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12/21/2022 10:23 PM 


Tengo tantas cosas de las que quisiera hablar con alguien, tantos problemitas que quiero sacar de mi cabeza, pero no puedo, no hay nadie que me quiera escuchar, así que te voy a contar todo a ti, es tu decisión leerlo.Me siento como una mierda, pero no como esas mierdas normales que uno siente todos los días y ya, me siento como una mierda profunda. Siento que estoy flotando adentro de una nubecita oscura, no sé como describirlo, siento como si ese vacío que tenemos dentro se haya salido y ahora soy yo el que está adentro del hijueputa vacío. Adentro de este vacío me suento tan pequeño y sensible al punto de que cada hijueputa acción que recae en mi hace que me quiera matar. En serio todo me hace más daño del que debería. A continuación te dejo la lista de todas las hijueputezes que están pasando ahora en mi vida.Las cosas con lizz, mi mejor amiga, estan confusas. Creo que yo le gusto, han pasado muchas cosas que me hacen pensar que de verdad le gusto, a lo mejor te las digo si me entero que las cosas si son así, y no se que hacer porque Lizz es probablemente la persona que más quiero en este mundo y no se que haría si yo le gusto. Ayuda, no sé que hacer, ja.Holaa, ya se hizo más tarde de lo que pensaba, me dió sueño y la verdsd no tenog muchas ganas de escribir así que veré que hago después. Espero que estés bien.

Himiko Toga

12/22/2022 12:07 PM 

yucky girl!
Current mood:  annoyed

i wouldnt be surpised if she says i copied her with this pfp! (i dont think shes on fp which is good, no one wants her here!) when i have had this pfp since I STARTED which was way back in 2021!. I changed my pfp on insta then she changed her story high light to THE SAME EXACT PIC UGHHHHH shes the one copying me! but since she has a bigger platform no one will believe me! this yucky stinky girl is so annoying!!

Himiko Toga

12/22/2022 12:03 PM 

stupid girl who sucks at lying!
Current mood:  annoyed

i am sooo annoyed right now, some one by the name mocha/himikodere on insta, keeps saying i copied her, which is so god damn stupid, i had the bloody pixie thing before her. she kept saying on her story how she had to for years , if u had it for years, why did u suddenly started to put it in ur bio a few weeks after i put it in MY bio? i saw ALL ur insta accounts, ur carrd, and never once did it say bloody pixie, u are so god damn BAD at lying its annoying. if u were me, u should be good at lying, but who am i kidding, u arent me, so ofc u suck at lying ugh. annoying affff?!?!? also when i first ever came across ur account i admit, i did stalk all of them but that was like at the nearly start of 2022. never once did any of ya insta or pinterest say "bloody pixie"! stupid girl who thinks they can get away with lying when they suck at it just because they have more followers?!?! stupidddd yucky u stink!!


12/21/2022 04:47 PM 

Current mood:  accomplished


12/21/2022 06:11 PM 

ok, bye
Current mood:  stressed

listening to: pork soda - glass animalsthinking about playing roblox or reading fanfics...been struggling with dissociation lately and (for some reason) its even worse now. feel free to add me on discord: nadam#2488


12/21/2022 05:46 PM 

First post :P
Current mood:  bored

Listening to: Honey I'm Home - Destroy BoysIDK what to write tbh!!! just wanted to try this out


12/21/2022 10:36 PM 

This is like the Old Myspace.
Current mood:  adventurous

It is smart to be concerned who you talk to online. However, sometimes you just have to take a leap of faith. I met a lot of great people on MySpace back in the day. I hope this can save us from the tyranny of facebook.


12/21/2022 10:36 PM 

This is like the Old Myspace.
Current mood:  adventurous

It is smart to be concerned who you talk to online. However, sometimes you just have to take a leap of faith. I met a lot of great people on MySpace back in the day. I hope this can save us from the tyranny of facebook.

π•Ύπ–’π–†π–—π–™π–ž 𝕭𝖔

12/20/2022 02:57 PM 


Hello, I'm Smarty Bo! I am seventeen, non-binary, and use they/he pronouns. My sexuality is pretty complicated. I'll just say I am panromantic and demisexual. I don't like to jump in relationships and prefer to get to know someone well before anything. I guess you could also say I am demiromantic! I love to draw, sing, and write poetry. I enjoy spooky media like true crime, creepypasta (r/nosleep), and random internet mysteries. I also am interested in psychology and the paranormal! I really like listening to music as it calms me down. My favorite artist is Jack Stauber and I listen mainly to emo, rock, vocolaid and I think indie or alternative. My main fandoms are DDLC,  Your Boyfriend, John Doe, Spooky Month, Undertale, and Deltarune. My lesser fandoms are Creepypasta, Invader Zim, Salad Fingers, Eddsworld, Camp Camp, and FNAF.List of Animes I've Seen:-Mirai Nikki (Completed)-Happy Sugar Life (Completed)-Beastars (Pending)-Blue Exorcist (Completed)-Hunter x Hunter (Completed)-Kakegurui (Completed)-Trigun (Completed)-Bleach (Pending)-Naruto First Series (Completed)-Haikyuu (Pending)-The Promised Neverland (Pending)-Ouran Highschool Host Club (Completed)-Kotaro Lives Alone (Completed)-Pop Team Epic (Unfinished)-Cells At Work (Completed)-Death Note (Unfinished)List of Bands/Artists I've Listened To-Jack Stauber-Jazmin Bean-Aveneged Sevenfold-My Chemical Romance-Pierce The Veil-Three Days Grace-Sleeping With Sirens-Sodikken-I Don't Know How But They Found Me-Tally Hall-Corpse Husband-Bo EnHonorable Mentions: -Marina-Breaking Benjamin-Mother Mother-Hot Freaks-David Bowie-Ricky Montgomery-Penelope Scott-Blue October-System Of A Down-Set It Off-Falling In Reverse-Fly LeafWarningI will be speaking and going into depth about topics such as self harm, violent or obsessive thoughts, and whatever is on my mind. Be aware that I am very mentally ill and I do suffer from breakdowns, psychosis, and depressive episodes. I'll try not to have that on my account too much and will provide a warning if I am in the right state of mind to do so!Thank you for reading! ^w^Apologies for any writing errors >~<

blog, introduction


12/19/2022 09:37 PM 

daniel's monthly.. obsession?



12/19/2022 09:04 PM 

i hate school
Current mood:  annoyed

i will now present you the very best reasons to dislike school (if u dont already)1. nobody is nice to you except a few friends2. the teachers only pretend to be nice3. do i look like i want to wake up at 6:30am??4. the overall vibe could be better5. i cant carry my crystals around safely 6. i dont learn anythingthank you for your time and make sure to show this to your teachers (except you know who i am and which school i go to then pls dont)love you


12/18/2022 10:35 PM 

let death do us part

I picture me abandoned on a dusty unpaved road. I see me breaking your heart, and you forgiving me(as you always do.)I'm not your perfect lover, but I can always see me, like a dog, at the feet of you.(I can't tell if its me or you begging for forgiveness, so I'll just ignore it)I write something down and hope it sticks(If teenage heart break could kill, we'd both be dead.)Let it stick,(Let death do us part.)If I'm bored of living(and bored of you.)Why do I need life to hold us hostage?(Let death do us part)


12/18/2022 10:38 PM 


its tru. ive been writing in my REAL diary instead of my internets diary. MUAHUAHAUAH how evil. i keep my secreets forever. 

burger boss

12/18/2022 11:15 PM 

blog blog log blog blog

blog blog blog blog blog


12/17/2022 08:57 PM 

The year is nearly over, thank God

I am glad that 2022 is nearly over, it's not been a very good year.There have been some positives, I went to a few events, saw some ggood movies, met some people and made some new friends. But this was all few and far between a lot of aggravation and frustration brought on by long hours at work, a demanding boss, various health problems plus constant grief from obsessively thinking about my dead loved ones and their individual declines leading up to their deaths.What can I say, I am happy to leave 2022 behind. 

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