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03/03/2021 02:07 PM 

i forgot abt this website 🙄
Current mood:  drained

i forgot abt this website i came back 🙄🙄 prolly gonna leave again but follow me on insta @coke4ddict if you wanna like yk text and be friends cause i don't be on here 😅☝️


03/03/2021 12:33 PM 

Current mood:  chill

what am I supposed to blog about? lolalso i’m about to get my hair done and i’m so excited!! i’ll post what it looks like after



03/03/2021 10:01 PM 

give credit!!!
Current mood:  blah

if you use my css code please please PLEASE give credit by commenting on my page!!!! love you all 💋💖💎

css, credit, friendme


03/03/2021 07:44 AM 

Current mood:  electric

life sucks, am i right? i feel like im living in 2014 again when i use this website, even though i havent used it at all lol XD. it makes me happy when i use this. i finally have a website i can use to vent and just be myself without my friends / online friends bullying the sh*t outta me lolol. It helps me escape reality !! if you dont like cringey 13 year olds please leave my page :3. anywaysss if anyone wants to be friends hmu! not sure if you can dm people on this site so maybe just leave a comment :3. love u internet!!! - 3/3/21 7:34AM CST 



03/03/2021 03:33 AM 

storie 0.1
Current mood:  blah

    once upon a time thre was this girl..lets call her Ellie. Ellies mom - Noira used to tell Ellie a lots of stories. But they werent like regulaur stories about princeses and magical frogs who turn into price when you kiss them. Noiras stories were ''unusual'' as all might say. But Ellie loved her moms stories even how unusual they might be. one day Ellie asked Noira ''mum? where do you get these stories from? did grandma tell you them?'' Noiras never told anyone where she gets her stories from and she probably wont..EVER or if she does she will go to prison for ever and ever till she'll rot and turn into a potato... anyways Noira didnt answer that question obviouly but Ellie really wanted to know were her mom got those stories from. So Eliie kept asking and asking and asking and asking... Ellie kept asking her mom the same question for a REALLY long time till Noira one day just blew up. Like literally blew up like a ballon when you blow it to much it pops. well thats exactly ow Noira blew up. Ellie freaked out and she started crying... she cried and cried she cried so much she eventually drowned in her own tears...THE END. 


03/03/2021 01:42 AM 

this one got blue at the end

i never updated what happened on valentine's day but that was expected n you all know it. to sum it up, it was less sad than i thought but still had it's moments. for example, i thought i broke my phone while trying to thirst trap bc i dropped it, turned out just needed a new charger (which i got the next day). anyway, hello march!! aka pisces season... no comment. im kidding!! i love my pisces friends n family hahahaha no i am not being told to say this against my will. some exciting things are coming up folks. not like anyone reads this ofc - except maybe gisselle which in that case heyy - but i like to pretend regardless. my shop got a spot at the upland art walk which is very swag. me, sonia, and dana are gonna meet victoria's boyfriend for the first time :0 i think it's gonna be fun. oh yeah!! destiny n the girls are having a picnic but since it's the same day i'm only gonna be able to make it to the sleepover :( that's happening on saturday, and on thursday i'm hopefully gonna get hella crossed which i haven't been in fat minute. we'll see if that ends up being interesting. other than the plans i'm having for once i've been running errands n feeling very productive. has anything else mentally changed tho? nah... but i just gotts give it time right?? that's what everyone keeps telling me anyway. i'm tired of being patient guys. ik that's not how life works but idc. grrr. very annoyed that even when i have a good change in environment my brain still stays the same :/ that's how you know this depression is real. i'm sorry to my friends who have to deal with that. but i hide it good so they honestly probably don't know i haven't gotten better. it's not aS bad, which is good, but still. sh*t maybe i am getting better. let's not jinx anything now. peace.

busy, working girl, still depressed, anxiety ruins most things, these tags r a call 4 help


03/03/2021 02:47 AM 

Creepin creepin
Current mood:  blank

I like going on the tab where i can see all blog pots hehe, I just like seeing what ppl are talking about, esp if its personal, idk I just like knowing other ppl exist I guess (>_<) Its just nice to see other ppl talking ab their lifes bc sometimes I forget that other ppl have lifes that are totally different and seperate from ,mine, its insightful in a wayalso Im nosey :> 

blog posts, hehe, nosey but Im still sexy so its ok,


03/03/2021 02:18 PM 


I just gotta say barbie movies are the best a midnight.


03/03/2021 01:37 PM 

Current mood:  scared

I think its a little funny reading all of my other posts on here bc I dont remember writing any of them teehee! I was sooo out of it lol, its actually a little sad! .. :,) 


03/03/2021 01:27 PM 

having a hard time writing :(
Current mood:  blah

HEY!!! Im having a hard time blogging rn because my brains been like totally empty lately. I wanna work on my comic but I also wanna just, sleep and think about clowns lololololololol :( (sad lol) (Frowny face)Ive just been having troubles with feeling guilty over stuff I shouldnt feel guilty for right now. I would make a blog post going into detail about that but Itd just bring me down I think.Right now im listening to music tho, the song thats playing rn is a jack stauber song, I love jack stauberrecently I introduced my mom to Mother Mother and she rlly liked them! She said theyre her fav band now which makes me happy bc theyre also my fav band!! ^^ I think theyre releasing a new album soon bc theyve been hinting at stuff on their social medias n shiz and Im sooo excited,, I hope theres some good songs on there that I can drown my teenage angst  out to. anyway, thats all for now, I hope things get better for me haha!poop


03/03/2021 01:11 PM 

Current mood:  awake

Today start as normal I had late start to my day because for me i have late days for high school but I was 5 mins late tho. After at I had a awful test but I still got an  A on it withour studying for it. But for my late starts for schools. I only have two class a day so after that a eat a poptart then took a big nap. While watchign fnaf theorys on the new game low key I want to get but we will see. ~paris 


girl with basket of fruit

03/03/2021 01:15 PM 

b l u n t e d

Ppbpptottbrbthth I'm BLUNTED wooowee I'm watching ATHF and dying


03/03/2021 12:24 PM 

sticks and stones broke my f***ing heart
Current mood:  angry

oh hi there! who are you? what makes you tick? oh wow! me too!! we’re f***ed up in all the same ways. isn’t this romantic? let’s make out!! oh wait, nevermind. we’re still in love though, right? okay, good. i love you. i love you. i love you. wait, no. let’s break up. but we’re still best friends. we’re opposites!! but we’re exactly the same. that’s f***ing weird isn’t it? you can have my jewelry if you’ll teach me how to act like a real boy. but i’m not a real boy, and you’re not a real girl. (am i? are you? why is this so difficult?) don’t tell me to do that. i don’t want to do that. can we pretend everything’s normal? i wish i could love you. no. no. no. i take it back. don’t f***ing touch me. i said don’t f***ing touch me!!!! i can’t keep doing this. go away. i need you. i don’t want you in my life. you shaped me. you f***ing hurt me. everything i love about myself is because of you. (everything i hate about myself is because of you.) i need you. i need you. i need you. i need you.   [Message not delivered. This person has blocked you.]   i miss you. (i’m so glad you’re gone.)

poetry, poems, poem, writing


03/03/2021 11:20 PM 

Current mood:  worried

I hate having to cheat, especially on my science. If I don't start getting this sh*t now I can say goodbye to high school because we have this science interim (a practice STARR test) NEXT WEEK! I just know I'm going to sink and fail. I  just wish I was as smart as the other kids. They get things so fast and I'm just like 5 steps behind. I HATE MYSELF!  - Imma start correcting my time on this thing.


03/02/2021 11:25 PM 

questionaire i guess
Current mood:  dorky

the myspace about me survey TELL US ABOUT YOURSELFname: lakenickname: ......lakehow old are you: 14 as of writing this hiiii 20 year old future me!zodiac sign: cancer sun cancer moon and virgo risingcurrent location: dumpstereye color: green hair color: washed out black cuz my dye is coming ouutttthair type: straighthieght: 5'5 your heritage: im white whats a heritagewhat's your middle name: guinevereshoes you wore today: just socks and legwarmers.. didnt rly leave the house lawlyour weakness: cute girlsyour fear: needles.........uh thats it have you ever ridden a mechanical bull: nodo you want to: sure why notgoal you would like to achieve this year: making some new friends and getting my drivers permit and hanging out with them first thought when you wake up: need 2 make my bedbest physical feature: my eyeswho is your bestest friend: mmmmmmmmmmm. maybe fifi when is your bedtime: 2 am. or 10 pmyour most cherished memory: idk.pepsi or coke: coke but DIET onlymc dondalds or burgerking: mcdondalds ftwsingle or group dates: both sound funwhat is the last song you sang: i want you by mitskidoes playing the guitar make a person more attractive: hm . i play the bass so yes. what is your biggest pet peeve: people who copy everything i dodo you drink: .ever been drunk: .do you smoke: .do you "SMOKE": ...................not allowed to answer these for legal reasonsdo you sing: yeswhat color underwear do you have on: black .?do you want to go to college: very muchhave you ever been in love: i dont know i guess i still amdo you wnat to get married: if i find a girl i likedo you believe in yourself: yes!do you believe in others: yes :) everyone has some good in them tht just wont come out yetdo you like thunderstorms: if they dont shake my house @[email protected] you play an instrument: the bass.... kinda trying 2 play piano too but i suxwhat do you want to be when you grow up: lawyer or singerwhat country would you like to visit: greece or italy ^.^how many CD's do you own: 4. wolf by tyler the creator black parade by my chemical romance loveless by mbv and american idiot by green dayhow many DVD's do you own: uh. idk we have a whole case full of dvds from like 2008how many tattoo's do you have: 1 little one tht u can barely seehow many piercings do yo have: 0 :(how many things in the past do you regeret: Not a lot because i am learningFAVORITESshoes: newrocks.. am saving upradio station: the rock 1 orr the classic r&b onedrink: french vanilla cappuchino or sweet teacar: 91 corvette or a crown victoria TBHTBHplace: hmmm i guess home with my fireworks by animal collective or we laugh indoors by death cab for cutie (my mom named me after this song lol)movie: ginger snapscolor: pale yellowish green..............n white..... and very very pale blue like 2 the point that is almost whitemeal: crunchy roll sushi and lo mein ^.^IN A GUY/GIRL (lezbo edition)favorite eye color: brownfavorite hair color: dark colorsshort or long hair: idm as long as she likes it ^.^height: umm preferably taller than me but idkbody type: well we are all flesh sacks if you think about it so does it matter.does ethnicity matter: no............?piercings: as long as they arent liek.. infectedtattoos:: sure y notRIGHT NOWwhat is todays date: march 2ndwhat time is it: 10:44pmwho are you thinking of: the same person ive been thinking about for months MAKE IT STOP!!!what are you listening to: prisoner of mars by stereolabdo you love someone: you know where your mechanical bull is: suredoes someone love you: NO but i make them happy so it raining: yeshow many myspace friends do you have: like 30 or 40 idkare you happy: getting there!RIGHT NOW, YOU ARE FINISHED W/ THIS SURVEY

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