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꒰ა Reagan ໒꒱

10/12/2022 08:38 PM 


Currently working on a writing project, it's about fashion design and I gotta get my draft done by tomorrow. Not too worried about it tbhkinda wanna change my hair color already even though I've only had my extensions dyed a week or two, I'm gonna go dark brown, silver, and turquoise next. Debating how I'm gonna mix the colors tho lmao, maybe I'll do silver on top?? And then silver and teal highlights in extensions, with the extensions being mostly brown? Idk lol, so nice to be able to mess with my hair though. I also bought a side bang extension piece tonight bc I kinda miss having the official scene side bang look lol. If it looks good I'll probably keep my actual bangs straight bc then I can go both ways, yay!! Purple was good while it lasted but I'm over it now lmao. Also I so need to tan soon ugh, when I dye my hair I'm defo gonna tan bc the silver would look so sh*t with how pale I am lmfao like it's actually embarrassing. Saddest part is I get out 10x more than I used to but I'm still pasty as f***Ooh over the weekend I finally got my platform heels, they're the tall ass stripper style ones and I LOVE THEM. So hot like I'm not even gonna lie rn. They make me so tall too ugh I'm in love. Also how are they gonna be comfier that every other pair of heels I own??? Like holy sh*t they don't give me blisters or hurt me at all. I also got a cute off shoulder shirt ^_^ Says I love naps. I'm probs gonna alter/cut up some of my shirts, I have a green so so happy one I hate the neckline on, I'm planning on turning it into a cute lace tank top/cami(?) thing. Got the straps and lace saved already, they're gonna be hot pink to match the spike design on the back. I'm also gonna make my breathe Carolina band tee off shoulder bc once again the neckline. I feel kinda bad bc I'm basically gonna be "ruining" a rare band tee but oh well I like BC so its not like I'm selling it anyways. I wanna find a specific DGD top I used to have and alter it too but I haven't been able to find it, well I kind of did but I don't think the one I found on eBay is authentic :( I'm sad I loved that shirt but for reasons I gave it back to the person who got it for me. It was only fair that I did but I still miss itIm gonna start doing my makeup differently too, I saw a style I liked so I'm gonna try it here soon. I wanted my doll eye style to work, in some ways it was cute, but damn it just really doesn't suit my face I feel. Best way I can explain it is that my face looks too old/adultish(?) for it. People with rounder faces like the girl in the tutorial I got it from suit it so much better. It's kinda like gyaru for me, I LOVE it but my face just can't pull it off lolIm out of sh*t to write for now, so bye have a nice evening!


10/12/2022 08:23 AM 

bitching and whining 2k22
Current mood:  annoyed

i stg i could literally starve myself & still gain weight. its Gotta be water weight or ill scream. if im working my ass off for nothing im gona b so pissed off!!!


10/12/2022 08:39 PM 


Our own Vincent Van Ghool and The Creepers just dropped a split EP With our friends in Zipperguts and Newbies to the Horrorpunk scene Creeperguts! There's six songs of the horror variety between acoustic and full band, you're sure to find what you want! It features a couple of heretofore unreleased songs from both Van Ghool and Zipperguts! You can find the parts at the following links:

Music, Albums, CDs, Art, Bands


10/11/2022 11:15 PM 

Current mood:  optimistic


MentalBloody, Drug Use, Triggering,


10/12/2022 01:01 PM 

Current mood:  awake

i ❤️ long live a$ap


10/12/2022 12:13 PM 

Current mood:  busy

NEED BLOOD SPILLED? NEED BLOOD CLEANED UP? contact me. prices go from 4k to 20k and are negotiable. won't work without pay.can send photo confirmation. do not contact me after the job is done. i will refuse any job despite any offers if it violates the rules.RULES- no kids- need to have a real f***ing reason.- no hatecrimey bullsh*t. ill just come kill you instead.- only one body at a number is xxx 847 2084


10/11/2022 10:33 PM 

Current mood:  blah

jeeeesuss f***ing chriiiist this page looks so messy whatever i'll work on it one day or another

Shameful degenerate smith fangirl

10/11/2022 09:56 PM 

A philosophical Customer Review

REVIEWER ONE: Hit life with reality!Wise are the people who take lessons from Life by correcting them. Foolish people are those who only take lessons from their reality.  Always take lessons from Life by letting them hit you.  Do not take lessons from reality because reality must not learn from itself.  The reality must take lessons from Life, learning with life, and hitting life with society(Author's Note: Good Jopb reviewer! That made zero sense").  Reality insisted on only learning from itself so that's why society has become the Trash of God that we have and we see daily all over the world.  This resulted in the breakdown of formal educational ethical, informal (experimental) ethical and functional (pragmatic) social ethics, morals, political ethics, economics ethics and religious ethics.(Author's Note: Hmph, didn't tell us about how you killled those evildoers" REVIEWER TWO: How I Killed 'Em All!Some learn and studie with everyone and then they say they learn from themselves and study alone (A.K.A saying they're self taught). Others learn and study with others and then say they learn from themselves and study alone (self-taught), hypocrites. They like to learn from each other instead of learning from Life. The evildoers, wicked, and blasphemers are strong (however, weak in the flesh).  So let's put them to the test.  They think they are made of iron.  So let's test if evildoers can stop bullets with the chest, forehead and abdomen.  Do not miss the chance (advantage) to kill. Kill God's Trash and all his horde (God's damn bunch).  Because if you allow the ungodly and wicked evildoer to flee, escape or survive, then in all probability the evildoers will sooner or later avenge the death of their evildoer friend.  Also, do not spare the lives of potentate malefactors, publicly-reviewed malefactors and graduate malefactors.  Exterminate (world democide) the band (wicked, perverse and ungodly evildoers) once and for all.  That's how I carried out the extermination plan by myself through the strategy of "With Plan, With Conception".  Never cling to a mode of operation (modus operandi) because you will be easily caught by competent detectives.  Believe me, I'm the spiritual detective (monster investigator of supernatural serial killers).  With intelligence, you can discover anything, person or movement that you need to know to execute the entire operation. That's why you shouldn't ask anything. Find out (survey) everything using your intelligence.  The biggest (worst) disadvantage is that you waste time, investment and space with a modus operandi.  When I witness any wrongdoing I slaughter all wrongdoers without any kind of mercy.  In many cases I've observed, strong malefactors died soon after being shot in the head.  I was in a car when I followed them until they met at a club, you already know which club I'm counting on.  I already knew they were there.  So I followed them, I waited in my car until they got out of the car.  I waited until the club was full, I went in and slaughtered everyone.  I waited for the club to be filled with the wicked evildoers.  The more the club filled, the more I waited.  I had already installed the C4, and with them, I installed them right at the entrance and exit of the club.  Afterwards, I got my guns in the trunk of the car, got them.  I walked normally to the entrance, went in shooting everyone.  I hit most evildoers, wicked and wicked in the head, neck and heart.  The wicked evildoers tried to flee through the exit, I let them escape, they fell right into my trap set with C4.  The explosion tore their bodies into a thousand pieces, like someone tore and shredded paper.  Poor things, they and they weren't made of iron, that's why they were left in pieces of flesh, bones and much, much more blood, it splashed far away, soiled the ceiling, puddled the floor, even splashed out of the club.  Their blood was running down the sidewalks, it was quite an explosion.  (LAUGHTER)  I killed those evildoers, their friends and those wicked women there.  Don't do as I do, as I said, don't stick to a modus operandi so as not to be easily captured by the competent detectives.  Use the "No Plan, No Conception" (All I got was "How to prepare for pregnancy bro) strategy for pure Intuition to deal with this situation which boils down to what your Intuition tells you, instinct to deal with this execution, situation, case.  The Trash of God died thinking (believing) that they were cutting bullets in the chest and stabbing in the neck.  I killed everyone to prove the opposite of what they thought (believed).  They died in Sin and their souls burn in the Circles of Hell, according to their works of the flesh.  Go with Satan and his demons carry you to the Fifth Circle of Hell."  I gained one more experience in massacring (democide).  We must gain more experience of massacre until we get very good at slaughtering more wicked capitalist, socialist and communist evildoers (Because it doesn't matter what class you're in, you're probably a wicked evildoer!).  We cannot stop gaining more experience in slaughtering wicked and ungodly evildoers.  Let us focus our paramilitary efforts on the worldwide massacre of all of them and them.

Shameful degenerate smith fangirl

10/11/2022 08:52 PM 

How 2 kill (part 2)
Current mood:  animated

How to kill an armed malefactor suddenly threatening you with a blunt weaponWhen an armed malefactor approaches you threatening you with a blunt weapon, then you will do the following strategic action: Avoid staring at them look away from their eyes. When they are done threatening you then he or shethey will turn away from you because they need to walk back to where they left the car parked. Take distance from them, then suddenly dash towards their back. Deliver a well-placed ground kick, below their center of gravity, well below the height of the hips, hitting right at their ankles. You should hit the exact timing where one of his or her feet touches the ground and the other comes up off the ground. Your well-placed ground kick has to hit only one foot placed on the ground while the other foot is up. The effect of this ground kick will knock them back to the ground, they will hit the back of the head (the occipital part of the head) The malefactor will suffer head trauma from hitting hard on asphalt, concrete or ground. The back of their head will be bleeding in the place of the hit. Meanwhile, run up to their neck and step against his or her throat (trachea). The stomp will cause a lot of bleeding from their trachea and esophagus. They will spew a lot of blood from the mouth. Whenthey are  drowning in their own blood you finish killing them so as not to let them die in such pain. Step with your heel, willing to kill a wrongdoer, into their windpipe, sink their windpipe until you feel their broken windpipe touch his or her cervical vertebrae. Okay, you've just killed yet another wicked wrongdoer.

guide, murder, famous,


10/11/2022 09:41 PM 

Current mood:  intense

my mind is full of you...


10/11/2022 05:41 PM 

Current mood:  fermented

another winter comes to wake me upanother year fizzling out, a visionstill waiting somewhere on the horizonOf a year, of a feeling, something newbut it's always blurred out by memoriesthe past loves to sink it's teeth into my necksomehow more than i love to sink my teeth Into yours Into your heart, i wonder if i still have a placemy tiny shard of glassI decide today i am going to rearrange my roomI am going to clean up under my bedi cant help but feel sick while doing thisRemembering how things used to beYou've gone off to college, I know no one anymorei don't even know if i want to. I hate peopleBut no matter how much you go dark on me at timesI could never hate you.I feel sick thinking that in my mindIt's almost like just yesterday we were 15Walking around at midnight in the coldeverything sucked but it all made us gigglenight after night, sleep deprived to delirium just like when we were 16 and soaking wet because i fell into the lake, we laid out under the stars and talkedfor hoursMe doused in dirty water and freezingLike we were 17 and you saw me drunk for the first timeand i told you i wanted to reach into your chestAnd squeeze your heart with my handsand its almost like a second ago it all happenednow you have no place for me At least it seems soWhen i hear her name i feel nauseous Because i suspect you may like her betterhow could i compete with someone like that?i couldn't. I wouldnt.Have what you will. Have what makes you happy.gorge yourself in it until you throw it upAnd it vaguely resemblessome memory of me.I love you. And i wish that you are the only real one out there.I only askfor a small taste of your heart


10/11/2022 02:09 PM 

MCR Rants
Current mood:  blah

Im sad so im gonna talk about my favorite mcr songs to make me happy! (I'm in English rn so im hoping my teacher doesnt get mad I'm blogging rn lol)Bullets) Early Sunsets Over Monroeville- the raw emotion in gerards voice, the pain you know this person is feeling about k!lling their partner, losing someone they love to turning into a vampire, its BEAUTIFUL. Besides the fictional meaning, I have my own stories I tend to out to songs about my life. Times ive had heartbreak, or applying the lyrics to something completely different. Three Cheers) Thank You For The Venom- This was the first song i ever heard from MCR when I was about 10. I love the chorus, the lyrics, the guitars, how fast and angry it sounds.Black Parade) Famous Last Words- When i heard this song, I instantly burst into tears. When i heard why the song was written, it broke my heart. But at the same time, gave me purpose. I listen to this song everyday, repeating those words to myself constantly. It gives me hope. Helps me believe im not scared to live. And that song was there with me in the hospital too :)Danger Days) The Kids From Yesterday- most of the same reasons as FLW as well as the sense of community that song gives. Helps me feel understood.Conventional Weapons) The Light Behind Your Eyes- This song is just safe. It feels like someone is hugging me and telling me i will be ok. Someone out there loves me.Honorable Mentions:Desert Song:- holy f*** this song is the most beautiful thing that has ever blessed my ears. The PAIN the RAWNESS the BRIDGEEEEEE its just gorgeous.The World Is Ugly: - This song reminds me of my partner 🥰 Summertime:- this cute little tribute to Lynz, also reminds me of my partner.The for reading if you did :P

mcr, my chemical romance, punk, scene, emo, goth, music, friends


10/11/2022 07:50 PM 

aula de sono
Current mood:  sleepy

não consigo ficar acordadanas aulas de filosofia nem de química.não entendo nada dos dois.química, na teoria é bem legal, queria aprender, quero trabalhar em laboratório desde criança.filosofia é legal tabém, queria entender, gosto de política, mas sou muito devagar para aprender.em compensação, as aulas de literatura são incríveis e eu anoto tudo que o prof fala.queria ser mais legal com os profs, não sei, queria que eles pensassem q eu era diferente, que eu tenho gostos legais e etc. queria que acontecesse isso com todo mundo na verdade. acho que isso é um sentimento coletivo né... todo mundo quer ser diferente, todo mundo quer ser visto... as vezes não. ah nem sei viusó sei que eu não quero aula de física agora.


10/10/2022 10:13 PM 

será que é..
Current mood:  anxious

será que é a minha voz?será que é o jeito que eu falo?será que é o jeito que eu ando?será que é o jeito que eu me comporto?será que é a altura da minha voz? o timbre dela?será que é minha personalidade? ou a falta dela?será que é minha impulsividade?será que são minhas expressões faciais?será que é o meu cheiro?será que é o meu cabelo? bagunçado?será que eu to fazendo algo errado?será que é o meu modo de resolver os problemas?será que é o jeito que eu penso?será que é as gírias que eu falo?será que é o jeito que eu me vejo? isso atrapalha alguma coisa? isso muda alguma coisa?será que é a inteligência que eu demonstro? ou seja, nenhuma??será que é o jeito que eu lido com tudo?


10/10/2022 09:35 PM 

hi :)

i thought i was gonna be able to update almost everyday last week, i was so wrong lolcollege is going well, my internet best friend is coming to stay at my place in two weeks, i have my halloween costume ready, everything is going great:)

diary, daily, blog, idk, hi

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