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08/10/2020 08:12 PM 

"Things Don't Always go According to Plan."

CHAPTER 6:Liam came into the room two short hours later. "I made you guys a better, safer room." He told us. He then tied our hands and led us out of the room. Our old room was located down a long narrow hallway. There were rooms through the hallway. Some had no noises, and others had screams and even crying coming from them.Our new room was definitely better and safer. It had blue colored walls, two queen sized beds, a desk, and a dresser. There was a separate room for the bathroom. On the dresser where two fancy dresses.He led us inside and closed the door behind him. He untied us and when untying me, his hands lingered on mine. "Sorry about that. I didn't want you to get lost." He smiled at me and pointed at the dresses. "You will wear these in two days. There will be a special banquet." I picked up the first dress. It was a black A-line, illusion topped dress. The other was a pink version of the same thing. "what size are you guys. I want to make sure that they fit." I looked at the tag, a medium. "This one will fit me." I told him. He smiled. Carroll checked the tag, she frowned. "This one is too big for me. I need a small." Liam nodded, and took the dress from her. "I'll be right back with the correct size, then You need to try them on." He left and closed the door behind him.Carroll gave me a weird look. "What?" I asked putting the dress down. "What do you think this banquet is for? Do you think they're celebrating capturing us?" She asked. What was this banquet for? "I don't know, but we have to find a way to escape before then." 


08/10/2020 08:13 PM 

I don't have a consistent update schedule
Current mood:  annoyed

word.or whateveridfk. idk why im writing this,. ig to assure ppl that i'm still alive, tho i doubt anybody cares


08/10/2020 08:11 PM 

"Things Don't Always go According to Plan."

CHAPTER 5:I grab the phone and dial 911. The phone rings, once... twice... three times... "Hello, what's your emergency?" A woman answers. I feel a rush of hope. "We need help. He captured us, we're trapped. Please." There is a long pause. "Hello? Is anyone there?" why couldn't she hear me? "Please, you need to..." The phone cuts out. "No. No, no, no. Please god." I give the phone back to Carroll. I'll just have to figure something else out. The nail, what could I use that for? Carroll places her hand on my shoulder. "We'll get out of here. I promise." At least she was hopeful.


08/10/2020 08:10 PM 

"Things Don't Always go According to Plan."

CHAPTER 4:I poke my fingers out the hole. Yesterday, I found a nail outside the hole. I find the nail, it is bent slightly so it is facing me. I grab it with my thumb and pointer finger. I start to pull, it wiggles and a feel a stinging pain. I cover my mouth as I bring my fingers back from the hole. The skin on my pointer finger is gone, exposing red muscle covered in blood. My hand shakes as I rip a piece of my shirt and tie it around the wound. Once the wound is covered, I put my hand over my mouth again and begin to cry.I can hear footsteps come to my small room. I wipe my eyes and cover the hole again. The door opens and Liam (the boy) comes inside. He has a girl in his arms. He sets her down and comes closer to me. I try to hide my finger, but he grabs my wrist. "My dear, what happened, did the walls cut you? I'll get you a better room in a little bit." I nod and he smiles. "Oh, yes. This is Carroll, she's your new companion. I didn't want you to be lonely." The girl is fast asleep on the floor. He leans in and gives me a kiss on the cheek. "I'll address your wound in a short while." He stands up and leaves me with Carroll.THREE DAYS LATER:Carroll finally wakes up. I watch her as she tries the door once. "It's locked." I tell her. She doesn't listen, and continues to try the door. I shake my head and try again for the nail outside. The past three days, I've been able to free it a little bit. "Today is the day, it will finally come all the way loose." I think to myself. I grab the nail once again and tug. It comes out and I bring it back into the room. Carroll sits and cries in the corner. I walk up to her. "Hey, do you have anything on you?" She looks up at me and nods. "I have a phone, he didn't take it." 


08/10/2020 08:09 PM 

"Things Don't Always go According to Plan."

CHAPTER 3:Present dayThe memory of that day circles through my head. I can still remember all of what happened. My phone in my hands taunts me. The battery long dead, I was so close to getting out of here. "We just have to hope that someone is looking for me." I tell myself. I go back to the hole. I look through it and see a fence right outside. I can hear footsteps coming to the door. I quickly hide my phone in my secret pocket, and place my coat on the floor, so that it hides the hole.The door opens and the boy comes inside. He has a smile on his face and has a tray in his hand. He places the tray on the ground, there is food on that tray, and walks closer to me. I flinch as he grabs my hair in his hand gently. He strokes my face. "You are so pretty, did you know that?" He whispers in my ear. My hands shake as I nod. He pats my on the head and stands up. "Eat up. I don't want my favorite girl to go to waste. You seem lonely, I'll give you a friend." He blows me a kiss before closing the door behind him.


08/10/2020 08:08 PM 

"Things Don't Always go According to Plan."

CHAPTER 2:Two weeks earlier.I smell the fresh baked pastries as I walk home from school. The store clerk nods at me as I pass. I smile and wave. These long summer days fill me with a sense of hope. Hope that I will finally be free of school, well I won't have to wait that long. I have 2 short weeks until school end this year, then I have just one year left.I walk along a secluded road to get home. There are rarely any people on this road, so I take out my phone and begin to read. I can hear a car come up behind me, but it shouldn't stop. People on this road don't really like to talk to others. I hear the car running, but it never passes me. It shouldn't stop for me, it should just go past, maybe the driver is looking for something.I hear the driver door open. Maybe the driver dropped something and is going to get it. I decide that I should help them, you know be nice. I put my phone in a secret pocket in my coat and tun around.The driver, a boy about my age with dark hair, wearing a black t-shirt and jeans, stands just feet away. He's checking the back of his car. Maybe he already found what he was searching for. To be sure I walk up to him."Hello, sir. May I help you?" He turns to look at me. He stares at me for a while, then without another word goes back to what he was doing. Maybe I was annoying him. I should go.I turn to leave, but he grabs my arm. I try to get him off of me, but he covers my mouth with a rag. The smell is so bad. I begin to fade away. I feel the darkness surround me and I welcome it. My limbs go limp and I black out. 


08/10/2020 08:05 PM 

"Things Don't Always go According to Plan."

CHAPTER 1:the lights make buzzing noises overhead, the only sound that is heard over the sounds of my heart beating. I breath out a sigh as I try the door once again. Locked, just like the other 200 times I've tried. I can feel tears in my eyes now, but blink them away. "I will get out of here!" I tell my self. I almost believe it, until I look around the small, white room. The walls are bare except for the red stains that trickle down to the floor. I spot something shinning from the corner of my eye. I walk to a corner, there's a hole in the wall. It's just big enough for me to place two fingers through. It's not a lot, but I feel a great swell of hope. This could be my only reach to the outside world.

π•Άπ–†π–™π–Š (βΊ£β—‘βΊ£)β™‘*

08/10/2020 03:33 PM 

why i vanished from fp. TW!
Current mood:  awake

hey guys, its been a hot minute so lemme just talk about whats happened in my life, and kinda how im doing. Ik no one r e a l l y notices but i feel like it. lemme start this by plugging my socials so if u wanna follow me or keep up w me u can follow me on those places!on insta i have @bunnygirlinbunnysuit. im @gwoppossum on twitter. im @possumrot on tiktok. okay social media out of the way lets talk you im starting this at abt late juneish? so my mental health got really bad. i have ptsd, anxiety, and depression for context, i was diagnosed maybe 2 years ago. and in general june is a hard month on my mental health since it marks a date of a very major trauma in my life, and it just f***s up my general sanity for a while. i also have been working on music so it gets a bit hard to be active on here. i also started falling out with some friends, who had refused to drop an abuser, but the person still kept trying to creep into my life which is just, hard.then, a relative of mine died which was very hard on me, and it also had marked a bit over a year since my uncle had died which was a very scary and dark day, which marked a kinda ending of my familys sanity. which was also really f***ing rough. then probably the biggest incident that really made me get more involed in my life, which is really hard to be able to bring myself to say:I was s*x*ally violated by a close friends friend, and now its hard for me because hes (the man who hurt me) very manipulative and this has really affected my mental health. thank you guys for reading this if you did, i love you, im doing okay now, my dms are always open. ♥ stay safe you guys!


08/10/2020 03:12 PM 

Current mood:  chill

heya everyone! sorry i've been gone for ages. but im baack!!


08/10/2020 01:17 PM 

just pushin tru bby
Current mood:  inspired

ive been really obssesed with korea's punk streetwear...


08/10/2020 01:03 PM 

i cant figure out this website
Current mood:  contemplative


08/10/2020 12:55 PM 

Current mood:  relieved

soooo i went on a road trip across the country and i had left my laptop in a hotel in south dakota :(((( buttttt they are really nice overthere and they shipped over my laptop and its BACK HOME!!!! i have to go do summer reading but the first thing i wanted to do on my laptop was come on here so yea 

shes back, kinda happy ig


08/10/2020 12:43 PM 

bad day and its not even 1 pm
Current mood:  miserable

uurgh so i got up fiine and my class started out fiiine but everyone wrote these like, flowery things for the quick writers, and its like, i have no idea how they did that in 5 minutes? and like i barely got like two sentences down! and they werent even good! and then someone i felt like was kind of talking down to me and it was really frustrating... like just because i used the phrase "good person" in a quick example doesn't mean i don't understand how complicated that idea is, i just used it as a f***ing quick example!!!! like dude this isnt a philosophical discussion, this is an 8 minute group exercise on the first day of class. im not here for u to project some god complex onto me!and then, like, i had to go on a walk and do observations for class, which i thought would be really fun! so i go down this little forest path into this cool little empty parking lot, and it's kinda hot and there are a lot of bugss but its like hey thats nature! and then this old shirtless dude starts walking in my direction and so i leave and go somewhere else and im just starting to write good stuff agian when he shows up again! so i had to leave! and its not like i couldve called security bc idk he might NOT be a creepy old guy, he might just be a regular old guy, and idk if he was even following me bc he showed up from a different path than i took both times that he showed up. and like wtf what if hes just literally some guy! what if he works here and hes just on a break or smthn idk! idk why hed be shirtless but its hot outside and if ur working out it kinda makes sense i guess? idk maybe im just paranoid!so anyways i like get back to my dorm and i get inside and thats cool and all but THEN! my door wont open! and i tried like a billion times and it just wouldnt unlock! so i had to call security and there goes my one free lockout! and then! then! the contact tracing team calls me and they cant hear me bc my phone mic is broken!!! and it was super stressful and i started crying and it wasnt like super bad but i feel like such a friggin loser!!! they're gonna call me back at like 4:30 and i hope everything will be fine then... i wish i could go outside and talk bc my dorm is so noisy w/ the air conditioner and stuff and i dont wanna disturb my neighbor! itll probably be fine cuz i think the walls are kinda thick but im still like, not very happy at all. also the contact team asked to talk to my parents, but like, im in college? lol? im in a dorm? like what do u expect me to do loli really hope the next zoom meeting goes better! ive been trying hard to remain positive but its really hard... today been so sh*tty.

rambling, bad day, trying my best


08/10/2020 12:52 PM 

aesthetic im going for... might change later doe:3
Current mood:  numb


08/10/2020 12:11 PM 


i wanna b ur babe ur bb bb


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