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lil kitty

03/01/2021 06:20 PM 

Current mood:  creative

i feel very good i think i could write one day. idk people say that i could be a writer i never even thought about that but who knows one day i could just write a book...


03/01/2021 05:49 PM 

Owen Hart and Chris Benoit is Innocent Booker T kisses Vince hiney

2008 2021 a WWE Without Owen Hart and Chris Benoit its not a WWE Im not watching 3 hours I'll watch 2 hours 1 and a half a some more maybe... Booker T said what Roman Reigns is the one what a sucka he says now can you dig that suckaaaaa no i can't.

Little Dany

03/01/2021 05:24 PM 

im fine

so theres so many days i didnt post something, i just wanna say im rlly okay rn thank yall 


02/28/2021 03:21 PM 


there was a driveby outside maggies building last night :0 when maggie was in service this morning they made a really funny joke :) lots of people laughed. the fancy chocolates i got maggie came today! they said theyre good and theyre all different flavors. they kinda dont wanna eat me tho cus theyre pretty. maggie watched a doc about bears and this guy who studies and lives w them, and ab this guy who was cocky and dumb and got killed by bears. i helped maggie shop around for sushi, and i got them shaved ice:) everything was really good. they watched another documentary about lions :0 we played cod for a bit and then we were chillin and maggie fell aslpee and i got to hear them snore:) it was so cute


01/27/2021 03:14 PM 


we tayed up kinda late talking about serious stuff, but i think it was good, and im glad i can be there for them. maggie was playing the game they got this morning but it was annoying them cus they couldnt figure out how to beat the intro level :p i joined a zoom meeting and i got to watch maggie edit a bunch of stuff:) i watched them for 5 hours, and i had an amazing time. they were animating and drawing and  doing all this really cool stuff. theyre gonna putit over a video of them but they wont let me see the video :/ im sure its gonna come out amazing though:) maggie had me stand on my knees w shoes and pretend to be a midget lmao. i looked pretty convincing ngl. i got them yogurt:) they said it was really good. it looked good! after their fam got home they finished editing and then called me right after they got really hurt lmao. they were horsin around w their brother and got hurt bad lol. im happy theyre both ok though:) 

girl with basket of fruit

03/01/2021 01:02 PM 


やった!!!!idk what to say i feel nauseous lol smoked too many cig


03/01/2021 10:32 AM 


this doesn't apply if you're over 20 and we're already friends ig but if you're new to my page DON'T ADD IF YOU'RE OVER 20 YRS OLD PLEASE AND THANKS

blogging, friends, mutuals, profile


03/01/2021 10:43 PM 

I'm getting better everyday can't wait cause spring is on it's way
Current mood:  adventurous

The past couple of months I've been getting better mentally really up to living life like a coming of age film. I'm going to try to post more. But I've been focusing on taking more walks and trying to fix family relationships. Geting back into emo and scene music too.


03/01/2021 10:41 PM 

only 55%percent want trump to run again in 2024 hed be78

Trump CPAC speech sucks only 55percent says they want him to run again by that time he'd maybe be 78....I dont think he'll make it to 78 hes going on 75 this year.


03/01/2021 12:25 PM 

My February 2021 Playlist!
Current mood:  rockin

i think im gonna start adding my monthly playlists here! and i know no one sees them, but it's really fun! if anyone is reading this, give these songs a try. ♥the listing goes "artist - song" and stars are not included in the titles, just there to split up each song! =]Digimon Theme Song ✮ Lemon Demon - Geeks In Love ✮ Weezer - The World Has Turned And Left Me Here ✮ Weezer - Why Bother? ✮ MC Frontalot - It Is Pitch Dark ✮ MC Frontalot - Charisma Potion ✮ Lemon Demon - One Weird Tip ✮ Neil Cicierega - Aaron ✮ MC Frontalot - I Heart Fags ✮ SiM - Devil in Your Heart ✮ Heart Shaped Hate - Haircuts ✮ Bondage Fairies - Rymd ✮ Bondage Fairies - Skå-Edeby ✮ Bondage Fairies - Garbage Indie Bands ✮ Atari Teenage Riot - SPEED ✮ Atari Teenage Riot - Start The Riot! ✮ The Correspondents - Fear & Delight ✮ Dear Daniel - Talk2me ✮ The Avalanches - Frontier Psychiatrist' ✮ Jimmy Urine - Fighting With The Melody ✮ JinseiP - I Hate Sailor Uniforms ✮ S3RL - All That I Need ✮ S3RL - Forbidden ✮ Mirron - Improvable: Orphan played on Guitar ✮ Jakob Bienenhalm - Jockel der Gartenteichspringbrnnen ✮ S3RL - Where Did You Go ✮ S3RL - When I'm There ✮ Laura Les - walls are closing in / come back someday ✮ Friday Night Funkin Whitty Mod  - Ballistic ✮ Black Dresses - DAMAGE SUPPRESSOR ✮ stratis - herzlos ✮ yvng mxlly - rip charizarddj rare 2014 the one original ✮ Tohma - Gaikotsu Gakudan to Riria ✮ German Sailor Moon Theme (Techno Remix) ✮ S3RL - Beat all the Odds ✮ DECO*27 - Love Words (Ai Kotoba) ✮ Mitchie M - FREELY TOMORROW ✮ WoodenToaster - Awoken ✮ Pop Team Epic OP ✮ iHasCupquake - Notice Me Senpai ✮ Smashing Pumpkins - Today ✮ TF2 - ROBOTS!total time: 2:35:15here's this month's playlist: you for reading!! ♡

music, playlist, music recommendation


02/28/2021 09:17 PM 

oh my god

oh my god people's blogs and profiles on this website are so mf gorgeous?? how do you guys do it?? teach me your ways omg 


02/28/2021 09:11 PM 

i dont know
Current mood:  tired

clicked on someones profile and my computer was still loading everything and some creepy f***in music started playing i luv it here ! im in the dark too yay. also im tired as f*** and i dont think anyone ever even looks at my blog cause ive only posted twice and it looks like sh*t lol... maybe ill fix it tonight cause i wanna start posting on here more. anyways, if you are here, message me im so f***ing bored please and thank you 

tired, bored, sad, message me


02/28/2021 08:50 PM 

akhirnya hati ini boleh move on

aku rasa telah di lepas kan dan aku sudah melepaskan perasaan ini..bila dia dah bgtau semua dalam keadaan mabuk..benda yg aku tertanya tanya sejak 11 tahun dahulu..akhirnya semua terjawab...dia mmg tak pernah sayang aku..aku hanya lah dia punya objek melepas kan nafsu..sangat sedih..tapi Allah jaga aku supaya sayang seseorang tanpa perlu menjadi murah..aku sgt ikhlas kepada dia.. tapi dia tidak rupanya.. aku agak kecewa.. sedih...dia main kan hati aku.. aku tak mahu ambil tahu lagi pasal dia.. biar la dia nak mabuk ketum ke mabuk tom tom bak ke.. dia tak pernah hargai langsung.. 


02/28/2021 08:52 PM 

no emotion
Current mood:  blank

"feeling sh*tty in my bed didn't take my f***ing meds hyperpop up in my ears everything just disappears don't wanna be someone else i just don't wanna hate myself i just don't wanna hate mself instead i wanna feel good" (╥_╥)

girl with basket of fruit

02/28/2021 08:04 PM 

iya-san appreciation

iya-san, nijura maids, webcore, animecore, neet

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