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11/02/2022 06:41 AM 

this sucks
Current mood:  hungry

ugghh i just cant keep weight off..i dont even binge like crazy, and i walk for hours almost every day, im trying to work out, im restricting more and more, NOTHING IS WORKING!!


11/02/2022 06:01 AM 

I moved out~!! :D

.auto-style1 { text-align: center; } .auto-style2 { background-image: url(''); width: 744px; height: 31px; font-family: "S2G らぶ"; font-size: 16px; color: #FFAECA; text-align: right; font-weight: bold; }   I moved out~!! :D November 2nd, 2022 @ 6:00AM     Mood: Happy Listening To: Besitos - Pierce The VeilWatching: yt stuffEating: oreos :DDrinking: water :/ Hey hey!!! The title says it all :D After two months of struggling to move my things one box at a time, I'm finally staying with my-friend-who-likes-mh! I genuinely believe he saved my life by letting me stay with him until we can get our own place. I don't plan on getting into it but life at home was always... strange and artificially difficult? Not sure how to describe it better than that. I have a lot of complicated feelings about it, but I'm glad I don't have to worry about it anymore. It's been hard unlearning a lot of things, but I'm glad I have the opportunity. I'm once again incredibly grateful for him I've been here for about a month and I feel so much better physically and mentally ^^    While I was moving I didn't have the energy to do anything I enjoy (Or I had already packed whatever and sent it out). What I missed the most was wearing coords! We went to Target and I wore Space Lollipop~ :D I honestly forgot how good it feels to wear clothes I love (crazy, right? xD)~ Before I moved out I couldn't wear nice outfits very often bc circumstances™. It's rly freeing to know I can wear whatever I want whenever I want :P I also got to wear this on a picnic! my-friend-who-likes-mh wanted to take me on one to properly listen to Red, since it was the perfect weather for it :P It was p magical ngl, I hope we'll be able to have many more ^^ I hope to one day have some kind of cool and matchy pastel picnic set xP bc ofc I do lmaoo     For Halloween (a.k.a. MCRib day xD) a friendo of ours invited us to her new place to be spooky :P my-friend-who-likes-mh had the idea for us to have matching Taylor Swift costumes bc... he's the biggest swiftie on the planet xD I didn't have any other ideas in mind soooo... why not xD He recreated her 22 mv outfit (the heart glasses one) and I was the "bad taylor" from the You Belong With Me mv. And yes, I ofc tracked down the exact skirt she's wearing xD It was kinda out of my comfort zone for what I would normally wear, but I think it turned out p well :D I only had abt a week to get everything so I'm glad it worked out! The skirt came in the mail literally the day-of ToT Even tho there's a lot of black in the skirt it's lowkey growing on me >o< Maybe I'll wear it fr sometime lol idk     Feels good to post again, life has been a lot lately. I have a long way to go from here, but hopefully I'll feel like posting more along the way xP I hope u had an awesome Halloween if u celebrate, pls share what u dressed up as if u want ^^ Thx for reading, as always~ :P  


10/31/2022 11:47 PM 

my first blog post
Current mood:  creative

hey guys! im abbey and obviously im new so this is my first post. im rlly excited though because this is so cute. still trying to figure it out tho.. 


10/31/2022 12:58 PM 

daniel's monthjly
Current mood:  dorky

okay major cringe today also sorry for late monthly ive been like busy and also extremely forgetful!! so sorry about that. oct 1st was my birthday so that was really fun. i went blonde and umm this month has been very emotionally taxing but yanno i get thru it BAHAHAHA anywyas uymmm sorry for the short monthly im just idk i dont have much to talk about lmaooooo this is really cringe uhh OH yeah i started watching the walking dead and oh my god. daryl is such a swoon i love that angry little man so much lmao AND RICK WOW AND MICCHONE i love all of the characters THIS IS SO MESSY okay i dont feel like writing anymore so yeah thats my monthly. ill post some pictures later of my halloween costume. - dannytnnynynnyny


10/30/2022 12:29 PM 

Current mood:  blank

do you ever think about how it feels to die? the rhythm of your heart sliding to a stopit's scary, yet comfortingmaybe i'll try dying soon


10/27/2022 06:52 PM 

mcr GIFS and stickerz




10/27/2022 05:58 PM 


i feel like i should share my carrd w yall .. yknow yah . wah wah wah 


10/27/2022 12:58 PM 

what is this site
Current mood:  blank

what do i even do


10/31/2022 05:55 AM 

october survey
Current mood:  angsty

Whats your favorite candy? idkWhat was your favorite thing(s)about this month? the trees change coours and it looks prettyWhat were you for Halloween? gerard way


10/25/2022 04:23 PM 

random pt.2

Sorry for venting so much on here. I'm finding it kind-of theraputic. I hope you guys dont mind. And God, I hope no one I know in real life finds this. Haha.


10/25/2022 04:04 PM 


Berger read a quote from that damn article, and I'm really growing sick of this article he keeps going to (it's too relatable), and went "it's easy for survivors to get caught up in self-blame" (Tal Young). He compared it to when I tried to kill myself, and when Buck died. That I'm blaming myself for what happened. But- who else's fault could it be? It has to be my fault, hell, it was my doing that i killed myself! What I said to Berger still stands. "I am never going to be forgiven for that, never!" (Guest, 175) Why should I forgive myself for something so horrible, and why should anyone else forgive me? The peices arent being put into place correctly here. And with Buck, God, Buck. If maybe i had just held on, done something, anything! Its all my fault. If people knew how it went down, they'd surely blame it all on me, and they should. I dont know if I will ever forgive myself for my brothers death. Anyways, sorry to be so dark. Im gonna go. Maybe il go try to play a new song on guitar. Or do some homework. Bye.


10/25/2022 06:11 PM 

The 360 Journey - Part I
Current mood:  accomplished

Hello reader, let me get you up to speed about what I've been doing this past month: on October 1st (my birthday) I ordered an Xbox 360 and a ton of games to play. My goal is to get through them all and to increase my gamerscore. Currently at the time of writing I have a total of 1,530 gamerscore points with 95 achievements unlocked.  These are the games I'm currently still playing: Grand Theft Auto IV skate. Trails HD   Games I've completed so far: Gears Of War LIMBO The Darkness Battlefield: Bad Company I'll be updating on my progress every once in awhile. Wish me luck.

video games, achievements, xbox, xbox 360


10/22/2022 06:39 AM 

Current mood:  angsty

on some emo sh*t rn the pain of what you said will eventually catch up to me and I will cry when it finally does. invalidated. if it isn't that then why do I feel this way? the shame will eat me. maybe, I shouldn't have left so soon. 


10/22/2022 04:48 PM 

boyfriend japanese wip



10/21/2022 08:33 PM 

haunt couture lagoona

haz anyonez haunt couture lagoona shipped yett?? :3 cant wait until mine shipz !!

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