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Dominic Anthony

12/17/2022 12:35 PM 

Vince Mcmahonshould fold wwe stephane should ask Ecw be removed from peacockstreaming Nbc

Stephmcmahon demand ECW extremely crappy wrestling be removed uploads from NBCpeac0ckstreaming platform. It was terrible. Shanemcmahon demand peac0ckstreaming platform remove uploads of souled out bash at the beach roadwild, only keep super brawl, starracade thunder, nitro.Dominic MUTOS MINE Dominic Darrk MeDominicA4TSvincemcmahon The Peac0ck streaming demand they remove ECW uploads ecw was terrible. Won't watch itDominic MUTOS MINE Dominic Darrk MeDominicA4TSvincemcmahon in your will take wwe with you fold it world wrestling entertainment cant go on forever even with frontiers young few 3 planes we'd have to go to robots auto pilot? just not safe for the air for passangers  robots. Thought crown jewel was deal to 24 not 2028 CancelDominic MUTOS MINE Dominic Darrk MeDominicA4TSvincemcmahon   wwe USA, Fox TV deals for RAW. SmackDown go until 2024. Streaming deal goes 26. peac0ck delete erase ECWsucks badly. crownjewel blah goes-28...jewel was started 2014?? till 24 not 28 wwe should not go on Vince was going to fold the company years agoDominic MUTOS MINE Dominic Darrk MeDominicA4TS·tripleh wwe USA, Fox TV deals for RAW. SmackDown go until 2024. Streaming deal goes 26. peac0ck delete extremely crappy wrestling. crownjewel blah goes-28... tripleh jewel was started 2014?? till 24 not 28 wwe should not go on Vince was going to fold the company years ago


12/16/2022 07:02 PM 

The African Green Energy Agreements and Child Slave Labour

Joe Biden you were under POTUS OBAMA for 8 years how can you accept slavery for African nations for child labour. Though How the green deal energy agreements are operated are by African Nations Themselves are to blame and selling and also killing off their native species God bless more animals Africa belongs to The Animals Wildlife. Owen Hart, Chris BenoIT, The Bret Hart Africa animals were screwed education is corrupt in africa peoples are obssessed with money and the african illuminati. The African Green Energy Agreements and Child Slave Labour in africa. 


12/16/2022 09:04 PM 

new slay school look
Current mood:  chill

bro I tried this look yesterday before today to see if it worked and it looked so much better yesterday ahhh so I'm just kinda chilling pretending it looks good bc I thtink it's fine just not as slay (u_u)

#lgbt #hehim #fashion #slay


12/15/2022 10:32 PM 

Current mood:  crushed

literally just got my SENIOR COMPETITON cast list     i was not on it 



12/15/2022 09:14 AM 

Another Normal Day
Current mood:  calm

blog, blogging, fun


12/15/2022 10:02 PM 

school is >:(
Current mood:  blah

last day of semester 1 in my senior year omg . finals have been kicking my ass but ive passed them all !! 



12/14/2022 10:34 PM 

Homophobe hated my art

So recently, [I posted it here] I did a commission, featuring 2 female octolings simply embracing. You could only see their blush faces, nothing else. I post this to a server full of kids from my school, and this guy asks why its lesbians,and I simply say its because that s what I was asked to do. He continues to say its gross and that he s not being hateful but is simply stating his opinion, and I said if he dont like it he dont gotta look and he told me if I cant take criticism I shouldn t post art. He wasn t even criticizing my art, he was insulting the subject. I then insulted him and he told me I was being childish and using childish insults when he literally makes fun of people on the daily for who they are and what they like. I had my pronouns in my bio [someone asked me] and he made fun of it and mocked it by putting Nor/mal in his bio and making fun of me, he also made fun of a girl for using gacha. Anyways, this kid was being a huge ass simply over some art, I don t know how some people can be so hateful outloud. It made me so angry I was shaking and crying.

vent, rant, homophobic, art

Queen of the Floof

12/14/2022 12:42 PM 

So, Bit of Explaining

So, I compartmentalize my personality into secondary personalities composed entirely of one aspect of myself. It's a coping mechanism, that helps me better manage, understand, and control my emotions. I do not have DID, I'm not trying to seem like I have DID, but given that each secondary personality is composed entirely of one part of who I am, they can seem like separate people on a surface level. They aren't, and I'm not trying to make it seem like they are, they are all just a part of me.   I do, however, treat them like separate people, because that makes it easier for me to control them, for various reasons.   Rem Primis (Floof/Remjem): Me. The source personality, as in the whole person. Fluffy Dulcis: A secondary comprised of all of my positivity, happiness, excitement, energy, joy, and yay-ness. Niela Accidia: The very calm, semi-apathetic/unemotional, logical, reasonable, and such secondary.Lae Delirus: All my spontaneous, random, unstable, crazy, insanity, and weirdness shoved into one "being".Munda Odium: Literally my anger, grumpiness, saltiness, dissatisfaction, and such. Basically the "I don't give a sh*t, I hate it, we're done here" secondary. Furia Odium: As the name implies, pure fury. Unlike Munda there is no bitchiness, it's just rage. Essentially a feral animal. Lilith Cubare: Y'know succubi? Yeah, that's basically what she is. All my hypersexuality combined into one being. (I accept Lilanae but I prefer) Aungi Improbus: An amalgamation of Lae, Lilith, and Munda. Very sexual, blunt, and random. Itrix Domina: An amalgamation of Niela, Lilith, and Munda. Sadistic, calculating, and unemotional. Likes to get inside your head, figure out how you work, and then mess with your mind just because she can (Not in a genuinely harmful way just like, to watch you squirm/to make you uncomfortable, it amuses her. She'll stop if you ask her to.)


12/14/2022 11:13 PM 

Confession ig???

Honestly, I don't know why I'm writing this but I gotta get my feelings out ig :,)Lately just haven't really felt like me yk? I mean I am myself I just don't really have that many emotions now well I do I just don't feel it, IT DOESN'T MAKE SENSE IK. I mean I'm just dealing with a lot like ig being accused of vaping by my parents cause some ex of mine (not calling people out here) just put one in my bag and my dumb ass didn't notice till I got home and I hid it cause idk what to do with that stuff but parents found it and now I'm in some deep sh*t and have to take a nicotine test which idc to cause I know I did do anything. Parents are just mad and don't believe me and it's stupid. Sister is honestly making the situation worse than it already is and I can't handle it.Everything is just a lot. 


12/13/2022 10:38 PM 

The Eye... To The Other Side
Current mood:  curious


12/13/2022 08:50 PM 

My first commission!?

Last night I got meh first commission! :P I had a tiktok up and some1 actually contacted me! It makes me happy cuz even though I didn t have lotz of likez someone trusted me wit they money. 10$ for 2 coloured busts!! :D gonna start it when I get home today, I also haz ideas for an Etsy shop. I have been making a kind of, sculpture for this girls' bday and it s actually coming out preeetty good!!!! Might try to do some more, it could be a profit.Is this where I take off?

art, artist, starving artist, etsy, commission, commissions


12/13/2022 12:57 PM 

Current mood:  sleepy

i literally am so tired but my body will not let me sleep LOL /s


makayla༼ つ ಥ_ಥ ༽つ

12/12/2022 10:43 PM 

felt goofy
Current mood:  silly

FADE IN: 1 EXT. RAIN FOREST, OLYMPIC NATIONAL PARK, WASHINGTON - DAWN Moss-draped. Shadow-drenched. Tortured tree trunks twist upward, reaching for rare sunlight. BELLA (V.O.) I'd never given much thought to how I would die.. Suddenly, every creature in the forest is deadly silent. Neither bird, beast nor insect make a noise. A predator is near. Then, in the distance, hear a tiny SNICK - a twig snapping. Abruptly, we're on the move. Fast. UNKNOWN POV - MOVING Trees start whipping past us at a dizzying speed, branches are dodged with preternatural agility. And we're speeding up, chasing something. It's exhilarating. Terrifying. Finally, up ahead, we get the first glimpse of our prey - - A DEER -- running for its life as it darts through this maze of a forest. It sprints forward, but we gain on it. Beyond the deer, SEE the forest's edge ahead, white sunlight glowing against the trees. The buck races for the light. We're just behind it, about to emerge from the shadowy darkness - - The deer LEAPS into the light in a high arc, hovering (suddenly SLOW MOTION) against the WHITE GLARE of the sun... then BAM! The deer abruptly plummets out of frame at an unnatural angle, leaving the WHITE GLARE to fill the screen. HOLD ON WHITENESS - BELLA (V.O.) But dying in the place of someone I love seems like a good way to go.. . -- Then into the WHITENESS steps the face of - 2 ISABELLA SWAN, 172 Eyes closed against the sunlight, absorbing its rays. Long, dark hair frames alabaster skin. She's a vulnerable, introverted, imperfect beauty. BELLA (V.O.) ... So I can't bring myself to regret the decision that brought me here to die... The background comes into focus as we realize we're now in - 2. EXT. SCOTTSDALE, AZ - DAY Bella stands at the end of a cul-de-sac on the desert's edge. The sun blazes behind her -- she bends down and carefully scoops a tiny BARREL CACTUS into a clay pot. BELLA (V.O.) ... The decision to leave home. She stares at the cactus in a state of reverie, until BLONDE #1 (O.S.) Bye, Bella! BELLA'S POV - McMansion ACROSS THE STREET Three tanned, athletic, blonde GIRLS hop into a convertible Mercedes. Their flawless, bought-and-paid for beauty contrasts with Bella's pale naturalness. They wave. BLONDE # Good luck at your new school! They ADLIB superficial good wishes, "Don't forget to write;" "We'll miss you." Bella waves back, sweetly, but halfheartedly as she steps off the curb. BELLA Have a good.. --and trips. When she rights herself, they're already gone. BELLA ... life. Clearly, not close friends. Bella's grown-up demeanor and innate intelligence become apparent as - - BELLA'S MOTHER, RENE, mid 30's --exits their house --it's low rent for this ritzy neighborhood. Rene is eclectic, scattered, anxious, more best friend than parent. She thrusts a cell phone at Bella. RENE It won't work again, baby. BELLA You put it on hold. RENE I did? BELLA Look. You also called Mexico. Rene pushes her playfully, they laugh. 3. RENE I'll figure it out. You gotta be able to reach me and Phil on the road - I love saying that - on the road. BELLA Very romantic. PHIL, 31, good looking with an athlete's body, exits the house, carrying Bella's three suitcases with ease. PHIL If you call crappy motels, backwater towns and ballpark hot dogs romantic. He puts his Phoenix Desert Dogs baseball hat on Rene's head with a kiss. Phil's love of Rene reassures Bella. Phil heads to the old station wagon to load the luggage, while Rene slips her arm through Bella's, clinging to her as they walk to car. RENE Now, you know if you change your mind, I'll race back here from wherever the game is. But Rene's strained expression tells us what a great sacrifice that would be. Bella forces a smile. BELLA I won't change my mind, mom. RENE You might. You've always hated Forks. BELLA It's not about Forks, it's about Dad. I mean, two weeks a year, we barely know each other. (off Rene's still worried look) Mom, I want to go. I'll be fine. But as Rene hugs Bella, we see the truth on BELLA'S FACE dread, doubt, regret. Off Bella, struggling to keep her facade up as she climbs into the back seat of the car.. . BEGIN TITLES OVER: 3 BELLA'S POV OUT THE CAR WINDOW - SCOTTSDALE 3 Bella, IPOD earbuds in her ears, gets a last glimpse of the sparkling malls, chic shoppers, manicured cactus gardens.. . PULL UP AND OUT OF THE CAR UNTIL WE'RE - - 4. 4 EXT. ABOVE SCOTTSDALE (AERIAL SHOT) - DAY 4 The McMansions get smaller as we SWEEP OVER the scorched landscape, baking under a hot sun. Beyond the housing developments SEE the rocky, dry desert, extending for miles.. . Rise HIGHER, and higher still, until finally we're suspended within the bright, perfect, blue SKY, with only an occasional cloud.. . Slowly, the clouds start getting more numerous, thicker, darker.. . until we're completely immersed in them... the sun disappearing. Finally, we EMERGE from the clouds to find below - 5 EXT. WASHINGTON STATE - OLYMPIC PENINSULA (AERIAL SHOT)- DAY5 Nothing but deep, dark, green forests for miles. SWEEP DOWN, finding the eerily dramatic Lake Crescent. Over it all hangs the mist from the ever-present cloudy grey sky. Everything is wet and green and drenched in shade.. . FIND A TWO LANE HIGHWAY along which drives A POLICE CRUISER... PUSH IN on the cruiser until we reach - THE PASSENGER SIDE WINDOW Bella looks out, taking in her gloomy new surroundings.. . END TITLES. 6 INT. POLICE CRUISER - DAY - WAITING AT LIGHT 6 Bella sits next to her uniformed father, police chief CHARLIE SWAN, 40's. Taciturn, introverted like Bella. Their strained silence contrasts Bella's relationship with her mother. Beat. CHARLIE Your hair's longer. BELLA I cut it since last time I saw you. CHARLIE Guess it grew out again. She just nods. Silence. CHARLIE How's your mom? BELLA Good. More silence. Yikes. They pass a SIGN: �The City Of Forks Welcomes You - Pop. 3246.� Bella sighs. 5. 7 EXT. FORKS, WASHINGTON - DAY 7 As the cruiser drives through, Bella takes in this logging town - every storefront has a wood carving. The Timber Museum's sign is two loggers sawing a stump. The POLICE STATION is a small wooden building across from City Hall.. . 8 EXT. CHARLIE'S HOUSE - DAY 8 The cruiser pulls up to the old two-story house. A woodshed full of firewood. There's a small boat in the garage, fishing gear, an old buoy. Bella climbs out... home. 9 INT. CHARLIE'S HOUSE - DAY 9 Bella and Charlie carry in her bags. The house isn't stylish (the only new thing here is a Flat Screen T.V.), but it's comfortable, lived-in. Lots of fishing memorabilia; photos of Charlie fishing with Quileute Indian BILLY BLACK. Handmade cards to �Daddy� and photos of Bella. She winces at herself, age 7, in a tutu, sitting stubbornly on the ground. CHARLIE I put Grandpa's old desk in your room. And I cleared some shelves in the bathroom. BELLA (grimacing) That's right. One bathroom. Bella's eye lands on a PHOTO of a much younger Charlie and Rene, on vacation, beaming with love. CHARLIE I'll just put these up in your room - BELLA I can do it - They both reach for the bags, bumping one another awkwardly. Bella backs off, letting Charlie carry the bags upstairs. 10 INT. BELLA'S ROOM - DAY 10 An antique rolltop desk sits in a corner. The room is filled with childhood remnants that have seen better days. As she unpacks her CD case, loneliness finally overwhelms her. She sits heavily on the edge of the bed, tears threatening.. . Then we hear a HONK outside. Bella runs across the hall and looks out the window to see - 11 OUTSIDE - A FADED RED TRUCK, CIRCA 1960 pulls up... 11 6. EXT. CHARLIE'S HOUSE - DAY Bella exits to find Charlie greeting the driver, JACOB BLACK, 16, Quileute Indian, amiable with long black hair, and hints of childish roundness in his face. The two of them help Jacob's father, BILLY BLACK (from the photos), into a wheelchair. CHARLIE Bella, you remember Billy Black. BILLY Glad you're finally here. Charlie hasn't shut up about it since you told him you were coming. CHARLIE Keep exaggerating, I'll wheel you down the hill. BILLY Right after I ram you in the ankles. Billy takes several rolls at Charlie, who dodges. Jacob shakes his head at their two fathers as he shyly approaches Bella. JACOB I'm Jacob. We made mud pies together when we were little kids. BELLA Yeah... I think I remember.. . (re: the dads) Are they always like this? JACOB It's getting worse with old age. Charlie then pats the hood of the truck, addressing Bella - CHARLIE So what do you think of your homecoming gift? BELLA No way. The truck is for me? CHARLIE Just bought it off Billy, here. JACOB I rebuilt the engine and - - BELLA It's perfect! 7. She beams. It's the first genuine smile we've seen on her. She rushes to the truck. Jacob eagerly joins her. JACOB Okay, so you gotta double pump the clutch when you shift, but - - He hands her the keys as she climbs in. BELLA Maybe I can give you a ride to school. JACOB I go to school on the reservation. BELLA Too bad. Would've been nice to know at least one person. As she starts up the truck we MATCH CUT - 12 EXT. FORKS HIGH SCHOOL - BELLA'S TRUCK - DAY 12 Loud, belching and turning heads as Bella parks, mortified. All eyes are on her as she climbs out of her truck and steps in a PUDDLE, soaking her sneakers. She slinks toward school, as we begin - 13 INT. HIGH SCHOOL - A SERIES OF SHOTS - DAY 13 -- Bella (never without her IPOD) makes her way thru kids who stare openly; a few brave ones say hi. They're all talking about her. This is her hell. -- Bella wanders the walkways looking for room numbers, lost. -- Constant stares at Bella, the outsider.. . SERIES ENDS when a sweet, nerd-cute, motor mouth boy, ERIC, appears in her path. ERIC You're Isabella Swan, the new girl. Hi. I'm Eric. The eyes and ears of this place. Anything you need. Tour guide, lunch date, shoulder to cry on. Bella just looks at him. Is he for real? BELLA I'm kind of the �suffer in silence� type. ERIC Good headline for your feature - I'm on the paper, and you're news, baby, front page. 8. BELLA I -- no, I'm not news -- I'm, seriously, not at all - ERIC Whoa, chillax. No feature. BELLA (relieved) Would you mind just pointing me toward Mr. Varner's class? He leads her away, enjoying the attentive stares, as she cringes from them - ERIC You've missed a lot of the semester, but I can hook you up - tutor, cliff notes, medical excuse.. . INT. GYM - DAY 14 The boys' basketball team runs drills on half the basketball court. A girls' volleyball game occupies the other half. Bella, in gym clothes, avoids the volleyball like it's radioactive. An energetic, athletic team captain, JESSICA, motivates the players. JESSICA Block it, Chloe! Yeah! Good attack! Unfortunately, the volleyball heads toward Bella. She closes her eyes and flails at it, SMACKING it. It flies off court - -- and beans a basketball player in the head. He is MIKE NEWTON, good looking, affable, with blond spiky hair. MIKE Ow! BELLA (hurries to him, embarrassed) Are you alright? I warned them not to make me play. MIKE It's only a flesh wound. Mike grins and she smiles, relieved. A BELL RINGS, class over. MIKE You're Isabella, right? 9. BELLA Just Bella. MIKE I'm Mike. Newton. He looks at her a second too long, clearly taken by her - - Suddenly, Jessica appears, stepping between them. Subtle, but possessive as she nudges Mike. JESSICA She's got a great spike, doesn't she? (to Bella) So, you're from Arizona, right? Aren't people supposed to be tan down there? BELLA That's why they kicked me out. Mike laughs, and because he does, Jessica does. Bella just feels uncomfortable with the attention.. . 15 INT. CAFETERIA - DAY 15 FOLLOW Bella, Mike and Jessica as they carry their trays to a table. Eric appears, and squishes into a seat next to Bella. ERIC Mike, you met my home girl Bella. MIKE Your home girl? JESSICA (to Bella) It's first grade all over again, and you're the shiny new toy. Bella smiles awkwardly. Suddenly, a FLASHBULB blinds Bella. She looks up at the photographer, ANGELA, Jessica's sweet, low key, insecure friend. ANGELA Sorry, needed a candid for the feature - ERIC Feature's dead, Angela. Don't bring it up again. (to Bella) I got your back, baby. 10. ANGELA (disappointed) Guess we'll just run another editorial on teen drinking. BELLA Sorry. There's always eating disorders, or Speedo padding on the swim team - ANGELA -- Wait, that's a good one.. . But Bella's attention is now riveted to - BELLA'S POV - THE DOUBLE DOORS OF THE CAFETERIA They swing open as four of the most astounding people Bella's ever seen enter (IN SLOW MOTION): THE CULLENS. Two guys, two girls, all chalky pale, purplish shadows under their eyes.. . and all devastatingly beautiful. They move through the room with effortless grace, and take a seat at a table furthest from Bella's. Bella leans over to Jessica and Angela. BELLA Who are they? ANGELA The Cullens. Jessica leans in, swinging into gossip mode. JESSICA Doctor and Mrs. Cullen's foster kids. They all moved down here from Alaska two years ago. ANGELA They kinda keep to themselves. JESSICA Because they're all together. Like, together together. The blonde girl, Rosalie, and the big dark-haired guy, Emmett.. . ON ROSALIE, 18, long blonde hair, model beautiful, knows it. Alongside her is EMMETT, 17, big, brawny, like a weight lifter, but a playful glint in his eye. JESSICA ... they're a thing. I'm not even sure that's legal. 11. ANGELA Jess, they're not actually related. JESSICA But they live together. And the little dark haired girl, Alice, she's really weird.. . ON ALICE, 17, pixie-like, rail thin, light on her feet with short, black hair going in every direction. She hovers over, JASPER, 18, honey-blond hair, tall, lean, slightly tortured. JESSICA ... she's with Jasper, the blonde who looks like he's in pain. I mean, Dr. Cullen's like this foster dad slash match maker. ANGELA Maybe he'll adopt me. Bella laughs, liking her... then sees the last Cullen to enter - EDWARD, 17. Lanky, with untidy, bronze colored hair. He seems inwardly turned, mysterious. More boyish than the others. But the most striking of all. Bella can't take her eyes off him. BELLA Who's he? JESSICA That's Edward Cullen. Suddenly, Edward looks over, as if he heard Jessica from across the room. His eyes meet Bella's. But he seems.. . confused. Bella quickly looks away. JESSICA He's totally gorgeous, obviously. But apparently, no one here is good enough for him. Like I care. (she obviously does) Anyway, don't waste your time. BELLA I wasn't planning on it. But Bella can't help but peek at Edward again. He's staring at her outright now, with a slightly frustrated expression that unnerves Bella. She hides behind her hair. 16 INT. BIOLOGY CLASS - DAY 16 A room of black-topped lab tables. Two to a table. Bella and Mike enter. 12. Mike takes his seat and points her toward MR. MOLINA, Birkenstocked, enthusiastic science teacher at the head of the class. As Bella moves to the teacher with her class slip, she notes - EDWARD -- his back to her, sitting at a front table. But as she passes Edward's table.. . SLOW MOTION -- the breeze she creates when she passes lifts a piece of paper next to Edward. We're still on his back as he inhales --then abruptly stiffens. He grabs onto the edge of the table, crumbling it slightly. No one notices. Mr. Molina takes Bella's class slip. MR. MOLINA Welcome, Ms. Swan. Follow along as best you can till you get caught up. Mr. Molina gestures to the only empty seat... next to Edward. But as Bella approaches, she's taken aback when - ON EDWARD'S FACE -he slowly looks up at her, his eyes coal black with repulsion, fury. If looks could literally kill.. . Bella knocks someone's book bag off their chair. Replaces it, mumbling an apology. Then slinks reluctantly into her seat. Edward jerks away from her to the extreme edge of his chair. MR. MOLINA (to the class, animated) Today we'll be observing the behavior of planaria, a.k.a flatworms. As Mr. Molina distributes two petri dishes per table - MR. MOLINA We're going to cut them in half, then watch them regenerate into two separate worms.. . Bella glances at Edward who averts his face, holding a hand over his nose as if he smells something horrible. Bella, shrinking, subtly sniffs the air, smells nothing. Then she sniffs her hair. It's fine. She's perplexed. Mr. Molina hands Edward two petri dishes. MR. MOLINA ... Yes, folks, zombie worms! They just won't die. Edward takes a dish, then slides the second one across the table to Bella as if she had Ebola. She takes her dish, and makes a dark curtain of her hair between them. 13. She can see EDWARD'S HANDS under the table. Clenched into fists. Off Bella, utterly baffled, and deeply insecure.. . 17 INT. HIGH SCHOOL - HALLWAY - DAY 17 -- as the BELL RINGS, Edward bolts out the door. Other kids and Bella exit a moment later. Bella looks down the hall; he's gone. 18 INT. ADMINISTRATION OFFICE - DAY 18 Bella enters, but nearly turns and leaves when she sees - EDWARD sweet-talking the enchanted female ADMINISTRATOR, 40's. He doesn't see Bella enter. EDWARD There must be something open sixth period. Physics? Biochem? ADMINISTRATOR No, every class is full. I'm afraid you'll have to stay in biology. I'm so sorry. Bella blanches. The Administrator sees her and gestures for her to wait a minute. But Edward suddenly straightens as if sensing Bella. He slowly turns to glare at her with piercing, hate-filled eyes. She backs to the wall, hugging herself, suddenly chilled... with fear. EDWARD (to the Administrator) I'll just... endure it. He strides out the door. Off Bella.. . 19 EXT. HIGH SCHOOL - DAY 19 Edward climbs into a shiny new silver Volvo with the Cullens, while Bella, upset, hurries to her truck. The many eyes still watching her add insult to injury. ... Finally, she reaches - 20 INT. BELLA'S TRUCK (CONTINUOUS) 20 -- and closes the door. Her eyes well... but she fights it, getting mad. BELLA Jerk. As she tries to start the car, choking the engine, we begin to hear a MAN'S RAGGED, FRIGHTENED BREATH - SMASH TO: 14. 21 ECU ON A SECURITY GUARD - IN THE DARKNESS 21 Extremely tight on his terrified FACE, sweat dripping, breathing in short gasps, trying desperately not to make a sound. INCLUDE - 22 INT. GRISHAM MILL - LATE AFTERNOON 22 --He's crouched in a dark corner. But then he sees a SHADOW move blindingly fast past him. He jerks around, then another SHADOW flies past, too fast to follow. He BOLTS! He runs up a flight of stairs, harsh lights from the exterior of the mill striating him. He moves as fast as humanly possible - UNKNOWN POV - ON THE SECURITY GUARD FROM SEVERAL FLOORS BELOW UNKNOWN POV charges after him at an INHUMAN SPEED through this maze of pillars and walkways. We dodge skull-crushing beams, LEAP from one floor up to the next, up ladders, scaffolding, beams, up, and up, getting closer and closer to - THE SECURITY GUARD -- who desperately runs for his life, looking over his shoulder with terror. UNKNOWN POV is closing in on him, but then he BOLTS out a door - 23 EXT. GRISHAM MILL (CONTINUOUS) - LATE AFTERNOON 23 -- The guard BURSTS OUT onto a stair landing, but loses his footing and TRIPS, breaking through the rail and pitching over the side, into the air - -- and stops, hovering mid-air, a yard from the landing. A HAND grips his shirt, then YANKS him out of the air and out of frame with incredible strength. His guttural SCREAM is choked short as BLOOD SPRAYS THE LANDING.. . 24 INT. FORKS COFFEE SHOP - LATE AFTERNOON 24 ON A TOP SIRLOIN STEAK as it is set in front of Charlie. He shares a table with Bella. INCLUDE the waitress, CORA, 30's. She beams at Bella as she sets a plate of cod in front of her. Several LOGGERS at the counter offer Bella welcoming smiles. She shrinks in her seat at the attention. Charlie's oblivious. CORA Can't get over how grown up you are. And so gorgeous. Bella glances at Charlie, who keeps his eyes on his steak. A bearded, hippy logger, WAYLON FORGE, 50, appears behind Cora, leaning over her shoulder to Bella - 15. WAYLON �Member me, honey? I was Santa one year. CHARLIE Waylon, she hasn't had a Christmas here since she was four. WAYLON Bet I made an impression, though. CHARLIE You always do. CORA Let the girl eat her cod, Waylon. (to Bella) When you're done, I'll bring your favorite - berry cobbler. Remember? Your dad still has it. Every Thursday. BELLA (doesn't remember at all) That'd be great, thank you. Cora shoos Waylon away. Left alone now, Charlie and Bella both reach for the salt, knock hands. Charlie goes for the ketchup instead. Silence as they eat. A burst of LAUGHTER from a nearby happy FAMILY only serves to emphasize their discomfort. Bella tries to bridge the gap. BELLA So... you eat here every night? CHARLIE Easier than washing dishes. BELLA I can cook. He looks up, as if confused by the concept. BELLA I do the cooking at home - in Phoenix. Mom's not great in the kitchen. CHARLIE I remember.. . They both laugh -- recalling an especially bad dinner. CHARLIE How was school? Meet anyone? 16. BELLA A few people... Do you know the Cullen family? CHARLIE (looks up sharply) Are people talking about them again? BELLA No... well, a little. CHARLIE Just �cause they're newcomers. We're lucky to have a surgeon like Dr. Cullen at our podunk hospital. Lucky his wife wanted to live in a small town. Lucky his kids aren't like a lot of the hell-raisers around here. BELLA ... Okay. CHARLIE I just don't like narrow mindedness. And he returns to his food. Silence. 25 INT. BELLA'S ROOM - NIGHT 25 Bella looks out at the fog as she talks on the phone. RENE (O.S. ) If spring training goes well, we could be living in Florida permanently. TELEPHONE OPERATOR (O.S.) Please insert 25 cents to continue. BELLA Mom, where's your cell? INTERCUT WITH: 26 EXT. GAS STATION/GARAGE - NIGHT 26 Rene talks on a pay phone, her dead cell phone in her hand. In the b.g., Phil and an Attendant work on the Subaru engine. RENE Ok, I didn't lose my power cord. It ran away. Screaming. I literally repel technology now. 17. Bella smiles, missing her mom. Rene feeds the phone quarters. RENE Now, tell me more about your school, baby. What are the kids like? Are there any cute guys? Are they being nice to you? BELLA (a beat, lying) They've all been really.. . welcoming. PUSH IN ON BELLA'S FACE, getting mad all over again as.. . FLASH POP TO -EDWARD'S FACE, HIS COAL BLACK EYES, THE FURY.. . SMASH TO: 27 EXT. HIGH SCHOOL - MORNING (BEFORE SCHOOL) 27 ON BELLA, sitting atop a table, an open book in her lap. But her eyes are on the arriving kids, and the parking lot as they pull in. She's waiting for Edward. Jessica, Angela, Mike and Eric kick around a soccerball nearby. They wave Bella to join them but she smiles, declining... and returns to watching for Edward. Her face tells us she's ready for a confrontation. 28 INT. BIOLOGY CLASS - SAME DAY 28 Bella strides in... but stops, surprised to find her lab table empty. Off Bella, frustrated.. . BEGIN A SERIES OF SCENES OVER SEVERAL DAYS: 29 INT. CAFETERIA - DIFFERENT DAY 29 Bella sits with Jessica and Angela who watch a YouTube video on their phone. Bella gives it a cursory look, but is focused on the Cullen table --only four of them. Edward's seat is empty.. . 30 INT. GIRLS BATHROOM - DIFFERENT DAY 30 Bella washes her hands, then looks up at the mirror, startled to find Rosalie and Alice behind her. They study Bella, Rosalie with chillingly cold eyes, Alice with curiosity. Bella, uneasy, hurries out. 31 EXT. FORKS HIGH SCHOOL - DIFFERENT DAY 31 Bella exits with Angela, Mike, Jessica and Eric, becoming a part of this circle. 18. She now only glances at Rosalie's car, a red M3 BMW, as it drives past, noting, again, four Cullens, no Edward. Bella returns to her friends, finally forgetting about him.. . SERIES OF SCENES ENDS as we go to - 32 INT. CHARLIE'S HOUSE - LIVING ROOM - MORNING 32 It's neater, rearranged more attractively. Clearly, Bella's given it her touch. She sweeps through, folding Charlie's fleece jacket, straightening up. She grabs her book bag - BELLA Dad, I'm heading out. 33 EXT. CHARLIE'S HOUSE (CONTINUOUS) - MORNING 33 ON BELLA'S FACE as she opens the door and stops, dismay filling her. It's pouring down rain --the yard is full of puddles, some frozen. Bella shivers, wraps her coat tight. BELLA Great. WHIP PAN to the driveway as Charlie pulls in -driving her truck. BELLA Dad, I can drive myself to school. As she walks down the steps, she doesn't realize, something's watching her - - UNKNOWN POV - FROM THE TREES --tracking Bella's every move as she slips and falls on a patch of ice - - BACK ON BELLA - fallen on her ass. Charlie climbs out of the truck, helps her up. CHARLIE You okay, Bells? BELLA Ice doesn't help the uncoordinated. CHARLIE That's why I got you new tires. She looks over at the truck -- yep, four new tires. CHARLIE The other ones were nearly bald. 19. BELLA You got me new tires. No one's ever done that before. Charlie looks at her, confused. BELLA I mean... nothing. He clearly doesn't get it as heads toward his Cruiser. CHARLIE I'll be late for dinner. I'm heading down to Mason County. A security guard at the Grisham Mill got killed by some kind of animal.. . UNKNOWN POV - ON BELLA AND CHARLIE, as he speaks.. . BELLA An animal? CHARLIE You're not in Phoenix any more, honey. They've been hunting it for a week with no luck. Thought I'd lend a hand. BELLA Be careful. CHARLIE Always am. BACK ON BELLA.. . BELLA And thank you. For the tires. He sees emotion in her eyes. Doesn't understand it, but nods, heads inside. Bella looks at the tires again, oddly moved.. . 34 OMITTED 34 35 INT. BIOLOGY CLASS/HALLWAY - DAY 35 Rain beats on the roof as Eric walks Bella into class. She brushes water off her coat as he chats her up. ERIC ... and yeah, prom committee is a chick thing, but I gotta cover it for the paper anyway, and they need a guy to help choose the music - - So I need your play list - 20. Bella is about to respond when Mike comes up behind her. MIKE Come on, Arizona. Give it up for the rain. And he shakes his wet baseball cap onto Bella's head. BELLA Terrific. She heads toward her seat, brushing off her hair. But she freezes when she sees --Edward. Bella straightens, girding herself. Then strides to the table, and confidently drops her books down, ready to address him. But he looks up at her - EDWARD Hello. Bella stops. Stunned. He is direct, precise, as if every word is an effort for him. EDWARD I didn't have a chance to introduce myself last week. My name is Edward Cullen. She's too shocked that he's talking to her to answer. EDWARD (prompting) ... You're Bella. BELLA I'm... yes. Feeling like an idiot, she quickly sits. He abruptly moves to the extreme edge of his seat. She's even more baffled now. MR. MOLINA (to the class) Onion root tip cells! That's what's on your slides. Separate and label them into the phases of mitosis. The first partners to get it right, win... the golden onion! He excitedly holds up a spray painted onion. Everyone just looks at him. He's disappointed by their apathy. MR. MOLINA Come on, people. Tick tock. 21. Everyone sets to work. Edward pushes the microscope to Bella, keeping his distance, his voice controlled. EDWARD Ladies first. She grabs the microscope defensively and snaps the first slide in, adjusting the lens. She's curt as she addresses him. BELLA You've been gone. EDWARD Out of town. For personal reasons. She glances at him but he just leans far away, his face tight. She looks back into the microscope. BELLA Prophase. She begins to remove the slide. EDWARD May I look? She slides him the microscope. He glances through the lens. EDWARD Prophase. BELLA (muttering) Like I said. He writes it on the worksheet. Then he takes a breath, as if trying calm himself, and turns to her with enormous effort. EDWARD Enjoying the rain? BELLA Seriously? You're asking me about the weather? EDWARD It appears. BELLA No. I don't like the cold. Or the wet. Or the gray. Or parkas. Or turtle necks. Is that a smile playing on his lips? For the first time, he seems more intrigued than agonized. He studies her. She still can't tell if he despises her or not. It's infuriating. 22. BELLA What? He shakes his head and turns to the microscope, switching out the slides. She looks at him. And keeps looking.. . BELLA'S POV - ECU ON EDWARD'S FACE His cheekbones, his lips. So perfect, like a sculpture.. . EDWARD Anaphase. She snaps out of it. Covers with a dry look. BELLA May I? (she looks through the lens) Anaphase. EDWARD Like I said. She glances at him, and this time sees a smirk. She simply holds out her hand for another slide. EDWARD (handing her the slide) If you hate cold and rain, why move to the wettest place in the continental U.S. BELLA It's complicated. EDWARD I think I can keep up. He actually seems interested. She looks into the microscope as - BELLA My mother remarried. EDWARD Very complex. So you don't like him. BELLA Phil is fine. Young for her, but nice enough. (re: the slide) Interphase. CUT ON THE SCHOOL BELL: 23. 36 INT. HIGH SCHOOL - HALLWAY - MOMENTS LATER 36 Bella exits holding the golden onion, and practically runs into Edward, who's directly in front of her. EDWARD Why didn't you stay with your mom and stepdad? He waits for her answer, studying her, as if trying to decipher her. She's drawn in by his attention, oddly compelled. BELLA Alright, Phil's a minor league baseball player, so he travels a lot. My mother stayed home with me but it made her unhappy. So I decided to spend time with my father. EDWARD But now you're unhappy. BELLA No... I -- I just.. . Bella turns away -- embarrassed, vulnerable. EDWARD I'm just trying to figure you out. You're very hard to read. He's clearly trying to read her now... their eyes meet again. But now she looks more closely at him. BELLA Did you get contacts? EDWARD ... no. BELLA Your eyes were black before, now they're this golden brown or - EDWARD It's just the fluorescents. He abruptly turns and walks away. As he does, Bella notes - - HIS HANDS clenched into tight fists. Off Bella, utterly bewildered, both intrigued and frustrated. 37 EXT. HIGH SCHOOL - PARKING LOT - DAY 37 The rain has stopped, but the parking lot is full of water and patches of black ice. 24. Shivering, Bella heads for her truck, carrying the onion, carefully navigating the icy puddles. As she reaches her truck, she looks across the lot EDWARD stands by his silver Volvo with his siblings, about to climb in. A moment as their eyes meet... then he looks toward the sound of a high pitched SCREECH, that quickly grows LOUDER.. . Bella turns to see a VAN -- skidding on the ice, careening out of control, heading directly for her. TIME suddenly fractures, compressing to stillness, then exploding in bursts of speed as - -- THE FACES OF THE STUDENTS - in shock, seeing what's coming. --THE VAN DRIVER'S FACE -TYLER, desperately trying to gain control, then shielding his face. -- EDWARD'S FACE - looking at Bella with horror.. . THE VAN is about to hit Bella's truck, with her standing in between, when suddenly, something knocks Bella down, pinning her to the ground. She looks up - Edward is on top of her. The world around them FREEZES -- in this fraction of a second, their proximity is overwhelming, electrifying. He breathes in her scent, she takes in his flawless face.. . Abruptly, we BLAST BACK TO SPEED as several things happen so quickly, we, and Bella, are unsure what's going on: -- THE VAN SMASHES into the back of Bella's truck - -- Then SPINS around, once again careening toward her and Edward, then suddenly - --EDWARD'S HANDS are creating a deep dent in the side of the van's body as it shudders to a stop, a foot from Bella. -- Edward literally pushes the van away. Then silence. A long beat, void of any sound, as Bella looks at Edward, trying to absorb what just happened. Edward's fear for her is still alive on his face. She starts to speak but.. . THE SCREAMING begins, yelling, calls for help. People leap to Tyler's aid, run to Bella and Edward. Bella SEES the onion on the ground, smashed as she would have been. As everyone sweeps in, Edward moves into the b.g. Mike and Eric run to Bella - MIKE ERIC Are you okay!? Are you What happened!? Did anyone hurt?! see what happened? ! Amid the chaos, Bella sees EDWARD'S SIBLINGS looking at Edward. But they show no hint of concern for his safety. Instead, they look at him with disapproval... and fury. 38 INT. HOSPITAL - TREATMENT AREA - DAY 38 The double doors BURST open as Charlie runs in, face white with terror. He spots - 25. BELLA - sitting on a gurney, the E.R. DOCTOR looking into her eyes with a pen light. On the next gurney over, Tyler, the van's driver, lies with a mild head wound. Charlie rushes up. CHARLIE Bells. Are you alright? BELLA I'm fine, dad. Calm down. TYLER I'm so sorry, Bella. I tried to stop. BELLA It's okay, Tyler. CHARLIE It sure as hell is not okay. BELLA Dad, it's not his fault- CHARLIE (stern, cutting her off) We nearly lost you. BELLA But you didn't. He'd hug her, if that was who he, or who she was. Instead, he glares at Tyler. CHARLIE You can kiss your license goodbye. DR. CULLEN (O.S. ) I heard the Chief's daughter was here. They look up as DR. CARLISLE CULLEN, mid 30's, approaches, blond, movie star handsome. His face is kind, but pale, tired. CHARLIE Good. Dr. Cullen. DR. CULLEN (to E.R. Doctor) I've got this one, Jackie. The E.R. Doctor hands Dr. Cullen the chart, exits. Dr. Cullen reviews her chart, then feels the back of her head as.. . 26. DR. CULLEN You have a nice knot growing back there, but your x-rays show no indication of concussion. TYLER I'm so sor


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Hi there! My name is Kassidy and I'm so excited to meet you. I created this page because I'm currently writing a short story all about the world of Myspace and I thought it would be great place to get inspiration. The whole collection of work is a bunch of spooky stories involving tech and toys from the early 2000s! If anyone who is familiar with myspace would like to give me some tips, I'd really appreciate it! Thanks so much!!  Kassidy

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I have made the decision to continue to post on here! Starting today hopefully lol! I'm just going to use this page to post pictures and anything SUPER interesting that happens in my life. 

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