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sputnik sweetheart

12/24/2022 01:57 PM 

Current mood:  animated


Himiko Toga

12/25/2022 07:50 AM 

Current mood:  angsty

its xmas today!!!!!!!!! as of right now its 7:50 am and i am very tired imma go back to sleep and hope i wake up before they open presents XP


12/24/2022 01:35 PM 



sputnik sweetheart

12/24/2022 02:16 AM 

Current mood:  drunk

i am sober 


12/23/2022 05:32 PM 

Current mood:  fabulous

HI AGAIN!!I noticed some people introducing themselves and I totally forgot about that so, here's a short introduction!!You can refer to me as Catt :DD pronouns are she/her. I'm new to friend project and stuf so I need kool friends to talk to here! (PLS MSG ME AAAA) I luv women, NOT LOOKING FOR ROMANCE THOI love diying cute clothes and eating spicy chips and snacks! Lets talk about fashion and plushies! 3 also having a recent obsession with abandoned places


12/23/2022 06:28 PM 

Happy Holidays!
Current mood:  artistic

I just hope you all have a happy holidays for Christmas, I understand that some dislike Christmas for it's music being over played and son on. But yeah, happy holidays everyone!I hope my Christmas will be very nice, and same to you.

Christmas, blog


12/23/2022 05:07 PM 

First blog post and some other stuff coming up >>
Current mood:  awake

hi guys!! THIS IS MY FIRST BLOG POST BUT PUSHING THAT ASIDE ITS ALMOST CHRISTMASSSBlog posts are gonna be real slow because of Christmas and other holiday stuff but ill make sure to get on as much as I can!Im planning to post a bunch of stuff here so smash that like button lmaoCurrently being dragged to go to a wedding even tho I came down with a fever. Pls send HELP 

Himiko Toga

12/24/2022 11:56 AM 

About me! ! ! !

𝑇ℋ𝓔 Π½ιΠΌιΠΊπ–¦Ή т⁠♑gα ~ .ᐟ( ´ΰ½€` ) β—žβ™‘° β‡’ΰ­¨ "π˜Ώπ™€π™ͺπ™—π™‘π™šπ™¨" 𝙀𝙛 π™’π™š π˜Ώπ™Šπ™‰'𝙏 π™šπ™­π™žπ™¨π™© ΰ­§ β€§β‚ŠΛš ΰΌ‰ α΄‡Ι΄α΄›α΄˜ / 7α΄‘6 π–¦ΉοΈŽ ! π–₯¦yes! i AM Himiko Toga! ! ! ! ! :D /srs. I am single! but ochaco will be my soon to be gf hehe . i am NOT looking for a romatic relationship so dont message me if ur looking for that. gross!  also i dont know how to change my age in my profile but i am turning 14 soon soooooooo yea! i am a bisexual demigirl! i go by all pronouns! (+mew+vamp) i am a irl yan and vamp!I LOVEEEE BLOOOD?!?!?! its so pretty!! i love everything about it! the colour, the texture, the taste, the way it can shine AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAa SO PRETTTYYYYY UH ANYWAYSYSYS HEHEHE YEAH?!?! THIS IS THE ABOUT ME SORRY IF IT SUCKS LOLL

Himiko Toga

12/24/2022 11:51 AM 

Current mood:  adored

EVERYONEEEEEE from now on! i promise i will be on here for every SINGLE day!! HEHE i will be blogging about basiclly anything and post about rants or vents :3 i will also talk to u about my life!!

Himiko Toga

12/24/2022 11:48 AM 

Current mood:  adored



12/23/2022 05:13 PM 

Teh return of KItty!!
Current mood:  okay

Hai!!i know i havent been on friendproject or spacehey 4 quite soem tiem, and i'm rlly sorry 4 leaving, i did hav a gud reason 2 taek a break 4 az long az i didbasically on spacehey mainly i waz kinda put on a pedastool bai ppl, including grown azz men, which caused me 2 develop a v skewed perception of maiself, which led soem bad thingz 2 taek plaec which i dont wanna go in2 detail ovrthiz caused me 2 go on platformz where i waz praised 4 posting photoz of me lezz n lezzn then soemtiem in september i spiraled in2 a depressive episoed which lasted until liek early decemeberi think im oki now thosry 4 leaving again, i will giv a warning 4 mai next break.I'm rlly happy 2 b back tho!! hoepfully i dont hav az bad az an experience az i did last tiem!! X3

β˜† UniCosmicCometCorn β˜†

12/22/2022 11:04 PM 

Henlo! :D
Current mood:  accomplished

*aHEM-* HENLO! :DSoooo, I'm still feeling myself out here XD I'm new here... Obvs .v.U might be from my Spacehey if ur reading this, I fled cuz the TikTokers took over XD Hopefully they stay off of here >_>UHHHH I might make an introduction XD SRRYYYY this is so messy >_<I JUST WANTED 2 SAY HI XD 2- ANY1 LISTENING- XDUhhh- UHHH- LOOK @ DIS CUTE CAT- XDWhoof- Saved- '=w=


abby the homicidal maniac

12/22/2022 10:24 PM 

spare the rod spoil the child

dear god, please teach me to suffer for the things that are worth day i'll get some sense knocked into my headso keep trying to beat the lesson into me because i don't think i get it quite yet.weatherthestormweatherthestormweatherthestormto reach the land of the lotus-eaters.dear god, please teach me to recognise the shadows on the cave wall.because i get fooled by them, every single see, i was born with the kind of face that makes people want to dangle hope in front of it & then rip it awayone day i will learn that good things do not happen to kids like me--they rarely ever do.god does this funny parlour trick where he kicks the chair from underneath my feet when the tips of my toes just barely scrape against the seatit never gets old, does it?does it?he and i have met here before a thousand timesa thousand different ways in a thousand different rhymesthe eternal standoff between me & the big guy who can't decide whether to snuff me out or light another matchjust the same old story, the same old game abby

Himiko Toga

12/23/2022 08:56 AM 

Current mood:  adventurous

im going to the park today soon!!

Himiko Toga

12/23/2022 08:42 AM 

i rant alot hehe
Current mood:  annoyed

this is about someone elsee, i stopped being friends with them and then a few days later, they think they are me now WTF?!?! and a friends with someone who thinks they are me. GODDDDDD i hate people like that!! u arent me u idiot! stop tryna be me wannabe!!

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