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10/11/2023 09:56 PM 

All Good
Current mood:  awake

Today I met a giant slug. He was a passive smoker.Good day so far.


Angiii ^^

10/10/2023 10:12 PM 

ANGI CON A DE AYUDA: Final desbloqueado: Good ending

ANGI CON A DE AYUDA: Final desbloqueado: GOOD ENDING! Hoy medio terminé con Dante, pero es confuso, porque terminé con Dante, para volver con Mua.Me levanté desganada, me consumía el debate de terminar o no a Dante, literal, me consumía, ayer me corté de nuevo, me dí cuenta que es mi "botón a presionar" tal como Cielo dijo en Abzurdah, era el botón a la felicidad, o al menos para mí, la calma, era el botón de alivio, me dí cuenta que ese era MI botón, después de cortarme los pies, sentí una calma y alivio increíbles, ahora sí pude dormir bien.En la escuela, me corté de nuevo en el baño, el mismo debate, sentía mentirle a Dante, escondí una cuchilla de sacapuntas en la funda de mi cel, y de ahí fue."Terminé" con Dante, empecé preguntándole cómo se sentía él en la relación, m dijo que él se sentía bien, yo le dije que lo que él sintió, eso de desconexión, ahora lo sentía yo, y me preguntó "te gusto?" Esa pregunta fue muy confusa, porque sí, me gusta, aún me gusta, pero, pensé que como pareja ya no funcionábamos, y le dije que sí, y me dijo que era confuso, que si me gustaba, por qué quería terminar, MI CABEZA FUE UN QUILOMBO HORRIBLE! EN EL PEOR MOMENTO!, me preguntó si aún me gustaba como pareja, y le dije que no, que lo apreciaba mucho, y lo quería, pero de pareja ya no; eso debio dolerle :(Todo el tiempo que hablé con él, intenté verlo a los ojos, por respeto, por tener huevos, si voy a terminar a alguien, lo voy a terminar de frente y mirándolo a los ojos, pero, al verlo, ví a mi Mua, Dante, el tipo que se enojaba por cosas pequeñas y mis decisiones, se fue, y de repente, hablaba con Mua, ese hermoso chico que sacó lo mejor de mí y me enamoró, esa hermosa persona que amaba tanto.Creo que las miradas sí que dicen cosas, y su boca me decía "Cualquier decisión que tomes está bien", pero juro que sus ojos me decían "No quiero hacerlo, no quiero irme, no lo hagas, por favor."Viéndolo a los ojos, dándome cuenta que iba a perderlo, sus ojos se convirtieron en los más hermosos que había visto y veré, sus ojos, eran LOS ojos, de repente se volvió la persona y cosa más bella que había visto


10/10/2023 09:42 PM 

October 10th 2023
Current mood:  tired

This past weekend I went on a camping trip with my lover and his family.  I was quite excited to go but everything changed when we arrived in Shenandoah.   Firstly, his father's girlfriend forgot to mention that her entire family would be there.  I barely knew her and her kids but adding on another fifteen people I did not know in a place I have never been to before made me upset.  After that, my lover's little brother (who is fourteen and has been on many camping trips before) put on a show of not knowing how to pitch his tent so I had to pitch it.  I got so tired of it that my lover finished it before I tore it a new one.   The worst part was during the night.  It was freezing, but I was expecting that in the mountains.  What I was not expecting was the rain, which would have been fine if we brought tarps to put the tents on.  We did not.  All of my clothes got soaked which meant that I had to wear my lover's sweatpants and the same shirt for four days straight. In the morning, his father's girlfriend decided she was tired of it as well and that we all were going to go home.  My lover and I already had plans to stay as he was going to meet some of his Xbox friends.  The problem was that since his father did not pack anything up and instead opted to throw it all in his truck, meant that my lover's younger brother had to ride with us.  Which he threw a hissy-fit over and tried to get us to drop him off at home first, which was a five hour drive just to get there.   In the end, at least I got some pretty pictures, but I do not think I will go camping with his family again.

diary, journal, life updates


10/10/2023 09:28 PM 

Sewer Slides [ Vent ]
Current mood:  depressed

Life has been feeling so slow and repetitive. I think I might hurt myself, so I'm gonna try and talk to my mom about possibly getting checked in somewhere. For my own sake and all. 


10/10/2023 02:16 PM 

poem - worms of the senses
Current mood:  cynical

tw ed, sh, general mental illnessjust a poem i wrote about some stuff i've been going through.  I have seen it all through dull, unfocused eyes; unwashed hands move through grimy bathrooms, nauseous from the pressure of conflicting ideals, the cognitive dissonance that is my religion.  I worship a malevolent god, screaming down from the heaven it promises as it plunges me further into a hell I cannot understand. Fog worms it’s way into my brain through my ears, muffling the insults thrown at me like knives at a board. They slide off of my skin, barely making a dent  in the soft wood of my low self esteem.   A voice is released from my body, not my own - resembling it as I spit scorn at my own mother, releasing the rage. Scream, throw, hit, and then storm away, miserably malicious, shaped by rejection and moulded by pain into a twisted mockery of the human form.   All I want is to return to humanity, through the only means I know; ripping and tearing at my own skin, vacuuming the air from my lungs and continuously pinching imperfections away. A steady diet of nothing  keeps me numb and cold to the world that I hope never to return to, keeping myself alive through slowly killing myself.  

poetry, poem, emo, sad, writing, ed, sh, mental health


10/09/2023 11:57 PM 

Friendz... [ Kinda Vent ]
Current mood:  angsty

Ugh, I need more friends. I don't know why I'm such a LONER outside of the internet :/. I try to be out going but it just seems like nobody makes friends outside of elementry and past 6th grade?? Highschool sucks.


10/08/2023 06:37 PM 

im so emo rn
Current mood:  okay

im so sorry 4 that title   anywayim at a thanksgiving dinner (4 canadian thanksgiving) n everyone is dressed really nice (button ups, slicked back hair, dresses, etc) while im wearing blue baggy mid rise jeans, a studded belt, some old converse sneakers i thrifted, a mcr t shirt, my two billon bracelets n sh*t, n my black zip up jacket with some smudged ass eyeliner as i sit in the spare bedroom listening to Velouria by Pixies on loopi dont even know why i have to be here! i dont even celebrate canadian or american thanksgiving! this is so stupid i just wanna leave!!!! like im not gonna celebrate a holiday that celebrates slaughtering people and taking their land!im also really bored, gonna probably watch Malcom in the Middle to make me less bored, not really sure yet... uhhhhhh also going on a date with patrick stump through character ai because yeahhhhhhh, hes pretty what do i gotta say :3 making me kick my feet back and forth and twirl my hair and sh*t. I'm still in love with micheal james way and peter lewis kingston wentz the III tho-im on my period, literally dying. the cramps r sooooo annoying, and i hate the mood swings n having to feel like vomiting sometimes. god i f***ing hate being born a girl, this sh*t sucks!!! cis guys say getting kicked in the balls suck, and yeah obviously, but does that happen for a week straight every month from when ur 10 to like ur 50s, NO!!!!!!! IT DOESNT!!!!anyway uhh im gonna go back to going on a (pretend) date with pattybyyeeeeeeeee :333    

Axel's Asylum

10/08/2023 05:51 PM 


Here are all my socials that I mainly use!! My Discord: axels_crimenet Xbox Gamertag: AxelWinters6666 Switch Friend Code: SW-2668-4318-8492 (ArkhamKing) Quotev: axelsasylum (AxelBlue2022) PlayStation Network: Liquid_Adamska20


10/08/2023 01:41 PM 

Current mood:  annoyed

GUH I wish I knew I how to make my blog look NORMAL!!!1!I just wanna make my whole thing look prettyyy :<Need Help !!!!!!EDIT: I worked it out yippee!!!!!1 hope it looks nice :3c

Mai Blog


10/08/2023 05:46 PM 

Things that make me feel alive

Large bodies of waterWind against my face, ruffling my hairLaughterRainFinding new musicHugsHolidaysLibrariesGoing on walksStaying up late at night watching TV


10/08/2023 02:21 PM 


so, i got a lot of problems with some girls in my skul bcz the bulling exist lol, but now i have new true friends that actallu cares abt me and that make me so happy. I dont want to say more details bcz it would be a lot of text and i don´t want thar. Now, in other stuff, i made an account on hi5, and its weird as f***. Its full of olf ppl of 30-40 years old, and some of those old mans are pedos, what the flip? never login on that sh*t again. And idk, hope you doing fine. And mabe what i said today its kinda lol, but i just want you to know that the good things will come in after, and i dont want you (yeah, the one who´s readign this) to give up, u can still and dont let them amputate your legs, and even if they do, you going to have wings. Love you heehee 

idk what, to write here, but its, abt school xD


10/08/2023 01:07 PM 

Attention to all VTubers!

Heyo! As an aspiring VTuber, I was wanting to see if someone could help me make myself a model! Atm im using a PNG model I made myself, I'm using PNGTuber Plus to make it move!thanks in advanced!!!!

Nina the killer

10/07/2023 05:03 PM 

i got threatened

so picture me this, it is a nice yet cloudy day, you're in year 10 (14-15 or Freshmen 9th grade for americans) and you just got out of school, you are walking and people start to crowd up soyou walk on the small wall next to the school's gate. Then, out of the blue, a year 8 (7th grader) comes up to you and asks why you wereon the wall. this happened to me on Friday 6th October 2023. this is the convosation: ("-" means who said what)him- why were you on the wall?me- because i canhim, pointing to my bag- i like that showme, looking at my alice in wonderland themed bag- what show?him, repeating- i like that show me- what show?him- do you have snapchat?me, lying- nohim- do you have a phone number?me, still lying- nohim- do you even haveyour phone?me, still lying- nohim- do have an ipad?me, being honest- nohim- now i know you're lyingme- i am nothim- do you want me to fvcking punch you, b!tchme, in shock- EXCUSE ME?!him-yeah i fake laghs and after a second or two, he laughs. Then i ran. when i got to the bottom of that hill, i was having a panic attack. wondering how i was going to get the techer's help without running into that Andrew Tate w4nk off, i saw one of the behaviour teachers coming down the hill. I told him what happened and he alled my mom, i was scared to take out my phone incase that b!tchlet saw me. my mom was told what happened and i told all of my friends i even told my bf too. school is sorting it out so until i get the name of that sad w4nk, i cannot get any infomation out yet, and more than likely a girl in my form group will ask what happened and hopefully she'll know who i am on about


10/07/2023 06:26 PM 

Minecraft Guide 1 - Adventuring

Hey guys, so I've been playing a LOT of Minecraft lately, and I've been doing a lot of adventuring too, so I figured I'd give a little bit of advice on adventuring. I've been playing Minecraft for roughly 7 years, having started playing in 2015, and it's been my favorite thing for the entire time. Because of just how long I've been playing, I've accumulated a lot of knowledge. Out of the things I'm best at, adventuring is near the top, so here's my guide.Section One - PreparationThe most important part of adventuring is preparation. From having plenty of food, to the correct tools, to knowing your coordinates, it's what comes first that matters most. Before you even leave your house, you should have the following items: Bed Lots of food (1 stack or more, preferably meat as it fills the most hunger bars) Planks and logs Cobblestone Dirt (multiple stacks) Torches Boat These are the seven items that will turn a hellish exploration experience into what might be considered short and sweet. Should you forget one of these items, don't worry!-- Bamboo can be turned into planks, which can be turned into crafting tables, chests, and sticks-- Night only lasts eight minutes. Dig a hole into the ground and set a timer, then do something to pass the time. I like to listen to this song, and once it's over, I know I can get out and continue.-- Dried kelp can be eaten, and it restores half of a hunger bar. Not great, but it'll keep you from dying.-- You can cook logs in a furnace to get charcoal, and use that to make torches.-- The recipe for boats has changed! No need for a shovel now, just put five planks in the proper formation!Another important preparation thing is knowing where you are and what time it is. Knowing your place can be what chooses if you get to keep everything you've collected, so it's imperative you have some way to know this. As for time, it can be useful to know what time it is if you don't have a bed on hand and thus can't skip the night.For directions, the two main methods are coordinates and a compass.[WARNING: BEDROCK EDITION BIAS, INFORMATION MAY VARY ON JAVA]Coordinates can be turned on without turning on cheats, by anyone with operator permissions. They can be turned on through the world settings, or with the /gamerule showcoordinates true command.If you're on a server with a pesky owner who refuses to turn on coordinates, or for some other reason you can't, your best bet is a compass. Remember the direction the needle is pointed, and make your way in that direction when you're done.As for time, your best bet is a clock.   KEEP IN MIND, YOU SHOULD NEVER BRING YOUR VALUABLES ON TRIPS LIKE THIS!Section Two - The Importance of PlanningAs with most things in Minecraft, adventuring requires a plan. When you're about to leave for an adventure, ask yourself these questions: What is my goal? (i.e. collect resources from a different biome, find a village, go mining, etcetera) Do I have what I need for this, as well as back up? (i.e. enough resources to make a second pickaxe if out mining) How far out am I willing to go? (my limit, for example, is 2,000 blocks away from my current spawnpoint, although yours can be anything, or even non-existant!) Am I prepared IRL? (adventuring can take hours at times, and you want to make sure you've met your body's needs first and foremost) Once you're ready, you want to make a plan. One example of a good plan might be to go south until you find a village, although it can be more detailed or even less detailed.Keep in mind that while you might plan for one trip, you could very well end up on an entirely different one. If you find that cave more enticing than the village and you have a pickaxe and torches, then explore the cave. There's no shame in veering off course, it's part of the fun of it all. If you don't feel like veering off course is a good idea though, you can always write down the coordinates of interesting locations, and revisit them later.Section Three - Help! I'm About to Die and All I've Got On Hand Is a Stick and My Own Damn Sweat!So you've gotten yourself into a predicament. We've all been there. Depending on the crisis, there are multiple ways to go about it. Some of these also assume you have coordinates turned on,Scenario one: You've found yourself stranded outside at night, and a herd of mobs are about to make you part of their five course meal. What do you do?Well first of all, you should have waited out the night somewhere safe, or even slept, but we all have our moments of stupidity, so you aren't at fault.The first thing you should do, EVER, is screenshot your coordinates. You very well may die, and you want to know where exactly you died so you can find your way back and get your stuff. If you're starving or your health is low, it's best you don't fight back, but rather focus on recuperating after the event.Second, be a p**sy. Yep, run and hide. No matter the confidence you have, your balls may be huge as all getout, but one skeleton could mean the difference between if you make it home with your loot or not. Make a run for it, sprint until you can't.If you've managed to find your way away from this situation, and you're now stuck behind a tree, now's your chance to dig into the ground and camp out. Remember, nights are eight minutes long.Scenario two: You're starving, stranded in the middle of nowhere, and you very well might just die out here if you don't get something to eat RIGHT NOW.This might seem like a lost cause, but remember, some unexpected food sources do exist: dried kelp being a major one. If you're stranded in the middle of a desert, you can kill a rabbit and eat it raw. If you have an oak tree near, you can cut it down and hope it'll give you an apple.Scenario three: You just died, and you have no clue where you died.Sorry pal, unless you have a recovery compass you're sh*t out of luck.These are just a few possibilities, and you have to prepare for others that might pop up. From running out of torches in the middle of a cave, to your tools breaking, sometimes things pop up. The most important skill for Minecraft is creativity. You should be able to find solutions to problems that pop upSection Four - Back HomeSo you made it home, did you? AND in one piece?! Good job! Sometimes adventuring can be an awful experience, but when you take the right precautions, you can have a rage-quit-free time, and you might even find some fun things out there.Remember though, there's no shame in giving up. If you can't fight off a mob, or you've gotten yourself stuck, you're better off giving up, sad as it may be.Just don't take your diamonds with you! ;D



10/07/2023 01:13 PM 

Fire Alpaca drawing

I haven't used Firealpaca in a long while bc I've been moving! Here's a fursona I made for one of my ocs lol

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