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05/09/2023 06:43 PM 

tuesday </3
Current mood:  tired

yesterday was soooo tiring lmao i went to bed at like 5pmi preneted a 10 min speech in fromt of my class and think i almost threw up, then got my bloodwork done later (which i didnt know would happen lol) and almost threw up again. the only reason i didnt start crying was bcuz my friend spammed me with cute cat stickers(⁠´⁠;⁠ω⁠;⁠`⁠)so super tired from sleeping too much...? idk how that works o_o


05/08/2023 10:51 PM 

Digimon. (and rain blabber)
Current mood:  chill

Holy crap. I didnt know waht i waz getting into when my friend roped me into watching digimon adventure with her xD she gets suuper obsessed with specific animes and then nags at me till i watch them. Dont get me wrong! Digimon adventure is super awesome (tk is my fav ) but the english dub is so laughably awful xD i watch all my anime in sub cause im epicliek that, but the dub experience is just the cherry on top to the 90's anime experience xDD ohalso! IT RAAAINED TODAY~~ I the rain~ it haznt rained in FOREVERS!! demolition lovers in the rain is the BEST FEELING EVAR!!! ^_^



05/08/2023 11:11 PM 

Posting GIF Images in Stream

REMINDER: You can post GIF images in the Stream. The image needs to be 500 pixels wide (or less).TIP: Use this website to resize the image if it's too wide.

John Fortnite

05/08/2023 03:50 PM 

Deep Thoughts #1

Do yall ever think about what has happened to get you to where you are today? Sometimes I think about how my life is going and I try to equate it to my hobbies and interests. Specifically I think about how my life is like a videogame. I always think about how I try very hard to beat the stage and how I am always collecting coins but to no avail. None of this matters, I try so hard and for what? All these coins I slave myself for just to get some useless trinkets. I fill my life with vainess and lose my connection to god. Sometimes I feel like I should just submit myself to the voices.Anyways who up feeding they worm tho.


05/08/2023 02:42 PM 

blog post

i left this place a while ago because i thought i was being stalked online (really f***ing dumb thing but i was convinced) and well, i just came back and the site seems slightly different, for the goodi doubt i'll keep using this site since i now use dreamwidth for my ramblings, and i left myself with no friends after the stalking incident. oh well



05/08/2023 12:44 PM 

Te oatmeal cookies
Current mood:  okay

I just made these oatmeal chocolate chip cookies i liek to make every week cauz i eat em fer breakfast throughout the week...but they taste a little bland...didnt follow the recipe sooo i guess that would be the reason xD baking is fun nonetheless....~~


05/07/2023 07:07 PM 

emo survey (stolen from xxST3PHxx)
Current mood:  crunk

1. What's your name? wheatley / whitney / fang / carmen2. How old are you? one six3. Favorite color? all of them honestly (i lean towards pastels and neons)4. Are you scene or emo?scene5. Were you ever into NeverShoutNever? \they're aight!6. How many band posters do you have?none (does my 909 flag count idk)7. Old Hot Topic or Modern Hot Topic? old but modern ht has some good stuff occasionally8. GIR, Gloomy Bear, Jack Skellington, or Hello Kitty? gir gloomy and hk9. Do you watch Invader Zim? If so, who is your favorite character? dib and gaz lol10. Waffles or tacos? don't make me choose...11. Who would win: pirates or ninjas? depends? most ninjas were just regular people so i guess it depends on how many ninjas are taking on how many pirates lol12. Have you played IMVU? Do you still? If so, tell us your username! i do not play imvu anymore13. Dear Maria or Check Yes, Juliet? both14. Taking Back Sunday or Brand New? f*** idkk15. Do you drink Monster? If so, favorite flavor? monster tastes  . strange   i just drink water and ramune. want 2 try pipeline punch tho16. Ever been to Warped Tour? i wish dude17. Ever Been to Taste of Chaos? I Wish18. How long have you been emo/scene? almost 3 years i guess?19. How did you get into scene? can't remember20. What was your first emo/scene band?fob and the used + msi and ddc21. Who is your favorite band?too many to list22. Favorite Song by favorite band? bondage fairies - satan you and me, clone, gay wedding, he-man, and Nv4.dllthe mae shi - pwnd, run to your gravemindless self indulgence - personal jesus, all of PINK, prove me wrong, 3s, kill the rock, and you'll rebel to anythingstrip-mall seizures - so beautiful all dead, human moment, ungracious host, honey, there's something in the house, communications from gloria steinem's uterusbeautiful mutants - teenage caveman, when i run out of miracle whip, punk is stupid, bang bang!black dresses - damage suppressor, sharp halo, please be nice, creep u, angel hair, dog sh*t, death/bad girl, thoughts and prayersthe medic droid - the killer ana, fer sure23. Did you make Blingees?when i still could 24. Black Veil Brides, Asking Alexandria or Bring Me The Horizon?all of them f*** it25. Did you have a MySpace? What was your username?noooope26.Did you have AIM? What was your username?nah just msn escargot27. Ronnie Radke or Craig Mabbitt Escape the Fate?do not care for either28. Did you ever go to a concert? If so, best show?only concert i've ever been to was machine girl + lustsickpuppy (THEY WERE AMAZING BTW)29. Is Avril Lavigne dead?it would be funny if she was30. Do you have any tattoos?i wissh31. Any piercings?claire's ear piercings32. Brokencyde or Dot Dot Curve?ddc :333. Favorite Pokemon? i have so many but uhhh i like furfrou and all of the eeveelutions34. Top 5 favorite songs? OMG UHHH (not counting the songs from earlier)freezes up and cries35. POST YOUR MOST EMO/SCENE SELFIE (if you're comfortable!)

emo, scene, survey


05/07/2023 08:18 AM 

hello Friend project !!!
Current mood:  bouncy

Bleehhhh : p !! Finally got back into Using friendproject : 33 And all my friends joined too !!! so so Excited i forgot How much i loveeee Decorating my page with blinkies and stickers and Everything !!! 


05/06/2023 11:59 PM 

Current mood:  bored

God, I'm f***ing bored.


05/06/2023 11:04 PM 

Current mood:  voluminous




05/06/2023 09:41 PM 

the industrial revolution and it's consquences
Current mood:  pure



05/06/2023 09:17 PM 

Current mood:  angry

whatttt how do i use this websiteeeee 


05/06/2023 06:29 PM 

Current mood:  blah



05/06/2023 05:15 PM 

Current mood:  curious

what up with those f***ers?



05/06/2023 05:01 PM 

Current mood:  evil


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