on the first day so that it can be fun.

school , new friends , nervous

Fo Shizzle Mc.Perrywinkle

08/10/2022 01:21 AM 

I just hate both sides.

I hate all of the Brass Pro shop hat wearing homophobic/transphobic a**holes along with the shaggy green-haired teenagers who go by vomit/vomit themselves and say that literally anything is racist, homophobic, transphobic, f***phobic, ect. I don't say this to differentiate myself from the SJWs of my community, nor do I endorse the curly perm transphobes. I just want to meet a normal f***ing person who isn't a piece of sh*t or overly sensitive. Jfc.I'm just so tired.My ending words are, trans people deserve rights and not everything is a f***ing buzzword. Get off of f***ing twitter.


08/09/2022 12:01 PM 

i love my friends and other rando thoughts

.auto-style1 { text-align: center; } .auto-style2 { background-image: url(''); width: 744px; height: 31px; font-family: "S2G らぶ"; font-size: 16px; color: #FFAECA; text-align: right; font-weight: bold; }   I love my friends and other rando thoughts August 9th, 2022 @ 12:00AM     Mood: Relaxed Listening To: yt vids :PReading: idk lolWatching: yt stuff obvsEating: a weird sandwich? XDDrinking: sweet tea Hey hey~ :P Back at it again with another rando post~ xD I'm at my-friend-who-likes-mh's house again. I came over for his bday and it was great! He was p sad his plans got cancelled last year, so I'm glad everything worked out for him this time ^^ And I can finally share the gift I got him!! He collects the 1989 deluxe polaroids, and I got him the last set he was missing! (It was v hard to find esp looking for a stonk... why do I do this to myself lolrip)I didn't rly know that at the time, so once again I got super lucky... I love risking it all ig <xD I got it like, months in advance so it was p hard to keep it to myself... Gift giving is prob my favorite way to express my love and appreciation for my friends so it's always a struggle waiting >o< And he definitely deserves it~! I haven't rly talked abt it much on here but I've rly been goin thru it™ for a long time, and I genuinely don't know what I'd do without his support and compassion rn. He wants to be roommates, and I rly hope that works out! We have a plan but I'm always skeptical until it all finally comes together xP For now I'll just keep admiring my 'home inspo' pinterest board xD I love decorating what can I say~ idk if I'll talk abt it once everything's behind me bc I rly do like keeping my space for things I like, but I will def share cool decorating stuff if I get to do what I'm thinking of. Like one of the things I'm hoping I can do is make a canopy for my bed... I've always wanted one and I have a plan for the pinkest, frilliest canopy around ^o^ I love crafts/building things, so I'm rly looking forward to being able to do that once I move out~I also got to go to the drive-in (finally xD)! ik it was like a month ago but lemme just say!! I can't remember the last time I went to one and my friends and I have been trying to get the stars to align so we could go since like, forever, so I'm glad it finally happened xD It was rly nice sitting under the stars with dank snacks and dank friendos :P (And I somehow didn't get eaten alive by bugbois) was not expecting to be personally attacked™ by Lightyear... it was rly a 2hr long callout post lmfaoo XDAs always, thx for reading~ :P I didn't know I was capable of writing a short post xD I hope that my next entry will be as positive as this one!  


08/08/2022 01:40 PM 

Current mood:  discontent

Ugh this is gonna just be a depressing blog so you really dont have to read it LMAOIts so sad watching all the people i used to go to school with become so sucsecful and happy. Like i thought id grow up with these kids more and we would all stay friends but after i switched schools and actually spoke out about my abuser (a girl from that school) everyone started disliking me cause "oh shes so sweet you lying" and "your just being dramatic"people preach believe the victam over the abuser untill the said abuser is someone popular and pretty. everytime i think i escape her she winds up in my life again and i just dont know what to do. ive switched schools because of her and she still finds me. Im about to go into highschool with her and some of her other friends who hate me and im just so nervous. Most people say it wont be that bad and shes gonna leave me be but how do they know that?? Ive already had my life threatened by someone who was literally dating her (this girl also slapped me after threatening to take my life) i mean she slapped me to win back the girl cause she cheated on her but like still...she always finds her way back into my life. Im growing and healing but im scared all of that will come to a stop once i see her again. i dont want to switch schools again because of her. ive let her control my life so so much and i still am just because im scared of her?? like its so stupid how im scared of someone who probobly doesnt give a f*** about me anymore and want to avoid me too...this probobly doesnt make sense im just overly stressed LOL 


08/08/2022 04:06 PM 


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08/08/2022 03:27 PM 

summer is ovur :(((

well... nearly ovur. i have to go to school on wednesday :((( im kinda excited ngl. but still NO MORE LAYING AROUND N BEING LAZY XD


08/08/2022 07:30 PM 

Thinking of making an fc2 website

I wanted to make a neocities website, but I want to make a website using fc2 instead, I know the website is mostly japanese by the looks of it, but there's an en side of the site as well, which is suprising, but yeah, if I ever make my fc2 site, I'll link it in a status post, I wish I could pin statuses, but oh well. Overall, I hope you all have a great day and stuff.

fc2,thinking,making a website


08/08/2022 01:33 PM 

First Post on friendproject

Welcome To My Friendproject Account and this is first post and So comment and add me


08/07/2022 10:33 PM 

Dreamily AI using hotline miami pitch

An enigmatic man is getting orders from threatening phone calls in 1980s Miami Florida. He follows through with these orders and discovers that this may not all be real. A few days later, he receives an invitation to a party at a mansion on the outskirts of the city called ‘La Palma’. The house itself, however, has been abandoned for nearly fifteen years. It will remain so until the last member of the La Palma bloodline dies or disappears altogether. The night arrives; two hours before the party ends, he enters the property via one of the many secret passages, undetected. There are no security cameras, no police presence at all; this isn't something he would normally expect in the middle of nowhere in Florida but it's definitely happening here. This might be a trap. His only hope is to stay alert. He makes his way carefully up a long staircase into what must surely be the most important part of the house. A large library, with bookshelves lining every wall. In one corner there is a large desk piled high with papers and magazines. It looks very much like a meeting place. Before long he reaches another corridor, which leads him to another door at the end. This time the door opens without warning. Inside it is dimly lit but clearly the room beyond is where the party takes place. He can see several people sitting at several tables; the first table holds several bottles of wine and a bottle of liquor. There are also some small groups playing games and drinking cocktails. One group of people seem to have set their attention on him, and are gesturing him over. He approaches them cautiously; as far as he knows they could be armed. They look human enough, if somewhat drunk and slightly disheveled. They introduce themselves as the 'La Palma Bloodline', although their surname sounds more like a Hollywood production name than anything else. Apparently there have been three different generations of this family living in Florida; the eldest child had gone to college and was now a doctor working at a university hospital. The second child had followed her father into law enforcement. After she graduated, she joined the FBI; apparently, her husband thought she was doing good work. The third was now a professor at a prestigious university. It seemed the La Palma family were still well respected by society. But the fourth person was obviously not. As soon as they introduced themselves, the stranger started spouting off strange facts about himself. How he was raised as a slave in North Africa. How he had studied under a famous psychologist in South America but had been kicked out because he had tried to kill someone. And how he had become a cop in Miami just five minutes after the crime scene had been cleared! At this point, the man’s story got confusing. There was a mention of the crime scene being photographed and a statement about forensic teams investigating the bodies. Then another question came in; who was responsible for all this? Why would anyone bother to frame an innocent man like that? Hadn't they heard the rumors, didn't they know the victim wasn't involved? Wasn't he innocent? Then it became clear; whoever was responsible would pay for the crimes. They would get a death penalty for the murder of three young men, their entire family included. Who exactly did that make them? The mob? The government? Were the crimes committed by a random serial killer looking for revenge? These questions continued until a third man stepped forward. He was tall and dark haired, dressed in a suit with sunglasses covering his eyes. “We’re here because of the news reports you saw. We believe it was actually those people who did all this. They framed your brother, and then framed me and my wife when we refused to cooperate. I think you're the key to discovering who the murderer is. So please… help us.” He didn't know why he believed them. Maybe his instincts, maybe he simply wanted to get his revenge on the bastards who had murdered his brother... but he found himself agreeing. He told them everything he knew. How they had come to the island and attacked the La Palma home. How he had been framed for murder by his own family.

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